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Title: Raising Mischief - Sleep over II
Fandom: Hercules The Legendary Journeys/Xena Warrior Princess
Characters: Strife
Prompt: #28 Children
Word Count: 1.150
Rating: PG13
Summary: Sleepover! II
Author's Notes: 17th in the series.
Big Damn Table

Apollo had no sooner vanished then Demeter appeared Persephone at her side a small tray of cookies in her hand.

"She insisted," Demeter said with a shrug. "She just finished them."

"Told you I could make cookies," she said presenting the tray to Erin who was on one of Ares' legs Ace on the other. All three gods reached for cookies which were surprisingly good.

"Want to stay for sleep over?" Erin asked enjoying his cookie. "Unc tells scary stories."

Ares looked at Demeter who frowned. "It isn't proper for a young lady"

"Demeter lighten up, Erin is five, Ace is two you have at least another decade before things have to be proper," Ares said.

"Do you want to stay sweetie?" Demeter asked and Persephone nodded.

"Well alright, I'll flash over some clothes for bed time. But if you want you can come home any time."

"Okay mommy, I love you."

"I love you too precious."

"Oh Demeter, Apollo said there would most likely not be class tomorrow, so there is no rush picking her up. I'm sure Hermes will drop off messages in the dead of the night one way or another."

"I do have that meeting with Hestia, Hera, and Gaia. I was expecting Persephone to be in school."

"If there is school I will make sure she gets there. If not she can stay until you come to pick her up. How's that?" Ares asked glancing at the children who had slid off his lap over to Erin small table. A few cups of milk appearing to go with the cookies. "Hey hey, don't eat all of those; you still have to have dinner."

"Yes unc," Erin said as the other children nodded placing the cookies down though Erin snuck a last bite.

Demeter satisfied with that little parental display more than anything else decided that maybe Aphrodite wasn't as dumb as everyone assumed choosing Ares to father her children so far, that fling with Hermes excluded. There had been a lot of wine at that party. She had been glancing at Poseidon for goddess sake.

"I should be back by lunch."

"Take your time."

Demeter nodded and walked over to Persephone to give her a kiss goodbye.

"Thank you, Lady, Goddess, um Auntie Demeter," Erin said with a smile a few crumbs on his cheek.

"Oh dear that is quite the mouthful," Demeter said wiping his cheek. "Auntie will do just fine."


Demeter flashed out with a smile, surprised she had actually let Persephone out of her sight for an entire night and part of a day. She had never done it before but decided it was time for small steps. It would not do them either well if she was not able to let Persephone go. Sending some night clothes and clothes for the next day she decided to visit with some other Goddesses with her newfound time.

"So what does everyone want for dinner?" Ares asked as the children followed him into the main room of his temple and took seats near him at the head of the table.

"Can I have cake?" A voice asked from behind Ares.

"Anteros!" Ares said with a smile standing to hug his younger son.

"Hey dad, mind if I pop in?"

"You are always welcome," Ares said as his son lowered his quiver of lead arrows to the floor. "Don't even think it Erin."

The boy pulled back and smiled innocently waving to Anteros, "hello again little mischief, big brother with the feathers says hello. He won't be able to visit you for a while he working on something with mom for the next few months."

Erin pouted but nodded glancing at Anteros' scarlet and purple wings which he didn't like to be touched in the least.

"Nope, I haven't changed my mind," Anteros said not about to admit he had no idea how cupid did it. His wings were such an erogenous zone he wasn't about to let a child near them. "Big crowd tonight."

"We's having a sleepover," Ace explained.

"Unc's gonna tell stories."

"That should be fun," Anteros said ruffling Ace's blond hair. Much straighter than his or Cupid's had ever been.

So what's for dinner?"

"I don't eat meat," Persephone piped in not surprising Ares.

"I have just the thing, Dite told me about it. Ares said having a platter of tofurky appear. It tastes like meat but its vegetables. Give it a try."

"Oh! Aunt Dite made it for me once. She made little nuggets. They were crunchy on the outside."

Ares nodded flashing some cutting utensils into his hands ignoring the dubious looks on the faces of Ace and Erin. Anteros having spent enough time living with his mother was used to her importing foods from other pantheons.

Slicing a taste for Erin he held it before the boy and he took the small piece and made it even smaller by splitting it with Ace before looking at the dish in surprise. It was wonderful.

Slicing large pieces for both children he then served Persephone and Anteros and lastly himself. Flashing in goblets of fruit juice for the children and wine for himself and Anteros the meal went well with no spills for once. Ace and Erin both going for seconds on the tofurky before Ares cleared the meal away for dessert, red velvet cake.

All the children were in awe of Anteros favorite dessert. Eating it with quite a few sounds of delight. Anteros left as they all went to Ares' bedchamber to get settled. Erin plopped in his uncle's lap. Unc, appearing in his hand.

Apollo appeared in Ace's hand and what Ares' was sure was Hecate, if the black outfit was anything to go by appeared in Persephone's hand surprising the war god.

"So what kind of story would you like me to tell?"

"One bout, heroes," Ace piped in and the other two children nodded.

"Okay, well I want to tell you about a champion that will exist thousands of years in the future. He was a young boy when he got his powers, and he learned his most powerful lesson the hard way. With Great Power comes Great Responsibility."

Ares was deep into the epic battle with Venom when Erin, the last of the children awake drifted off. Smiling he lay down, surrounded by Children content to leave the war god outside the temple. A promise he has made when Cupid had been born and one that helped to keep him from becoming something children would fear.

Making sure all the children were settled he flashed another sheet over them before going to sleep himself.

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