AresJoxerCupidStrife - Ace

Title: Kisses aren't as easy as ABC…

Author: Ace

Disclaimer: I don't own Joxer. Ares does. And I don't own Ares, Joxer

does! *mad giggle*

Notes: Wrote this fic right before English class (I'm late, by the

way) and it's a response to the ABC-challenge, who I can't remember

who posted! Anyway, it's not beta-ed and written in 5 minutes so all

mistakes are mine.


Ares was pacing angrily, practically stomping and bawling like a

three-year-old not getting his will. Back and forth, back and forth,

in a very ennerving manner.

"Curse her! Damn the bitch to Tartarus!"

Everything had been going exacly tohe plan; he saved him from the

raging bull, held him in his arms and was just about to lean in for

their… their…. First kiss.

"Gods, couldn't she for ONCE be off saving the world from me when I

want her to?" He roared, and threw an innocent vase at a passing


"I don't believe it" Joxer murmured unhappily. Kissing Ares… it had

been so CLOSE! Loved him, he did to… and Xena had of course ruined it.

"Man, he was there, all hot and bothered and they just…" No, he

wouldn't think any more of that. Of all dissapointing things in his

life, this was the one that hurt the most.

Partly, because he wanted to kiss him so badly, or rather, have him.

"Question is, how I can see him and tell him that…" Rather than

waking Xena to ask her tocall for him, he closed his eyes and tried

to pray.

Startled, he opened his eyes in the middle of his prayer. There he

was, in all his dark, deadly glory. Unbelievable! *Very hot, too* his

mind supplied. What was he doing… ohh….. strong arms, wrapped around


"Xena's…" he mumbled against those strong lips, trying to warn his

god of the warrior princess sleeping on the other side of the fire -

to be caught like this, was a very bad idea indeed – but Ares didn't

listen as he pulled Joxer closer, deepening the kiss.

"Yes!" his mind crowed happily as he hungrily attacked that warm,

agile tongue with his own – oh, this was bliss…

Zeus groaned and his his face in his hands; he could already hear

grandchildren singing their versions of "Joxer the mighty" in his



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