AresJoxerCupidStrife - Honor

TITLE: Watching
NOTES: Part of my Drabble Series.

Hovering in the doorway, Apollo considered the peculiar sight of the
fear-inspiring God of War tenderly tucking a mortal follower into
bed. Not for the first time, the Sun-God wondered what it was about
this mortal that had prompted his half-brother to pluck him from the
battlefield and bring him here for healing.

Now he had an answer, and the blond found the entire situation
unaccountably amusing.

A soft white and gold flash, and falling white feathers and arrows,
heralded Cupid's arrival, which might have gone unnoticed but for the
much louder entrance of Strife, in showers of daggers and orange

As Ares turned to intimidate his nephew, Apollo stepped into the
room. Now would be a perfect time to introduce Joxer's care plan.
Darting an amused glance at Cupid, he amended it slightly. Things
had been quite dull recently, but this could potentially be quite

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