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Title: One Year
Author: Hergerbabe
Fandom: Xena
Pairing: Cupid/Strife
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU, romance, extremely minor angst, in fact barely worthmentioning
Archive: AJCS, Druid’s site
Sequel/Series: Part of the Life Sucks Series, set between Life Sucksand Life’s a Bitch
Disclaimer: No, they’re not mine
Happy Birthday Catherine, this is for you, and of course for Christine,as always, still missing you babe! Happy V-day to all :)

One Year

Strife lay in bed, brooding. He supposed he should be grateful that hewas ill enough not to have to go to the Spring Dance. He wasn’t sure hecould stand having to watch Cupid dance with other people. Ms Jones wassuch a bitch, forcing everyone to go, and it wasn’t fair, because hewanted to dance with his boyfriend.

But it wasn’t going to happen, they couldn’t risk discovery. Cupid wasa jock, if anyone knew he was gay, his life would be hell. Strife’slife was already hell, at school anyway. At least they had the library,they could sneak away to spend some time together occasionally.

It helped a little. After all, their chances to be together were rareenough with Cupid’s parents being such assholes. The main rub, was thatCupid had a valid excuse to be out and Strife couldn’t be there. Theirfirst anniversary and they had to spend it apart.

Strife wasn’t sure which would have been worse. Being apart altogether,or being so close but having to remain apart. At this point, Strifefelt as though he’d rather be at the dance, to at least be able towatch Cupid, maybe sneak a kiss later. Strife sighed and rolled overonto his back.

No matter how hard it was for them, it was worth it. Strife had knownright from the start that it would be difficult for them to spend timetogether and he’d accepted it. And the times they did have togethermade up for the secrecy and sneaking around. But very occasionally,like tonight, Strife wished things were different.

Even if it was just Cupid’s parents letting up on him a little, if theyjust let him go out like a normal kid, they would have so much moretime.

“Ah, fuck!” Strife exclaimed, smacking the bed. He hadn’t seen Cupidfor three days. He supposed he should be used to it by now, but it wastheir anniversary, he wanted, needed to see Cupid.

Strife rolled over again, reaching over to the coffee table to pick upthe present he’d bought Cupid. He stared at it, still a little unsureabout actually giving it to his boyfriend. He played with it, staringblankly for a while, before he put it away again, with a sigh.

He lay back, folding his arms under his head and he stared at theceiling, cursing himself softly. The sound of the front door slammingstartled him out of his moping and he sat up, frowning at the loungedoor, wondering who it could be. The door opened and the light wasswitched on.

“Cupid!” Strife grinned in delight. His boyfriend smiled back. Strifestared, Cupid filled out his tux very nicely. “Damn Cupe, you look…wow.”

Cupid chuckled. He walked over and sat down. “You look better,” he saidquietly.

“I feel better,” Strife nodded, reaching out to take Cupid’s hand,“What are you doing here?”

“I snuck out of the dance,” Cupid replied.

“Why?” Strife asked.

Cupid shook his head. “Why do you think?” he leaned forward and cuffedthe back of Strife’s head gently. “Apart from the fact it’s ouranniversary, you’ve been ill all week and I haven’t been here, baby,”Cupid sighed and pulled Strife into a hug.

Strife clung to his strong lover happily. “It’s okay, Cupie, ‘Res saidhe was keeping you up to date.”

Cupid shook his head, “I know, but I wanted to be *with* you.”

“Cupe, don’t you dare beat yourself up about this. I wasn’t too bad,and I know you’d have been here if you could,” Strife whispered,stroking Cupid’s back reassuringly.

“You’re too good, you know that?” Cupid pulled back to smile at him.

Strife grinned, “Yeah well, you’re worth it. Now, you gonna kiss me orwhat? I’m not contagious anymore,” Strife raised an eyebrow.

“Like I’d care if you were,” Cupid chuckled, “Three days is too long tobe without you.” He leaned forward and cupped Strife’s cheek. Theirlips met gently and Strife moaned as Cupid’s tongue probed for entry.Strife wrapped his arms round Cupid and deepened the kiss hungrily.Lips clung together, tongues twining, tasting.

Cupid pulled back, panting heavily, “Wait, baby.”

Strife blinked, “Huh?”

Cupid smiled again, “I have plans for tonight.”

“Oh, and they don’t involve kissing?” Strife asked in bemusement.

“Oh absolutely, baby.” Cupid got up and went over to the stereo, wherehe slipped in a CD and hit play. Soft music filled the room and Strifesmiled. Cupid walked back over to the bed and plucked the flower fromhis lapel. He held it out to Strife who took it with a giggle.

“What are you up to?” Strife shook his head and pinned the flower tohis pyjama collar.

“I want to dance with my boyfriend,” Cupid whispered, leaning over himand brushing his hair back. “If you’re feeling up to it, baby.”

“Oh yeah,” Strife sighed happily. He let Cupid pull him out of the bedand into his arms. He wrapped his arms round Cupid’s neck and Cupidslid his arms round his waist, pulling him close. Strife lay his headon Cupid’s shoulder and they moved slowly together, swaying gently tothe music.

“This is more like it,” Cupid sighed. He dropped his hands to Strife’sass.

“Ooh,” Strife grinned and nuzzled Cupid’s neck. He moved his arms down,squeezing them under Cupid’s so he could grasp his boyfriend’s ass inhis turn. “Does this part of the plan involve kissing?” he askedcheekily.

Cupid laughed, “Oh definitely.”

Strife lifted his head from Cupid’s shoulder, sighing when Cupidcaptured his mouth again. His lips parted quickly and he sucked Cupid’stongue gently into his mouth. Cupid’s hands tightened on his ass andStrife moved a little closer so their bodies were pressed together.Then he pulled away again, grinning at Cupid’s moan of complaint.

“What?” Cupid asked breathlessly.

“You’re wearing too many clothes, Cupie,” Strife whisperedsuggestively.

Cupid stood back and cocked his head, staring at Strifecontemplatively, “So are you, baby.” Strife smirked and pulled hispyjama top over his head. “Ah, yeah,” Cupid sighed.

Strife chuckled, “Come on, Cupe, keep up.” Cupid hurriedly took off hisjacket, then bent over to pull off his shoes and socks. Strife steppedforward and yanked off Cupid’s tie, then unbuttoned his shirt. “Damn,Cupe,” Strife breathed.

He slid his hands under the shirt, caressing soft, smooth skin. Cupidgasped. Strife’s fingers trailed down to his waistband and started towork on the button. Cupid closed his eyes as his pants were pulled openand Strife’s hand slipped into his shorts. Slim fingers curled roundhis erection, squeezing gently. Strife grinned at the look on Cupid’sface and moved back, pulling his hand out of his lover’s pants.

“Huh?” Cupid opened his eyes in confusion. Strife chuckled and slippedoff his pyjama bottoms. “Oh,” Cupid nodded, “Good plan.” He quicklystripped off the rest of his clothes and they stood, staring at eachother. Cupid frowned, “You’ve lost a little weight, baby.”

Strife sighed, “Yeah, I know. Haven’t been up to eating much.”

Cupid closed the gap between them and pulled Strife close again. Theystarted to dance again slowly, Cupid gently tracing Strife’s ribs wherethey protruded more than usual.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Cupid whispered.

Strife sighed, knowing Cupid still felt guilty about not being therewhile he was ill. “Lover, I told you, it’s okay.”

Cupid rested his forehead against Strife’s and gazed into his eyes. “Ilove you, Strife.”

“I know,” Strife said quietly, “I love you, Cupid.” He smiled at Cupidand leaned forward to kiss him gently. “You want to move this dance tothe bed?” he whispered.

“Yes,” Cupid replied fervently. Strife walked backwards, drawing Cupidwith him until his legs hit the bed. He sat down and then lay back,pulling Cupid down on top of him. He slid his hands down Cupid’s backto his ass and wriggled until their cocks were lined up together.Strife sighed in satisfaction and rolled his hips.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good,” Cupid whispered, thrusting against him.

“Missed you,” Strife mumbled against Cupid’s cheek.

“Missed you too, baby,” Cupid propped himself on his elbows and smileddown at Strife. They rocked together slowly to the rhythm of the music,hands exploring, lips meeting gently.

“Cupe?” Strife whispered.

“Yeah, baby?”

“Lube’s on the table,” Strife smiled.

“Are you sure?” Cupid asked, a note of concern in his voice.

“Yeah, Cupe,” Strife reached up to stroke Cupid’s hair, “I want youinside me, like our first night.”

Cupid smiled gently, “A whole year, Strife. I can’t believe you’vestuck with me so long.”

Strife frowned slightly and stopped moving, “Are you nuts? I neverexpected you to put up with *me* so long.”

“Don’t be stupid, Strife,” Cupid lifted himself up and knelt betweenStrife’s legs. “It’s my fault we hardly have any time together.”

Strife sighed and sat up. “Which makes what time we do have moreprecious. I’m not stupid because I love you, Cupe,” Strife shook hishead.


“No, Cupid,” Strife frowned, “We are not arguing about this anddefinitely not today. Loving you makes it worth it, you got that?!”

Cupid’s eyes glistened and he nodded. “Sorry, baby. Sometimes I justthink it’s not fair on you.”

Strife closed his eyes briefly and sighed. He leaned forward anddropped his head onto Cupid’s chest. “It’s not fair on either of us,Cupe. But I told you, remember, any way I can have you, I want.Unless,” Strife’s chest clenched suddenly in fear, “Unless *you* don’tthink it’s worth it.” He squeezed his eyes shut and held his breath.

“What?” Cupid exclaimed, “Now you *are* being stupid. Strife, I loveyou, I want to be with you. Every second we’re apart, I dream aboutwhen we’ll be together again. I’m never giving you up!”

Strife released his breath in a sigh of relief. He sat back again.“Good. Damn, Cupe, don’t scare me like that,” Strife shook his head.Cupid reached out and pulled him back against his chest. “How long haveyou been worrying about this?” Strife whispered.

“I don’t know, a while I guess. I’m sorry, baby. I just love you somuch, it hurts that I have to sneak around just to see you,” Cupidsighed.

“I know, Cupe. But it’s never going to be a reason to give up on us,okay? I love you too,” Strife said firmly.

Cupid nodded and held him tight. “Strife?”

“Yes, love?”

“Make love to me,” Cupid whispered.

Strife lifted his head and smiled. “Yes, love,” he whispered back. Hepulled back gently and shifted round, pushing Cupid down onto the bed.Cupid turned onto his back and bent his legs, spreading them wide.

“Oh, Cupe,” Strife sighed. His cock hardened again and he leaned overCupid, kissing him softly. He reached between Cupid’s legs and slowlyran a finger up his lover’s rapidly filling erection.

“Please, baby,” Cupid moaned.

Strife sat back again and leaned over the edge of the bed to grab thelube from the table. He slicked up his fingers, then slowly ran oneover the entrance to Cupid’s body. Cupid shivered and sighed. Strifegently pushed one finger inside him. He frowned slightly at the lack ofresistance. It had been nearly two weeks since he’d been inside Cupidand he raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

Cupid flushed lightly and squirmed against the invading digit. “I’ve,uh, I’ve been keeping myself ready.”

The image of Cupid using his fingers on himself flashed before Strife’seyes and he groaned. “Jesus, Cupe!” he licked his lips and pulled hisfinger out. He took Cupid’s hand, squeezing some lube onto hisboyfriend’s fingers. “Show me,” Strife whispered huskily.

Cupid’s lips parted and his breath hitched. He nodded and rolled ontohis side, bending his top leg up towards his chest. Strife sat back onhis heels, watching Cupid breathlessly as his boyfriend reached behindhimself and ran his fingers over his asshole.

Both boys moaned and Strife wrapped his hand around his cock, strokingslowly. Cupid gently probed his hole, slipping one finger into the ringof muscle. A second quickly joined it, pushing deeper, twisting andscissoring. Strife panted and stopped touching himself. His loverlooked so hot, his naked, strong body stretched out, head flung backecstatically, fingers embedded inside his tight asshole.

A third finger pressed inside and Strife’s cock jerked in response tothe sight. Cupid moaned again and his back arched, ass thrusting backagainst his fingers. Strife grabbed the lube and slicked up his achingcock. He reached for Cupid’s leg and his lover looked up.

“Need you now,” Strife growled. Cupid nodded, wide eyed and pulled hisfingers out, rolling onto his back again. Strife quickly pushed Cupid’slegs back and apart and lay between them. He bent down for a brief, butfierce kiss, then reared back up, placing his cock at Cupid’s slick,reddened hole. Cupid grasped his hips and pulled him forward. Strifesank into the tight, hot passage with a groan. He dropped down on topof Cupid, who wrapped his arms and legs round him.

“Fuck me, Strife, please. Need it, need you,” Cupid moaned. Strifelifted his head and stared at Cupid as he pulled back and then droveforward hard. “Oh,” Cupid gasped, eyelids fluttering.

He pressed up and Strife felt the rigid length of Cupid’s erection diginto his stomach. Strife lifted himself up, thrusting harder intoCupid’s willing body. “Touch yourself,” he growled.

Cupid nodded breathlessly and reached between them to grip his cock.They both looked down to where their hips joined, watching Cupid’s handwork his shaft to the same rhythm that Strife was plunging inside hisbody.

“Fuck, Cupe,” Strife panted, “Too much!” He braced himself and began topound into Cupid, harder and faster. Cupid arched up against him with acry and hot liquid splashed Strife’s chest even as Cupid’s ass clampeddown around his cock.

“Cupe!” Strife moaned. He plunged deep into Cupid’s limp body with hisrelease. Strife dropped down onto his lover’s larger body again,panting hard. Cupid’s arms wrapped round him again and he sighedhappily, nuzzling against the strong chest under his cheek. When hefound the strength, Strife lifted himself up and pulled out of Cupid,rearranging himself in the crook of Cupid’s arm.

“Thank you, baby,” Cupid whispered.

“It was more than a pleasure, believe me, Cupe,” Strife chuckled. Cupidhugged him, then pulled away, getting off the bed. “Hey,” Strifecomplained, “Where are you going?”

“I’ve got something for you,” Cupid replied, bending over to retrievehis jacket.

Strife grinned, “The view is plenty, lover.”

Cupid glanced at him and wiggled his ass with a small chuckle at thelook on Strife’s face. He straightened and sat back down on the bed.“Happy anniversary, Strife.” He held out a small package, lookingdecidedly nervous.

Strife bit his lip and took it, raising an eyebrow at Cupid’sexpression. He unwrapped the present, revealing a velvet box. “Cupe?”he looked up at his lover, blinking in surprise.

“Open it,” Cupid whispered, his leg was bouncing jerkily so Strifehurriedly opened the small box.

He gaped and pulled out the simple, silver band, “I… oh Cupe.”

“I didn’t know, I wasn’t sure… is it too much? I…” Cupid stuttered.

“Shh,” Strife reached out and placed a gentle finger on Cupid’s lips,“Wait.”

He leaned over Cupid and grabbed his own present, “Happy anniversary,Cupid.” He held the box out to Cupid. Cupid blinked at him and took it.“Go on, open it,” Strife whispered.

Cupid opened the box hesitantly, then he smiled. “Strife,” he saidquietly. He pulled out the almost matching ring, which was threaded ona silver chain.

“I, I thought it’d be easier for you to wear it like that,” Strife saidquietly, trying not to cry.

Cupid swallowed hard. “I love you, baby,” he said shakily. He put thechain on and held up the ring, staring at it. Then he took the ringStrife was still holding and slipped it onto his finger, kissing itgently.

Strife hugged him, chest tight from suppressed tears, “I love you too.”

They snuggled up on the bed, happily wrapped up in each other, lookingforward to another year together.

The End

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