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Disclaimer: All characters within these stories belong to Ren Pics and Flat Earth Prod unless specifically noted as being otherwise. I intend no copyright infringement, nor am I making any money from these stories. I own nothing beyond the plot and storylines.

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? Yes. I am very willing to edit stories for things such as; spelling errors, sentence/paragraph structure, punctuation and minor grammar errors as well as providing comments on plot organization, characterization and story flow.

Favorite Fandom(s): Xena:WP and Hercules:tLJ (duh!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Men: the Comicbook Series, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Star Trek: Voyager, The Sentinel.

Favorite Pairing(s): Ares/Joxer, Ares/Strife, Cupid/Strife, Strife/Joxer...and the occasional rare pairing to make things more interesting...

Favorite Author(s): D'Nalia (long delightful enthralling fics), Erin (no longer writing fanfic: first Strife-fic writer), Merlin (no longer writing fanfic: great Joxer writer), MB (amazing dark-fic and BDSM-fic writer), Thamiris (she made me fall in love with Iphicles: 'nuff said), Shamenka (complex plots without any hitches or plotholes), Corona (check the AJCS archive and you'll understand why), Candace (dark, lush and hauntingly beautyful), Kirasmommy aka KB (intense, complex, unigue and wonderfully written).

Recommended Stories: (anything from the author's listed above)...also...

Babysitting by Lorraine Marker

Hercules' Tale by Emcee >

King Iphicles' New Clothes by Rusalka

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? I had been writing in the fandom "The Sentinel" when I came across one of Erin's stories about Strife and I fell in love instantly. At the time, there were a lot of archives active that are no longer on the net or that are not upkept and the ones that are very established now were just starting out. I read voraciously. It was finally reading Athea's series "War God" that inspired me to write in this fandom as well. My first story was "Sacrificial Vows" and I've been hooked ever since. What's strange for me is, when I go back and read through my earilier stuff, I cringe. It's soooo bad. Oddly enough, the only thing of my earlier work that I think stands the test of time is a twelve story series that is crossed-over with The Highlander fandom. ::shrugs::

Notes: N/A.

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