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Title: Coming Out
Author: Hergerbabe
Fandom: Xena
Pairing: Cupid/Strife
Rating: PG (Gasp! No smut?!)
Category: AU, romance, angstish
Archive: AJCS, Druid
Sequel/Series: Part of the Life Sucks Series, set after Life Sucks
Disclaimer: Nope still not mine
For Caroline, thanks for the BWoC fic :) and for Christine, stillmissing you

Coming Out

Cupid sat on the couch despondently. Maybe he should feel a little moreexcited that his parents were coming home. After all, he hadn’t seenthem for over three months. But to be honest, those three months hadbeen the best in his life. For the first time in two years, he’d beenable to spend more time with his boyfriend than just the odd snatchedmoment at school or the occasional evening.

He’d never really understood why his parents were *so* uptight andstrict with him. He’d broached the subject of going out occasionally onmore than one occasion with them in the past, but they weren’t eveninterested in listening to him. As far as they were concerned, he wentto school, he went to football practice and games, and that was it. Anyother time he was to be at home, working or studying, no discussions.

That’s why being left with his grandfather had been such a dream cometrue. He’d come out to his pops pretty much as soon as he’d realised hewas gay, his pops had been really cool about it too. And when Cupid hadasked if he’d minded him moving in with his boyfriend for the duration,his pops had just laughed and said no problem, after congratulating himon pulling the wool over his parents’ eyes for so long.

But things probably wouldn’t have changed, except for the fact thatCupid had come out to the whole school at the Spring Dance, after notbeing able to stand hurting Strife with the secrecy any longer. Whichmeant, Cupid was going to have to have a talk with his parents.

He’d been home for two days, helping his pops sort out the house. Cupidcouldn’t quite believe the mess one old guy had made in three months!But after spending so much unlimited time with Strife, Cupid missed himdesperately already. Despite an incredibly hot session on the phonethat morning.

Cupid grinned to himself and shifted on the chair as the memory causedhis groin to tighten. “Oh baby, I wish you were here,” he whispered.

He really did, even though it would probably make things harder withhis parents, he wished Strife was there for moral support.

“Who are you talking to, son?”

Cupid looked up, he’d been so lost in thought, he hadn’t even heard hisparents get in. He stood hurriedly and walked over to them. “Justmyself,” he replied quietly as he held out his hand to his father for asolemn handshake. Mr Love frowned at him.

“Hello, dear,” Mrs Love offered her cheek and Cupid bent down andpecked it briefly.

“Hello, mom. Did you have a nice trip?” he asked.

“Yes, dear, very pleasant,” she replied. “Where’s my father?”

“Oh, I think he’s taking a nap,” Cupid said quickly, his pops had notwanted to see his daughter and son-in-law straight away.

“Well, why don’t we sit and you can tell us your news,” Mr Lovesuggested. Cupid licked his lips nervously and nodded, following hisparents back to the couches. He sat down opposite them.

“Well, Cupid, dear?” his mother prompted.

“Well, uh, I got the grades I was expecting, and I got the footballscholarship,” Cupid started. His father nodded approvingly and hismother made appropriate noises. Cupid resisted the urge to roll hiseyes. “I, uh, I guess I should tell you I got in some trouble thissemester though.”

His father straightened in his seat and frowned. “Trouble?”

“Yeah, I got suspended for two weeks,” at the look on his father’sface, Cupid hurried to continue, “But it didn’t go on my permanentrecord.”

“And what, exactly, did you do to get a two week suspension?”

Cupid shivered at his father’s icy tone. “I was kissing at the SpringDance…”

“Kissing? Who could you possibly be kissing?” his mother interruptedhim, “You aren’t seeing any girls!”

“Uh, no, not exactly,” Cupid tried again.

“Not exactly what?” his father fumed.

“Well, I’ve been seeing someone,” Cupid cleared his throat nervously,“For, for two years now.”

“Two years?” his mother turned pale with shock.

“You’ve been lying and sneaking around for two years?!” his fatherstood up and stalked towards him. Cupid sank back in the chair. “I’massuming, since you never bothered to ask us if you could see her, ortell us about her at all that she is not of the best character?”

Cupid bristled and sat back up, glaring back at his father. “You assumewrong! He’s sweet, kind, loving, faithful and hilariously funny, and Ilove him.”

“He?” his mother whispered, “HE?!” she shrieked.

“You will apologise to your mother, then you will go to your room,phone this, this pervert who has corrupted you and tell him you’renever seeing him again. Then you are grounded until college, do I makemyself clear?!” his father roared at him.

“No,” Cupid shook his head, “For once *you* are going to listen to*me*!” He stood up and poked his father in the chest angrily. “All mylife, I’ve tried to live up to your expectations. Was it really toomuch to ask for a normal life? As for sneaking around, what did youexpect?! I have asked you time and again for some leeway, but you nevereven talk about it, you just dismiss it out of hand.

“As for some pervert corrupting me, number one, I’ve known I was gaysince I was thirteen, and you can ask pops if you don’t believe me,”Cupid saw his mother blanch, “ And two, Strife is younger than me, ifanyone was doing any corrupting, it was me! Now I got good grades, Igot my scholarship, what more can you ask from me? Can’t you even tryto be understanding, are you even going to ask to meet him?”

Cupid waited, staring first at his father, who looked as though he wasabout to have an apoplectic fit, then at his mother who was very pale.He got no answer. “No, I didn’t think so,” he sighed and shook hishead. Mr Love shook himself out of his shock and Cupid raised aneyebrow at him. “So, what now?”

“Now, I talk, and you,” his father slapped him, Cupid sat down,clutching his cheek in shock, “You, will listen! You either stop seeingthis boy, or you leave this house and never come back, understandthat?!”

Cupid blinked, “But, dad…”

“No buts, I will not have a faggot son, that is final!” Mr Love turnedaway.

Taking a deep breath, Cupid stood up, holding back tears as he lookedat his mother and she turned away from him. “Fine, can I at least packmy things?”

His father stiffened, “No, you can send for them later, when we’re nothere. Get out.”

Cupid hugged his arms around his chest and cleared his throat, “Okay.”He took a last look at his parents, who steadfastedly refused to lookat him, and then he walked out of the house, grabbing his jacket on theway. He stuck his hands deep in his pockets and walked down to the roadtrying to hold back tears.


Cupid looked up, “Baby? What are you doing here?” he smiled and letStrife wrap his arms round him.

“Just, you know, wanted to be here, in case you needed me,” Strifereplied.

“Oh, baby,” Cupid dropped his head on Strife’s chest, his eyes tearingup for a different reason, “Thank you. I always need you.”

“It didn’t go well then, love?” Strife stroked his hair gently. Cupidshook his head and sighed as Strife held him closer. “What happened?”

“They refused to listen, as always. They gave me an ultimatum, you orthem,” Cupid felt Strife tense slightly, “Baby, I’m outside with onlymy jacket to my name, who do you think I chose?” Strife’s breathhitched and Cupid pulled back in concern, “Strife?”

“I just, I, oh love, are you sure?” Strife’s eyes shone slightly.

“Of course I’m sure. I love you, you know that,” Cupid cupped Strife’scheek gently.

“Yeah, I know, but your folks, I mean. Oh, Cupie, are you okay?” Strifehugged him close again.

“Yeah, I think so,” Cupid nodded against Strife’s neck. Then he liftedhis head and whispered in Strife’s ear, “I’ll be even better if youtake me home and to bed.”

Strife lifted his head and stared into his eyes, then he grinnedslowly. He leaned forward and Cupid closed his eyes as his boyfriendkissed him softly. He moaned and leaned into Strife, gently urging hislover’s mouth open with his tongue. Strife deepened the kissenthusiastically and his hands slipped down to Cupid’s ass.

A roar from the house made them jump apart. Cupid looked back to seehis father heading towards them shouting. He blinked rapidly thenquickly took Strife’s hand. “Let’s go!” Strife nodded and they ran downthe street to Strife’s car.

As Strife drove, Cupid stared at him.

“What is it, Cupe?” Strife glanced at him.

“Do you think ‘Res, ‘Ris and Jox will mind yet another addition?”Cupid asked hesitantly.

“Hell, no! Come on, after all this time? ‘Sides, ‘Res has got Jox andAuto practically lives there too,” Strife chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess,” Cupid sighed and leaned over to rest his head onStrife’s shoulder. “I love you, baby.”

“I know,” Strife pulled up in the driveway, “Welcome home, love.”

Cupid smiled and kissed him gently, “Thanks, baby.”

The End

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