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Title: Raising Mischief - Mortals
Fandom: Hercules The Legendary Journeys/Xena Warrior Princess
Characters: Strife
Prompt: #89 Work
Word Count: 746
Rating: PG13
Summary: Erin visits the mortal realm for the first time.
Author's Notes: 21st in the series.
Big Damn Table

Ares placed down his scroll and watched as Erin bounced around the room, thanking the stars he didn't have wings. Cupid had moments this hyper as a child buzzing around the room as if he was ready to explode. Starring at the boy he waited until he bounced to his side.

"Are you done yet?" Erin asked excitedly.

"Yes, we can go now, to you know what you are going to do?"

"Play!" Erin exclaimed.

"Remember they are mortal," Ares warned knowing some of his games with Ace and Persephone when she escaped Demeter weren't exactly safe for those that needed to breathe, or could be crushed by his arms. There was also the fact that they would not react well to being turned green; Erin's current color of choice.

"All right, I will stay invisible, it's up to you if you want to make yourself visible or not," Ares said.

"I'm gonna do this by myself right?"

Ares held up his hands in defense. "I won't do anything unless you are in danger, or you ask."

"Ok, Peppie was so mad at Auntie, she told her she was gonna tend this garden by herself and one day she got up early to see her doing the garden. She was so mad," Erin said shaking his head as he took his uncle's hand.

Ares flashed them down to the mortal realm on the main street of the village. Villagers going about their lives all around them. Erin watched them all wide eyed when he spotted a pair of children chasing each other around the adults.

Erin watched in glee as the children ran around the market stalls and actually stole food in their supposed play. Running after the children Ares watched with pride as Erin made himself visible a distance away from anyone and changed his clothes to something similar to the children.

Erin saw them run into what looked like an abandoned rundown cottage and silently crept up to the house.

"Hello?" He whispered softly. "I have some food," Erin whispered.

"Well come in then, what are you doing out there?" A voice called out. Something made Erin paused and he cast his senses inside the makeshift shack. His eyes widened and Ares could sense the extra burst of power but could see no change.

Entering into the shack Erin looked at the group of about six children. All without homes or in homes that meant they would rather live on the street here.

"Who're you?"


"Where are your parents?" One child asked in question.

"Don't know, never met my dad. Mother went to the market and never came back."

Ares released a breath he was not aware he was holding. He would have to ask Erin directly at some point about Eris but he would avoid it for as long as he could safely. Ares watched Erin interact with the children more and more impressed.

He had known almost instinctively what to do to gain their trust. He was learning about the little band of orphans and runaways. Ares was surprised such a large group had gathered together. There were eight children not counting Erin living at the abandoned house.

Ares watched as Erin explained a way to get away with more food than their chasing game. The war god had to admit he was impressed and Erin would make a worthy second. He apparently had been paying much more attention than Ares had originally thought at the many meetings with warlords where he had sat invisibly in his lap clutching 'Unc' and not wanting to let his uncle out of his sight.

"Oh! I have an idea. Who has the biggest temple here?" Erin asked looking at his Uncle but it was one of the children who responded.

"Aphrodite, Zeus, and Apollo have nearby temples. They are all big."

"Okay, I'll be back in a while! Here," Erin said tossing them the sack of food as it filled itself once again. "Bye."

The kids all waved goodbye to Erin digging into the sack for more food.

"Unc?" Erin asked once they were a distance away from the shack.


"Why does an old goat have a big temple?"

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