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Title: Red
Author: Hergerbabe
Fandom: Xena
Pairing: C/S
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU, first times
Archive: AJCS, RCOS
Disclaimer: You think they’d be running away from THEM to me every five seconds if I actually owned them?!
Warnings: issues of non consent, incest, domination (well, as far as I’m able to being the mush fiend that I am), presence of Strifebonics
Notes: Very vaguely based on Red Riding Hood
For Christine you wonderfully sick girlie you! Hugs!



Once upon a time, there lived a little, blond boy. Now this blond boy was beautiful. In fact he was so beautiful, that his mother worried about him. She worried so much, that she never let him out of her sight. To keep him safe from the big, bad world, she moved them far away, to a tiny village, near her mother, where she could keep him safe. As years passed, the beautiful boy grew up into a beautiful, young man. A very bored, beautiful, young man.

Part 1

Cupid sighed. He was bored, very, very bored. Oh, he loved his mother dearly, but she never let him do anything or go anywhere unless she was right there with him.

Not that there was much to do. The village near their house was boring too. And the girls frightened him. Even with his mom constantly at his side, they were always flirting with him, and he always came home with a bruised butt from all the surreptitious pinching. He shuddered at the thought of actually ending up married to one of them.

Only here, in his room, did he get any privacy, and that was boring too. There was only so many times he could jerk off, and to be honest, his fantasies were starting to get a little stale.

Trouble was, he didn’t know what he wanted, he didn’t really know much about relationships and sex. All he knew, was that he ached for something; someone to lead him, fill up the gaping loneliness. But if his mother had her way, he’d never find anyone, let alone someone he could really love.

He sighed again and got up, today was their weekly trip to visit his nana. At least she treated him like a capable grown up. She’d even slipped him a couple of books about sex, which were now falling apart, he’d read them so often. He prepared breakfast and went to knock on his mother’s door. There was no answer.

“Mom?” Cupid opened the door cautiously and poked his head inside the room, “Mom?”

“Oh honey, come in,” his mother said quietly.

“What’s wrong, mom?” Cupid asked, frowning in concern.

“I’ve got a terrible headache,” se whispered, “We’re not going to be able to visit your nana today.”

“Oh, but, what about her groceries, mom?” Cupid asked.

She frowned, “Well, maybe… maybe you could go on your own, just this once.”

Cupid blinked, he wasn’t sure whether to be thrilled, or really concerned. His mother must be really ill, if she was going to let him out on his own.

“Um, okay,” he tried not to sound eager.

“Will you be all right?” she asked, “Be sure to wear your cloak, stay on the path, and don’t talk to any strangers.”

“Mom! I’m eighteen, I think I can manage a walk through the woods on my own!”

“Don’t snap at me,” she sounded tearful.

“Sorry, mom.” Cupid bent over the bed and kissed her cheek. “I’ll be careful, I promise.”

“Okay,” she sighed. “Maybe you should stay the night though, just in case. I don’t want you walking back after dark on your own.”

Cupid stifled a sigh, “As long as you’ll be okay on your own.”

“Of course I will, sweetie,” she smiled gently.

“I’ll see you tomorrow than, mom.” He carefully closed the door behind him before punching the air in excitement. Finally some time alone, and maybe he’d be able to ask his nana some questions about the books she’s given him.

Carefully he put together a bag of groceries and tied on his annoyingly bright, red cloak. He pinched a lollipop from the jar his mother thought she’d hidden and set off, resisting the urge to skip gaily.


Normally, he loved the forest, but if he was honest, as the trees got thicker, it did seem to get a little creepy without his mom. And he couldn’t shake the feeling he was being watched.

Cupid stopped suddenly when he saw some bluebells and he decided to pick some. A snort made him jump, and he slipped, falling onto his back. The snort turned into a maniacal giggle. The sunlight was blocked by a strange man leaning over him. Cupid swallowed nervously, gazing dumbly into crystal, blue eyes.

“Whatcha doin’ down there, pretty boy?” the stranger grinned at him. Cupid’s heart flip-flopped in his chest and his groin tightened unnervingly.

“I, um, I…” Cupid took the proffered hand and was pulled up and against the slim, leather-clad body. “Oh,” he gasped. The stranger smirked, lightly stroking his knuckles with his thumb.

“Ya real pretty,” the strange man licked his lips, staring at Cupid in a way he’d never seen before. It made him shiver.

“I, um, thanks, I guess,” Cupid babbled, “I’m Cupid.”

“Strife,” replied the spiky haired stranger. “So, Red… ya don’t mind if I call ya Red?” Cupid shook his head dazedly. Strife grinned, “I’m kinda lost, where’s there ta go round here?”

“Um, well,” Cupid couldn’t tear his eyes from Strife’s and he was uncomfortably aware of Strife’s wiry body pressed up against his and the fact that the other man was still stroking his hand. “The, uh, village is that way.” Cupid pointed through the trees.

“Where are you going?” Strife asked silkily.

“Um,” Cupid wet his lips nervously. His heart was pounding and he’d never been so hard in his life. Something about Strife made him want to rip all his clothes off and beg to be taken. What that would entail with another man, he wasn’t sure, but he wanted it, badly. “I’m going to my grandmother’s.”

Cupid gasped as Strife somehow managed to step even closer.

“What a good little boy you must be,” Strife leered at him. Cupid gulped and tried to step back, but Strife slipped an arm round his waist and pulled him right up against him, groin to groin.

“Oh God,” Cupid whispered, feeling how hard Strife was too.

“Well, well,” Strife chuckled, “Obviously not *that* good.” He slipped his hand down to Cupid’s ass and ground his erection into Cupid’s.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Cupid gasped in shock.

“What ya so obviously want, Red,” Strife whispered into his ear before he nipped his earlobe. Cupid jumped, unconsciously thrusting against Strife’s groin. “Oh yeah,” Strife smiled dangerously, “Ya want it all right.”

“I, please, I’ve got to go,” Cupid whispered.

“Oh now, come on, Red,” Strife started to lick Cupid’s neck, “Ya don’t think I’m gonna let us both go wantin’, do ya?”

“I, oh God, please, let me go,” Cupid whispered unconvincingly. Strife was thrusting against him and he couldn’t help thrusting back.

“Nope,” Strife chuckled. He finally let go of Cupid’s hand but only so he could start undoing Cupid’s pants. Cupid gasped and started to struggle, suddenly terrified.

“Please, please,” he whispered.

“Please what, Red?” Strife wrapped his fingers round Cupid’s cock, tugging lightly. “Ya want me ta stop, or carry on?”

Cupid whimpered, dropping his head onto Strife’s shoulder, the fight rushing out of him on a wave of pleasure. “Don’t… don’t stop.”

Strife laughed triumphantly. He knocked Cupid onto his knees and pulled open his pants, releasing his cock from it’s tight confines.

Cupid gulped nervously and licked his lips. “What?” he asked in confusion.

Strife’s eyes widened for a brief second, “Ya really don’t know, do ya?” Cupid flushed and shook his head. “Have a taste,” Strife pointed at his dick.

Cupid gasped, “No!”

Strife gripped the back of Cupid’s head and forced him to look up. “I said, have a taste!” he growled impatiently.


“Just pretend it’s that lollipop ya was suckin’ on earlier and ya’ll do fine,” Strife’s eyes glazed over for a moment.

Cupid shook his head. “I can’t,” he protested.

“Do it!” Strife gripped his hair tighter and forced him forward. “I wanna see that pretty mouth wrapped round my cock.”

Cupid whimpered again. He opened his mouth and leant forward. Then he stopped and pulled back to stare at Strife’s cock. He worked his jaw open wider and hesitantly sucked the tip into his mouth.

“Ah yeah,” Strife moaned. Cupid blinked in surprise, it didn’t taste bad, like he’d expected it to. He sucked in a bit more and flicked the tip with his tongue. Encouraged by Strife’s moan, and starting to enjoy himself, Cupid swallowed as much of the length as he could without gagging and continued to work it with his tongue.

“Damn, you’re good,” Strife gasped. “Stop now!”

Cupid pulled back in surprise. “But…”

“But nuthin’, pretty boy,” Strife was panting lightly, “I ain’t done with ya yet.” Cupid cleared his throat nervously, wondering what he was in for now. “Get your pants down,” Strife ordered.

“What?” Cupid asked in confusion.

“Will ya stop questioning me?” Strife gripped his chin and bent down to look him in the eye. The fierce lust, and something deeper, he could see in the crystal blue depths made Cupid swallow nervously again and his balls tightened.

“I want ya pants round ya knees and ya bent over on tha ground, now!” Strife whispered menacingly. Cupid’s eyes widened, but in fear or anticipation, he wasn’t sure. Quickly, he took off his cloak and pulled his pants down, then he leant forward, supporting himself on his elbows.

“What are you going to do?” Cupid whispered worriedly.

Strife dropped to his knees behind him and patted his bared ass. “I’m gonna fuck ya!”

Cupid shot up in shock. “What? How? No!” he babbled in confusion and fear. Strife slapped him hard across the buttocks and pushed him back down. Cupid whimpered.

“I’m gonna fuck ya, up tha ass, and yes, ya gonna take it, or I’m gonna have ta get mean!” Strife whispered, giving him another slap. Cupid gasped, erection jumping with arousal. “Ya got anything slippery in that bag?”


“Oil, cream, anything like that?” Strife asked impatiently.

“Um, cooking oil,” Cupid whispered.

“That’ll do.” Strife dug around in the bag and pulled out a small bottle. “Cheap crap,” he muttered, pouring some onto his palm. Cupid watched wide eyed as Strife rubbed oil over his cock.

“’Kay, Red, ya ready?” Strife smirked. Cupid blinked, then he nodded hesitantly. “Good answer.”

Strife pushed his cock against Cupid’s asshole, and Cupid yelped in pained surprise. He tried to crawl forward, away from the pain, but Strife grabbed his hips and held him in place, shoving his way into Cupid’s body.

“No, no, no, hurts,” Cupid whimpered.

“Don’t worry, Red,” Strife whispered hoarsely, “Ya’ll get ta enjoy it.” Strife paused momentarily and reached under Cupid, “See, ya still hard, pretty boy.” Strife groaned, “I can tell ya gonna be good at this. Damn, but ya tight!”

He pulled back and then slammed into Cupid. Cupid screamed, tears springing to his eyes.

“Yeah, Red,” Strife gasped.

“Oh God, oh God,” Cupid whimpered. He’d never been in so much pain, but for some reason he couldn’t fathom, he’d rather die than have Strife stop. He gritted his teeth and tried to relax as Strife rammed into him without mercy.

“That’s it, pretty boy, how’s about a treat?” Strife grunted. He shifted subtly, and Cupid screamed again, this time in sheer pleasure as Strife hit something inside him that sent shockwaves through his body.

“Oh, please,” Cupid gasped.

“Good, huh?” Strife growled, plunging deeper and harder with each stroke.

“Yes, God, yes!” Cupid moaned.

Strife chuckled and leaned over his body. “Come for me, Red,” he whispered into Cupid’s ear. He thrust hard against the sweet spot deep in Cupid’s ass, and Cupid screamed, jerking helplessly against Strife as he came hard, his ass muscles clamping down painfully around Strife’s cock.

“Hooooooooyah!” Strife shouted, bucking into him. Cupid felt his ass fill with warmth, and when Strife let go of his hips, he dropped to the ground, hissing when Strife’s cock slipped out of him. A surprisingly gentle hand stroked his ass.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it, Red?”

Cupid shook his head. “No,” he whispered.

“Well, I guess ya’d better be on ya way,” Strife stood up and wiped himself off with Cupid’s cloak, before doing his pants back up, “Ya wouldn’t want ya grandma ta worry.”

Cupid nodded, keeping his face buried in his arms as he struggled not to cry. Somehow, Strife’s casual dismissal of him was worse than the pain. Although what he’d expected from the other man, he wasn’t sure. It wasn’t as if they were just going to fall into each other’s arms and declare eternal, undying love. That only happened in fairy tales.

But since he’d first gazed into those clear, pale blue eyes, he’d been a goner and that’s what he wanted, this man, this stranger, for the rest of his life.

“See ya around.”

Cupid nodded again and listened to Strife’s footsteps as he walked away. Cupid got up very slowly, wincing at the pain in his ravaged ass, but it barely masked the pain in his heart.

He grabbed his cloak and held it to his face, inhaling deeply, then he sighed and used it to wipe his groin and ass, before bundling it into the bag, with the oil.

Cupid walked the rest of the way to his grandmother’s very slowly, constantly wiping away the tears that refused to stop flowing.

Cupid knocked on the door.

“Where have you... Cupie? My baby boy, what is it?” Cupid’s grandmother pulled him into a hug.

“Oh, nana,” Cupid sobbed, “I don’t know.”

“Come in and tell me all about it,” she said, gently urging him inside. She sat him down, frowning slightly when he squirmed uncomfortably. He quickly sat still. She gave him a tissue and he blew his nose noisily and wiped his eyes.

“Now, what’s happened?”

“There was this guy, in the forest,” Cupid started, “He, we… and then he just walked away.”

“He, you, what?” she asked with a confused frown.

“Had sex,” Cupid whispered.

“You had sex? With some guy? In the *forest*?!” she blinked at him in shock. Cupid nodded and blushed furiously. “You, he didn’t… force you, did he?” she asked quietly.

“No, well, not exactly.”

“Not exactly?!”

“Well, I wanted to, but I kinda said no, but then he said I had to and I didn’t want him to stop,” Cupid babbled. His voice dropped to a whisper, “I liked it, nana, loved it. But then, then he just walked away.” Tears started to flow again.

His grandmother got up and went to the door. “Strife!” she yelled.

Cupid sucked in a horrified breath. The dark haired, blue eyed man of his dreams walked in the door.

“What?!” Strife glanced over at Cupid and smiled, “Hi, Red.”

“What? How? What?!” Cupid gasped.

“Strife, perhaps you can explain to me how you came to practically rape your cousin, and then just leave him, heartbroken, in the forest,” their grandmother asked demandingly.

“Cousin?” Cupid whispered in shock.

“Heartbroken? Really?” Strife frowned at Cupid. He walked over to his blond cousin and cupped his face gently. “Ah, come on, Red. Ya didn’t think I’d just love ya and leave ya, did ya?” Cupid nodded mutely.

Strife sat down with a sigh. ”’Kay, I’ll admit, our first meetin’ didn’t go zactly as I’d planned. I jus’ couldn’t help myself, ya know? Ya was all hot and needy, an’ God ya way prettier than ya picture. I didn’t ‘spect ta want ya so bad.”

“I don’t understand,” Cupid whispered, “Plan, picture?”

“I’ve been writing to Strife about you, Cupie darling,” his grandmother said quietly. “He developed a bit of a crush, so I sent him your picture. He wanted to meet you.”

“How come I didn’t know about him?” Cupid asked quietly. He was having trouble thinking because Strife was still stroking his cheek.

“Your uncle disappeared a long time ago, Strife got in touch recently, wanting to know about his family. I just got the feeling you’d be good for each other,” she explained.

“But, why didn’t you say anything?” Cupid asked Strife.

Strife shrugged, “I dunno, I got caught up in tha moment, then after I felt kinda weird. ‘Course, I wasn’t ‘spectin’ ya ta be alone.”

“That’s true, where’s your mother, dear?”

“She wasn’t well, she wants me to stay over,” Cupid replied.

“Good, we can get all this sorted out,” she said smiling gently. Cupid and Strife stared at each other.

“Ah, fuck it!” Strife muttered. He leaned forward and kissed Cupid hard. Cupid whimpered and leaned in, lips parting under Strife’s probing tongue. When they broke apart, they were both panting.

“Damn, Red! Ya even taste beautiful,” Strife whispered. Cupid flushed hotly.

“I was so right, you boys are perfect together,” their grandmother exclaimed happily.

“Nana!” Cupid gasped.

“What? Oh, please, go on, tell me you *haven’t* fallen head over heels for each other,” she grinned.

Cupid breathed out heavily. He glanced over at Strife who looked slightly anxious, and his chest felt like it was going to burst from his pounding heart and nervous joy, even as his cock hardened again.

“I don’t know him,” he said quietly.

“Stop thinking with your head, sweetheart, what does your heart say?” his grandmother asked him.

“That I love him, but…”

“But sometimes, it’s just right, darling,” she smiled kindly. “Strife?” she turned to her dark grandson. Cupid’s chest tightened painfully in anticipation.

Strife grinned, “Oh, I know I love him, nana.”

Cupid sucked in a breath of shock and joy, “Really?”

“Oh yeah.”

Cupid jumped when Strife’s hand suddenly appeared on his back, just above his waistband, then gradually worked its way under his pants and down his ass. Cupid blinked and turned to his cousin to protest.

“Uh, uh, what did I say before?” Strife whispered.

Cupid promptly shut his mouth, but he whimpered when Strife probed his still slick asshole with an exploratory finger.

Their grandmother cleared her throat, “Well, I’m off out, boys. I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

“Bye, nana,” Strife grinned. Cupid just made a small noise, squirming as a second finger joined the first. Their grandmother snickered and left them to it. As soon as they heard the door slam, Cupid looked at Strife questioningly. The fingers up his ass lifted, urging him to his feet.

“Upstairs, Red. Now!” Strife whispered huskily.

“Oh God,” Cupid moaned, he let the two fingers guide him up the stairs and into the spare bedroom. Strife removed his fingers suddenly, much to Cupid’s disappointment.

“Wha…?” he gasped.

“Just a sec,” Strife grinned. “I want ya undressed by tha time I get back.”

Cupid nodded nervously. He hurriedly stripped off his clothes and stood there, shivering slightly, waiting for Strife to come back.

“Good boy, Red, ya catch on fast. Ya did exactly what I told ya,” Strife said quietly. Cupid gave his cousin a small smile. Strife circled him, a finger gently trailing up and down Cupid’s body as he went. Cupid shivered again, this time in happy anticipation.


“Yes, Strife?” Cupid whispered.

“Ya really are beautiful, ya know that?” Strife said quietly. Cupid blinked and shrugged.

“I don’t know,” he replied quietly.

“Well ya are. And ya mine, got that? I don’t share, what’s mine, is mine alone. Do ya understand?” Strife stood directly in front of Cupid and stared into his eyes.

Cupid fought the urge to lose himself in the crystalline depths. He nodded. “Yes, Strife,” he replied quietly. He’d been getting steadily harder as Strife talked about owning him, and he needed Strife to touch him, but he didn’t dare ask.

“Put ya cloak on,” Strife held out the offensively coloured garment.

Cupid tied the cloak round his naked body and continued to stare at Strife longingly.

Strife’s expression softened. “Ya jus’ so needy, ain’t ya?” Cupid trembled and nodded. “What da ya need, Red?”

“I need you, Strife,” Cupid replied. Strife moved forward so he stood close enough to Cupid that they were almost touching. Cupid swayed forward, wanting contact, but a single finger pushed him back.

“I didn’t say ya could touch me, pretty boy,” Strife growled.

Cupid whimpered, “Please, Strife.”

Strife raised an eyebrow at him, “Now, Red, I don’t believe I said ya could speak.” Cupid clamped his lips shut, eyes widening fearfully. “Go an’ stand in tha corner and face tha bed. Hands clasped behind ya back, understand?” Strife ordered.

Cupid nodded. “Yes, Strife,” he whispered, hurrying to do Strife’s bidding. He watched in confusion as Strife stripped off his clothes and lay on the bed.

Strife met Cupid’s eyes and grinned lazily, licking his lips. “Ya can watch me, Red, but that’s it.”

Cupid swallowed hard, eyes locked on Strife’s body. Strife’s eyes shimmered with fiery lust and Cupid shivered. Strife lifted a hand and ran a finger over his lips, before dipping it between them. His head twisted and Cupid could see his lover’s tongue flicking over his finger tip.

Cupid’s mouth dropped open and he licked his lips nervously, watching Strife drag his wet finger down his jaw and neck. His palm flattened over his chest and swept down his torso, then back up again, pausing to pinch a nipple. Strife hissed and Cupid made a strangled noise.

“Like what ya see, Red?” Strife panted, one hand trailing back and forth over his chest, the other hovering over his groin.

“Yes, Strife,” Cupid managed to say quietly.

“Ya’d like ta see me touch myself, wouldn’t ya?” Strife traced a nail up the length of his cock.

Cupid gasped, his erection was already painfully hard and if anything it got harder and he clenched his hands tighter together. “Yes, please, Strife,” he squeaked.

A slow smile spread over Strife’s face and Cupid’s eyes glazed over, willing his dark haired lover to touch himself. Finally with a small groan, Strife took himself in hand, stroking his cock with lazy pleasure.

“Look at ya, pretty boy, ya want me so bad, don’t ya?” Strife grunted, pumping himself harder. Cupid whimpered and nodded.

“Please,” he whispered.

“Come here,” Strife said quietly. Cupid stumbled over to the foot of the bed, the bobbing of his straining cock making him wince in pain. He waited for his next order. “Kneel between my legs, keep ya hands behind ya back.”

Cupid climbed awkwardly onto the bed and positioned himself between Strife’s legs, his eyes flicking between Strife’s face and cock.

“Red.” Cupid looked up wide-eyed. “Ya can suck me, pretty boy, but I wanna see those beautiful eyes on mine,” Strife whispered.

Cupid nodded and carefully lowered himself over Strife’s pelvis, eager to taste his lover again. Keeping his eyes locked on the crystal blue ones of his cousin, he slowly wrapped his lips over the tip of Strife’s large cock.

“Ah yeah, that’s good, Red,” Strife moaned, eyelids flickering momentarily.

Cupid licked as much of the length as he could as he took more and more into his mouth. Strife gripped the back of his head and urged him down. Cupid whimpered, trying not to gag and he panicked, straining against Strife’s hand. Strife smacked the back of his head sharply.

“Red… Red!” Cupid held still, staring fearfully up at his lover. Strife sighed and gently patted his cheek. “Swallow,” he whispered. Cupid blinked in confusion. Strife started to urge him down again. “Swallow,” he repeated.

Strife’s cock hit the back of his throat and Cupid swallowed quickly. To his surprise, he was able to take Strife’s length all the way down, and with a bit of adjustment, he could breath too.

Strife smiled at him, panting heavily. “Yes, Red… I knew ya’d be good at this.”

Cupid made a happy noise and continued to suck and swallow, watching Strife as he moaned and writhed, all the while their eyes remaining locked together. Strife began to buck into his mouth and Cupid spread his legs wider to help keep his balance.

Suddenly, Strife jerked. “Fuck, yeah,” he shouted. Cupid swallowed, watching Strife’s face ecstatically as his lover came down his throat. Strife’s head dropped back and his hand gently stroked Cupid’s hair. Cupid suckled until Strife urged him away.

“Stay,” said Strife, slipping out from under him. Cupid bit his lip, straining with his own need and the temptation to look round to see what Strife was doing. His cloak was pulled aside and strong fingers massaged his ass.

“Do ya want it, Red?” Strife whispered. “Ya need ta come badly, don’t ya?”

“Yes, please,” Cupid gasped. “Please, Strife, let me.”

“Who d’ya belong ta, Red?” Strife purred. Cupid gasped again, Strife’s fingers dug into his buttocks.

“I b-belong to you, Strife,” Cupid whispered.

Strife smacked him hard and Cupid whimpered. “That sounded hesitant, Red. I want ya ta know, who ya belong ta.”

Strife leant over Cupid and gripped his hair, wrenching his head back. Tears sprang to Cupid’s eyes. “Now, pretty boy, *who* do ya belong ta?” Strife growled into Cupid’s ear.

“I’m yours, oh God, I love you, Strife, I belong to you,” Cupid sobbed. Strife pulled him back a little further and kissed him, tongue plunging aggressively into his mouth. Cupid moaned happily.

Strife pulled away and grinned. “Good boy, ya can come now.”

Strife let go of his head and Cupid fell forward. Fingers plunged into his exposed ass, rubbing firmly against his prostate. Cupid screamed in pain and pleasure and shoved himself back onto Strife’s fingers desperately.

His orgasm exploded through his body as he finally got his release, without a single touch to his cock. The removal of Strife’s fingers left him feeling distressingly bereft and he bit back a sob. The bed dipped beside him.

“Come here, Red.”

Cupid looked up. Strife was lying on the bed again. Cupid let go of his wrists, hissing with the pain in his shoulders. He crawled up the bed and into Strife’s arms. Strife gently rubbed his shoulders.

“I love ya, Red,” Strife kissed the top of his head.

“I love you too, Strife,” Cupid snuggled happily.

Cupid woke slowly the next morning, his shoulders’ stiffness pulling him out of a fleeting dream. He wanted to stay where he was, safe and warm in Strife’s arms, but he really had to pee. Carefully, he slid out of the bed, slipping some clothes on before he tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs.

On his way back, he heard voices from the lounge and paused to listen.

“So, why are you here?” he heard his nana ask.

“For my son,” replied a deep voiced man.

“Which one?” Cupid flinched at the sarcastic hatred in his nana’s voice.

“Now, mother, this is important. I have to find Strife, he’s ill, he needs treatment.” Cupid sucked in a breath of surprise. Strife’s father? Strife was ill? Why had his nana asked ‘which one’?

“Ill? He didn’t say anything!” His nana sounded concerned.

“He wouldn’t. He thinks it’s normal,” said Strife’s father in a tone of disgust.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s gay, or thinks he is anyway.”

“I beg your pardon?!” His nana’s voice rose, “You father a child on your own sister and you think being gay is abnormal?!” Cupid gasped.

“Look!” Strife’s father shouted, “I know Strife was in touch with you, I have to stop him from corrupting anyone else.”

Cupid ran quietly up the stairs and jumped on the bed.

“Strife, Strife,” he gasped.

“What is it, Red?” Strife frowned in annoyance at being woken so abruptly.

“Your, your father is here. Strife…”

“Shit!” Strife leapt up and started to dress, “We have ta get out of here.”

“Strife,” Cupid said quietly, “He said you’re ill, you’re not are you?” he swallowed hard, blinking back tears.

Strife sighed and climbed back onto the bed and wrapped his arms around him. “No, baby. Dad just thinks that loving men instead of women is an illness, that I’m corrupt and must be treated.”

Cupid sobbed in relief, “Is that what being gay is?” Strife nodded. “Oh, but…”

“What is it, Red?” Strife asked.

“No, I can’t, you won’t love me anymore,” Cupid looked away.

“Tell me, Red!”

“We’re brothers,” Cupid held his breath. Strife’s grip tightened and then slowly he was released. Strife tipped his head up.

“I don’t want to know how, but I don’t care. It’s not like we can have kids, is it?” Strife said firmly. Cupid shook his head. “All that matters is that we love each other, you belong to me, remember.”

Cupid sobbed in relief, “Yes, Strife.”

“Good boy,” Strife kissed him, gently at first, but getting more forceful as Cupid acquiesced to his will.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” The two boys jumped apart. Their father loomed over them. “Damn you, Strife, your own brother?!”

He lunged at them. Strife grabbed Cupid’s cloak and threw it over his father’s head, before throwing himself at the larger man and knocking him to the ground.

“Gimme that robe belt!” Strife said to Cupid. Cupid hurriedly helped him tie their father up.

“Boys, you have to hurry,” their nana came in and finished tying her son up, so that Cupid and Strife could finish getting dressed. They kissed her. “Go to your mother’s for now, I’ll hold him, it will take him a while to get loose and then get through the door.”

Hand in hand, they ran through the forest back to Cupid’s house. Cupid let them in and barred the door behind them.

“Cupie? What’s going on?” his mother asked. “Who’s this? What are you doing with a strange man in the house?!”

“He’s not a stranger, he’s my cousin. Or should that be brother?” Cupid was suddenly furious with his mother.

“Oh God!” she exclaimed, “How do you know? What’s going on?”

“That’s what I’d like to know, *mother*,” Cupid said sarcastically.

“Sit down, Auntie,” Strife ordered. She sat down abruptly. “I think you have some explaining to do, don’t you?” Strife said quietly.

“It’s got nothing to do with you, boy!” she snapped.

“Oh really? You’ve upset my Red, therefore it concerns me,” Strife frowned at her.

“Strife?” Cupid asked hesitantly.

“What is it, Red?”

“Will he really kill you?” Cupid frowned in distress. He was worried and terrified for Strife, and so angry with his mother.

“Yes, if he can. He’ll think he’s protecting you,” Strife replied.

“Oh, Strife,” Cupid trembled.

Strife cupped his cheek, “Now, Red, calm down, okay? I won’t let him hurt us.” Strife leaned forward and kissed him. Cupid sighed quietly.

“What the…? Get off my son, you pervert!” Cupid’s mother yelled, jumping to her feet.

“Oh, I’m the pervert?!” Strife turned and glared at her. “Sit down and explain to your son, why you neglected to tell him who his father was!”

She sat back down, mouth gaping in shock. “I couldn’t. I knew it was wrong, but I loved him. I didn’t know he was going to leave me, he was my brother.” She looked away. “I didn’t think it would matter, I brought Cupie here to protect him, keep him from being hurt the same way I was.”

“Bullshit!” Strife exclaimed, “You wanted him all to yourself, you wanted him dependent on you so he wouldn’t ever leave you alone, like my father did!” She flushed.

“Mother?” Cupid asked in hurt confusion. She refused to meet his eyes and he lost his temper. “Damn you!” he cried.

“Red, baby, come here,” Strife said quietly. Cupid went to Strife and buried his face in his neck as Strife held him. “Take your clothes off,” Strife said quietly. Cupid hesitated, wondering what Strife was going to do. “Now, pretty boy!”

Cupid jumped and started to strip, turning away from his mother.

“What are you…?” his mother stopped at a glare from Strife.

“You are going to sit down and shut up, while I give your son what he needs.” Strife tied her down to the chair.

Cupid wanted to protest, but he knew better. Besides, he did need Strife, needed to belong, to be owned. Despite, or maybe because of, his mother’s presence, he was hard and yearning for his lover’s touch.

“Red, kneel in front of your mother and brace yourself on the arms of her chair,” Strife ordered quietly. Cheeks flaming, Cupid did as he was told. “Good boy.” Strife stroked his back and Cupid shivered.

Strife pulled his pants open and knelt behind him, leaning close enough for Cupid to feel his body heat, but not quite touching him, except for the warm breath caressing his neck.

“Ya need me, don’t ya, Red?” Strife whispered.

“Yes, Strife, please, I need you,” Cupid gasped, looking away from his mother’s horrified expression.

“Ya need me ta touch ya.”


“Ya need me inside ya.”

“Oh God, please,” Cupid was trembling with the effort to stay still, his breath hitched and tears sprang to his eyes.

“Ya want me ta fuck ya so hard, that ya can feel me every time ya move,” Strife purred.

“Stop it!” Cupid’s mother screamed suddenly, “You twisted bastard!”

“Shut up, bitch!” Strife snapped. “Show her, Red, what do ya need?”

“Strife, please, take me, posses me. I need you so bad,” Cupid sobbed.

“Soon, love. Now, tell her who ya belong ta,” Strife whispered.

“I belong to Strife,” Cupid said without any hesitation.

“Good boy, Red,” Strife breathed. His hand snaked round Cupid’s body and stroked his cock as he licked the back of Cupid’s neck.

“Oh, Strife!” Cupid gasped. His back arched towards his lover and his climax ripped through him, come jetting into Strife’s hand.

“Oh God, Cupid, make him stop,” his mother begged.

Strife leaned over Cupid and nibbled his ear. “Do ya want me ta stop, Red?”

“No, please, need you, Strife,” Cupid sobbed.

“I’m here for ya, Red,” Strife whispered. He slicked up his cock with Cupid’s seed. Cupid sighed when Strife at last touched his ass, probing with rough fingers.

“Ah yeah, Red, ya so hot and tight,” Strife moaned. Cupid panted hard, rocking back urgently against the exploring digits. “I’m gonna give it to ya so good, Red.”

“Please, Strife, please,” Cupid begged. By the time Strife finally pushed at his asshole with the tip of his cock, Cupid was beyond all coherent thought. It didn’t matter that he was naked and being fucked in front of his mother. It didn’t matter that she was crying hysterically in horror and disgust. It didn’t matter that their father might be coming after them. All that mattered, was Strife possessing him.

He screamed as Strife rammed into him, pain overwhelming him momentarily. Tears spilt down his cheeks. Strife fucked Cupid hard, and reached round to wipe the tears from his face. He held his fingers to Cupid’s lips.

“Taste,” Strife whispered. Cupid moaned, hardening again as he sucked Strife’s fingers into his mouth, tasting the saltiness of his tears. Strife changed his position and started to hit Cupid’s prostate with every thrust. Cupid whimpered loudly around Strife’s fingers.

“Ya beautiful, Red, perfect,” Strife grunted. He pulled his hand from Cupid’s mouth and gripped his hips painfully hard, pulling him back with every thrust to drive himself deeper. Cupid felt Strife jerk against him.

“Yes, Red, yes!” Strife bit down on his neck and his ass was filled with warmth. Cupid made a keening noise in the back of his throat and he shuddered, almost passing out from another climax. Cupid collapsed unashamedly into his mother’s lap and Strife stroked his back soothingly.

“So good, Red, so good.” Strife slipped out of him and Cupid winced a little in pain. Strife pulled him up and wrapped his arms round him. “Love ya, Red,” Strife whispered.

“I love you, Strife,” Cupid sighed.

“Get off me!” his mother spat out through gritted teeth.

“Come on, Red, better get dressed, baby.” Strife pulled them up.

“What are we going to do, Strife?” Cupid got dressed hurriedly after Strife had wiped him down.

Strife shook his head, ”I don’t know. He keeps finding me.” His hands clenched into fists and he hit the wall hard. Cupid flinched and hurried over to his lover. He grasped Strife’s hand in concern.

“Oh, my love no. Please, don’t hurt yourself,” Cupid whispered, kissing Strife’s knuckles gently.

Strife’s expression softened and he patted Cupid’s cheek gently. “I’m okay, Red. I know what I have to do.”


“Kill him. I’m not running away anymore. I kinda like it here, ya know?” Strife grinned. Cupid smiled shyly.

“Strife!” Came a yell from outside. There was a pounding on the door. “I know you’re in there, boy!”

Cupid tensed and gripped Strife’s arm fearfully. The pounding on the door became battering and in a second, an axe split the door.

“Shit!” muttered Strife, scoping the room for a weapon. All he could find was a large, heavy skillet. Motioning Cupid to stand behind his mother, Strife stood to one side of the door out of sight.

His father burst in, staring wildly round the room. “What?!” he raged when he saw his sister tied up.

Strife used his distraction to brain him with the skillet. His father grunted, dropping to his knees, shaking his head. Turning slightly, he lashed out towards Strife with the axe.

Strife jumped out of the way and hit again, across the face. His father flew back, his head connecting with the fireplace with a sickening crack and he lay still, blood beginning to pool under him.

“Oh God, Strife are you okay?” Cupid ran to his lover to be scooped into a hug.

“I’m good, Red, real good,” Strife smiled, “Auntie, you can clean up the mess. Red, let’s go back to nana’s.”

Cupid smiled and nodded. Strife pulled him close and kissed him possessively.

The end

Did they live happily ever after? Duh! Of course they did, it is a fairy tale, after all :)

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