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Disclaimer: They belong to me - somewhere in the multiverse...

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? Yes. I especially like to encourage new authors (though all you old fogeys are welcome too!).

Favorite Fandom(s): Andromeda, Hercules/Xena, X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek DS9, Voyager & Enterprise, X-Men, Highlander, The Man from UNCLE, The Professionals, Jurassic Park 3.

Favorite Pairing(s): Harper/Tyr, Strife/Cupid, Methos/Duncan, Jack/Daniel, Gambit/Wolverine, Reed/Archer, Reed/Tucker, Krycek/Skinner, Alan Grant/Billy Brennan, Illya/Napoleon, Paris/Chakotay, Bashir/Garak, Bodie/Doyle.

Favorite Author(s): These are the names that immediately spring to mind: Moonloon/Vesper, Hergerbabe, Christine, Corona, Scorpio, Scribe, Te, Ursula, Carrie, Peach, Viridian5, Kit Mason, Loonwoif, Ana, Orithain, Brenda Antrim, Sienna, Diana Williams, Chelle, Dayspring, Tinnean, Athea, Dnalia, Ecolea, Jamwired, Xandria, YS McCool, Sabershadowkat, Madmouth, Zionsstarfish, Kand, Aqualegia, Josan, The Spike, Louise Wu, and at least 20 more other authors who I've forgotten off the top of my head (apologies!).

Recommended Stories: I have a recommendations page on my website. Check that out or I'll be here all day.

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? I fell in love with all the leather! (they think I'm joking...)

Notes: I've been very quiet recently on AJCS, but I am currently finishing up War in Rome and its snippet sequel. Real Life and my Harper Muse are getting in the way. Work is progressing, albeit slowly. Honest.

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