AresJoxerCupidStrife - Ace

Title: Heaven cries for the innocent soul
Author: Ace
Pairing: Ares/Joxer
Spoilers: Umm… the problem is I haven't watched "Xena" in like,
forever so…
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. Do you really think
I'd be writing anything else than graphic descriptions of Ares and
Joxer having sex if I did?
Notes: I need a beta. Anyone up for the challenge?
Comments: I've always wondered what would happen when Jox died.
Summary: The world grieves Joxer's death.


It was raining on the Mount Olympus. Water was softly falling from
the grey sky. It was as if heaven itself was crying.
In the Halls of War no one spoke. The only thing heard was the quiet
sobs of a heart-broken god which heart no one could heal, but it was
not in lack of efforts from the whole Pantheon.
Since the day the innocent's blood had coloured the ground red, offer
from an idiotic argue between two heroes, Ares was grieving. It did
not make him feel any better that his Uncle Hades refused to let him
visit his beloved in the Elysian Fields.
"Joxer..." the sad god whispered brokenly before once again hiding his
face in his hands, softly crying.
And in her cottage in her little valley, the Earth Goddess viped away
her tears, taking a deep breath, trying desperately to keep her
heart, which were breaking for her grandson, at bay. "Oh, Joxer..." she
Strife, god of Mischief, cried himself to sleep in his husband Cupids
arms. It was killing him to see his Uncle so hurted.
Little Bliss, God of Happiness, frowned in his sleep, feeling the
pain radiating from his grandfather. It was upsetting his daddy
Strife and his dada, so something had to be done...
In the Underworld, Hades looked sadly into a mirror showing him the
main hall of the Temple of War, and his favourite nephew sitting
slumped together on his throne, his face hidden in his hands,
shoulders shaking. Absentmindedly the Dark God viped away a tear that
was softly sliding down one pale cheek, whispering softly to
himself "I'm so sorry, Ares. I'm so sorry. Oh, Joxer..."
Xena, by her campfire, wondered why the rain never stopped. She felt
the pain in her chest, knowing that the Earth and the Gods themselves
were grieving the most loving, most wonderful soul that had ever
walked the earth. "Joxer..." she whispered.
And in the Elysian Fields, a soul sighed deeply and thought about
what had been, and what never would be. And he heard a soft voice,
whispering his name in such loving and grieving way his dead heart


The End.

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