AresJoxerCupidStrife - Honor

Title: Drabble #2
Author: Honor
Notes: Sequel to my Drabble #1.
Word Count: 166

Watching the normally clumsy warrior flow flawlessly through his
sword forms, it was all Ares could do to keep from throwing his own
sword aside and jumping him. It was only the natural respect he had
for the weapon that stopped him. Carefully replacing his sword on the
rack, Ares moved up behind Joxer, taking the sword from his grasp.

"Wha…huh? Ares!" Joxer exclaimed as he spun to face the dark God,
before losing his balance and landing against Ares' chest.

Unable to resist the temptation, Ares leant forward and captured the
mortals mouth in a kiss. Hands wandering, Ares lost himself in the
embrace, until he was startled by a loud clatter behind him.

Seeking the sound's source, he looked behind him, only to see Joxer
apologetically grimacing at him, half in bed, half collapsed on the
floor, spilt water jug beside him. Belatedly, Ares realised he was in
one of the guest rooms in Apollo's temple.

He cursed, realising it was just another dream.

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