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Title: Prying Eyes
Author: Teeroo
Pairing: ?/?, multiple monogamous partners.
Archive: Tell me where
Rating: PG-13
Category: Mystery, humor
Warnings: Unbetaed, and very convaluted[sp?]. I made up a god. Also
I'm evil.
Disclaimer: My undies are borrowed.
Summary: Summary: A man and his god are watched, then the
watchers are watched, then the watcher's watchers are
watched, then...

Prying Eyes

It was a night much like any other, Xena with Gabrielle slept
soundly after defeating a warlord while Hercules and Iolaus slept
weary from battling monsters. But on this particular night a lost and
lonely man, known by both groups of heroes slipped quietly into his
god's temple. This man was no thief or warrior, no hero or king. He
was a kind and gentle man known more for his goofy smile and lack of
skill than for any great deed.

Carrying his offering with in his pack he knelt before his
god's alter and began to pray, "I try to serve you. To prove my
worthiness to you... to honor you but I fail. I know I do, even
Hercules mocks me, I can see it on their faces. They think me an
idiot, think I am unworthy of your favor." Tears now steaming down
his face he pulled his offering from his bag and placed it on the
alter. "But I will prove them wrong I will do you proud with my
skill. And my adoration..." For hours the man prayed, never wavering
or losing hope. He knew his god would come to him, knew his god would
accept him.

And just as Apollo was beginning his race across the sky, just
as Xena was awakening to bathe, just as Iolaus was rising to catch
his breakfast rabbit, it happened. After hours of prayer and worship
the man was answered. His god had come.

Sleek and beautiful, with a grace unmatched by any mere mortal,
the Olympian stood lit by the sun's still soft rays. With honeyed
voice and gentle words the god spoke, "You have been devoted to me
above all others, your potential has remained unequaled. Your
attempts to please the so-called Heroes have failed because of their
own inadequacies not yours."

The mortal, who had quickly if clumsily knelt when his god
appeared, raised his head warily to speak, "Then I am worthy to
worship you, my lord."

A strange expression crossed the god's face before he
spoke, "Worth to worship me...? No, not to worship. You are worth
much more to me than any common follower."

"More, my lord?" The kneeling man asked as he stood and
hesitantly approached his god. "What do you mean more?"

The god stepped closer to his most cherished devotee and
embraced him gently, "Your spirit is worthy of more than a life of
worship, it is worthy of a life of love." He pulled the startled man
gently against his body. "My love if you'll have it."

"I... I..."

The god slowly lowered his head until his lips met the
mortal's. The kiss was soft and sweet, mouths brushed against each
other tenderly. "Love me?"

"Oh, yes always. I love you."

Cuisine, god of cooking, crushed his new-found love to his
chest and whispered softly in his ear, "Marry we, my love. Come to
Olympus with me. Be with me forever."

Falafel, oft abused entrepreneurial chef, snuggled into the
embrace of his god. "Yes, please, with you forever. What more could I


Strife, God of Mischief, and Cupid, God of Love, lay in Cupid's
bed watching two people, Cuisine and Falafel, embracing in a silver

"Who would have guessed you were a romantic, Strife? Getting
Cuisine and Falafel together like that." Cupid asked as he casually
circled one of his lover's nipples.

"It's not like it was totally out of character for me. I mean
how many times did I cause some serious trouble messin' with Fal's

"Still," Cupid started, "it was very sweet of you. Now come

"Oh yeah, baby," Strife replied as Cupid pulled him close and
joined their mouths together.


Joxer the Mighty and Ares, God of War gazed into a swirling
pool of light and watched as Cupid and Strife kissed.

"They're so sweet together, aren't they, lovely?" Ares
asked. "I'm so glad they finally found each other."

A contented smile adorned Joxer face as he burrowed into Ares'
side and pulled the quilt up higher around them both. "My lover, the
romantic. And they don't know you know?"

"Cupid and Strife think I'm completely in the dark, they're
trying to keep their relationship secret for some reason."

"So how'd you find out anyway?" Joxer's voice was beginning to
soften with sleep. "If they're keeping it secret how did you know to

A hint of smugness crept into Ares' tone, "I am their father. I
know my sons, and I think they'll be good together. Cupid needs
someone to give him confidence and Strife needs someone to let him
take control. If they're lucky they'll be as happy as we are." The
last was said as Ares pulled his now sleeping lover close and closed
his eyes.


Hera, Queen of the Gods and Goddess of Marriage, lay with her
lover and stared at the molded light images of her son, Ares, and his
lover. "They look so happy together, my sweet. He's so different than
his father, so willing to settle down with one person."

Her lover gazed at her with loving eyes, "Not 'settle', my
sweet. He doesn't just put up with Joxer, he loves him and wants no
other. Just as I want no other." The kiss, which followed his
statement, attempted to prove his claim.

Hera pulled away, gasping, "And I want no other. I never knew
how to be this happy before I met you. I had called myself Zeus' wife
for so long I had forgotten how to be anything else. You called me by
my name, recognized me as myself, allowed me to *be* myself. Let Zeus
have his whores and his bastards, I need only you." She shifted
gently until she could lay snugly beside him but still facing
him. "But... if you ever cheat on me I'll pull you apart piece by
piece and set you on fire."

Her lover gazed into her burning eyes, so full of rage and
jealousy and smiled. "Shush." A quick peck on the tip of Hera's nose
and he began to speak, "I won't cheat, not because I fear you but
because I love you. Now... gimme some sugar baby."

"Oh yes, Autolycus. Hail to the king."

As the two forms melted together Hera mentally extinguished the
fire and the lights went out.

The End

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