Author Name(s): WaitingSky

Email for Feedback: waitingsky@hotmail.com

Website: N/A.

Disclaimer: In regards to owning my fic characters and original creation? Nooo...the Humanity! (Sob)

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? Sure, but at the writers own risk.

Favorite Fandom(s): I have to Choose? Since I can't, I'll leave this as everything under the sun - and starfield, black holes, and pretty much the whole space/time continuum.

Favorite Pairing(s): Still too many to name. Generally opposites, buddy types or the two cutest guys in the fandom. Hi, Joxie!

Favorite Author(s): even going to try and name them all. There are only so many hours in a day.

Recommended Stories: recommending pretty much everything in the fandom too general?

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? Because the characters in question beget so many wonderings that my much loved sleeping habits are often impaired. It's them or me - and they're better looking. Not to mention that bloody huge sword. Between that and Joxer puppy eyes...

Notes: N/A.
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