AresJoxerCupidStrife - Qzeebrella

Title: War
Author: Qzeebrella
Author's e-mail:
Author's URL: none
Date completed: March 6, 2009
Archive: AJCS
Fandom: Xena the Warrior Princess
Category: hell if I know
Rating: pg 13
Character: Ares
Summary: a darker side of Ares
Warnings: dark
Disclaimer: The show and its characters belong to others. No profit is being made from this story and no infringement is intended.


I am a God, and I will be obeyed! You will tremble at my feet for I am War and I am more fearsome and terrible than YOU can ever imagine.

You are only a weapon to me. One that I can use for my own purposes and then discard as if it were nothing. Your only worth to me your ability to kill that I will hone and sharpen until you have no choice but to be the weapon I have made you into.

I will use your hate to twist you. I will use your fear to make others tremble. I will use your own arrogance against you until you think your cause is the only just cause and that you must kill in order to further your cause. I will make you terrified that some there is a faction somewhere out there intent on destroying your way of life. I will make you slay others out of the belief that this will protect your nation, your family, your faith, your property, and anything else you believe you value.

I will turn brother against brother until the streets run red with blood. I will use nations like chess pieces and move them to fight at my command, though they will believe it is for a great cause or for their own reasons. I will incite bigotry, just because I can, for it will do more to further my thirst for hatred, anger and blood than almost anything else.

I will use love and abuse it, until only war exists where there was once love . I will exalt in the sobbing of widows, glory in the cries of orphans, smile terribly upon the face of famine and celebrate in the ruins left behind. The scars left behind in the land and among the peoples a badge of honour that I will wear proudly.

I will not rest. I will never rest for I will always exist. As long as there is hatred. As long as there is fear. As long as there is greed. As long as there is an us and a them, I will always exist and my hunger for blood will exist. My thirst for hatred will exist. My need to foster fear and nurture anger will exist. And I am exhilarated at the thought that even were I, the God of War, not exist, War would still exist for humans will never get rid of the seeds of selfishness within them that drive them to war. And that more than anything makes me laugh for joy. A joy that I take in the suffering of others.

For this, you should fear me. You should tremble before me. You should cower on your knees and beg me for mercy. A mercy that I will never extend. For I am War. And I am merciless!

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