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Title: Drabble: Small And Shiny
Author: Anjxr
Pairing: Ares and Joxer
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. Someone else owns them... I forgot who. I have nothing anyways. They snuck out to play and lost their way. Not my fault!
Feedback: sure
Archive: sure
Warnings: NOT


Dented mismatched armor, tossed into the corner. Velvet tongue tasting black leather and salty-sweet flesh. Down a muscled body, the exploration continues. Nimble fingers untying and peeling away unwanted clothing. Stopping in surprise!

Delighted chocolate brown eyes look up from their appointed task.

"Hmm, what do we have here?" asks Joxer with a heated gaze.

"Just for you Joxer, a little present just for you."

A faint "yum" is heard as a moist tongue reaches out to tug at something small shiny and gold.

Today the God of War discovered the delights and joys of his very first navel ring!


Blessed Be and Thanks for starting this list! Anjxr:)

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