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Title: Afraid
Author: Teeroo & Hopper
Pairing: A/J
Archive: Just tell me where
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romantic
Warnings: Abused!Ares.
Disclaimer: I'm paying rent in baked goods.
Summary: Zeus is bad, Joxer worries, Joxer loves, Ares loves, Ares


Ares sat in one of his temples waiting, Zeus had something
that he *had* to tell him and had appearantly decided to take his
time getting around to it. If it had been anyone else Ares would
already be gone but Zeus was Zeus and not to be crossed openly.

Ares often wondered at his relationship with his father, he
despised Zeus because of how his father treated him but... he also
loved him. Not that it mattered to Zeus, to him Ares was a possible
upsurper, a threat to his power. But it wasn't his fault, he was born
the God of War, he didn't choose it. But he wasn't fooling anyone not
even himself, he was a threat.

Even though he loved his father if the chance ever arose he
would kill him. But Zeus would never allow himself to be helpless
enough to kill. Ares honestly didn't know if he wanted to be King of
the Gods. It was just what others expected, and after time he had
come to expect it as well.

As far as he knew only one person believed that Ares was even
capable of affection.


If anyone had appeared at that moment they would have been
supremely shocked. Ares was smiling, not his usual calculating grin
but an actual smile. His eyes were soft and dreamy, like someone
remembering a dream would look.


Ares did dream of the mortal. If he didn't know better he
would swear Morpheus was playing with him. But of course no one sent
the Gods dreams. They made thier own.

And his was a scrawny, little, wanna-be warrior named Joxer.

It was at that moment with Ares' eyes half shut and his face
relaxed and open, that Zeus decided to make his appearence.


His face closed instantly and instictively Ares looked at
his father, "Fighting with Hera again?"

Zeus looked as if he had been mauled by a pack of wolfs. That
usually meant Hera had caught him fooling around.

Zeus' face was a mask of fury. Ares knew he should be
careful, his father was obviously looking for a fight and he'd come
here to work off his anger.

Before he had time to think of something calming to say, he
was hit. Bolt after bolt of lighting smacked into him. He was down in
seconds. He could no longed move, could not escape, but he was aware.

One of the things he hated most about these
little 'arguments' was the way Zeus would not let him escape into


Zeus left two hours later, Ares lay in the corner too tired
and abused to move.

That was how Joxer found him. When Ares didn't appear when
he'd said he would at first Joxer assumed he had been held up, then
he thought Ares had forgotten, then he got worried and came here.
Whatever he had been expecting it was not what he found.

Ares, God of War was huddled in the corner of his temple his
clothing burned away, his flesh seared, his hair singed. In short he
looked awful.

"Ares? What happened who did this to you? Who could do this
to you?"

A mirthless laugh accompanied his answer, "Who else? Zeus."

"Zeus did this to you? I don't understand, what did you do to

"Nothing. He got in a fight with Hera and decided to work out
some steam by beating the crap out of me." The bitterness is his
voice was frightening, because it was just there, like he had been
bitter so long that it *was* not just a part of him.

Joxer walked over to him and pulled him into his arms, Ares
tried to pull away for a moment but he didn't try very hard and Joxer
wouldn't allow it.

He pulled Ares over to the fire. Then left him there to go
get a pitcher of water, a rag and began to clean the soot from Ares'

Ares had never been this contented, had never felt so loved
and cared for.

Zeus was too angry, Hera was too busy,
brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles all thought he was incapable of love
and never bothered to give him any. Mortals had lusted after him,
feared him, worshipped him, they were attracted to his appearence,
his power, whatever. But as far as he knew no one had ever loved him.
That was one of the reasons he hated Hercules and Aphrodite so much,
everyone loved them. He was jealous.

But now this mortal, a singer not a warrior, a wanna-be hero
not a warlord. Totally the wrong person to be the lover of Ares, God
of War. And yet... there Joxer was gently bathing his body. The act
was so soothing and yet so intimate and arousing.

Ares' body was beginning to heal itself and with his strength
came a need. Ares had to, *needed* to claim Joxer as his own.

Joxer was now cleansing his palm, the warm rag trickled
slightly and Ares did something no mortal (or God) had ever see him

He giggled.

Joxer froze. He couldn't have just heard what he thought he
heard. He didn't just hear the God of War giggle. But there it was
again. A giggle. An idea came to him it was foolish, stupid, and
totally irresistable. He began to tickle Ares.

Laughter shook the God's muscular frame. At least it started
as laughter before he knew what was what, his arms were full of
shaking, trembling, weeping God. It was frightening. To think that
this poor lonely man always alone. Always surrounded by death and

"I need you, Joxer. I need to feel myself inside you."

How could he say no. He didn't even want to.

Ares could tell the moment his mortal decided to say yes. But
instead of speaking Joxer slid his hand up Ares' bare chest, swept
slowly toward his chin, cupped it and pulled Ares' head toward his
own. His tongue boldly swept inside. Ares felt not worshipped, but
cherished, adored. He closed his eyes letting the feeling, the
sensation, wash over him.

After a few moments, Ares leaned into the kiss, positioning
his body to come into closer contact with Joxer's firm body. His
hands moved up to Joxer's chest and he began to unhook the armor only
to have his hands pushed away.

Joxer broke the kiss and said breathlessly, "Let me do this
for you, let me make love to you." Ares looked deep into the passion
filled eyes of his lover and nodded. Joxer looked around the temple
and down at himself. "You could zap my clothes away and zap in a bed
though," he said blushingly. Ares laughed softly for a moment and
then in a blink, Joxer's clothes were removed and they were reclining
on a very soft, comfortable bed.

Joxer rolled onto his side next to Ares and began to explore
Ares' body with his hands. Soft caresses floated over the War God's
body, searching out all the hidden erotic and ticklish spots that was
previously unknown by a mortal. One spot, the small of the back,
made Ares jump and Joxer lowered his mouth to it. His lips gently
grazed the area, inciting Ares' lust even more. Slowly, ever so
slowly his tongue darted into the hollow.

The sensation of Joxer's tongue in the hollow of his back
sent a spike of pleasure coarsing through his body. "Joxer," he
moaned. "If you keep that up, I will not be responsible for my

Joxer laughed and continued to tease and arouse the War God
even further.

A low growl came from deep with in Ares, he gently threw
Joxer off and climbed on top of him. Ares looked down into the
surprised face of his lover. "I warned you." Ares' hand snaked down
Joxer's body and began to fondle the erection that was lying there.
He watched as his lover's eyes closed and the lithe body beneath him
arched into his. The sight of Joxer on the edge of his control,
enflamed him even more. He spread Joxer's legs, settled himself in
between them and began the task of carefully stretching the tight
ring of flesh. Three fingers slowly made their way into the tight
passage and caressed Joxer's prostate. Joxer moaned unintelligably at
the contact. Ares eased his fingers out and placed the head of his
erection at the opening of the channel. He swooped down to kiss his
lover and at the same moment plunged into him. Ares held his position
inside of a gasping Joxer for a few minutes, reveling in the feeling
of becoming one.

Joxer wrapped his legs around Ares' back and began to
undulate his hips encouraging his dark God to move. Ares' pounded
into him and with a few well aimed thrusts, he came. Joxer convulsed,
his already tight channel tightened even more sparking Ares' release.

Ares collapsed on top of Joxer's chest, panting. Slowly, they
floated back to reality together. Ares raised his head and looked at
his lover who was trying hard to keep his eyes open. Ares' eased out
of Joxer, rolled off of him and enfolded him in his arms. "Sleep, my


Ares lay curled around Joxer's warm, mortal body. He knew he
should stop this, Joxer was getting too close. A God had many
enemies, one of them might try to hurt *him* by hurting Joxer. And he
knew something horrible, if Joxer died he would not survive it. For
the first time in his immortal lifetime Ares was afraid.


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