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Title: Raising Mischief - Puppy
Fandom: Hercules The Legendary Journeys/Xena Warrior Princess
Characters: Strife
Prompt: #18 Black
Word Count: 1,426
Rating: PG13
Summary: A visit to Erin's second favorite uncle
Author's Notes: 19th in the series.
Big Damn Table

Anteros lowered his head down on the table with a deep sigh. Had he and Cupid been this much trouble? Somehow he doubted it. It surely didn't help that Erin's very godhood called for trouble.

He refused to watch any further as what had once been a nice breakfast turned into a food throwing war. He simply flashed away the bit of oatmeal that landed between his wings, all the while Erin's giggles seemed to be egging the children on.

Anteros would much rather be in the countryside shooting a few villagers. But no he had to tell his father that he had nothing to do until evening.

With a growl that sounded enough like Ares to freeze Erin in place, the lump of butter sliding down his hand, Anteros flashed all the food away and flashed the children clean. The three of them looked at him surprised.

"Breakfast is over," He snarled wings fluttering in his aggravation. Erin and Ace both pouted before Erin perked up.

"Can we go see unc dees? He got a new puppy."

"Hades has a puppy? Really? Old Dark and gloomy himself?" Anteros said more to himself. He flashed in a scroll and quill for his father in case he should return early and gathered the children to flash to the underworld.

"Uh huh, he's not gonna be a puppy soon, they he will have to go to training to keep the under place safe."

"A guard dog? For spirits? Interesting. I want to see this."

What greeted him nearly made him wet his pants. Hades' puppy was easily taller than he was and had three snarling and sniffing heads. Ace started to cry, Persephone screamed and ran and Anteros slowly backed away. Erin was the only one unperturbed by this and actually approaching the dog.

Hades' having heard the scream ran to see what was happening and nearly ran into Persephone.

"Hello?" Hades said kneeling to look at the terrified child.

"!" She cried clinging to him. Hades wondered how the child had slipped Demeter to get down here when he heard a giggle.

"Erin!" He looked up and waved at his uncle as his other hand continued to pet the middle head, pale hand standing out starkly against the black fur. Cerberus had to lay down for Erin to reach but both of the other heads were giving the giggling child a good licking.

"See look he's not dangerous. He's just a big puppy," Hades said as he approached Anteros and Ace and tried to pry Persephone off of him.

Anteros was the first to come out of his stunned fear when Cerberus rolled over and Erin climbed on top of him to rub his belly giggling and calling out good puppy all the while.

He picked up Ace and attempted a similar tactic to that of Hades turning the child so he could see the fact that Erin was unharmed. It took a few minutes for Ace to calm down and believe it.

"Down puppy," Erin called and one of the heads lifted Erin by the tunic and placed him on the stone ground carefully.

Erin approached Anteros first. "Cerbie is a nice puppy, promise," Erin said to Ace.

"Promise?" Ace asked wiping his face as Erin nodded. Ace scrambled out of Anteros' arms and approached warily.

"Just give him your hand, and he'll sniff then tickle you with licks."

Ace held out a hand and Cerberus rolled onto his stomach and sniffed it with each head in turn. After a moment all three heads gave Ace a lick that lifted him off the floor.

Anteros was the next to approach, and Persephone would only do it while safely in Hades' arms.

"That is not a puppy," Anteros said after a few moments turning to Hades not noticing his wings tickling a head's nose.

"Actually he is, when he is fully grown he will be able to fill the entrance cavern," Hades said calmly absently rubbing a head as the children climbed all over the dog who allowed the tiny gods to do as they pleased.

"Shouldn't you have class Erin?"

"Daddy made the muses mad, today is a sorry day," Ace said appearing on the dogs head before sliding down to sit on its nose as another had enough of Anteros' wings sneezing and spraying the god.

"Aw eww," Anteros whined wings and the back of his head dripping puppy snot. Ace giggled and scrambled back up the head as the sneezing head tried to lick Anteros in apology. The god sighed and allowed it trying to pretend he couldn't hear the children laughing and ignoring Hades' smirk and shaking shoulders.

"Laugh it up," he snapped and the god of the Dead lost it and doubled over with laughter.

"Erin, does Ares know where you are?" Hades asked knowing the child had snuck down to the underworld once before.

"Unc's warring," he said attempting to mimic Ares' scowl. "Playing with cuz 'Ros today," he said diving into Hades' arms. Looking around the black chamber he giggled and the room exploded into color, blues, purples, yellows, and some reds streaked the walls as light originated from a yet undetectable source.

"Erin, what have I told you about coloring things in the underworld its supposed to be dark."

"But its pretty," Erin said with a pout.

"Yes and I still can't get all the blue out of my wings," Anteros whined, "Fates only know how long my hair will be like this. For a child he's strong."

"I know it took a few hours to turn the river Styx from yellow," Hades said as Erin climbed back onto Cerberus who had decided to do a little running with a child at each one of his heads holding onto his ears like they were reins.

"So he's been playing with you too?"

"Its been two weeks! And there are still blue feathers." Anteros whined.

"Well ask your father to help."

"No thanks," Anteros mumbled wings fluttering.

"He won't hold it against you," Hades' said.

"Yeah I bet Cupid never asked for help."

"Well seeing as Ares, Ace, and Cupid seem to be the only ones Erin never uses his powers on I suppose not."

"He uses his powers on you?" Anteros asked surprised.

"Didn't I tell you he turned the Styx yellow?" Hades asked.

"Oh I thought he did something to you."

"Well I suppose if he didn't have the entire underworld to tamper with I might be worried. Show him your temples they will never be the same but he will probably leave you alone."

"I like my temple just the way it is," Anteros exclaimed with a yelp as he took to the air to avoid the onrush of the galloping Cerberus. Hades had taken a few steps back with an indulgent smile, Erin on the center head laughing delighted, that was the way the child was supposed to be.

"I don't think any other kid on Olympus could get away with that," Anteros said with irritation.

"How would you know? How many children on Olympus visit the underworld to play? Ace and Persephone are only here because of Erin. You never hear children laughing in the underworld."

"Oh, um" Anteros started not sure what to say. He wasn't about to admit he hadn't expected Hades' to have such a strong relationship with Erin, who as if on cue appeared in his uncle's arms wrapped his arms tightly around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Hades smiled at the child and pinched his nose with pale fingers. "Had fun?"

"Uh huh, Cerbie is the best, you think Unc, will let me have a puppy?" Erin asked.

"Maybe, but not one as big as Cerberus and not for a little while yet."


"How about when Cerberus has puppies we see if Ares will let you keep one?"

"Really? I love you Unc Dees!" Erin exclaimed hugging the god tighter.

"Hey, Erin, why don't you get the guys, we should start heading back. It will be time for lunch soon."

"Ok but Peppie's girl," Erin said flashing off again.

"Isn't Cerberus male?"

"Two thirds, we'll see what happens," Hades said with a shrug. "I may have to bring in another dog."

"Oh," Anteros said not daring to ask which was the female head. Since the creature shared a body he didn't even want to know how such a thing was possible. But then again there was his halfbro..sissibling. They were gods, anything was possible.

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