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Title: A Rude awakening
Author: mishap
Rating: NC17
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Dishclaimer: Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to the copyrighted owners of H:TLJ and X:WP. I own nothing and make no claims.
Pairing: Ares/Joxer
Status: WIP
Series: ??
Archive: AJCS, and others ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 and don't like m/m relationships Don't read this.
Notes: First slash and Xena/Herc story.
Summary: Joxer finally realizes that Gabrielle will never be his and discoveries some unexpected friends of the Godly type.

A Rude Awakening

I wasn't sure what woke me at first; it was early, very early before dawn in fact. Then I heard it again, "Oh Xena, yes, more…oh gods…" As the sun rose I saw what my heart had been trying to convince me that I hadn't heard. The woman I loved, Gabrielle, locked in a passionate embrace with Xena. I felt my heart shatter, as my dreams died a violent death. I closed my eyes trying to shut out the sight and sound of the two women as they made love.

It seemed to take an eternity before all was quiet again and I heard the normal morning sounds of breaking camp and getting ready for the day's journey. Even expecting it I jumped when I heard my name screamed, "Joxer! Get up, I think you could sleep through a war." Gabrielle bellowed.

If only I could, I thought to myself as a bitter little grin twisted my lips. I sat up and tried to pretend that nothing had changed, but everything had. The little touches and the looks they shared that had seemed so innocent the day before took on a whole new meaning now that my eyes were opened. How could I have been so blind, so…so stupid?

As the day wore on my eyes were forced even further open as I realized what I had thought was teasing from friends was revealed to be honest disdain and disgust aimed at me. Coming upon a crossroads I decided I couldn't stand it anymore. With an attempt at my usual spirits I made a little speech about how I was needed elsewhere and that I would be leaving them here to journey alone and how I was sorry to leave them unprotected. Xena asked me if I was `ok' and I don't think she believed me when I assured her that I was. At least I could see a little honest concern in her eyes all I could see in Gabrielle's was relief and eagerness to be away from as she tugged on Xena's arm saying that I was an adult and could make my own decisions. I said my goodbyes and turned away.

I walked around the bend out of their sight and came to a stop my breath shuddering in and out of my lungs as I fought against the tears that were forcing their way out of my eyes. I scrubbed at my eyes with the back of my hand as I remembered the sly insults and put downs that I had listened to today.

I tore the ridiculous helmet from my head followed by the worthless armor that I had believed would make look like the hero I wanted to be instead of the fool I was for ever believing I could prove my father wrong. For believing that I could be something other than a worthless nothing.

"Joxie, that's not true. I felt your heart break and I came right away." I turned to face the voice I heard and there was Aphrodite dressed as usual in her `almost' there clothing.

"Isn't it?" I rasped hoarsely my voice roughened by unshed tears. "I am nothing but a joke even to my so-called friends. They can't wait to get away from me and you can't tell me differently."

She stepped closer and took my face between her hands and forced my chin up so she could look in my eyes. "I have never said it. I really didn't think I needed to, but why do you think I involve you in my plans and schemes? I do that because I can trust you and you have so much love in you that you are almost an extension of my godhood.

You are a blood innocent and provide my brother Ares with some of purest power he receives by your faithful worship of him. That you do so without expecting any return for it supplies him with a steady source of untainted power equal to what he receives during a battle. So you see, you aren't nothing in fact you are very, very special to us." She finished.

"If that's the truth then why didn't you tell me that she could never love me?" I cried out.

"Oh Joxer, if you hadn't seen and heard it with your own eyes and ears would you have believed it?" she asked with the most serious expression on her face that I had ever seen.

"N-n-no," I answered ducking my and glaring at the dirt as if was guilty of not telling me as well.

Raising my chin so she could look in my eyes again she said, "I can't take away the pain you are feeling now, but I can offer you hope for the future. I can assure you that there is a true love for you, one that will make you happier than you have ever dreamed of being."

My heart leapt in my chest at her words, "Who…where…what's her name? Do I know her?" I blurted out.

Aphrodite smiled at me and said. "You'll just have to wait and see. If I told you, you would think I was manipulating you. I can tell you that you have met your love and it isn't anyone you would expect, but someone you are close to. In fact your true love would never expect you to be their love either." With that she stepped away and I could almost see her step in to the air headed persona that everyone expects from her, "I gotta jet, you wouldn't believe the waves at Naxos." Rose petals filled the air and she was gone.

My feet continued down the road I had chosen under their own direction. My mind was awhirl, who could it be? Meg? No we'd gone down that road and discovered that we liked each better as friends than lovers. There was a very short list of people I was close to. Excluding my brothers, and Xena and Gabrielle the only others I could think of were Hercules and Iolaus. That was completely out of the question the two of them cared so deeply for each other that even `I' couldn't miss that. Although the two of them were completely clueless.

They bright flash and the hair standing on end all over my body warned me that another god was incoming. I hunched my shoulders wondering who was coming and what they were gonna want from me.

Cupid materialized in front of me and spoke. "Dude, you're majorly bumming me out. I could feel your heartache all way out on Cyprus."

"I'm sorry I am ruining your day." I said sarcastically not caring that he could squish me like a bug.

"Joxer don't be that way I've come to cheer you up." And with that he snapped his fingers and the world disappeared. We rematerialized and I stumbled and fell scarcely noticing the pure white marble under my body as I tried to keep my stomach from emptying its contents.

When the room quit spinning I looked up and saw Cupid standing next to me holding Bliss. "What…where are we?"

Offering me a hand up Cupid spoke. "My place."

Pulling myself to my feet with his assistance, I stuttered. "O-Olympus?"

"Olympus." He confirmed.

I swayed on my feet. I could feel the blood draining away from my face and I started seeing black spots before my eyes.

"Chill out, Joxer." Cupid said gently shaking the stunned man's shoulder. "Nothing's going to happen to you here."

"You mean I'm not stuck here? He asked.

Cupid laughed out loud causing Bliss to giggle as well. "I forgot about that old rumor. Zeus started that when one of his `ladies' wanted to visit. Can you imagine the look on the old goat's face at the thought of Hera running into her?"

I laughed rather nervously, it would have been funny except that I didn't want to set myself up to be fried by lightening in the next storm.

"Anyway Joxer the reason I asked you up here was to take your mind off your troubles. And I—"

"By scaring me to death?" I questioned rather puzzled I thought Cupid liked me.

"No," he chuckled, "not to scare you. To let you spend some time with Bliss. No one, especially a mortal can be miserable around him. In fact if you think about it I'll bet that you don't feel too bad at all right now.

I thought for a moment. "You're right I do feel better. I can still feel it, but it doesn't bother me so much. How'd he do that?"

"To quote my father, `It's a God thing." Cupid replied.

"Oh, okay. So what do I do with Bliss or whatever?"

"I have some more work to do so I am gonna leave you here with him. He remembers you from when you watched him before and has wanted to see you ever since." He bounced him on his arm and said to Bliss. "Right?"

The next moment I found my arms full of winged godling as Bliss launched himself at me. "JOSSER!" He shouted as he landed on me knocking me on my butt.

"I gotta get back to work now, see ya." And Cupid was gone.


Ares lounged on his throne in the hall of war brooding over the vague dissatisfaction that had been plaguing him lately. Even tormenting his daughter and her irritating sidekick wasn't as much fun as it used to be. No major wars to distract him nothing, but petty squabbles that he could handle in his sleep. He thought about stirring up a major civil or invading Macedonia again, but that failed to spark any interest either. Nothing interesting at all he was bored stiff.

The feeling of another god invading his privacy perked me up a little until I recognized my son Cupid's signature. I wonder what he wants.

Popping in with out his usual showy sparkles and fluttering hearts he asked. "Hey Dad can you check on Bliss and Joxer every once in while for me? I've sealed my temple so that he can't get out and cause havoc, but I left Joxer in charge of him and Bliss can be pretty overwhelming at times."

"Why is a mortal watching `my' grandson?" I growled not happy with this turn of events. "You know I'd watch him if you needed a baby sitter."

"I brought Joxer up to take his mind off his troubles and Bliss adores him. They got to be friends during the whole mess with Psyche." He answered.

"What troubles?" I asked, wanting to know what was going on.

"He finally realized that Sis and the harpy are together and he's feeling like hell so I thought I'd let Bliss work his magic and give Joxer a distraction from his infatuation. I gotta run Dad I am way behind. Thanks, bye." He zapped out before I could refuse.

I started to grumble, but just gave a sigh unable to work up a good mad Cupid was just being his normal self. I conjured up a mirror to keep an eye on Bliss and the mortal what's his name. Who knows he might be worth a couple of laughs as clumsy as he was.

I almost didn't recognize him. This was the first time I'd seen him out of that ridiculous excuse for armor he habitually wore. Not bad, not bad at all. I was treated to the sight of him wrestling with Bliss growling and pretending to bite his stomach. My grandson was giggling hysterically. Joxer had his nice firm ass in air as they played and I felt a stirring of desire as his snug brown leather pants hugged the taut mounds lovingly.

Without the clanging tin and the idiotic `helmet' he looked completely different. He resembled a marathon runner with his long smooth muscular body, slim and compact, not bulky at all. The day was starting to look up.

He actually seemed to have Bliss under control (a true accomplishment for a mortal and most gods as well) until he tried to feed him. Bliss had recently decided he was going to feed himself and only him. Every time Joxer tried to put the spoon in his mouth Bliss would wave his hand and the food would end up on Joxer's shirt or pants or hair. By the time he finally figured it out and let Bliss eat his food with his hands he looked like he had rolled in his lunch. I practically fell off my throne laughing it was the funniest thing I had seen in centuries (of course it wasn't at all funny when the same thing happened to me last week).

By the time Joxer got Bliss bathed and laid down for a name the food had dried and started flake off of him. He went to the bath and took off his shirt giving me a view of his ivory skin that was every bit as fine and soft as my grandson's. As he scrubbed his shirt I watched his muscles move under that almost hairless skin I began to fantasize about how well my marks would look against all that white skin. How every bite and suck mark would show up beautifully.

As I watched him give up trying to brush the mess off of his hair and pants and remove his clothing to bathe, I was taken off guard by the rush of heat that the sight of his nude body sent straight to my groin. I banished my clothing with a thought absently began to stroke myself as I hungrily watched Joxer wash his body. I traced the path of a water droplet from his hair down the length to disappear into the shadowed cleft of his ass.

His unconscious sensuality as he washed his body caused my body to harden even further and my breath to quicken. Stroking my iron hard cock I sent a mental nudge through the connection I have with all those dedicated to my service.

Joxer's movements became languid and carnal as my suggestion hit his subconscious and he started enjoying the touch of his hands as he rinsed the soap away from his chest. His hands lingered and stroked his nipples to hard-reddened peaks. I watched as he soaped his cock grasping it in one hand as the other rubbed against the pucker of his anus.

I stroked my cock harder and harder as my breath came ever faster moving my hand in time with the fingers he pushed in and out of his body. I synchronized our movements and we came together. I lifted my semen-covered hand to my lips tasting it and imagining it to be his.

I watched regretfully as he pulled on his damp clothing and left the bathroom to lie down on a couch next to Bliss' crib and fall asleep. Although he was much more valuable to me as a blood innocent, I wondered how I had missed him as a child.

I mentally reviewed and remembered the triplets dedicated to me as children, how one was psychotic and another delusional I had not bothered with the third until he became a powerful power source. I had absentmindedly given him a low level protection that worked with his untrained awkwardness to keep him alive by attracting him to people that would take care of him no matter how irritating he became. Other than that I had ignored him.

Watching him sleep I mentally plotted to make him mine, normally I would've just appeared and ordered him to please me. Considering that Aphrodite and Cupid liked him, not to mention Bliss, I would have to seduce him into my bed.


Lying down on the couch next to Bliss' crib I wondered at the sudden lust that had over taken me in the bath. I just chalked it up to the effect of being in the god of love's home. Drifting into a post coital sleep my thoughts turned to the long time object of my secret fantasies ever since my first visit to his temple as a child when I caught my first glimpse of a fresco that featured him in the nude. I began to dream of the god I followed, the sensual and dangerous Ares, god of war.

The sound of Bliss giggling woke me and I opened my eyes to see the object of lust-ridden dreams. He was holding his grandson and tickling him. Turning to face me he said "Good. You're awake."

I bolted to my feet my heart racing a mile a minute. Why was he here? Was I in trouble? Did I do anything wrong?" I thought. Still half asleep I babbled. "What…where did…how?

Ares laughed out loud at my confusion sending chills racing up and down my spine. "Relax Joxer I just came to meet the man that my grandson talks about so much. You have made a big impression on him."

As if to prove his words Bliss once again knocked me to the floor as he pounced. "Mine Josser…good boy…fun." He looked up at his grandfather and asked, "Josser stay?"

"Only for a little while Bliss only a little while." He replied. "Why don't you go play for a little bit and then grandpa will play with you and Joxer."

"`Kay." He said getting to his feet and trotting out the door toward his playroom.

I suddenly became aware of position sprawled out on the floor and I scrambled to get to my feet only to feel a strong, callused hand grab mine and pull me up. "Uh th-thanks." I stuttered as he continued to hold my hand for a moment longer than necessary.

"Your welcome." He replied in that sexy voice he has and continued. "I have wondered about you since Bliss first mentioned you after he stayed with you during that whole nightmare with Psyche. He seems to adore you almost as much as he does his father and I. You are also one of my most devoted and loyal followers and to top it off the house of love trusts you more than their own high priests and priestesses. Do you realize how unique that makes you?" he questioned.

"Um…no." I squeaked out. I couldn't believe how friendly he was being to me. When I had seen him before with Xena he was always upset and angry. I couldn't believe how much more approachable and… well nice he seemed.

Reaching out with one strong finger he lightly traced the curve of my ear lingering on the sensitive skin behind the lobe causing the fit of my pants to abruptly become tight and restrictive. "Do you have any idea how attractive that makes you to me? He whispered huskily stepping closer to brush against me with his body.

I couldn't believe this was happening. This morning I was heart broken over Gabrielle and Xena's relationship and now unless I was delusional Ares was propositioning me. I had no more time for thought as his lips came down on mine.

His lips were hot and firm and yet soft, as they demanded entrance. I was shaken out of my daze by his arm sliding around my waist pulling me in tight to his hard body. It felt like my body burst in to flame. My own arms made their way around his neck of their own volition as our mouths devoured each other.

He pulled his lips away from mine and I noticed his breath had quickened. I couldn't believe that the he wanted me, Joxer the clumsy. "We can't leave Bliss alone for long." He spoke huskily. "We'll have to continue this later."

He guided me out of the room to where Bliss was playing happily. "Ganpa and Josser happy. Feels good!" He fairly beamed at us.

A soft chuckle from behind sent a pulse of electricity through my shaking body. "I am always glad to please the god of happiness and pleasure." He whispered. "I'll see you later…tonight."

I watched as he dissolved in flurry of sparks and turned back to Bliss my thoughts turning over his last words.


Chapter Four

I'd intended to spend more time with Joxer, getting under his
skin a little. When I realized that he'd gotten under my skin without
even trying and I was on the verge of jumping him in front of my
grandson… Well, let's just say a strategic retreat to regroup was
called for.

"Unc, stop smiling, you're scaring me." The irritating, high-
pitched voice of my nephew made me jump.} Then it occurred to me that
for the first time in a millennium I had been caught off guard. That
immediately brought a scowl to my face.

"Much better, Unc."

"Why are you bothering me? Do you have a death wish, Strife?
I told you to stay out of my sight today." I growled at my second in
command, trying to deflect his attention away from my slip.

"Chill Unc. Yeesh I was just worried about ya. You haven't
seemed to be your normal self lately." He said, taking a mock
submissive posture.

"What do you want Strife?" I asked wearily, tired of his
dancing around whatever he was up to. The only times he invaded my
privacy was when he had an agenda.

"Well… You see… I…" he mumbled. Now this was definitely
something different and the only time he ever acted this guilty

"Strife," I bellowed, "Did you have permission to start
another civil war? You know I am building up Greece's forces for the
coming Roman invasion."

He jumped, "No, I'mdatingyourson, Cupid." He blurted out.

I laughed, relieved. "Is that all?"

"You're not mad?" He squeaked, standing up straight for the
first time since he entered my temple.

"Of course not. Cupid is an adult. Besides it means I won't
have to listen to him moan and carry on about you ignoring him
anymore." I chuckled at the astonished look on his face. "The last
time he talked to me, he said something about `tying you to a bed and
screwing you senseless until you would listen to him.'" I watched in
fascination as his normally corpse-like complexion turned a bright,
screaming scarlet. "I see that he followed through with his threats."
I watched him squirm, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out
of water, as he tried to reply. He was hysterically funny the god of
mischief, normally a hyperactive talker, totally speechless.

"Go on," I said, making a dismissive gesture, "get out of
here." He winked out without another word passing his lips.

My amusement slowly slipped away as I wondered why this
mortal fascinated me so. I would normally ignore any of my mortal
lovers unless I was with them. Even then they often couldn't keep my
attention for any longer than it took for me to climax. I scanned
myself looking for any insidious love spell or charms (contrary to
popular belief we can find external influences from other gods if we
look for them). I didn't find a damn thing.

The mental tag I had placed on Cupid's temple to alert me to
his return signaled his arrival home. I grinned to myself; time to go
see Joxer again.

Title: A Rude awakening
Author: mishap
Rating: NC17
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Disclaimer: Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to the
copyrighted owners of H: TLJ and X: WP. I own nothing and make no
Pairing: Ares/Joxer
Status: WIP
Archive: AJCS, and others ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 and don't like m/m relationships DON'T
read this.
Notes: First slash and Xena/Herc story.
Summary: Joxer finally realizes that Gabrielle will never be his and
discovers some unexpected friends of the Godly type.

Chapter Five

I didn't have a lot of time to wonder about Ares' unusual
behavior. Bliss immediately demanded my attention. He was wound up
and (any mother of a toddler can tell you that a hyperactive toddler
is hell) getting into everything and wanting to play with everything
he was forbidden to touch.

I love children and playing with them is one of my greatest
(and most secret) joys. But today was exhausting, trying to keep up
with a giggling godling intent on mischief and keeping him from
destroying his home temple pushed me to my limits. When I heard his
father call him I almost collapsed where I was standing.

I followed the sound of giggles and squeals and arrived to
hear Bliss tell his father how, "Granpa and Josser, made me feel

"Joxer," Cupid said. "you look like you had a very busy day.
Bliss was telling me that Dad stopped by. I didn't think to warn you,
but Bliss is the god of pleasure and at this age it just makes him

"I didn't mean t-to—" I stuttered to a halt at a loss for
words. How did you tell a love god that while you were babysitting
his son his father had turned you on?

"Don't sweat it Joxer. Dad's like a force of nature you just
kind of get swept up and carried along. Bliss obviously enjoyed it. I
just wanted to let you know that I'm not upset or anything and I hope
you are ok. Bliss is a handful at the best of times, excited he is
almost more than a god can handle."
I relaxed, glad that Cupid wasn't upset. "I didn't want you
to think that I neglected Bliss or anything." I explained.

"I know you are incapable of harming a child, even by
neglect, Joxer. And you are here with Bliss for you not him." Cupid

I felt a small pang in my heart as I remembered the events of
this morning. Was it only this morning? It felt like years had
passed. My self-absorbed thoughts were interrupted by the appearance
of the god responsible for my busy afternoon.

"Hi Dad, what's up?" Cupid asked his father

"I thought I would pick up Joxer, feed him and put him to
bed." Ares replied suggestively. As those hot eyes drifted over my
body I could almost feel their heat.

"If that's what Joxer wants to do that's fine with me." Cupid
turned to face me an unspoken question in his eyes.

Dragging my eyes away with an effort, "Yeah, it sounds…
good." I reassured the love god.

"Well have fun then," he grinned knowingly just before Ares
transported us to his temple.

We rematerialized in a room with a table set with two place
settings side by side. "Take a seat," he said.

I sat, nervously rubbing my hands on my thighs, he sat down
beside me and I could feel the heat of his body next to mine. I
reached for some of the food set on the table near our plates and
began to eat. "Try this," he said holding out a piece of pastry. I
reached for it and he pulled it away, "Uh-uh, take it from my hand."
He held it up to my mouth. I opened my lips and took the morsel from
his fingers I wiped away the crumbs from my lips with my tongue
brushing his fingertips in the process as I chewed the sweet pastry.

He continued to feed me from his plate holding choice bits
and pieces of cheese and sweet confections to my lips. I grew a
little bolder as my arousal increased from the intimate play and
licked his fingers clean after a last bite. I think I surprised him
he made a soft sound and cupped my chin in his hand his thumb
stroking my lower lip. I swallowed my throat suddenly tight as he
lowered his head to mine and kissed me.

The first time he kissed me wasn't a fluke. My brain fled
south and I reveled in the taste and texture of my god's mouth. When
he finally let me up for air I was breathing as if I had run a
mile. " I want you, Joxer." He whispered into my ear sending thrills
of pleasure streaking across my skin. "I want to kiss, bite and lick
every inch of your body."

"Yes, please, "I replied as I shuddered from the impact of
his words.

With a flash of light we moved from the table to standing
beside an enormous bed. "Are you sure?" he asked, stepping away
slightly. "I don't want to coerce you into anything you don't want. I
also want you to know that I am very possessive, if we go any further
you will belong to me alone." The look in his eyes was deadly serious
as he spoke.

"I have always belonged to you. Always. I want this…you. I
have never…with anyone." I answered feeling the blood rush to color
my face.

Chapter Six

I felt a surge of triumph and possessiveness at Joxer's
words. Untouched, I read the truth of it in his mind; the hugs and
kisses he shared with Meg were just that, he had never had sex with
anyone. I wanted to mark him as mine, permanently.

I took his flushed face in my hands and I whispered against
his lips, "I will be your first and only." I could feel him tremble
against me at my words and with a thought I bared our bodies. I was
hungry for the feel of his baby fine skin against mine, grinding my
cock against his I lowered him to my bed.

Staring in to those soft brown eyes I was struck by the look
of adoration and…love? I didn't want to think about it. His arms
crept around my neck and I felt him urging me closer. I decided to
oblige him by devouring his lips and dueling with his tongue.

That soft white skin called to me begging for my marks. I
started just below his ear licking and sucking leaving a bright red
patch of skin that would darken later. I started working my way down
to his nipples enjoying every gasp and jump he made as I marked my
territory. His cock was leaking against my abdomen, his breathing
sounded desperate and I decided to give him a treat few could ever
boast of. I broke his death grip around my neck and before he could
blink I engulfed the heat of his cock in my mouth, swallowing as the
unexpected pleasure gave him his first, but not last orgasm of the
night. Definitely not the last I thought, as I tasted his come for
the first time.

The look on his face was beautiful as I watched him bask in
the afterglow of the first orgasm he'd had without his hand. The
utter relaxation of his body and mind would make the next one much


I never, ever felt so good in my life. I didn't expect Ares
to want to suck my cock much less swallow my semen. The thought was
just mind boggling my body was still trembling from the intensity of

Ares' face filled my vision a smile that could only be
described as shit eating was firmly seated on his mouth. "I think you
enjoyed that Joxer. Are you ready for round two yet?

"R-r-round two?"

"That was just the warm up." He said rubbing his erection
against my belly suggestively. "The main event is yet to come."

I heard a roaring in my ears at the thought of Ares thrusting
into my body, taking me, and claiming me as his own. My body was
instantly rock hard and aroused. "I can feel that you `are' ready for
round two," he chuckled at my body's response to his words.

He rolled off of me to one side and propped his head on one
hand and ran the other down my side. "Turn over," he said, just as I
caught my first good look at his erect cock.

I gulped taking in the size of it, "I don't think this will
work." I was starting to panic a little, I was sure trying to take
that monster into my body would kill me.

He caught my chin raising my face to his, "Do you trust me

I was caught in his serious gaze. "I trust you. I just don'

"Don't think then. I won't lie to you; there will be some
pain involved, but only at the beginning. If you tell me to stop I
will. I have never forced myself on anyone and I won't start with
you. Now turn over if you want to continue. If you don't say so and
we stop here."

I made my decision clear by turning over and presenting my
back to him. "I am glad you stayed." He said running his hand gently
over my ass.

I felt him move and straddle my thighs his cock resting against the
crack of my ass. I tensed up not knowing what was coming next.

"Relax," he urged his hand coming to rest on my shoulders massaging
away my tension with long, lazy strokes. Those hands moved down my
body stroking and rubbing loosening my muscles until I felt as limp
as those noodle things Xena had brought back from Chin. I started to
tense again as his hands moved to the cheeks of my ass, but he
continued to massage and I gradually relaxed again as his hands moved
further down my legs massaging away aches and stiffness I didn't even
know I had.

Chapter Seven

As I watched Joxer slipping further and further into that
relaxed state between waking and sleeping I could feel my control
slipping. Here I was the personification of war and I was on the
verge of losing control over one puny mortal. The sounds he made the
soft moans made my cock throb, if I hadn't had centuries' worth of
experience in self-control I would have broken my word and fucked him
with no preliminaries.

Now that he was relaxed it was time to introduce some tension
of a decidedly different sort, but gently. I lightened my touch to a
caress and worked my way up the insides of his thigh spreading them
gently and slowly so as not to alarm. His soft moan became louder and
he made a purring noise as I stroked the juncture of his legs just
barely touching. He moved into my touch, his body asking for more, my
touch became more intimate. I lightly ran thumbs over his balls
continuing to the top of his ass and back several times.

He was twitching and groaning becoming more aware of what was
going on and at the same time staying relaxed. I leaned forward and
traced the path my fingers had mapped with my tongue. A short cry of
surprise and he started to work his hips spasmodically as I traced
and sucked at his tight pucker, pushing against it with my stiffened
tongue I rimmed him. I slicked a finger with a thought and gradually
replaced my tongue with it.

I slid my finger in and carefully stretching, searching for
his sweet spot. I knew I found it when he jerked his knees under him
and slammed back against my hand. Adding a second finger dragged a
groan out of him that definitely wasn't pain. My godly powers came in
handy as I kept him from climaxing when I added the third. Working my
fingers in and out of him as I loosened and stretched him I knew he
was ready.

Reluctantly pulling my fingers away I gazed in admiration at
my handiwork. I set my thumbs on either side of his opened anus to
give the extra little stretch that would allow me to breach his
passage. I placed the head of my cock against the entrance gave a
small thrust and popped the head past the restrictive muscle.

I almost lost it right then and there. If I hadn't heard his
sudden yelp of pain I would have come as soon as his body clamped
down on my cock in surprise. Hades I have never had this much trouble
with control since—never.

It must not have been terribly painful after all he started
working his hips back and forth against me, attempting to force more
of my throbbing cock inside of him. I grabbed his hips holding him
still I didn't want him to hurt himself by forcing more inside his
virgin passage before he was ready.

My hands began to tremble with the strain of holding back. I
had to wait for the muscles currently fluttering and spasming around
my cock to relax a bit. I was strangely reluctant to have his first
experience marred by memories of pain. When I felt his body relax by
increments I mentally added more lubrication and slowly very slowly
teasing him and myself, I worked my cock deeper and deeper by tiny
increments and backing almost all the way back out.

He began to beg and plead for more; it only made me hotter,
and sent the waves of pleasure crashing harder and harder against the
breakwater of my self-control. The slippery heat of him rivaled the
heat of Heph's forge. The slick friction was better than anything I
remember experiencing.

Finally I was seated to the hilt in his ass, I had to pause
to catch my breath. He was shaking and shuddering and I leaned
forward molding my chest to his back. The urge to mark him even
further as mine overcoming me I began to bite and suck at the
juncture of his neck and shoulder as my hips pistoned slowly in and
out gaining speed and force as our passion mounted. Feeling his body
reaching overload I released my control over it and he immediately
began climaxing clamping down so hard on my cock that I joined him
the restriction causing my semen to feel like it was wrenched out of
my body. I pumped furiously as I shot jet after jet of boiling hot
come deep into the depths of his body.

Title: A Rude awakening
Author: mishap
Rating: NC17
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Disclaimer: Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to the
copyrighted owners of H: TLJ and X: WP. I own nothing and make no
Pairing: Ares/Joxer
Status: WIP
Archive: AJCS, and others ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 and don't like m/m relationships DON'T
read this.
Notes: First slash and Xena/Herc story.
Summary: Joxer finally realizes that Gabrielle will never be his and
discovers some unexpected friends of the Godly type.

Chapter Eight

As I felt the hot, wet pulsation of come that Ares pumped
into me my eyes rolled back in my head and the world grayed out
around me.

Coming back to myself moments, or hours later, I don't know.
I felt my god's cock still hard within my shaking body. He was
stroking and soothing my body with long strokes of his sword
calloused hands. As I steadied under that confident, sure touch he
began to stroke into me again. Listening to the wet sucking noises
this generated I felt my cock come to attention yet again.

I heard a soft, pleasure filled laugh and he spoke, "Ready
for more I see."

He pulled out of my body moving me to protest the loss of his
body in mine. "No, don't stop."

"I have no intention of stopping. Now that you've been
loosened up a little I want to fuck you face to face. I want to watch
your face as you come this time." He said urging me to turn on to my

I rolled over my legs splaying widely, displaying my
stretched hole and hard cock for his eyes. I stared deep into the
depths of those dark eyes and watched as they darkened further at
this sight. He dove down toward me his cock unerringly finding its
way home and his lips locking tight to mine.

The wide mushroom head and the thick shaft I could barely
wrap my fingers around plunged deeply. It caused my body to arch
forcing him ever deeper. I sucked eagerly at his probing tongue as it
invaded my mouth.

Hooking my knees over his shoulders he lifted me on to his
lap changing the angle of his thrusts. He was hitting a spot in my
body that had me spasming and gasping for breath. Each stroke felt
like a miniature orgasm without actually coming, he was tireless. I
lost track of how many times we climaxed again and again. It felt so
good I didn't ever want to stop, but my body had other ideas I was
shaking and trembling my muscle control was gone I don't think I
could have moved if the bed was on fire. He gathered me into his arms
as I was sucked down in to a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Nine

I watched my mortal sleep away his exhaustion as a rare
moment of contentment stole over me. The dissatisfaction that had
haunted me was gone and I found myself grinning like a fool. A soft
chuckle escaped me as I thought of the reactions of Discord and
Strife if they could see me now. I lightly traced the marks I had
left on Joxer's skin a deep feeling of possession overwhelming me. He
was mine now and he was going to stay mine.

I reluctantly left my lover as I felt my son appear in the
great hall. "Cupid," I asked as I sat on my throne, "what brings you

"Joxer does. He's fragile right now and I feel kinda
responsible for him." Cupid stated shifting uneasily.

How dare he think I would mistreat Joxer I thought scowling
at my son. "He's fine," I stated shortly.

"Well I…" he began.

"See for yourself." I interrupted; I created a mirror showing
Joxer sleeping a slight smile on his face, making sure that he wasn't
exposed to my son's sight. "Now if you have assured yourself that I
haven't mistreated him, you can go." I dismissed him absently.
My attention was drawn away from my son as I stared at the
picture that Joxer presented curled up in my bed. I felt an urgent
desire to return to his side and hold him in my arms as he slept.

"You-you're in love." Cupid stuttered gazing at his father in
abject shock.

"Don't be ridiculous," I said scowling at my son and ignoring
the little voice in my head that agreed with him. "you've obviously
been working too hard."

"Hello, love god here, I know love and you got it bad, real
bad." Cupid retorted a smug little smile on his face.

I pointed towards the doors of my temple and gave my son his
marching orders, "out, now." I watched as Cupid disappeared and my
thoughts turned to back to Joxer.

Did I love him? As much as struggled against the idea it just
wouldn't leave me alone. The mirror I had created to show Cupid that
Joxer was fine caught my eye and as I watched Joxer's hand reach out
searching for me and a slight frown appear on his sleeping
countenance the image sent a jolt revelation through me. I didn't
ever want to make him unhappy and I would cheerfully destroy anyone
who did.


I didn't want to wake up I was having the most marvelous
dream, but the sensations running through my body demanded it. I
opened my eyes expecting to find myself curled up on the ground or
some flea infested Inn. As quickly as I opened them I closed them. I
was still dreaming was the only explanation for it.

A husky chuckle caught my ear and a soft pair of lips nuzzled
my neck as a hard body stroked in and out of mine. "Does this feel
like a dream to you?"

Ares thrust deeply drawing a gasp of pleasure from me as his
strokes deepened from the soft shallow movements that had awakened
me. "N-n-no." I stuttered as my brain turned to mush with the

"Ares?" I gasped out my hips jerking back and forth as he hit
my prostate.

"You where expecting someone else?" he growled as the pace of
his thrusts increased.

I couldn't answer I had lost the power of speech. The only
thing my brain (and the rest of me) was interested in was the
exquisite sensation of his hard cock driving in and out of my ass.

Chapter Ten

There was, I discovered, a downside to being the mortal lover
of a god. The main one being that no mortal could match the stamina
of a god. If Ares hadn't been called away to deal with 'unruly
Spartans' I might have been the first person to ever die of too much

As I dressed in the clothes left for me by my godly lover the
slight ache in my body reminded me of Ares' lovemaking and the
unexpected care he had taken in healing me whenever my body had
protested the new uses it had been subjected to. I could feel the
grin that threatened to crack my face as I thought of those uses.

"Hey dude." The sound of Cupid's voice started me out of my
self-absorbed daze. I felt myself flushing under his knowing gaze as
he caught sight of the marks Ares had left showing his passion and
staking his claim.

"Hi Cupid." I replied feeling a bit shy.

"I just wanted to check on you." Said Cupid
uncharacteristically serious and concerned.

"I'm great, uh good…fine." I stuttered a little unnerved by
his concern.

Cupid smiled gently and said. "I wanted to make sure that
being here is what you want I don't stop by just to keep an eye on
your for Mom, Joxer I like you and Bliss adores you."

"Thanks." I answered amazed at his concern, "being with Ares
is something I've never dared dream about. I have always loved him as
my god, but as I come to know more about him as a person I find more
and more that I not only worship him I genuinely like him.


"I know Cupid had to feel it when I appeared in my temple,
but he didn't let Joxer know by word or deed. As I eavesdropped
shamelessly as Joxer told Cupid about his feelings for me. I found
myself grinning as he told my son that he not only loved me as his
god, but also liked me.

It caught me off guard this urge to smile witlessly. I have
been known and despised for many things most of them violent and
bloody, but never for smiling like a fool.

"I'm glad to hear it, Joxer." I said walking into the room.
Turning my gaze on my son I repeated my earlier instructions. "You,

I felt strangely hesitant and indecisive. I had the ever
present need to jump on Joxer and stake my claim once again. But I
also found myself wanting to explore the idea of his 'liking' me.

I observed the look in his eyes I wanted to plunge into his
mind and explore the unspoken promises I could see written in their
depths. At the same time I found myself reluctant to invade his mind
without his knowledge.


Ares held out his hand and I set my own safely within his
grasp. Safe, that's a strange word to use in conjunction with the god
of war but it was how I felt with him, safe and protected.

As he drew me out into the ever-present Olympian sunshine the
comfortable silence between us remained unbroken. He led me to a
small glade drawing me down to sit between his legs as he rested
against the trunk of a tree seemingly content just to hold me cradled
in his embrace.

The End

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