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Title: The Few, The Proud, The Clueless
Author: Carrie
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Pairing: C/S
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
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Notes: A going away present for Christine. I hope you're back online as soon as possible!
Summary: Cupid's birthday. I suck at summaries without giving away the entire story.

The Few, The Proud, The Clueless

~!~Part I~!~

Deimos and Phobos, in charge of the seating, got carried away in a pillow fight off in the corner of the temple. Hermes lounged on a couch while he materialized up some food and drink for the occasion. Aphrodite, in between trying to get her son's son to calm down, was arguing with Cupid about random things.

"No, Mom," Cupid said firmly.


"No." He repeated. "No pink."

"Well, you need some other color in here besides white and gold, hun." the Love Goddess stated.

Cupid sighed and gave in. "Fine. Just some cushions or chairs or something small then."

'Dite jumped up and down and looked around. She waved her hand in a graceful sweep towards the God of Pain and the God of Terror, turning the pile of pillows into light and dark shades of pink.

She giggled as Deimos hit his brother over the head with a pillow and it broke open in a burst of pink feathers, floating down around them and Bliss, who popped his head out of the middle of the pile.

Cupid laughed. "I guess it's not that bad. Anyway, I have some work to do so I'll be back later for the party. Bye!"

Aphrodite turned back to the rest of the temple. "Alright, now. Let's get back to work."


A temple filled with mingling gods and goddesses is what Cupid came back to.

"Cupid!" Yelled his mother over the noise of the room. She waved an arm at him and he proceeded to enter the crowd to make his way over to her.

His father stopped him. "Happy birthday, Cupid." Ares patted his son on the shoulder. "Thanks, Dad." Cupid smiled and kept on making his way to 'Dite.

Numerous greetings had been thrown at him before he made it there. "Cupid!" He was close enough for her to grab hold of, so she did. Aphrodite pulled her son into a hug. "Happy birthday, sweetie."

He smiled at his mother. "Thanks, Mom. It's great." He said, looking around at everything and everyone.

"Where's Bliss?" he asked.

"Oh, Hestia is babysitting him for tonight. You know she's not much for this sort of thing. She sends her love and happy birthday to you though." 'Dite answered.

"Cool." Cupid said, grabbing a drink and looking around the room.

~!~Part II~!~

After having made it to talking and a bit of groping here and there since everyone *was* drunk or close enough. Cupid had to sit down for a bit. Looking around the room once more, he spotted a few orgies in progress.

Apollo and some Muses. His brothers Deimos and Phobos with Hermes. Of course, that might just blend in with the Muses and the Sun God seeing how close together they were.

Cupid looked into his goblet and brought it up to his mouth to down the rest of it. Tilting his head back and letting the rest of the wine run into his mouth. Someone jumped into his lap and he nearly spit out what he hadn't managed to choke down while he was being pushed onto his back on the pillows.

"Happy B-Day, cuz." Strife grinned down at him, sitting on his lap.

"Hey, Strife." Cupid smiled back at his cousin. He was way past drunk. After all it was one of the funnest things to do according to Strife.

"How old are ya now? Older than me, I know." Strife thought for a moment. "1437? Nah, that ain't it. 213? Nope, has ta be older than that. Oh, well. Howevah old ya are, happy birthday."

Strife finished his own drink and threw his cup over his shoulder. A thud and the sound of the cup breaking on the floor made Strife turn and look behind him.

What he saw was a pissed off mother. Hitting Discord in the back of the head with anything is never a good idea.

"Uh. Oops?" He offered giggling at his mother's messed up hair. Quickly leaning down to avoid being smacked on his own head with anything, he grabbed onto Cupid and flashed away before Eris could get ahold of him.


They reappeared in a private room in the back of Cupid's temple. Strife snuggled down into the Love God's neck for a minute before sitting up.

Cupid looked up at him curiously. Strife grabbed his cousins side and flipped him onto his stomach. "Cupe, your wings, man." He giggled. "Don't it hurt to lay on 'em?"

"Not really, they're pretty flexible." He demonstrated by spreading them almost flat to his back. Strife began to play with the soft feathers of Cupid's wings. Running his hands from the tips to the base on them on his cousin's back.

Cupid just folded his arms and laid his head on them as Strife continued to play with his wings.

"Hrm. Hrnsntewy." Strife mumbled to himself and flashed Cupid's harness along with his arrows off and onto the floor on the other side of the room. "Oh, yeah."

"Your wings are awesome, Cupie." Strife started to rub around the base of them where they joined Cupid's back.

Cupid let out a moan of enjoyment and appreciation as his much neglected back got a wonderful massage.

The God of Mischief trailed his hands down Cupid's back and down to his ass. "Whoa. Oops. Guess I took off a little more than I shoulda, huh?" He bit his lip and continued to rub Cupid's ass and a bit down his thighs.

Cupid, a little too drunk to do much else, stuck his ass up a bit. Strife backed away slightly and Cupid made it up all the way onto his knees. Strife slowly brought his hands around to Cupid's inner thigh and up to his balls.

"Mmm," Strife cupped his hands around the God of Love's balls and massaged them lightly with his fingers. Taking a hand away to reach around and grab hold Cupid's half hard cock. "Can I fuck ya, Cupe?"

"Oh." Cupid moaned quietly into the pillow. He couldn't think of much else he could manage to say at the moment. "Mhmm. Yeah, Strife." He answered his cousin.

His reply was Strife beginning to stroke his now fully hard cock. He moaned and stuck his ass up a bit farther as encouragement. Strife grinned and ran a finger through the precum leaking from the slit of Cupid's cock.

Feeling his own cock press against his leathers, he realized he was still wearing them. Promptly flashing them off and taking his other hand off the Love God's balls, he grabbed his cock and stroked it in time with his other hand on Cupid's cock.

Cupid smiled when he felt Strife lean down and rub his cheek against his ass, and wet spots where his cousin's tongue had ventured out leaving a squiggle of saliva down his ass. "Strife, now." He urged the God of Mischief on.

"In a minute, Cupe." Strife said taking his hand off Cupid's leaking cock and sucking two of his fingers into his mouth. A small whiney noise came from Cupid's throat and Strife took his other hand off his own and resumed stroking the blonde god's cock.

Having wet his fingers enough and licked all of Cupid's precum off them, Strife placed a finger at the entrance to Cupid's body and gently pushed in.

"Yeah, Strife, more." Cupid moaned. Strife pushed one finger in all the way and pulled it back out again, repeating that a few times before he added a second finger.

Three fingers sliding in and out of Cupid's ass. "Strife, fuck me now." Cupid pushed back hard on his cousin's fingers, making one brush against his prostate.

Strife smiled and pulled his fingers out of Cupid. He put the head of his cock up to Cupid's asshole and pushed it in. Cupid moaned. "Cupe, ya feel real good so far,." Strife said as he pushed himself the rest of the way into Cupid. "Now ya feel even bettah." Strife moaned out as he felt the warmth of Cupid around his cock.

Pulling back out and sliding back in, he set up a nice rhythm of fucking Cupid, not too fast. Cupid moaning and spouting things out to Strife was really getting him hot and he knew he wouldn't last too much longer.

Strife continued to stroke Cupid's cock in time with his pumping in and out of his ass. He felt himself speed up slightly and began fucking Cupid a bit harder and faster. His cock brushing against Cupid's prostate again, the blonde Love God cried out and Strife came hard.

Feeling Strife's hot cum in his ass, Cupid let go and let himself cum all over Strife's hand and the bedding beneath him. Quickly, Strife cleaned up the bed before Cupid collapsed on it on his side. The Mischief God crawled over Cupid's side and lay down beside him, running his hand over his chest.

Cupid leaned towards his dark haired cousin and kissed his forehead before drifting off to join Strife in a nice peaceful sleep.

~!~Part III~!~

Cupid opened his eyes slowly. It must have been a few hours later from when he fell asleep with Strife. Strife? He sighed contentedly shutting his eyes again remembering what happened earlier. Cupid had always had a soft spot for his cousin. Being from different Houses made it hard for him to be around Strife and had always thought he didn't like him much. He hadnt seen Strife for a while and was glad he came to the party, but he never got his hopes up that anything would go this far.

Strife woke up and was about to stretch when he tried to remember last night. He was at Cupid's party. He got drunk. He spent most of the time finding the courage to talk to his cousin. He jumped in Cupid's lap. His mom was pissed at him. That's all he could remember so far.

//Ugh, I know I shouldnta done that.// He thought to himself. He opened one eye slowly and he saw the tip of a wing.

//Maybe I passed out in Cupe's temple an' it's Bliss sittin' here pokin' my ass with somethin'// He opened his other eye. He was definately still at Cupid's.

But that wing is too big, and that muscular arm around his waist doesn't belong to Bliss either. He slept with Cupid. Either that or they had a long in depth conversation about something and happened to fall asleep together. Strife snorted.

Cupid heard him and tightened his arm a bit around him. Strife wiggled and turned around so he was facing Cupid.

"Good morning." Cupid smirked at him.

"Oh, shit." Strife squeezed his eyes shut and flashed out.

Cupid sighed and let his arm drop to the bed in a quiet thud. "I knew it was too good to last."


Strife materialized in Ares' temple. He stood there not knowing what to do.

"Strife?" Strife blinked.

"Strife!" Ares repeated.

Strife shook his head and looked at his uncle. "Hey, unc, whats up?"

"Are you ok? You look a little... worried?" He asked. "You didn't fuck up any of my plans did you?" Ares glared at him.

"Nah. Just had a weird couple days." He flashed into his room to grab a bag with a few things in it and back out to where Ares was. "I'm gonna go see a friend for a few days. If anyone asks where I am don't tell 'em, 'kay? Later, Unc!"

"Hmm." //Well, I'll check up on him later.// Ares thought to himself.


Joxer was on his way out of town. Gabrielle had hurt his feelings over something stupid, he knew it shouldn't bother him but it did anyway. Now was a good time to spend some time apart from Xena and Gabrielle, he was planning on meeting his brothers at a cabin they had out in the forest about a day or so away from town.

Strife, invisible of course, was walking along beside him. Joxer walked quietly, occasionally mentioning a few things he saw along the way to himself. Not really to himself because Strife was there and he heard it too, Joxer just didn't know.

Strife reached his arm up to fiddle with an earring for a second and dropped his arm. He accidently hit Joxer when his arm swung forwards.

//Oops.// Strife stopped moving and Joxer stopped and looked around.

~!~Part IV~!~

After a while of walking, Joxer was getting a little tired and he decided to stop and have a snack. As he walked he looked for nice quiet spots in the trees. Spotting one he liked he slowed down as he got there and went off the path into the forest to a fallen tree.

Not noticing Joxer was no longer beside him, Strife kept walking. He looked up from the trail and looked to his sides and stopped and turned around. //Damn, should pay more attention.// He moved himself closer the godly way, not wanting to walk the unnecessary steps he took to begin with.

Only a few paces from where Joxer had picked though. Strife walked behind the log Joxer had sat down on and was digging through his pack for some bread he brought with him. Strife sighed and stepped over the log and sat down.

The log moved.

Joxer stopped what he was doing and sat as still as he could. Nothing else happened, just like earlier when he was struck. He continued doing what he was doing still looking around suspiciously.

//Well, he's gonna find out I'm here soona or latah.// Strife slowly came into view. Joxer didn't notice. He kept on pulling things out of his bag for his snack. He heard a noise in the trees behind him and turned to it, looking right past Strife.

Seeing just a bird, Joxer turned back around. This time he saw his silent companion. Joxer jumped. "Gods, Strife, don't do that!"

"Dude, sorry." Strife smiled trying to hold back his amusement. He failed and started giggling.

"So, I'm guessing you've been following me for a while?" Strife nodded. "Thought so. You didn't have to smack my ass, though."

"Yeah, didn't mean ta do that." Strife giggled some more.


They sat quietly. Joxer munching on his lunch and Strife sitting there staring off into the trees.

Joxer decided to break the silence. "So, what brings you here?"

"Oh." Strife thought. "Jus' need to lay low for a while, ya know?"

"Yeah." Joxer understood. "Well, you're welcome to stay with me for as long as you want, Strife."

"Thanks." Strife smiled and patted his friend on the back.

"So, ya cause any mischief lately?" He smiled.

Joxer smiled. "Well, if accidently tripping Xena, Xena falling into Gabby, Gabby falling over and everyone near by being able to see up her skirt is mischief, yeah, I've caused my share."

After he stopped laughing and got a hold of himself. "Jox, man, ya always cause more than yer share." Strife smiled back at him.


After lunch the two mischeif makers started on their way again. Strife didn't know what way that was so he thought he might as well ask.

"So, where we goin'?"

"Me and my brothers meet up here, at a cabin of our family's that no one ever uses really, every year we can. We don't get too much time to spend with each other unless we plan to be in the same place at the same time." Joxer explained.


~!~Part V~!~

Cupid, still laying in his bed, had been visited by his son and his mother. Bliss was still there, playing with something over there, occasionally coming over to see if his daddy would come do something with him. Cupid just continued to lay there in his lightly Strife smelling bed.

"I thought you said you were going to get out of bed!" He didn't even notice when Aphrodite appeared in the room.

"Oh, fine." Cupid said, sitting up. "Happy?"

"A little." She pouted.

He flashed some clothes on, threw the sheets off his lap and stood up. She smiled walking up to him and giving him a hug. A couple seconds into it she stopped smiling and pulled back. "Cupe, honey, why so sad?"


"Well, go find him silly." His mother batted his head. "He *does* like you."

"He does?" Cupid looked hopeful.

"Has for a while, hun. He kinda spilt the beans on that one when he was drunk at one of my orgies about a year ago." 'Dite giggled. "He seems to get most of his confidence about this stuff when he's drunk, huh?

"Wow." Cupid whispered to himself.

"Hmm? Cupie, you need to get out of here and do something. Anything. Just feel better. Go find Strife. Go do some match making, whatever." She smiled at him before picking up Bliss.

"Say bye to Daddy, Bliss." She cooed at Bliss while pointing over to Cupid.

"Bye, Daddy!" He waved.

"See ya later, Bliss." He smiled back at his son.

Watching Aphrodite and Bliss fade out of view he sat back down on his bed. He sighed and checked to make sure he was presentable before going in search of his cousin.


"Is that it?" Strife asked pointing a ways away into the forest.

Joxer looked up to where Strife was pointing. "Yeah. Can you just pop us over there?"

Strife laughed. "Yeah. Cool."


"Sorry it's a bit dirty. It won't take too long to clean up. Sorry." Joxer apologized.

Strife looked around at dust and cobwebs. "Nah. Don't worry 'bout it. I could jus' clean it up real quick if ya want?"

"No, thanks." Joxer shook his head. "I like doing it. It'll give me something to do before Jett and Jace get here."

Joxer set his pack down and started working on cleaning it up a bit. Since it was getting late he started on the bedrooms first.


Cupid thought about where Strife spent most of his time. Mostly with Ares. "Alright, so go see Dad first." Cupid said to himself before transporting himself to the Halls of War.

"Hey, Dad." Cupid said walking into his fathers library. Ares was looking over maps planning for a war he needed to start in a few months. He looked up to his son.

"Cupid? What brings you here?" He set a map down and studied his son.

"Is Strife here?" Cupid asked hopefully.

"No, I don't think so. I haven't seen him since the party and I didn't see him much there either." Ares sat down in his chair. //Hmm. Guess I really should go check up on him.//

"Oh." Cupid was almost sure Strife would be here or Ares would at least know where he was. "Well, if you see him let me know, ok?"

"Yeah, sure."

Cupid nodded at his father and flashed out back to his bedroom. Sitting back down on his bed for a minute he decided he should get some work done for today and start looking for Strife tomorrow. Maybe he'd feel a bit more up to it by then.


Getting them all sorted out he showed Strife to the other room. "I don't know if Gods have to sleep really, but if you're gonna be hanging around you can stay in here."

"Cool. It's great." Strife walked into the room and flopped down on the bed. "I'll see ya tomorrow, Jox. Thanks."

"Night, Strife." Joxer smiled and shut the door behind him. He made his way to his own room. He was pretty tired from walking all day and was looking forward to some sleep.

~!~Part VI~!~

Cupid had been awake for a few hours already. He couldn't sleep, his mind kept going back to thoughts of Strife. The sun was almost up. Not like he really needed sleep anyway. Sighing he sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

"Hmm." Flashing up a blank scroll and quill he began to make a neat little list of anyone who Strife associated with regularly.

"Dad and Eris. Hmm..." Realizing he doesn't know too much about Strife's social character, he thought of things that everyone knew about the God of Mischeif. He didn't think of too much.

Cupid flashed out of his temple concentrating on where his father was. Might as well start with where he knew Strife was for most of his time. He was sure Ares would know a lot of stuff about Strife.


"Aunt Eris." Cupid acknowledged the Goddess of Discord with a nod. "Cupid." She sneered at him. Curious though, as to what he wanted. Walking towards her, sitting in Ares throne, he contemplated asking her about her son.

Knowing they've always had a rocky relationship he didn't think he should ask too many questions. He stopped in front of the throne and opened his mouth to speak. "Arent you going to say anything?" She cut him off and smirked at the minor irritation that flashed over his face.

"Wheres Dad?"

"Out." She answered curtly.

Cupid took in a breath of air as he turned around. He didn't want to play games with Discord over stupid things. He was about to flash out when Ares came into the room and called to him.

Cupid turned back towards his fathers throne to see Eris jerk upwards out of it and his father sit down. Eris glared at them both before flashing out of the room.

Ares looked at Cupid expectantly. "Well?" He asked. Cupid sighed and materialized a chair for himself and sat down on it.

"You haven't seen Strife, have you?"


"Well... Like... What does he do?" Cupid asked.

Ares looked at him in confusion. "He's mischief. What do you think he does?"

"I mean, like, for fun - not fun - I know he does that for fun too." Cupid brought his hands up and covered his face for a second while he though of a better way to put this. "I mean, what does he do besides cause mischief?"

Ares though for a minute before answering. "Well, he does his work, bothers me for a while, from Eris' complaining he bothers her after I send him away. Then I don't see him for the rest of the day unless I have work for him. That's all I know about his personal life. He spends a lot of time away from the temple though. When he's not away he's in his room by himself."

"Oh." Cupid thought about what his father said.

"He's a pain in the ass." Ares said half heartedly. He did care about his nephew, and looking back, regretted a few fireballs aimed his way for barely any good reason at all. "Especially getting himself killed. How stupid is *that*?!" He sighed. "It took me months to get him back!"

Cupid looked up at his father. "Tell me about it?" Curious about how Strife could do that. Even if he didn't appear to be too smart sometimes, Cupid had never thought his cousin was stupid.

Ares had a pained expression cross his features before he stood up. Cupid noticed and stood up beside his father. He decided to drop it. He didn't want to feel his fathers hurt towards that situation. He knew he loved Strife and he was back now so it's no use in bringing it up again even if it might help Cupid understand his cousin a bit more.

"Thanks, Dad." He smiled and hugged his father before flashing out of Ares temple.

Ares sat back down in his throne, he bent his arm up and propped his head on his fist. "Alright. I've got to go find Strife now." He sighed and relaxed all his muscles before concentrating on his nephew and flashing out to where he was.


Strife opened an eye and looked around the room. He opened the other and stared at the ceiling for a minute. "Joxer. I'm with Joxer." He remembered and told himself. He stood up and walked towards the door.

Joxer was sitting in the kitchen eating an apple he stood up and smiled when he saw Strife come out of his room.


Strife groaned pulled out a chair at the little table in the middle of the room and sat down.

"Wanna come fishing with me today?" Joxer asked cheerfully. Strife looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

*Flash* They both looked over to their newly arrived company.

"Thought so." Ares stood and crossed him arms looking at his nephew.

"DAMNIT!" Frustrated, Strife yelled and hit his fist against the table.

Joxer looked back and forth from either god. Confused, "What?" he asked.

"Well," Ares started pausing to look at Joxer. "Strife needs to learn to remember that when he doesn't want to be found, he should sheild himself off from *everyone* not just who he wants to leave him alone."

"Oh." Joxer was pretty sure he understood that. He wasn't sure who Strife was hiding from but guessing Ares wasn't too mad at him and had actually given him a tip to help him hide, he didn't think it was Ares.

"Wanna come fishing with me?" Joxer asked cheerfully, again, only this time directed at Ares.

Ares looked shocked. He uncrossed his arms and stood there trying to think of something to say. Joxer started taking off his armour, down to only a thin shirt and his pants, he looked at Ares waiting for his answer.

Ares watched this follower of his undress. He was thinking he wasn't going to stop, and he was thinking he didn't want him too. He always thought Joxer didn't have the best body, but seeing him without his clumsy armour on he looked good. When he looked up and saw Joxer looking expectantly at him he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, come on if you want." Joxer said as he grabbed his fishing gear, smiled, and made to leave the cabin.

~!~Part VII~!~

Sitting along the bank and beside a few big rocks that extended into the river Joxer plopped himself down and began to set up to catch his fish. Ares had just followed Joxer over to the river and was standing slightly behind him watching him.

He didn't know why he came down here with him. He just did. Watching him set up his things and sit down on the bank. Joxer looked back and motioned for Ares to join him.

Joxer had always had feelings for his god, he didn't want to risk getting himself killed so he just acted as cheerful and happy as he usually did.

Ares sat down beside Joxer and looked out over the water watching little ripples where fish came up to the surface for a second before diving back down into the water. Joxer sighed. Ares turned his head and looked at him. "What?"

Joxer looked back at him. "What? I just sighed."


"'Cause." Joxer shrugged. "Part happy, part sad. Happy that I'm out here and alone.. Well, you and Strife are here, but I mean away from Xena and Gabby."

"Oh." Ares frowned. "Why? I thought you liked tagging along with them. Don't you have a thing for the blonde?"

"Not anymore, I got over that a long time ago. She's just too full of herself to think otherwise. Gabby said some really mean things last time I was travelling with them." Joxer looked off into the water. "But it's ok. I was planning on coming out here soon anyway. So it was a good time to part with them for a while. I might go back after or I might not." Joxer shrugged.

Ares nodded. Silence came over the two of them as they stared out at the water and the trees around them. Joxer leaned back against a tree. Ares laid back, his elbows propping him up.


A small rustling sound drew Joxers attention back to his fishing. He sat up and looked at his rod and waited. It jiggled a bit and he jumped towards it and grabbed it. Ares sat up and sat crossed legged watching what Joxer was doing.

"Ah hah!" Joxer yelled at the fishing gear. Ares smirked to himself amused with watching Joxer do his thing here.

"Oops." Joxer mumbled to himself as he accidently dropped his fishing line he was gathering up to the bank. He jumped down into the water and was splashing around frantically.

This, drawing Ares attention quite a bit more, made him sit up and not knowing what Joxer was doing he stood up and jumped in the water after him.

Sputtering some water he got in his mouth Joxer struggled to hold onto his catch when he felt someone grab him under his arms. Ares dragged him back onto the bank and laid him down cradling his arm under his head.

"Aaggh." Joxer gurgled out some water and shook his head back and forth shaking water off his hair into Ares face.

"Are you alright?" Ares asked, concerned.

Joxer looked up into his eyes. "Yeah."

Silence for a moment while they both settled down and stared at each other. A wiggle and a little jump from the crotch of Joxer's pants made Ares back up and look down at Joxer curiously.

Joxer laughed and shoved a hand down his pants and began to pull it out. Ares held up his hands in an appeasing manner. "Whoa, wait a minute..."

Joxer pulled his fish out of his pants and looked at Ares and raised an eyebrow. "What?"

Ares sighed, shook his head and smiled then helped Joxer up to his feet.

"Let's get back and cook this up, huh? It's starting to get a bit late." Joxer said as he gathered his things and he and Ares walked back to the cabin.

~!~Part VIII~!~

Cupid appeared in his great uncle Hades palace in the underworld. Outside of the study, Cupid stopped and knocked on the door. "Come in." Hades called.

Cupid opened the doors and stepped inside the room, shutting them gently behind them. He walked up to the desk and sat down at a chair. Hades continued writing in a book he had open laying in front of him. He casually finished what he was doing before paying anymore attention to his great nephew.

"Yes, Cupid?" Hades sat back in his chair and waited for Cupid to speak.

Cupid smiled faintly at Hades and thought of how to begin this. "First of all, I'm sorry for being so upfront about this. I'd like to know about Strife's death, if it's alright with you to discuss it?"

"Hmm." Hades considered this. "What would you like to know about it?"

"Just how he was like afterwards I guess." Cupid shrugged.

"Well, for all the trouble he caused I'm relieved he's home now. I miss his company, even if it wasn't much, when Persephone isn't around. He's very likeable when he isn't being a pain in the ass." Hades admitted.

Cupid nodded.


Leaving his great uncle's palace, Cupid was about to flash back to Olympus.


Cupid turned around to find who spoke his name.

Thanatos smiled. "I haven't seen you for centuries, Cupid." He said walked up beside the God of Love, running a hand over a few feathers. "I always wanted white wings."

"I've always liked black better. They're sexier."

Thanatos smirked and turned to enter the palace.

"Wait, you haven't seen Strife, have you?" Cupid asked.

"Not since he returned to Olympus."

"Hrm. Thanks, Than." He said before flashing back to Olympus.


Ares and Joxer got back to the cabin just before the sun was down. They came in and Joxer set his things down and got ready to cook the fish.

After they ate Joxer got up from the table and stretched. "Alright. If you're staying here you can sleep on the floor, with Strife in his bed," Joxer yawned. "Or with me, in mine."

"What? Why couldn't I just make my own?" Ares asked.

"I don't like the gods to use their powers for me. I want the cabin to stay the way it is. I like it. It's cozy." Joxer smiled.

Ares thought about this. It made sense he guessed. //Well I wanted to spend some time with Strife and see what he's up too, this might not be such a bad way.// And all without actually asking or showing he really cared.

"Nah, Strife drools. I'd rather not wake up with that on my arm again." Ares shuddered remembering the slimey icky feeling on his arm. And he wouldn't want Cupid to have the wrong idea if he happened to find them.

"Ok." Joxer said taking the candle from the table and showing Ares to the bedroom. "Which side do you want?"

"Hmm. Doesn't matter to me really."

"Ok, then." Joxer said crawling into the bed.

Ares stared at him for a minute as he cuddled into the bed getting comfortable. A minute passed and Joxer turned around. "Are you just going to stand there? Come on."

"Yeah, I'm coming." Ares said before pulled his boots off, taking his vest off and getting into the bed beside Joxer.

~!~Part IX~!~

Back on Olympus, Cupid flashed into his mother's temple, walking over to a pile of pillows and falling over into them.


"Hey, Mom."

"What's up? Any luck finding Strife?" Aphrodite asked.

"No, not really." Cupid said.

Aphrodite sat down beside her son and cupped his cheek, smiling down at him.

Hestia appeared in a flash carrying Bliss on her hip. He smiled and she set him down and he half flew, half ran over to Cupid and hugged him. Bliss then ran off to find some toys to play with.

Hestia sat down gracefully onto the pillows on the other side of Cupid.

"Cupid, dear, you look ruffled." she said as she smoothed down a few feathers. "What's wrong?"

"It's Strife. He hasn't been around, no one knows where he is. He left right after we sle- " Cupid caught himself. "Celebrated my birthday." he finished and pouted.

"Oh, maybe something upset him. Do you know what could have done that?"

"No. I didn't think of that." //Why would he be upset? Doesn't he like me?//

"Either think of that and you'll find him. Or wait for him to come to you, dear." his great aunt Hestia advised him before standing and smiling at both love god's before departing.

Cupid sighed. "Don't worry so much about it, Cupie. Just relax and it'll all fall into place." his mother said to him reassuringly.

Cupid gave her a weak smile as Bliss came running into the room. "Daddy!" he squealed.

Cupid picked his son up and flashed back to his own temple. "Hey, kid." he said ruffling Bliss' hair. "Time for bed."

~!~Part X~!~

Joxer laid in bed and smiled. He slowly woke up and was just about to sit up when he remembered he wasn't alone in the bed. Ares was with him. And Ares hand was over top of his crotch, along with being pressed up against his back.

Joxer blinked. //Eek. What do I do? What did I do last night? All I remember is sleeping.//

He coughed.

Ares jerked his eyes open and moved back away from Joxer and moving his hand. He watched Joxer expecting him to turn around. He didn't. //Oh, thank the gods, he's still asleep.// Ares wasn't about to admit he was very attracted to the young man.

He got himself comfortable, away from Joxer, and went back to sleep. After Joxer heard Ares breathing even out again, he shifted around a bit and got comfortable himself and relaxed and drifted off to sleep.


Strife couldn't sleep. He tried every position he could, and he still couldn't relax. It was early enough and bright enough outside he decided he'd go for a walk to try and calm his mind. Make it stop telling him what a big mistake running away from Cupid had been. That maybe it would have been ok and they could have been happy together.

He got off the bed and quietly made his way out of the room. //Hm. Unc' and Jox aren't up. Wait. Unc' is here? Hrm.// He shoved that thought away and quietly left the cabin.

He decided to walk down to the little river Joxer went fishing at the other day. Not finding a spot he liked and the walking seemed to help him think. He followed the river out of the forest and into a small meadow. Spying some rocks he thought that would be a good place to sit and think for a while.


"Bliss!" Aphrodite called for her grandson. "Bliss, sweetie, where are you?"

She heard giggling, she stood still and quiet. Bliss giggled. 'Dite turned to where it was coming from. Behind a curtain she could see the outline of little wings. Quietly, she snuck up to them and grabbed him through the material. "Gotcha."

She untangled him from the curtain and picked him up. "You gotta stop hiding on me, Bliss. What if I couldn't find you and you got lost and couldn't find your way back? Hmm?"

"You no fun." Bliss pouted and scrunched up his face. Suddenly he flashed out of 'Dite's arms.

"Uh oh." Aphrodite searched her temple with her powers and couldn't find her grandson anywhere in it. She concentrated on his signature and flashed out to where he was, hoping he was still there.

~!~Part XI~!~

Strife had been sitting there thinking and watching the little ripples in the water as he threw blades of grass into it. He knew he had feelings for Cupid. Maybe it was possible Cupid reciprocated them? Even a little bit? //It's worth a try.//

He sighed and heard a cute little giggle as his vision was obscured and he felt the weight of a young child on his shoulders. //What the...?//

It *was* a small child. "*Guess who?!*" Bliss yelled.

Strife raised his hands and grabbed the young god off his shoulders. "Hey, Bliss. How are ya?" he smiled at his cousin's son.

*Flash* Strife looked up to see Aphrodite look around frantic with worry before seeing Bliss in his lap.

"Strife!" she went wide eyed and ran over to them both.

"Hey, aunt 'Dite. What's up?"

"What's *up*? *Everyone* is looking for you!" she answered.

"Pfft. Everyone? Yeah, sure."

"Well, Cupid and me, at least." she responded putting her hands on her hips.

"Everyone that ya talk to everyday. An' Bliss here." he smiled down and tickled Bliss' tummy. He giggled and squirmed around.

"*There* you are!" she bent down and picked Bliss up. "I know where you'll have a *lot* of fun, Bliss."

"Ooo, where?" he clapped his hands and got excited bouncing up and down in his grandmothers arms.

"I'll tell you in a minute. Look! A lady bug! Why don't you go play with it for a minute while I talk to Strife, ok?"

"'Kay." Aphrodite set him back down and showed him the bug. Assured his attention was being held by the wee bug she turned to her nephew.

"So?" she asked.


"Are you gonna go back to Cupid?"

"Why? It's not like he wants me, is it?" he asked disbelievingly.

"Well, the way he's been looking for you, it is. And the not wanting to do anything else but look for you and talk about you." she smiled at Strife. "He does really like you."

"Hm." Strife thought about this.

"Sweetie, I gotta get this munchkin taken care of. I'll find Cupie and tell him where you are?"

"Yeah, go for it." //What's the worst that can happen? He'll laugh at me and not want me?// Strife shrugged.

'Dite smiled at him and snatched Bliss, with lady bug in tow, up and flashed out of the meadow.

~!~Part XII~!~

Aphrodite appeared in a dark temple and wandering farther into it looking for its inhabitants. "Hello-o?"

A flash of dark blue sparkles revealing the God of Dreams and the God of Sleep behind her. "Aphrodite." Morpheus greeted her, smiling.

"Morphy!" she turned around and smiled at him and Hypnos. Remembering why she was there, she handed Bliss over to her cousin. "He won't stay put." she pouted.

Hypnos took hold of the godling and smiled at him. "Hello, Bliss."

Bliss tilted his head and reluctantly took his eyes off the lady bug still on his hand to look up at Morpheus. "Who you?"

"I am Morpheus." he said. "God of Dreams."

"Oh. You?" Bliss asked before looking back at the bug.

"Hypnos, God of Sleep."

"'Kay. Can I dream 'bout bugs?" he asked looking back up at the gods.

"Whatever you would like to dream about, young Bliss." he materialized a soft bed for Bliss and set him down in it, putting him to sleep.

"Thanks, guys. I totally owe you for this." She winked at them and smiled. "I'll be back to get him later. I just need to find Cupid." Aphrodite said before she blew kisses at each of the gods before flashing out of the temple.

Guaranteed to have him stay asleep while she went to find Cupid, 'Dite could concentrate better and not be worrying about losing her grandson.


"Hephie?" 'Dite called into her husbands forge. "Have you seen Cupie?"

Hephaestus appeared behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her. "Mmm. Hi." he kissed her on the cheek.

"Ooo, Hephie. Whats up?" she asked giggling, already knowing what's *up*.

The Fire God unwrapped his arms and moved in front of Aphrodite. He held her hands out and slipped some wrist restaints on them. Leading her across the room into his bedchambers she giggled and flashed off her clothes before hopping into his bed.

~!~Part XIII~!~

After 'Dite and Bliss left, Strife stood and began to walk back along side the river to the cabin. Cupid having felt his son's presence in the mortal realm had searched out where and with a muted flash he appeared at the edge of the forest. He was a bit startled to find Strife there also.

Strife slowly made his way back to the cabin. Just before he got to the edge of the forest he remembered he was playing with his ear rings and had left some beside the river where he was sitting. Why just flash back over there? He had the time to walk there the mortal way and get them.

He turned from facing the trees and began to walk right into Cupid's chest. He looked up into his cousin's eyes before stepping back a bit and continuing to look at each other. Cupid held up his fist and opened it. Sitting in his palm were the ear rings Strife left near the river.

"Thanks." he flashed them from Cupid's hand back into his ears. Cupid kept holding his hand out. Strife looked from it back to Cupid's eyes.

They walked back to the cabin hand in hand, in silence.


Reaching the cabin Strife turned to Cupid and opened his mouth. Nothing came out. He didn't know what to say now. So he just shut it again.

Cupid looked down into his eyes and leaned down to give him a quick kiss on the lips before wrapping his arms around his cousin. Strife smiled into Cupid's neck and hugged back.

Releasing their embrace they entered the cabin and made it to Strife's room. They sat down on the bed together.

"Cupe..." Strife sighed and looked down. Cupid put a finger under his chin and lifted Strife's face, silently encouraging him to say whatever he was about to say. "I love you."

~!~Part IXV~!~

'Dite, having finished up with Hephaestus, remembered she was supposed to be looking for her son. "Hephie? I gotta go find Cupie. I'll be back." she kissed him on the cheek and he smiled at her as she flashed out of his bedchamber.

Concentrating on Cupid she couldn't quite find him. She tried again. He was in a little cabin in the woods. //Ooo, maybe he's setting up a couple out there and checking out the sex!// She flashed into a room in the little cabin invisible to mortal eyes expecting to see some couple getting it on.

That wasn't what she found. "Whoa. Oo-kay, I guess im not needed here anymore." she giggled and flashed out of the room and back to her husband. Deciding to leave the two alone.


Ares and Joxer who had left the cabin to look for Strife, had just made it back to see Cupid and Strife come out of the cabin. Walking up in front of them Joxer smiled at them and Ares glared at his son. "And just *where* have *you* been?"

"With Cupie." Strife giggled and snuggled into Cupid's side. Cupid smiled and kissed him on the forehead. Strife slid a hand around and pinched Cupid's ass.

"Ow!" Cupid's reflexes made his wings jerk out and accidently hit his father knocking him to the ground. "Strife!"

Ares grabbed onto the nearest thing for balance after being struck unexpectantly by his son's wing. That nearest thing just happened to be Joxer. Taking advantage of the situation Ares 'accidently' smacked his head into Joxer's kissing him straight on the lips. Healing Joxer's impending headache from the collision in the process. When Ares took his lips away Joxer smiled up at his God.

Just making their way up the path to the cabin Jett and Jace caught that last scene and stopped standing beside the group. "Oh, looks like *someone's* getting their birthday present early." Jett smirked down at his brother under the God of War.

The End.

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