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Title: Still... You Turn Me On.
Author: Carrie
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Pairing: Implied C/S, Apollo/Muses
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
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Disclaimer: Not mine. =|
Notes: This was inspired by Christine. =)
QsMistress (2:03:12 PM): yeah i know until the muses decide to give you the finger and go off to play while you're in the middle of trying to write lol
And thanks to Hergerbabe for beta'ing it for me.
Summary: Apollo gets embarassed. Answer to one of the songs in the More Song Challenges challenge.


Cupid flashed into his temple. He was done with any work he had to do for the day and he was bored. He sent out his power, searching for Strife, but he was busy doing something in Thrace for Ares.

Cupid sighed and began to think of things he could do that would entertain him without Strife.

That's it! Apollo. He could go see what Apollo was up to. Not talk to him personally, exactly. Just sort of spy on him. He flashed out of his temple and put a small shield up around himself before reappearing in Apollo's temple.


Cupid materialized in a small room beside Apollo's music room, which was filled with low couches, pillows everywhere, Muses lounged seductively, bored, amused; with Apollo sitting in the middle of the room in a big, soft pillow in a vague shape of a chair.

Suddenly, Cupid wasn't alone. Strife had flashed in behind him with his arms around Cupid's waist, resting against him between his wings. "Heya, Cupe."

Cupid turned his head and smiled. "Hey."

Strife was busy playing with the base of Cupid's wings when he asked, "So, uh, where are we? I never bothered to look." Strife laughed.

Cupid shook his body to dislodge Strife from him a bit and Strife looked up. Cupid pointed out through the glass and Strife suddenly grabbed Cupid's body to shield himself and ducked down out of view of the glass.

Cupid laughed and stepped out of the way.

"Are you nuts, Cupe! 'Pol hates me!" Strife squeeked out.

"It's alright," Cupid laughed a bit more. "I have free access to this room. Along with many others like this in Apollo's temples.

"Yeah, *you* do. Not *me*," Strife said and tried to slink back into some shadows.

"Would you come here?" Cupid grabbed Strife and pulled him back beside him. "He can't see us. And by granting *me* permission, he allows *you* here also, being my significant other."

"Ah," Strife said and directed his attention to the show on the other side of the glass.


Apollo was sitting in the middle of the room with Muses all around him. He was in the process of writing a new song. Just fumbling around with some silly lyrics, nothing intended to be such a great published thing anywhere outside the room, but just for fun.

Amusing the Muses in a pleasant way, he went about writing his song, "Do you wanna be an angel? Do you wanna be a star?" He had a vacant thought that Urania was not in the room, but sent her thanks for the presence of her inspiration.

"Do you wanna play some 'magic' on my 'lyre'?" He sweetly sang out to Calliope, leering suggestively in the proccess.

"Do you wanna be a poet?" He threw smiles at each Muse that had to do with poetry. "Do you wanna be my string?"

"You can be anything!" He got a lewd look on his face and to address the room full of beautiful Muses all together, "Do you wanna be the lover of another?"

He got some giggles from the girls for that one.

Apollo continued his silly song, "Undercover you could even be the man on the moon." //Hmm, maybe some God on God sex play might be nice later. I could see what Hermes is up to.// He thought to himself.

"Do you wanna be the player? Do you wanna be the string?" He was a bit distracted by his thoughts, but he kept on singing, "Let me tell you something, it just doesn't mean a thing!"


Strife snickered. "This is fun."

Cupid smiled over at him, amused himself. Strife was feeling the glass.

"Ya know, I predict this'll be big in the future. Where's it from?"

"Oh, some new type of thing the Egyptians are working with. They didn't make it like this on purpose. It's some foreign material that only Gods can see one way and not the other. For mortals its just clear both ways."

"Bitchin'," Strife commented before he was struck with another question. "So, how come 'Pol gave you access to these rooms?"

"Where do you think he gets all his good fortune in the ways of love?" Cupid asked in return.

"Uh, Fortuna?" Strife giggled.

Cupid swatted his hand at him playfully, "Well," Cupid chuckled, "I guess it's just in his cards or his life, but even the Gods' love life falls under the Love God's jurisdiction at some point."

"Yeah, so he's sucking up to ya. But why this as a pay off?"

"I'm a sucker for voyeurism I guess," Cupid shrugged. "He puts on some good shows from time to time though."

Strife giggled and turned back to the proceedings on the other side of the glass.


Apollo was sitting and he flashed a small harp into his lap and began to add some music to his lyrics, enthralling the dance Muses to get up and, well, dance.

"You see it really doesn't matter, when you're buried in disguise. Like the," He looked up at the glass for a moment and Strife froze. "Dark glass on your... your.. eyes!"

He leaned forward to write that down on the scroll before continuing. "Though your, uhm," Calliope ran a finger up his thigh and teased it around the edge of the material of his tunic. He looked down and received the inspiration waiting there for him, "Flesh has crystallized. Still... You turn me on."

Strife snapped his fingers, which Cupid just ignored and passed off as just his eccentric mate being figety.

Apollo's harp was suddenly out of tune, the Muses all winced at the sound of it, but Apollo was obviously unaware. "Do you wanna be the pillow where I lay my head? Do you wanna be the feathers lying in my bed?"

Strife looked at Cupid suspiciously.

"Hey, they arent mine! I've never done a *thing* like that in his bed!"

Cupid stated.

Strife smirked and gave Cupid a quick kiss before looking back at the show in front of him.

"Do you wanna be a color cover magazine? Create a scene? Everyday's a little sadder, a little madder," He got really into it now, "Someone get me a ladder! Do you wanna be the singer? Do you wanna be the song?"

The Muses looked around at each other at the sudden strange change in Apollo's song, it had been beginning to look well for a collaborative work between the seven of them.

"Let me tell you something, you just couldn't be more wrong!" Apollo finished the verse.

He couldn't be more wrong in how this song is turning out, Terpsichore thought.

Cupid looked at Strife when he realized what had happened.

"What?" Strife asked and tried to look innocent.

Cupid raised an eyebrow.

"Well, the potential was there for mischief already, Cupe, ya gotta admit that much."


Apollo was susceptible to the Mischief God's influence because he was well enough distracted. He started singing along with his harp music.

Euterpe blinked at the change in Apollo's music making, she squinted up her face in amusement, trying not to laugh. "Could use some flutes in there," she nudged and said to Erato and they both slowly faded out of the room, so as not to draw attention.

The Sun God stopped his music when two of the Muses that preside over music left the room. You didn't think he got all his knowledge and ability with music on his own did you?

He was faintly aware that his audience was slowly dwindling in numbers.

He kept on trying to work on his song. "Uhm... Right," he wrote another note or two down on a scroll in front of him as the last fluttering influence of Euterpe's presence left the room.

Melpomene sat and stared at Apollo. This certainly was a tragic event. One that her and her sisters would not soon forget. She stifled a giggle and flashed out of the room.

Calliope, Apollo's most favored Muse, stood up and set her hand on his shoulder. Apollo looked up to her at the interruption. She sighed and patted his shoulder before flashing out to join her sisters.

"What?" Apollo asked to the air where Calliope had stood. He turned to two of the last Muses in the room.

Polyhymnia and Terpsichore were left standing still. They had stopped their dancing and stood still as they stared at Apollo and his terrible continuance of music. Polyhymnia waved and made a sad/amused/sympathetic face at Apollo, as her sister transported them both out of the room.

Apollo stood with his mouth agape, wondering what wrong he did to get on the bad side of seven out of nine Muses.

He sat down heavily on his seat and looked at Thalia. Simply the last to leave because of the comedic value of the afternoon with Apollo. She smiled at him and shimmered out of the room.

Apollo sighed and decided to finish the last few sentences he had in his mind, "You see, I really have to tell you, that it all gets so intense. From my experience, it just doesn't seem to make sense."

"That's right," Apollo said. "It *doesn't* seem to make much sense." Sending out his senses to see if anyone else was left in the temple at all. A bit surprised at what he found, he looked up and straight ahead into the mirror at the picture of himself he saw there.

Of course, being a God and it being his own temple he could see right through it. He walked up to it and primped his hair, adjusted his tunic and.... gave the finger to his nephews behind the glass before flashing out of the room. Thinking if it would be a good idea or not to apologize for the horrible music he had produced and to blame it on Strife.


"Hahahahaha," Strife couldn't contain himself. He'd embarrassed his uncle, made all his precious Muses laugh at him and to see the look on Apollo's face giving them the finger just was too much. Strife slid down the wall he was bracing himself on and joined Cupid on the floor laughing.

When they got themselves together after their laughing fits Strife turned to Cupid, "Man, how come you never told me about this before?"

Cupid grinned, "Yeah, we have *got* to do this again."

The End

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