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Title: Target Practice
Author: Carrie
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Pairing: C/S implied
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Archive: If you like it, you can have it. Just let me know.
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Disclaimer: Not mine. =|
Note/Summary:While I was bored and pasting random things I found to Christine while searching for stuff to help me on another fic I'm writing...
carriedemarchi (10:48:04 PM): CUPID m Roman Mythology "desire" (Latin). In Roman mythology he is the god of love, the son of Venus. He is portrayed as a winged, blindfolded boy, armed with a bow and arrows which cause the victim to fall in love. His Greek equivalent is Eros.
QsMistress (10:48:26 PM): blindfolded?
QsMistress (10:48:31 PM): love is blind? lol
carriedemarchi (10:48:38 PM): lol
carriedemarchi (10:48:44 PM): sometimes
carriedemarchi (10:48:51 PM): lol dammit i just got an idea for something

~Target Practice~

"C'mon, Cupie. Yer better than this." Strife taunted as he jumped out of the way of an arrow shot his way.

"Well," Cupid squinted under the blindfold and concentrated on what he was hearing from Strife. "I'm usually not," He stopped to turn around and face in the direction Strife had just left as soon as Cupid turned. "Blindfolded."

"Wouldn't it be easier if you were in the air? I mean, thats what yer wings are for, am I right?" Strife asked as he ducked under Cupid's bow.

"Good idea, cousin." Cupid said as he crouched down to get a better jump into the air. A quick few flaps of his wings and Cupid was lifted up into the air above Strife's head.

"But I bet ya can't hear over yer wings like that, huh?" Strife giggled and ducked out of the way of another arrow.

Strife clapped his hands in mock appreciation. "Good shot!"

Cupid rapidly grabbed another arrow from his quiver and aimed it at where Strife's audible was coming from. Strife barely missed dodging out of the way. He began to laugh, having to hold his stomach and double over to barely control himself.

"Damnit!" Cupid flew up high to the ceiling of the temple and let himself glide softly down making no noise of his own to single out where Strife's position in the room was.

While Strife continued his laughing Cupid quietly pulled out another arrow, notched it in his bow and drew it back listening to Strife's laughter and, holding his breath and concentrating, letting his ear's tell him where to shoot.

Strife barely heard the whiz of the arrow through the air before it promptly hit him in the ass, immediately sobering him, slightly. "Oooh, well, that was a bit rude." Strife giggled.

Cupid landed softly on the floor again and grabbed the blindfold from his eyes and blinked a few times before his vision was focused again. "Oh, Gods, Strife!" Cupid said laughing at his cousin.

"Ya know, if yer gonna poke me in the ass with something, I think you know what I'd rather it be... " Strife said sexily and began rubbing the spot on his ass where the arrow had hit.

Cupid smirked and tossed the blindfold aside and flashed his bow and quiver back to their safe spot in his temple as he advanced towards the God of Mischief.

Strife winked at his cousin before he was grabbed onto and flashed out of the room and presumably into Cupid's bedchamber...

The End.

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