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Title: Strife’s Mjau Mistake (part 1)
Author: Slash_Kittie
Disclaimer: In no way do I own any of the characters. This is a Fanfiction solimente.
Author's note: I'm mostly a lurker, but i thought I'd send this out asa "new neighbor present" thingy...or such... Enjoy!


*wince, rustle*

Strife: *cough* “Uh, he’s not here right now. Leave a message after the very annoying, very long, beep.......BEEEEEEEEE-

Ares: “Strife... I’m warning you.”

Strife: “-EEEEEEEP.......”

*gaspings for air*

Ares:*very pissed off* “Not funny, Strife!”

*Sounds of giggling*

Ares: “Alright, that's it! Where the hell are you!”


Cupid: “Dad? Uh, hey... Where’s Strife?!

*a Strifey sneeze*

Ares: “Argh!”

*Insane giggles*

Cupid: “Oh crap. Baby? He’s livid. I think it’s time to come out!”

*silence with the occasional cricket, both gods wait.*

*snort, giggle*

Ares: “ARGH!” *searching the house* “That’s IT! YOU ARE TOAST STRIFE! I was only going to beat you before, but Hades is gonna have to bring you home from Tartarus now! NOW COME OUT!”

Strife’s voice: “Alright! I admit it! I like fluffy bunnies!”

*exaggerated pause, shaking of heads...etc”

Cupid: “Shit. Babe, what’s going on? Strife?”


Cupid: “Alright. Dad, what’s going on?”

Ares:*grumble, incoherent mutter*

Cupid: “Sorry, I didn’t quite get that.”

*once more, insane giggles. Ares roars*

Cupid: “Dad... Dad! What happened!”

Ares: “Strife-sent-Mjau-into-the-bedroom-while-Joxar-and-I”-deep breath-“were-hopping-on-the-good-foot-and-doing-the-bad-thing!”

Cupid:*gasp* “But... he knows Mjau, uh, likes to play with, *cough*uh, fast moving objects” *cough*


Ares:*sounds of steam exiting ears*

Cupid: “Oh fuck. Uh Strife? I think he’s gonna blow! I don’t know if I can *snort* help you out with this one...”

*snorts of laughter from Cupid and Strife*

Ares: “ ARRRRGH!”


Cupid: “Phew! Ok, babe. He’s gone now. Come on out, I wanna swallow your tongue in more than one place.”

*rustle, rip, curse, swear, crash*

Strife: “Okay, I’m out! And any tongage is fine by me, Cupe-de-lupe!”

Cupid: “Strife...were you in the curtains this whole time.”

Strife: “Uh, what’s left of the fabric use to be curtains...I think.

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