AresJoxerCupidStrife - Honor

Title: Drabble #3
Author: Honor
Notes: Part of my Drabble series. For joxer-luvs-ares word challenge
Word of the week: inspiration
Word count: 145

Joxer's first thought as he awoke, mind fuzzy with sleep,
was `White?'. Still confused, he rolled as if to stand, only fall,
feeling himself hit…something. The flood of cold water against his
bare chest brought him to full alertness, and his attention was
brought to a rich voice cursing colourfully.

Joxer stared in awe, and not a little fear, at the being that had
been the inspiration for his life's course until this point. Ever
since childhood, he had dreamed of serving the powerful figure before
him, and now he was alone in a room and the God was…upset. Obviously,
it had been his fault. But would apologising make it worse?

Lying in a daze, Joxer almost failed to notice Ares striding towards
him, but he certainly noticed when Ares lifted him to help him into
bed, even if all he could do was stare.

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