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Title: Raising Mischief - Godlings on the loose
Fandom: Hercules The Legendary Journeys/Xena Warrior Princess
Characters: Strife
Prompt: #016 Purple
Word Count: 1,554
Rating: PG13
Summary: Discord is still felt on Olympus.
Author's Notes: 15th in the series.
Big Damn Table

Erin had been living with Ares for nearly a year and had his uncle wrapped around his little finger. Not that Aries minded though the child still was impossibly shy with any one but him Hestia and Cupid.

He even seemed nervous around Ace. He sighed looking at the warlords presenting their petitions and was about to leave when he heard Erin's mischievous giggle before the child appeared in his lap.

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?" He asked as he vanished from the mortals sight into his Olympian temple, just as the tracking bells sounded and ceased.

"I was, but nucle pollo came and the Muses started yelling and throwing books and then he poofed us all to the playground. I came to say hi."

"Idiot," Ares snapped and Erin flinched. "Not you," Aries said flashing in 'unc' as Erin squeezed it nervously. Ares appeared then in the play area and sighed the only children still there were Ace and Persephone.

He sighed. "Erin who's in your class?" He asked the young god who was standing at his side tugging on the blue toga that matched his eyes.

"Persephone, the wind kids, Ace started yesterday, um, hermfdite, Triton, some water kids like nucle don when he's squishy, a tree."

"She is not a tree! She's a dryad," Persephone snapped.

"Hermes," Ares called not really happy to deal with the younger god who talked a mile a minute and had only been officially in his duties for less than a century. "Demeter," Aries added as an after thought and both gods appeared.

"Okay you need to contact Poseidon, most of the children in Erin's class were of a water nature or under your domain," he added to Demeter. And do you know where your son is?"

"Hermaphrodite's not a boy," Persephone said smugly.

"Not a girl either, he's tween," Erin snapped back.

"Probably with 'dite, it's her week, I swear she's what's really confusing the poor kid. She want's a girl so much, I think it was Cupid that kept her from having dozens already, so I'll check around any kids I spot on my rounds I'll send back here."

"I know where they wents," Ace said finally speaking up.

"Really? And you are just saying something now? Where?" Demeter snapped causing the normally bubbly child to whimper. Erin let go of Aries' hand and walked over to Demeter and kicked her in the shin before running to hide behind his uncle Ace right behind him.

Demeter was stunned, the kick had actually completely missed her tangling in her skirts instead but everyone knew Erin was shy enough to be bullied by a three year old. She looked at Erin who was shaking behind an equally surprised Aries and shook her head.

"I'm sorry Ace; could you tell me where you think the children have gone off to?" She asked controlling her voice very carefully.

Ace glanced at Erin first and whispered to the child. Erin went pale at the response.

"Erin where did they go?" Ares asked afraid he knew the answer.

"Totomomma's place," he whispered wrapping his arms tightly around his uncle's leg.

"Hera sealed it, but I doubt she disarmed it. She did love her booby traps." Ares said with a snarl. "I'll leave you to deal with the Muses and that idiot Apollo."

"Erin, you have to let go."

"No! Don't go there! BadShe makes it hurt," Erin said his fear clear.

"I have to, I'll be okay, and I have to make sure your classmates are fine."

"You promise?"

"I promise stay with Ace, and Persephone."

"But she's a girl," Erin whined and Ares bit the inside of his cheek to hide his grin.

"Nothing wrong with girls, Hestia's a girl right," Erin nodded. "So is Persephone."

"But she doesn't have cookies, or cake."

"I can make cookies," Persephone chimed in.

"Really?" Erin said walking to the girl holding Ace's hand so he led the blond to her as well.

"Yeah, mother showed me" Ares flashed out shaking his head wondering what would come of that before appearing in front of his sister's temple. He could feel his mother's wards and he sensed the children coming from the back of the house.

He barely had time to applaud the children's stealth, when he felt the lingering traces of his sister's power before a series of bolts fired. He appeared before the children quickly sending fireballs to disperse the bolts.

Turning to the children he didn't see the spear that came soaring for him slamming into his shoulder just as Erin bravely appeared before what his home was for four years Persephone, and Demeter who was holding Ace, hot on his tail.

"Erin, Aries wanted" Demeter stopped seeing Ares fall to his knees before the cowering children in surprise. He would have to pull the spear out before he would be able to close the wound, and right now he was bleeding on his leather.

Cursing when he heard Erin cry out and he felt the curse on the spear that would cause the wound to heal mortally slow.

Erin was on him seconds later and decided to call on the only other two people he would trust near his hurting uncle.

"Unc' Dees! Cupid!" He wailed and both gods appeared almost instantly. Hades taking the scene in and taking Erin into his arms flashing the blood stains off the child as Cupid went to help his father remove the spear.

Ares scream as it was ripped from his shoulder caused Erin to sob all the louder cradled in his uncle's black armor. Hades' saw the horror on the face of the small class and motioned for Demeter to take care of them.

"I would send them to the fields but I don't want any parents to worry if they are using the tagging system."

Demeter nodded, godly children had a tendency to sneak off, and when Hermes had been a child he had snuck off to Athens. Now if a child left Olympus alarms went off at the parents', Hebe and Hera's home temple. She flashed them all back to the school playground, just as the muse's blasted Apollo out of the doors.

Ace toddled over to where Cupid was staunching the blood flow with his hands. Looking very serious for such a young child, he placed his hand on Cupids and focused.

Ares could feel his torn muscles and skin knit together and was stunned starring at Ace. The child let out a little huff and sat down.

Ares stood and walked over to Hades and Erin watching as Erin clung to the god as if his life depended on it. Quickly cleaning himself of the blood he stood in front of his Uncle.

"Erin, I'm fine look" Ares said rubbing the child's back. "Everything's ok."

Erin turned slowly in his Uncle's arms to Hades. "Hurt?"

"No, not even a little you can check," Ares said holding out his arms.

Erin still in Hades' arms twisted he reached for Ares where he pushed aside the vest and saw a large purple bruise, that Ares was just beginning to feel and he couldn't hide a wince when Erin poked it slightly and burst into tears again at causing his uncle pain.

Ace was nearly asleep in Cupid's arm when he bounced up with a grin, albeit a tired one when his father appeared.

"Daddy! Make Unc' Rees better, I clost'ed the big hole, but he has a ow and it's making Erin sad."

"You healed Ares?" Apollo asked surprised.

"Uh huh," Ace said puffing proudly. Apollo approached Ares who waved him away.

"It was cursed; I'm surprised that Ace was able to do anything except maybe she did it against you and whoever was hit."

'That would make sense; guess she didn't think she had to worry about the new god of healing huh?" Apollo said kneeling to give his son a high five. Ace giggled hugging his father after the high five.

Erin was surrounded by both his uncles and neither could get him to calm. Ares glanced pleadingly at his son and Cupid came over. He stood in front of Hades and slid his feathers across Erin's cheek. It took a few moments for Erin to notice and he sniffed looking at the wings.

"I'm a little tangled can you help?" Cupid asked knowing Erin loved straightening his feathers. He would sometimes purposely flutter madly before going to his father's temple just to let Erin have his fun. "Please." Cupid added and the young god gave in. Cupid sat down on the ground so he was within Erin's reach then waited for him to start. He had his back to Discord's temple and didn't see the look of rage that passed Erin's features as he looked at it. He did however turn when he heard the temple collapsing upon itself before Erin busied himself in the wings.

He looked up at his father and uncle and pointed back to the house, he glanced around but Demeter and the children were already gone as well as Ace and Apollo who had vanished a while before. That only left Erin, who was too busy carefully straightening some twisted feathers to see the scrutiny he was under from his uncles.

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