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Title: Touch of Love.
Author: Carrie.
Fandom: Xena/Herc.
Pairing: C/S.
Rating: NC-17.
Status: WIP.
Series: No.
Archive: If you like it, you can have it. Just let me know.
Feedback: Sure.
Disclaimer: Not mine. =|
Warning: None.
Notes: Thanks to my beta, Moj.
Summary: A troubling relationship for Strife, but what
is Cupid thinking?

+Chapter I+

Cupid had found his lover's location and transported himself there. He
saw his cousin standing behind the desk in the library in the Halls of
War and he smiled at him. The God of Mischief was just doing a
few odds and ends, putting away scrolls that he'd been reading
over. Inventory, death records, history. General things you'd
find in Ares' library.

Strife smiled back at the God of Love, he was happy to see him. He
was always happy to see him. He wasn't finished his task, though.
He told Cupid to wait until he was done what he was doing before
they went about what they were going to do today. He picked
some scrolls off of the table and bent down to place them in
their proper places on the shelves.

Cupid smirked and quietly moved himself to stand behind Strife,
putting his hands on his cousins hips and pulling him back against
his pelvis. He thrust himself against Strife's ass, making it difficult
for Strife to put away the rolls of parchment.

Cupid continued bugging Strife until he completely stopped what
he was doing. With a few playful slaps at Cupid, Strife realized he
wasn't going to get out of this right now, he gave up, dropping the
scrolls where they were on the shelf.

Strife flashed off his shirt and turned around, wrapping his arms
around Cupid's neck and laying his lips against Cupid's, giving
him a full, loving kiss. Cupid flashed off his own clothes and
began pushing Strife backwards towards the desk.

Breaking the kiss, Cupid pushed Strife down to lay on the desk.
Strife felt the cool surface of it on his back for a moment before
it suddenly gave way and he felt himself laying on the fine red
silk that sheeted Cupid's bed.

Cupid crawled up in between Strife's knees, nudging them apart
with his own legs and when he was settled, he took hold behind
Strife's knees and lifted his lover's legs up and flashing the
leather pants away. Strife was always on the bottom. Cupid had
actually convinced Strife to be on top once or twice, but Strife
prefered laying on his back, he didn't feel comfortable with Cupid
looking at him while he was sitting like that, being on top.

Strife materialized some warm oil on the entrance to his body
and some on his hand and grabbed Cupid's cock with it. This
was quite an abrupt decision on both their parts, to fuck all
of a sudden, so Strife wasn't really prepared for it.

It wasn't unlike a lot of other times they'd had sex, though.
Strife supposed eighty five percent of the time he was unprepared
and not stretched enough to take Cupid's cock without pain, if he
wasn't properly lubricated or have the time taken to make it not
painful with the initial breech. He'd often had to deal with the
stretched feeling he recieved from the initial thrust into his ass.

He'd taken to guiding Cupid's cock into his asshole and slowly
pushing the head against the ring of muscle there. Strife relaxed
himself, his eyes fluttering shut as Cupid's cock slipped inside him.

He loved the feeling of Cupid inside him, he liked the feeling
of being filled like that. He never wanted Cupid to just thrust
right into him, that would be painful. And he rather liked guiding
him. Cupid often expressed his admiration at how Strife handled
his oil slick cock with one hand, coating it with the oil.

Once the head of Cupid's cock was inside, he thrust all the way
into Strife. Laying his body down over top of his lover's, he
looped his arms under Strife's shoulders and placed his head
beside Strife's.

Strife couldn't see Cupid's face and Cupid couldn't see his. Strife
prefered it like that. At least he knew this way that Cupid wouldn't
see the emotionless look painted on his face. Sure, he can feel the
nice sensation of being fucked, but thats about it. He didn't know
if he should feel anything in his heart. He does love Cupid. As his
cousin and as close of a person that Strife could call a best friend.

Strife closed his eyes automatically, when Cupid hit his prostrate,
making him moan. "Oh, you like that baby?" Cupid asked giving
a slightly more aggressive thrust into Strife's body and receiving
another throaty moan from that as he continued to fuck the
Mischief God.

Strife started to feel pretty good and was almost starting to lose
himself in the good physical feelings of it all, slightly thrusting his
ass up to meet Cupid's rhythm. That only proved to spur Cupid's
orgasm on and the Love God soon came. Cupid thrust into Strife
jerkily a few times with a moan before he relaxed. A minute later
Cupid got off his cousin's body and stood up beside the bed,
stretching out his legs and wings.

He flopped back down on the bed as Strife rolled over onto his
side, away from Cupid. Strife was still hard and rather unsatisfied.
Cupid cuddled up behind his lover and threw an arm over Strife's
chest and gave him a bit of a hug. Seemingly completely unaware
of his lovers situation.

Strife felt Cupid smiled into the back of his neck and give it a
small kiss. He laid there boneless and still emotionless. Staring
sadly off into space, his face blank. He felt what could only
be described as 'blah'.

Maybe he didn't really want Cupid to touch him. If he did, then
Strife would feel too cared for and want it to be the other way
around; the way it is now. But, right now, Strife didn't know what
he wanted. Maybe he wanted Cupid to care about him and want
him to feel good. Maybe he wished things were different. Did he
even want to be with Cupid?

It's always been like this, Strife thought. There had only been
about one time when Cupid was really drunk, that Strife had
felt any feeling during sex between them. He didn't know if
he wanted anything to change. He wasn't sure he liked this
how it was, but he'd finally found someone that shared at least
a few of his interests and they had fun together. When they
actually had something they could mutually do together.

The majority of the time it was Cupid has something to do.
Cupid suggests it and Strife goes along and just sits there bored
while Cupid does his thing. Or when he suggested anything, they
attempt to do it and Cupid would end up getting bored half way
through, or not even, and want to take over and do it himself.
He'd get restless and want to change the entire situation, Strife's
suggestion, around so that it's something totally different than
what Strife wanted to do to begin with.

And, as usual, after they'd had sex, Cupid expected Strife to
have a small nap with him. Strife liked cuddling with his lover,
but he felt uncomfortable laying here thinking about these
thoughts that plagued his mind when he was in this
situation with Cupid.

Strife sighed and Cupid felt his chest shift with the exhaled
air and hugged him a bit tighter against his chest. Strife
closed his eyes and tried to at least get a bit of sleep. Maybe
he'd get away from his thoughts in a dream.

+End Chapter I+

+Chapter II+

Almost a year ago now, Strife had started hanging out
around Cupid and, for some gods unknown reason,
Cupid claimed that Strife had seduced him. Strife hadn't
been aware of what he was apparently doing at the
time, but Cupid did. He'd just trust a Love God to know
when he's being seduced.

Strife really didn't know how it really came to be, or
where all these problems developed. If they were
his problems or Cupid's, or both of theirs, or if
they could be fixed.

"Well, we could time how long it takes to walk from
one side of Olympus to another?" Strife suggested.
They were having another boring sitting around time
trying to find something to do.

"Are you nuts? Do you know how many stupid gods
we'd run into?" Cupid said, shaking his head, "No."

It wasn't unexpected, but Strife still felt a slight bit
rejected at how Cupid, well, rejected his idea. He
always had this thing about twisting Strife's idea's
around and then bitching about how Strife never
has any idea's of what to do. Or just shooting them
down without any thought. No wonder Strife had
significantly cut down on how much he suggested

It's not like Strife grew up with anyone around to do
things with. Any of his interests were mostly one
person things. He never knew what to do with
Cupid because of that. Strife tried to think of what
other couples do, but he couldn't think of any
couple that he actually knew, that wasn't dysfunctional.

Strife sighed quietly and got up from his seat casually
and made his way to the other room, the bathing room.
He grabbed a towel and leaned back against the wall
with a light thud, wiping his tears that had started. He
always cried easily when Cupid upset him, rejected him,
pained him.

Cupid just dismissed Strife's excusion as him going to get
something. Cupid sighed, what was taking him so long,
what was he doing? He sat up on the bed where he was
laying and thought for a moment before he stood up.

By the time Strife came back out, Cupid was up and had
his quiver back on his back, Strife's eyes went wide and
he fought back the pain in his chest wanting him to cry
more. He didn't want Cupid to leave. Deciding that he
can't stop him either way, he flopped down into a

Cupid sighed and walked over to Strife, materializing a
chair beside his cousin on the way, he sat down and
sighed, "Have you got an idea's of what to do today?"

"Oh, like I'm just bubbling over with idea's," Strife
said sarcastically, he scoffed, "It's not like you are
either." He sounded a bit sad and a bit pissed off
at that fact.

"I give up," Cupid said calmly, "If we can't find things
in common when we both have free time, what's it
going to be like trying to spend time together when
we're both busy, we can't just fuck all the time."

Strife felt a small hope for the relationship at the
last part of what Cupid said. At least he didn't
just want Strife for the sex. Strife didn't even
think the sex was any good, what with the way
things felt for him between the two of them.

Silent tears ran down Strife's face, but he still
managed to hold himself in control.

Cupid looked frustrated, he didn't know what to
do, "I gotta get going with this shit," he said,
indicating his work with a wave of his bow
which appeared in his hand.

Strife nodded weakly, he didn't trust his voice
at the moment to not betray him and hitch,
spilling out all his emotion. Cupid faltered in
his first few steps towards the doorway, he
looked back at Strife with a confused
expression before dissappearing in a flash of
gold and white sparkles.

Strife stared through his blurry eyes at the
spot where Cupid had been standing, he
sniffled and his eye twitched. He opened
his mouth to take a deep breath, which
proved to be a mistake. Strife began sobbing
softly at first, but it increased to jerk his
whole body when it happened involuntarily. He
hated this, he wanted everything to be better,
he flashed himself the short distance between
where he was sitting and his bed and laid down,
pulling his knees up, making himself curl into a

+End Chapter II+

+Chapter III+

Strife closed his eyes tight and felt a small tear
still escape. He took a deep breath and brought
his hands up to his face slowly. He was startled
by an abrupt flash of gold and white light, save
the sparkles. Strife wiped at the tear and took
another breath try and calm himself before he
looked up at Cupid.

Cupid's mouth dropped slightly at seeing how
pained his lover looked. He didn't know what to
do, or why Strife was upset, so he left it for
now. "I thought of something we could do,"
Cupid said.

//Oh, Tartarus, let's hear it,// Strife thought to
himself. Cupid sat down on the edge of the bed.
Strife had sat up and had his arms clasped around
his knees. "We could make dinner," Cupid said. He
kept explaining his marvelous idea and Strife had
pretty much tuned him out by the time he was
done. Sure, Strife believed in giving people a
fair chance. But there were only so many times
he could hope for a better situation with

"Sounds good," Strife said when he'd heard the
finishing, 'how does it sound?' from his cousin.

Cupid smiled a bit and sat forward to kiss Strife
on the forehead before standing up and flashing
away again. Strife felt his heart strings pull and
he let out a short laugh. Wonderful. He now had
his evening planned out whether he liked it or

At least he's trying, Strife thought. Not much of
what Cupid had suggested for the dinner, or
anything else that he'd picked out to do for the
night Strife had much interest in, or liked, but
he'd be with Cupid. That was what he wanted,
wasn't it?


Dinner was alright, though. Aside from the
chicken. It gave Strife a headache. Cupid knew
it would, Strife had told him about things that
disagreed with his body, but Cupid apparently
had forgotten all about it. So, besides that,
Strife had enjoyed what little he ate. With a
problem of having a fear of eating things in
front of people, Strife shoved a stick up fear's
ass and nibbled a bit on things. Partly because
he was hungry, but because he didn't want to
offend Cupid by not eating anything.

He knew Cupid had assumed all was going to
go his way tonight, and Strife knew it mostly
would go that way anyway. If he said something,
Cupid either ignored it, twisted in his own interests
or just rejected it. So, guess what they were
doing for the rest of the night? Watching some
mortals that Cupid had to watch for work anyway.

Oh, but these are particularly interesting mortals,
Strife. //Not,// Strife thought, rolling his eyes to

The night went well aside from a small outburst
Cupid had when Strife had decided to voice his
opinion that the two mortals might not have been
the best two to stick together. They had a lot of
issues to deal with. Apparently Cupid had thought
they were going to be getting it on, providing a nice
show for the two gods. But, sadly, that's not what

During Cupid's ranting about how he was the God
of Love and that he knew who to put together,
who should be together, how things should turn
out between lovers, he'd missed part of the
conversation between the two mortals. He swore
and jerked back to the original argument,
watching. He tried to piece together what he'd
missed, but failed. Instead of asking Strife what
had been said, he decided to drag his cousin
off to the Halls of Time to review it.

After Cupid had sufficed his curiosity of what
had happened to make each of the mortals
act and react the way they did, he was happy.
Why couldn't Cupid pay that sort of attention
to his own relationship? To have the need to
find out what happened and then work to fix it.

In either situation, their own relationship, or the
mortals, Strife could have told him if he'd asked.
But did he ask? Nope. So simple, yet Cupid is
too stubborn to do it. They left the Halls of
Time and returned to Strife's bedroom.

"Mmm, let's just forget about the silly mortals,"
Cupid said as he wrapped his arms around Strife's
waist and nudged his cousin's head over to the
side, kissing the stretched skin at Strife's neck.

+End Chapter III+

+Chapter IV+

Sex had been the same as usual. Strife didn't
think it would be any different. If he opened his
mouth to say something about it, whether he
didn't like this or that, or that maybe they could
do this, Cupid usually got upset and jumped to
the conclusion that Strife didn't want to have
sex with him anymore. So, once again, Strife
had kept quiet and waiting until Cupid was

They laid down to go to sleep, Cupid spooned
up behind Strife. Strife took in a deep breath
through his nose. Cupid felt nice and warm
against the cool skin of his back, but there was
something bothering Strife. He liked when
Cupid was around, but sometimes he just felt
rather uncomfortable with Cupid there.

Strife thought maybe it was because Cupid
got off and he didn't. When they both had
gotten off during sex, Strife didn't feel so
bad. It felt better when they both did, like
Strife wasn't being left out, even if it mostly
wasn't Cupid's doing for him to achieve orgasm.

And since Cupid was always on top, when Cupid
was finished, apparently so was Strife. That
usually made the dark haired god feel hurt, or
empty. Empty might have just been because of
the lack of love there was in the relationship.

Was Strife in love? He didn't know. Having never
been in love before, he couldn't say whether he
was or not. Was Cupid in love with him? Strife
thought that Cupid's being a Love God would make
him at least be in some sort of love with whomever
he was in a relationship with. Even if it was puppy

They most always slept in Strife's bedroom. Cupid's
mother was a bit too impatient when it came to
knocking, or any form of letting them know she was
about to barge into the room. Strife didn't like sleeping
at Cupid's, but Cupid didn't like sleeping at Strife's.
Being so close to his father, Cupid felt almost spied on
for some reason, even though Ares couldn't care less that
they were together. Sure, he got a bit suspicious to
begin with, but after he just assumed they were
together, he let it go almost completely.

Strife didn't believe Cupid was that uneasy all of the
time, though. There were times when Cupid completely
let go of everything and was pretty wild and loud, not
caring who heard or what happened. But still, a lot of
the time, Cupid was tentative about being loud, although
he bitched about Strife being loud. Strife was quiet.

Strife laid there for what he thought must have been
half a candle mark before getting up the nerve. He felt
like his vocal cords had been cut, he had so much trouble
getting the words to even approach the stairs down from
his brain and out of his mouth.

Putting his worries of how he just knew Cupid would
react to his request, finally Strife forced the words out,
"Cupid, would you mind going back to your temple for a bit?"

Cupid tensed abruptly and propped himself up on his elbow
a bit. He didn't quite hear what Strife said, but he got the
most part of it. He was almost upset at hearing what he
thought he had heard, "What?" Cupid asked it firmly with
a hint of anger to his voice.

Tentatively and quietly, "Could you go back to your
temple for a bit?" Strife repeated his question.

"Why?" The anger still present.

"'Cause I just feel like laying here by myself for a bit,"
Strife almost let that finish itself as a question, rather
than a reason. He knew it might not be a good enough
one for Cupid's liking, but he wanted to get some sleep.
How many nights had he not been able to because of
Cupid being there? He loved Cupid with him and barely
ever wanted to be apart from him unless he really needed
to get some work done, but for some reason he just
made him damn uncomfortable sometimes.

"What did I do?" Cupid asked, getting a bit pissed off,
he sat up in bed, "Do you want me to go?"

Yes, Strife wanted him to go, but not permanently like
Cupid's tone was suggesting, "No! I don't want you to
go, just for a bit."

Cupid didn't quite understand why, and instead of
being gentle, he got up out of bed, throwing the
sheets off of him and down onto the bed forcefully.

"Fine," and Cupid was gone in a flash of red light.

+End Chapter IV+

+Chapter V+

Strife had sat up at the same moment Cupid had
left and he sat with his mouth slack and staring
at where Cupid had been. He flopped back onto
the bed and felt his chest tighten and hurt.


Strife heard a slight shuffling in his room. He
barely ever slept deeply, so he was always
aware of what was going on around him. The
shuffling got closer and he breathed in, Strife
could smell Cupid. It was nice, sometimes he
came home in the middle of the day to have
a nap just because his bed smelled like his

Cupid made his way to the bed and softly
sank into the smooth fabrics. He laid down
behind Strife and snuggled up behind his
cousin's back.

"You're back," Strife said very even-toned.

"Yeah," Cupid said quietly and Strife could
tell Cupid was smiling as he snuggled closer
up against him. Strife also realized Cupid was
completely naked from the heat that was
pressed up against his whole body.

"Why?" Strife asked softly, hoping his question
wouldn't set Cupid off again. He hadn't really
been expecting him to come back so soon.

"I like laying beside you," Cupid said.

"Why?" Strife asked again, a bit more seriously.

"It's comfy," Cupid said.

As if that was a good fucking explanation, Strife
thought. Cupid couldn't stand Strife's simple
answers to questions the blonde god thought
were important, but then Cupid goes and does the
same thing. If Strife accused him of doing it on
purpose, like Cupid did, he would get upset.

Strife was rather restless, and when Strife got
restless, he twitched. Not being completely able
to sit still. And, of course, that was something
that irritated Cupid to no end.

"Fine, you want me to fuckin' leave? I'll go home,"
Cupid started, aggressively, "you don't want to be
with me." Cupid sat up and got out of bed.

He turned around and asked, "You don't want me
in your bed, is that it?" Cupid really did get
jealous and really worried about Strife leaving
him. Cupid would walk out of the door and
seemingly never look back, but he still felt
threatened thinking Strife would ever not
want him.

"No! Fuck, Cupe, I just wanted to relax by myself
for a bit! To clear my head of stuff that's irritating
me, bothering me." Strife sat up and threw the
covers aside, fighting not to start crying, or get
upset himself, that wouldn't help the situation.

"Fine, I'll just go, then," Cupid said dejectedly and
turned to leave.

"No!" Strife used the last of his control to make
himself project that word to the deepest parts
of Cupid's mind. Strife started crying and Cupid
turned back to see him close his eyes and tense
his body as his chest tightened and Strife looked
like he was in pain. Cupid realized he was upset
and serious about this. "Don't leave, I don't want
you to leave," Strife sobbed out.

Cupid scrambled back onto the bed, reaching for
his cousin, he pulled him into his arms and held
him, "Shh, shh. I won't leave you, I won't leave

Cupid knew how paranoid Strife could get about
people leaving him, being abandoned and left to
deal with shit for himself. Cupid did listen to Strife,
he just tended to forget things that he didn't think
were most important. Emotional issues he remembered
and dealt with more easily than other things. He
was more in tune with those than anything else,
even though he forgot those, too, sometimes.

Strife sat in Cupid's arms, clutching onto Cupid's
upper arm, silent tears streaking down his cheeks
as he held his breath. Holding his body as still as
he could, Strife attempted to take in a breath. It
was shaky, but he managed not to burst out
crying again.

Cupid ran a hand through Strife's hair soothingly
and slowly loosened his hold, hoping Strife was
okay enough to do the same and lay back down.

"Lay down and relax, I'll be at home. I won't leave
you," Cupid reassured.

"Okay," Strife whispered against Cupid's neck.

Cupid eased Strife out of his arms slowly as not
to upset him by jerking away. Cupid stood there
watching him for a moment before he flashed out
of the room in a soft gold glow.

Strife sat on the bed for a minute before taking
a deep breath and turning around to arrange his
pillows; Cupid always seemed to ruin his
perfect shaping of them, and laid down to try
and get some sleep.

+End Chapter V+


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