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Cricket, God Style
(This was a response to Graveyard Shift by Scribe)

Ooooh you know, i kinda can :) I can just see Herc (Lord Hercules toyou, Sir!) in his whites, stepping out onto the crease, sound of willowtapping the soil ::sighs:: then Joxer running up to bowl, it's the lastball of the over, he trips and the ball strikes Herc in the nutsbwahahahahahahahaha, much to the delight of his team captain and loverLord Ares. The Honourable Iolaus now takes the crease and it's youngViscount, Strife's turn to bowl, and yorker! nearly takes Iolaus' headoff *snicker* Not that anyone notices cos they are far too distractedby Lord Ares at 3rd slip busy molesting Joxer at 2nd slip hehe. HisGrace, Duke Zeus takes offence at his son's actions but is preventedfrom running onto the filed by his dear wife, who is very much enjoyingthe action, especially Lord Hercules' continued hobbling.Strife gets the ball back from his cousin Lord Cupid with a highlysuspect hug, okay grope. So they're cousins? You're allowed to marryyour cousin here ya know :) (Okay so maybe not your male cousin butstill)

Strife bowls again, but damn it, this time Iolaus strikes the ball andit heads off towards silly mid-on. Hercules and Iolaus start to run,but Jett has already made it to the ball, he throws it towards thewicket and into the safe hands of the wicket keeper young BaronAutolycus. But Hercules just comes in safe. Now Strife is bowling toHercules and he grins at his uncle Ares, who nods, and still has hishand on Joxer's arse by the way, and how exactly is he supposed tocatch anything with Ares doing that?!

Strife makes the short run and throws a nice fast spin, Hercules stpesforward and *thwap(or whatever willow hitting leather sounds likeanyway)* the ball flies into the air. Again Hercules and Iolaus startto run, but slowly, well after all Herc is still sore ;), but you cantell they're expecting a six or at least a four. Course they forgotabout Lord Cupid's phenomenal jumping ability. He leaps into the airand HOOOOOWZZZZAAAAAAT???!!!!! Yes! The umpire raises his finger andHercules is out! Hercules pouts, stamps his foot and flounces off, butnobody cares, they're all far too busy celebrating, good thing it's teatime, because there's no way anyone's prying Ares away from Joxer'sarse, Strife and Cupid have disappeared into the trees and Jett andAutolycus are getting down and dirty right on the crease!Zeus follows his youngest son with a flounce of his own and Her Gracethe Lady Hera just chuckles as she watches her family enjoying the raresunshine :)

So, how's that then? hehe. Hmmm okay, okay so yes i love cricket, sorryto all cos i guess most of you won't have a clue what that was allabout (and yes 'silly mid on' really is a term in cricket as is 'sillymid off' hehe). Wasn't really answering the challenge either, i wasenvisaging a sort of Regency setting for that, *eg*. Well i enjoyed itanyway, hope someone else gets a kick out of it :)

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