AresJoxerCupidStrife - Solstice Scribbler

Welcome to the First Annual AJCS 'Solstice Scribbler'!

The Solstice Scribbler is a game to be played on the list very much like the game 'Secret Santa'. All participants must both give and recieve; they fill out a wishlist of what they would like to recieve, and another, anonymous, partcipant will fulfill a wish or a gift. On the AJCS list, however, it will all be in the form of short stories and drabbles.

Stories from December 2004

Balance by MultiMapper.

Happily Ever After! by Kerensa.

Righting Wrongs by JoeyRZ.

Festivals, Courtships, and Spartans by Calcus.

Begins with a party and ends in Toronto by Werewindle.

A Mother Knows Best by Kiku.

Strength Is A Virtue by Tequila Worm.

Take A Chance by Usia.

Bends in the Road to Happiness by T'Yanna Wiles.

Chaos Incarnate by Angel Ser-Desa.

Fools And Feathers by Goddess Blue.

DaasBuffy's Solstice Scribbler Reply by DaasBuffy.

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