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Title: Foraging
Author: Carrie.
Fandom: Xena/Herc.
Genre: Comedy, PWP-ish.
Pairing: Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife/
Rating: R.
Status: Complete.
Series: Nope.
Archive: If you like it, you can have it. Just let me know.
Feedback: Always welcome, it helps me keep motivated. .
Disclaimer: Not mine. =|
Warning: None.
Notes: I was bitten! A response to the 'Ares in Lingerie' challenge found on Joxerotica. Thanks to Christine for the title, and Christine for the beta. Yep, that's the same Christine I'm talking about.
Summary: Mental image: Ares in skin tight black mesh.

Joxer snickered as he held up a rather sizable dildo, wondering who used it more often. Ares looked disgusted as he threw a dismissive glance at his lover, how could he be holding that? Granted, they were buck naked in his son and nephew's bedroom, going through what could only be called a sex closet. Ares frowned for a moment, distracted from what he was doing, and looked back up at Joxer, this time taking in the size of the carved phallus. His eyes widened as he gauged the girth of the object and couldn't help letting a minorly disturbing grin form on his features.

Joxer mock pouted at Ares, and the God of War shook his head. "Put that down," he flicked his wrist and the dildo disappeared and reappeared in its place where Joxer had found it. "I can make one the same," Ares looked back up again to leer at the slender man to his side, "or bigger, when we get back."

Joxer smiled a huge smile and returned to their search with renewed vigor, inspired as to what other fun activities were mentally being added to their list of sexual to do's. They had decided to be a little adventurous, and instead of just creating a pair of rings, they chose to raid Strife's personal collection, foraging for some body jewelry. That's how it started, actually. After tagging along on a trip to Hephaestus' forge with Ares, Joxer had seen several little rings and studs, and got some rather interesting ideas in his head. Ares was quite obliging, and more than a little turned on by the idea of Joxer consenting to have his nipples pierced, which led them to be rummaging through the two younger gods' sex closet.

They both had their heads stuck inside of the doors, Ares stooped down a bit to access the lower drawers of the cabinet, and there was much snickering coming from both of them at the ridiculousness of standing there, naked, looking for nipple rings. They barely had time to register what was going on when they heard the handle being pushed down, unlatching the door. Heads snapping up, Joxer reached convulsively for Ares' forearm and the larger man frantically searched the room for another door, temporarily forgetting that he could just flash them out at any given moment.

Expressions to rival a deer in torch lights, they were too startled to care about anything other than getting the hell out of there, and Joxer found himself being dragged towards the door that was steadily opening. Seeing the familiar black gloves with cut off fingers, Ares was glad it wasn't his sister coming to investigate the ruckus they had been making with not only messing in her son's temple, but the vibes that were sure to be coming off of both of them. And then, of course, said vibes coming from her son's bedroom, and obviously not from her son.

As soon as Strife had the door open not too much more than a foot, he was accosted by a naked version of his uncle destined to storm past him like a hurricane, followed by a startled and equally naked Joxer. He was halted by the image in front of him, and Cupid pushed him through the door with an impatient frown, unaware of the potential collision. Cupid's mouth dropped open when his father barreled past him, and he tried to speak, but nothing seemed to come out, and he wasn't even sure what he would say. Joxer had about the same look on his face, and when he met Cupid's eyes, he blurted out the one word, which was stuck in his head, as an explanation. "Nipples!"

They burst past the couple standing in the door way, a few of Cupid's feathers being ruffled loose and floating down to the floor in the hallway. Strife had stepped aside, a huge grin on his face as he surveyed the scene and let the two streak past him. Still confused, but coming around, Cupid didn't have the sense to get out of the way, and Joxer's other arm caught his shoulder in a feeble attempt to slow himself down. The only thing that proved to do was swing both he and Cupid around, facing each other, and the jerk managing to dislodge Ares' hold on Joxer's arm.

Staring dumbstruck at his lover's son, Joxer did his best imitation of a fish, and watched the smirk grow on Cupid's face. With a small flash of golden light, and a conspiratorial wink at the warrior, Cupid tossed the newly created rings at the younger man, and shut the door in Joxer's face as black mesh glove covered arms slipped around his bare waist. Joxer's hands slapped against his bare chest in an attempt to catch whatever the God of Love had thrown to him, and was startled half the death once again when he felt a firm grip around his arm, pulling him back down to the floor.

Or, more correctly, into Ares' lap. It took him a moment to catch the break that was knocked out of him, but he had no qualms about his current seating arrangement. He shook his head slightly, making a feather stuck to his hair flutter to the floor. Cupid only had his skirt on; and Strife? He had apparently taken off his suit, and in its place was the same size and shape of covering, a replica of his usual attire, but only in a layer of thin, black, body hugging mesh.

Frowning, Joxer recalled the images of the two other god's and slowly the creases in his forehead smoothed out, and he mouthed an 'ooh'. "What a piece of lingerie," he said, after catching his breath. Before Ares could respond, there came a squeal of delight from the other side of the closed door. Apparently the other two decided to pay no heed to their naked bodies streaking past.

Ares rolled his eyes. "Oh, that's nothing," he said. "You should see what he's usually got himself slipped into."

Joxer turned his body to give his lover a suspicious look, wondering how the hell Ares would know that. Repeating the words in his head once more, Joxer almost started to blush. "That sounded dirty!"

Ares thought about it for a moment before the innuendo in his words caught up to him, making him chuckle a bit. "You know what else is dirty?" he asked, not waiting for an answer. "We're sitting in the hallway, slumped against the wall, naked."

Joxer snorted, a poor attempt at holding in his laughter, but he couldn't help it. "You know," Joxer said after he had sobered, smiling slowly and tracing a finger up a well toned bicep. "I have to wonder what such nice golden bronzed skin would look like under mesh like that..."

"Oh, really?" Ares asked, curious to see it himself now. He let a feral smile creep onto his face as he reached over, brushing his hand down Joxer's inner thigh and drawing a gasp out of the smaller man as he wrapped a hand around Joxer's cock. That was all Joxer remembered before he felt the strong hand stroking him as they were transported through the aether.

The End

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