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Disclaimer: Is anyone selling? Otherwise Ares belongs to himself, cause he's the God of War and Joxer belongs to the actor that portrays him.

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? Sure. I'm easy.

Favorite Fandom(s): Xena/Herc, The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, Star Wars, Gundam Wing, Smallville, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon...and I can go on.

Favorite Pairing(s): A/J, C/S, Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi Wan Kenobi, Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton/Quatre Raberba Winner, Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Yami/Yuugi, Ryou/Bakura, Seto Kaiba/Jounouchi Katsuya, Kurama/Hiei, Kensuke, Yamachi...and I can go on for hours.

Favorite Author(s): Anyone on AresJoxerCupidStrife, Joxer Luvs Ares, Angel Of Twins, Purple Mist, Spyder, Mel and Christy, and any more and you all will hate me.

Recommended Stories: Chibi For A Day by Spyder (, anything by Shamenka, Christine, and Hergerbabe

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? I love to read A/J, C/S and this was the first fandom I stumbled on which led me to find Joxer Luvs Ares and numerous others.

Notes: I'm insane and most of my fics may echo that, so, if they don't make sense, you were warned! Actually, the only note I have is that I will update as much as I can but don't hold your breath for weekly updates.
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A New Destiny
The New King: Joxer

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