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Part 1

Disclaimer: This is probably not for everybody. It is a XWP/RHPS crossover.
Title: The Rocky Horror Princess Show
Author: Thunder
Copyright: Gabrielle and Company belong to RenPic, RHPS belongs to Richard O'Brien. This is all for fun in my warped way, and I AM NOT MAKING ANY MONEY.
Sex: Uh, it's Frank N. Furter. What do you think?(G) Possibly even (gulp) hetero
Content: A whole lot of innuendo, and a few dirty words.
Feedback: why, coitenly. Any and all.
Summary: Aphrodite has a mission for our favorite heroines that ends up introducing our girls to the Time Warp.

The Rocky Horror Princess Show

" I don't care what he says, Xena. I don't trust him! " Gabrielle stomped her foot for emphasis.

" Look, if Ares is around, Joxer would know. He has some sort of unholy link to him." Xena wasn't to thrilled having Joxer sniffing around Gabrielle, but he was good for sniffing out Ares. For that, she would let him live.

" But Xena, Joxer DROOLS around me like I'm a feast and he's starving. It really icks me out. "

Lost in the imagery that statement produced, Xena almost didn't feel Ares appear.Spinning around, she grabbed for her sword.

" Whoa, back up, luscious and deadly. I come in peace. " Ares smiled his most insincere smile. 'I HATE being a messenger. 'Dite's gonna owe me big time for this.'

" You? In peace? Who are you and what have you done with Ares? " Gabrielle just had to open her mouth.

" Hey, bimbette, shut up. My ' love conquers all ' sister sent me with a message." Ares was tempted to zap her with a small fireball, but Artemis had made it painfully clear he was not to hurt her Chosen.

" What's the message? " Xena was trying to keep her Bard and the War God from coming to blows.

" Yeah, the message. She said to tell you that Toris' future wife is in trouble, and she needs you two to go save her. "

" Toris? I didn't know he was getting married." Xena was happy for her brother. It was about time he found some happiness.

" Hells, he hasn't even met her yet. You get to save her and bring her to him." Ares was ready to leave. He had a nice battle planned for the afternoon, and wanted get there early.

" Where is she?"

" Like I know. 'Dite said she'd send you to her. "

" Xena, look. Why is there a waterspout on dry land? " Joxer had never seen Aphrodite's favorite mode of transportation.

" APHRODITE! This wasn't part of the bargain!" Ares' roar was almost lost as they were all caught up in the portal.

" Have fun, bro." Aphrodite's laugh followed them through time and space.


" Master. MASTER! We have visitors. " Rif-Raff turned to Dr. Frank N. Furter.

" More guests? How am I supposed to get the floor show started if people keep showing up? " Frank pouted.

" I think you might like them, Master. "

" Why? What do they look like? "

" One is a tall female brunette, wearing leather...."

" Oooooooohhhhhhh, leather?" Frank squealed.

" One is a short blonde female, also wearing leather....."

" More leather?" Frank's eyes started to glaze over.

" Yes, Master. One is a .." Rif had to swallow a lump in his throat. " A tall dark haired male, lots of muscle, and he's in leather."

Frank adjusted his Merry Widow. " Any more? "

" Yes Master. The last one is a male wearing cloth, and it looks like a pot on his head. "

" Well, go let them in." Frank hit Rif-Raff with his whip handle. " I have to prepare."


" What kind of place is this? " Gabrielle looked around at the stone castle and unkempt grounds. " It looks like those haunted places we saw in the Viking lands."

" I don't know, Gabrielle, but, if Toris' future wife is in here, we have to get her out. " Xena wasn't too happy with Aphrodite. ' She could have at least prepared us for this.'

" It's raining, and I don't have my powers. " Ares was pissed. He hated wet leather.

Joxer just looked around. 'Wow, Xena and Gabby have all the fun. '

Gabrielle walked to the door and raised her hand to knock, just as the door opened.

" Hello."

Gabrielle jumped at the sound. At scraggle hair man with a hump- back leaned in the doorway.

" Hi, um, we got lost, and it's raining, and, uh..."

" You might as well come in." Rif intoned.

Gabrielle and company looked at each other and walked into the castle.


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