AresJoxerCupidStrife - Honor

Title: Genesis
Author: Honor
Notes: Part of my Drabble series. Word challange response, which I'm
not sure I met.Word of the week: genesis.
Word Count :134

Ares frowned at the wall directly across from him. Apollo had stated
that Joxer needed more sunlight during his recovery, which normally
Ares would have dismissed as ego-boosting, but for some reason, this
time he didn't. Instead, he found himself wracking his memory.

When he was 15, his Olympian temple had been built, and Great-
Grandmother Gaia had planted a courtyard garden for him. Ares hadn't
seen it more than half a dozen times in his four and a half
millennia, and couldn't find it.

As Joxer entered the hall from behind him, the wall before them
shimmered and dissolved. Before them lay an archway into a lush,
overgrown, sun-drenched miniature forest.

Ares watched smiling as Joxer, with a cry of delight, flung himself
beneath a tall oak to examine the flowers growing beyond it.

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