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Rating - NC17
Fandom - Xena/Hercules
Pairing - Ares/Joxer and Cupid/Strife and lots more
Warniings - mpreg, slash, HC, Death
Summary - sequel to Innocence lost
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Since the birth of his son three short years ago Ipecles had become accustomed to sitting in the council chamber reading petitions to the sound of children laughing. His son Heron was sitting playing with Bliss, the two of them had become inseparable, along with his niece and nephew, Hypatia and Cyrus, the four godlings created mayhem around the palace.

Ipecles had finally gotten used to having Ares as a brother. In an effort to allow their children to actually have a childhood, Ares and Joxer lived the majority of time in Corinth in the new Temple of War. Whilst Cupid and Strife still lived on Olympus, Bliss would often spend his time in Corinth. It had taken a couple of years before he stopped wearing his crown whenever he came to see Ipecles or Iyolas it was, however, still one of his most treasured possessions.

Since the joining ceremony Corinth had prospered, trade had been opened up with the Egyptians, and there wasn’t a single homeless person in Corinth.

Ipecles looked up at his son who was squabbling with Cyrus, Ipecles couldn’t help but smirk, whilst the little children squabbled, even at their young age, woe betide anyone who upset one as they would have to deal with the other three.

Apollo had learnt that the hard way, Hypatia and Heron had been playing with his chariot and had gotten it scratched. As he was telling them off Bliss heard. He proceeded to levitate a pile of manure from Pegasus and then he dropped it on top of Apollo. Ipecles remembered it had taken Ares the best part of the day to stop chuckling to himself. Even now whenever Ares saw Apollo he would sniff.

Today, Ipecles had agreed to play host to the four young godlings. Ares and Joxer were dealing with a conflict on the Southern Greek border, and Bliss was just there because the other three were; whoever babysat couldn’t settle for one, instead they had four. Iyolas was off at one of his new temples hearing dedications, so that left the King of Corinth sitting there with joy in his heart as he watched the four children play.

He was disturbed by the sudden appearance of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Ipecles had stopped referring to his extended family by titles when in private. Strife had been responsible for him stopping. Strife had suggested to his family that every time Ipecles referred to them by titles that they douse him in cold water. It turned out that Ipecles was a fast learner.

“Good Morning Hades, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Ipecles asked warmly.

People had gotten used to the sight of Hades smiling whenever he was near the young godlings, “I have just come to see how the terrors are doing, and I also wondered if Corinth was still standing?” Hades replied with a chuckle.

Ipecles turned away from the children to talk to the God of the Underworld, “Well I have to keep an eye on those four and deal with all these petitions, but apart from that I am doing fine.”

Hades readily volunteered to take the children, he had been trying for years to father a child with Persephone, but they had had no luck, so they welcomed the presence of the young godlings, who never ceased to be entertaining. As a result of their mischief making Strife had collapsed a couple of times from the power overdose. It wasn’t until Hephaestus had made him a medallion to siphon off some of the energy that he was able to handle the four of them being together for any length of time.

Hades walked up to the youngsters, “Do you want to come and visit Persephone and I whilst Uncle Ipecles does his paperwork?” he asked kneeling down towards them.

The four jumped up. They loved visiting their Uncle Hades; he let them have lots of honey cakes and didn’t tell them off like their daddies did. Unknown to the rest of Olympus, it was in fact Hades who gave the terrors most of their ideas for pranks.

Once they arrived in Hades’ private suite they each ran and hugged Persephone. Hypatia and Cyrus wrapped their arms tightly around their aunt, each sending a little spark of life into the unsuspecting goddess.

That morning Hypatia had woken up Cyrus and told him she had dreamed that Aunt Sephy was going to have a baby. Cyrus had had the very same dream.

As soon as the sound of children laughing was heard by the attuned ears outside the door there was a rush to find the source of the noise; as soon as the door to the living chamber had been opened Heron looked up. “CERBUS,” he shouted happily as he ran over to the playful three headed dog. The sight still reduced Hades to fits of laughter; there were grown men, seasoned warriors who fled Cerberus in fits of panic, but here was the dog being fussed and tickled behind his six ears by children and apparently loving every second of it.

One of Hades’ minions had tried to approach the children on one visit to clear their plates away; instead they were met by the snarling three heads. The dog of the underworld was as protective of the young gods as they were of each other.

Not being satisfied with their gift to their aunty, the twins whispered to their fellow conspirators who decided they were going to get Granpa Ares’s doggy Gregous to play with Cerberus.

Just before dinner that evening Iyolas, Joxer and Cupid arrived to pick up their children, the sight of the feared dog of hell playing with the squealing children had the same effect on them as it did Hades. As soon as the children saw their fathers the room was filled with shouts “DADDY” as the four children ran towards their fathers.

As was normal now Ares and Joxer sat to have their dinner with Ipecles and Iyolas, following his hero, Heron had also decided he wanted to be a warrior and General of Corinth. Having Xena as a daughter hadn’t helped Ares when Hypatia decided she wanted to be like her big sister. Ares had foolishly made the mistake of disagreeing with his little daughter; it was then that he learnt that his daughter had inherited his temper. Seeing his sister upset, Cyrus wasn’t much better, the glare he gave his father would have rivalled one of his own in a fit of rage. Joxer had found this all highly amusing, seeing the mighty God of War defeated by his two young children.

That night in bed they had voiced their fears at what life was going to be like when the four terrors reached their rebellious age.


Ares was chatting to Iyolas when Hypatia looked at her father, “Daddy Res, why I not got little fing like Cywus?” The little goddess stood up on her chair and pointed to between her legs, just in case they hadn't gotten the idea.

Ipecles nearly chocked on the mouthful of food he was about to swallow and Joxer’s face became so red he could have been used as a beacon. Ares looked mortified at what his daughter had just asked him, he did the only thing he knew how to-do he shouted “DITE, HELP.”

Aphrodite appeared almost instantly to be met with the shrieking children “GANMA”. She sighed to herself….maybe one day they would call her “Auntie.”

Rather than repeat what his daughter had asked him, he sent a thought to the Goddess, //Dite, Hypatia asked why she doesn’t have a thing like the boys.//

Aphrodite tried to hide the smirk on her face, “Come here darling and I will tell you the answer to your question.”

Aphrodite led the little goddess to another room.

There was a loud clap of thunder as Hades appeared. “ARES I WANT A WORD WITH YOU.”

Ares tried to think what he could have done to have upset Hades, well…apart from that small battle which would have made his uncle busy, but that’s all.

Hades walked over to the table and sat down on the chair Hypatia had just left, “It would seem your delightful terrors have been bringing Gregous down to the palace, now Cerberus is going to have pups. It was bad enough house training Cerberus, do you know what a nightmare pups are going to be?”

Ares laughed at the horrid expression on his uncle’s face.

“Laugh it up Ares, it’s your dog’s fault, I should make you look after them.”

Cyrus and Heron turned to their daddies at the same time “DAD, Can I’s have a puppy?”

Both Ares and Ipecles dropped their heads on the table with a thump.


Hades woke up with a start, something was wrong; he rushed out of bed to find his wife was being violently sick. He wrapped his arm protectively around her as he shouted for help, “APOLLO, ACE come quick!”

Apollo appeared, shortly followed by his son, and he rushed over to his uncle, who dragged the two healing gods to his ill wife. Apollo led his aunt over to the bed as he and Ace began to examine her. Apollo’s jaw just dropped and exclaimed “Well fuck me….”

Ace just looked at his dad and tutted, “Dad, this is not the time to think with your dick.”

Apollo just raised his eyebrow as he turned to his uncle, “Well uncle, you horny old dog, you’re going to be a daddy.”

All Hades could do was utter one word before his knees buckled and he dropped to the floor. “Daddy?”

Ace rushed over to help Hades up, who was finding it difficult to string a coherent sentence together, “What…..daddy……how?”

Apollo tried his best to keep a straight face, “Well uncle, when a man loves a woman very much…”

The mocking tone of his nephew’s voice broke him out of his shock, Hades now had a beaming smile across his face as he rushed over to kiss his wife; their prayers had been answered.

Ares and Joxer were just putting the twins to bed when Cyrus turned to Ares, “Daddy Res, can we sees nuncle Hades morrow? He gunna be daddy.”

Ares looked at his husband in shock, not hearing a reply Hypatia asked “Daddy, pwese, we give Nuncle Hades and Nant Sephe pwesent cus they is lonely.”

Ares picked up the twins sitting one on each knee as he asked them to explain what they were talking about. Once they had explained Ares put them back into bed as he led Joxer out.

Joxer turned to Ares, “It’s a good thing Strife has that medallion, he would probably overdose on this, you going to see Hades?”

Ares was beaming, even as a child, he and Hephaestus had spent as much time as they could with Hades, who cared for them more than their father did. Since he and Ipecles had had their children Hades loved to have the children stay over at the palace. Ares knew that Hades would be a great father. “Yes, Jox, I won’t be long, but I have to see him and explain.” After a sensuous kiss Ares flashed out.

He appeared outside Hades bedroom, he could hear Apollo’s voice. After hearing Hades tell him to come in he entered with a beaming smile on his face. “Nuncle Hades,” Ares called.

Hades looked at his nephew with a raised eyebrow; Ares recognised it as the “Watch the next thing you say” look.

Knowing better than to wind his uncle up any further Ares decided to just blurt it out. “I understand that you had the terrors over yesterday. Well it seems the twins had a premonition of the future and decided to give you and Persephone a present as they decided you were lonely.”

All the gods in the room were shocked at what Ares had said, the power needed to spark life was immense and for two three year old godlings to do it was unheard of.

Seeing the happiness in his uncle’s eyes, Ares walked over to the bed, “Hades, you do know that Demeter is now going to be a grandmother.”

Hades chuckled at the thought; during one of his visits Strife had explained that Demeter would be the future model for mothers-in-law.

Hera appeared in the room smiling with a small vial containing a potion to help with the morning sickness, “HEY,” Ares shouted. “Why didn’t you share that when we had the twins?”

Hera smirked at her son, “Well, we wanted you to know what the goddesses feel.”

Ares stood there pouting. After finally getting shooed out of the room Ares returned to the palace and to his lover.

Once he was in bed with Joxer’s armed wrapped around his chest Ares leant forward to kiss Joxer’s forehead. “Jox, you do know that if the twins can create life, they are going to grow into some of the most powerful gods on Olympus.”

Joxer could tell that Ares was worried, “Don’t worry Arr, they will turn out great. They have loving parents and a great family, but knowing how protective they are of each other, I pity the fool that tries to come between them.”

Ares chuckled before leaning forward to capture Joxer’s lips with his own as his hand slowly made its way down the slim torso towards the growing length.

Once the gods had woken up, word soon spread across Olympus that Persephone was pregnant.

The sight of a smiling happy Demeter was very un-nerving for Hades, as well as several other gods.


In the Halls of War pandemonium was spread throughout the temple. The day started out badly, Ares woke up having had a passionate night of lovemaking with Joxer, only to slip in a puddle on the floor in his bedroom; that damned puppy, he should never have agreed to the twins having one of the pups. As he lost his balance he grabbed out trying to stop his landing on the floor. He grabbed the bed cover as he fell to the floor. The sudden feeling of cold woke Joxer up with a start to see his fuming husband sitting on the floor, the fact that Joxer found it extremely funny hadn’t improved Ares’s mood.

Every morning Ares enjoyed a swim in the heated pool in his temple on Olympus. Not seeing the four young faces peer round the door he got ready to dive in; just as Ares was about to dive the four Godlings turned the water into manure and ran off giggling at the shouting and swearing coming from the pool room.

Hearing Ares’s shouts Joxer ran towards the room, and found it difficult not to burst out laughing.

With a wave of his hand Ares removed the foul smelling waste and filled the room with scented flowers to replace the odour.

After finally getting the smell out of the room and a clean refreshing swim, Ares materialised some fresh clothes. Seeing the door to his bedroom open, he peered in to see the twins cutting the legs off of all his leather trousers. Struggling not so shout, Ares calmly asked the innocent looking goddess, “What are you doing?”

Hypatia looked up at her daddy. “Daddy, we is making you shorts like Cywus has.” Ares just smiled and left the room closing the door behind him. “JOXER,” Ares called out. Joxer appeared to see the strained look on his husband’s face.

“Joxer, deal with those terrors, they have decided to cut all my trousers into really short shorts, if I wore them they wouldn’t hide anything.” Ares glared at the lecherous look on his lover’s face. “Joxer, you’re not helping. I’m going to see Ipecles.”

As Ares turned Joxer slapped him on the ass as he disappeared. Before entering the room, Joxer took a deep breath and opened the doors.


Ares appeared in front of the roaring fire in the private dining hall he shared with his brother, he looked at his brother who smirked at Ares’s expression.

Ares walked over and grabbed a large jug of wine and drank it dry. By the time he had told Ipecles and Iyolas what had happened so far that morning, Iyolas lost all ability to talk in a coherent manner as he was laughing so hard, and Ipecles was trying his best to be supportive.

Ipecles and Iyolas were just as shocked as everyone else when they heard about Hades’s child. Iyolas had always liked Hades, on his many trips to the Underworld he always got on well with the god.

Now that he thought of it, Iyolas realised that whenever Hercules hadn’t been around Iyolas had always got on well with the Gods. Since his marriage to Ipecles, Iyolas had become good friends with Ares; with Hercules out of the way, Iyolas got to see a whole new side of Ares and it was a side he liked, he was under no misconception that Ares could be dangerous and blood thirsty to those who harmed his family. Iyolas was just glad that Ares had included him in his family.

After comforting Ares, Ipecles took him outside to practice sparring; Iyolas just sat on the grass dividing his attention between his son pushing a squealing Bliss in the cool stream, and his hot, sweaty, shirtless husband. He shook his head and stopped to fan himself for a moment. Although he would never do anything, the sight of Ares as well as his husband was close to the limit; if Bliss and Heron weren’t with him Iyolas would jump in the middle. He remembered back to the party they had had for Joxer’s birthday.

Iyolas turned to a drunk Joxer, “Hey Jox, remember when we all had that bath…..well, you ever wondered what it would be like with the both of them?”

Unknown to Iyolas, Joxer had thought of it once or twice, he had to come clean to Ares when he had been caught leering at Ipecles.

“Now that you mention it……., the bed in our room is big enough for four.”

After hatching their plan, Iyolas and Joxer made their lovers’ clothes disappear. Ipecles erupted in laughter at the sound of Ares screaming in shock.

Ipecles looked at Iyolas with a confused expression as he was led to Joxer and Ares’s room.

Once they were all in the room, Iyolas and Joxer pushed the two brothers backwards until they fell on the bed, Iyolas and Joxer swapped places standing next to the opposite brother and slowly began to kiss and lick their way up the toned muscled hairy leg. They soon had the two brothers clutching the sheet in their hands and they begged for release.

By the time they had finished Ipecles and Ares had been reduced to quivering heaps.

All through dinner Heron had been fidgeting in his seat, trying to scratch his back on the back of his chair.

After dinner Strife appeared in the room to take Bliss back up to Olympus with a promise that Cupid would come and pick up Heron in the morning.

When he arrived back on Olympus, Bliss sat with his father to catch up on what he had been doing. Cupid applied the rule his dad had that no matter how busy he had been during the day, he would always spend time with his children before they went to bed.

Having finally gone to bed Bliss had great difficulty getting to sleep for some reason.

The itch on his back had turned to pain, pulsing down his spine. It slowly got worse until Heron cried out sending his fathers and guards sprinting to his room; nearly knocking the door off of the hinges with the force they used to open it. The bang woke Ares and Joxer who ran towards Herons room, Iyolas and Ipecles ran towards their son’s bed. Heron was laying on his stomach sobbing with the pain. Iyolas pulled the cover off of his back revealing two painful looking lumps, as soon as they saw them both Ipecles and Iyolas shouted “APOLLO, ACE QUICK ITS HERON!”

Bliss jumped out of bed, “DAD, DAD QUICK.” Cupid and Strife ran towards their son filled with panic.

“Dads please, we have to go to Corinth, Heron is in trouble.” Seeing the look of complete fear on their son’s face, neither Cupid nor Strife questioned what Bliss was saying.

They appeared shortly after Apollo and Ace appeared, Bliss pushed past them and grabbed hold of Heron’s hand; none of the adults objected. Apollo turned to the panicking King, “Ipecles, he will be fine, he has grown wings and they are trying to come through, I will numb his back then we need to get them out, don’t worry he won’t feel any pain.”

Apollo saw the look on Ares’s face and knew full well what Ares’s reaction would be if little Heron was hurt. Truth be known, despite all the mischief spread around Olympus by the four youngest gods, the older gods enjoyed laughing at each other’s expense.

Bliss flatly refused to move with a Patented Ares glare at the adults he defiantly sat next to Heron comforting him. Apollo numbed all feeling in Heron’s back as he grasped the knife.

The sight of the jet black wings was awe inspiring, Bliss leant forward. “This is so wicked, you have wings just like me and Cyrus, this is going to be so cool”

Once Ace and Apollo were happy that Heron wouldn’t be in any pain they returned to their temple on Olympus having left a sleeping draught for him.

Ipecles offered one of the spare rooms to Cupid and Strife as they could all see Bliss wasn’t moving.

It seemed as if they had only just gotten to sleep when Ipecles and Iyolas were woken up with a start by a heavy lump landing on them and the sound of laughing; when they opened their eyes they saw their son flapping his new wings excitedly.

“Come on Daddies, I’s got to pwactice flying like Bliss.” When they didn’t move quickly enough, Heron began to jump up and down on the bed.

The day was spent in the garden as Cupid and Bliss tried to show Cyrus and Heron how to fly. Heron and Cyrus were each determined not to be the last one to fly, much to the enjoyment of their parents.

As the afternoon set in the palace maids brought out food for the King and his family; midway through the meal Strife appeared. “Unc, you got a minute, I need to talk to ya.”

Ares got up from his resting place with his head on Joxer’s thigh and walked off with Strife. “Unc, you’re the closest person I have to a dad,……I was thinking, I have been living with Bliss and Cupid for five years now, what do you think of us making it official?”

To Strife’s complete shock Ares wrapped him in a protective hug. “Strife, I think it’s a great idea. I would be proud to have you marry my oldest child. I am just glad Cupid took my advice.”

Strife pulled away looking at his uncle’s face. “What advice?” he asked.

“Well, when he screwed up that time and you stayed with me, he asked me about taking your mark and joining, I said that I thought the mark thing was ok, but he had to prove to you that you could trust him and let you take the lead.”

Strife stood next to Ares in shock, “Wow Unc, when did ya get so sensible,” he asking jokingly. Ares gently punched his shoulder, “It’s all Joxer’s fault. Come on, let’s go and tell Bliss.”

While they were gone Cupid had returned to Olympus to take care of some business so they were able to tell Bliss on his own. There was no shock to anyone at Bliss’s reaction to the news, he loved Cupid and Strife equally, he couldn’t have asked for better parents.

Strife took Bliss back up to Olympus so that he could ask Cupid. Bliss was buzzing with excitement; he had no doubt his dad was going to say yes.

Cupid appeared, having heard Strife call him, he looked worriedly at the expression on Strife’s face. “Cupe, it’s been a while since I moved in and all…”

Cupid was filled with panic, was Strife wanting to break up?

Strife continued, “I spoke with Unc earlier and he told me what he said to ya when that stuff happened and he thinks this is a good idea. Cupid, will you join with me?”

Cupid was overcome with relief; he ran forward wrapping his arms around his love and kissed him passionately. Bliss cried out “EEEEeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww dads, I don’t need to see you two necking.”

Cupid and Strife reluctantly pulled apart, Bliss walked over and hugged Cupid and Strife. “So you don’t corrupt me, I am going back to see Heron.”

Cupid and Strife sat in each other’s arms, “Cupe, you know Dite is going to go nuts with all the decorating don’t ya?” Cupid laughed at the image of his mother.

“Cupe, who are ya gunna get to stand with ya?” Cupid thought for a moment and replied, “Well, how about Heph, he has been like a second dad to me, why don’t you ask Dad, I bet he would stand with you, you know how much he thinks of you.”

Strife knew every word Cupid had said was right. Strife could remember that throughout his entire life Ares had always been there for him regardless of what the mortals or other gods thought. He remembered what Ares had done a while ago when he found out what one of his warlords had done to Strife when he was younger.

With a loud, thunderous bang Ares appeared in the middle of the tavern. “CASIUS YOU BASTARD WHERE ARE YOU!!!!” Not knowing how fatal it was to get in the way of the God of War, let alone an angry God of War, several of Casius’s minions came forward to defend their leader. Each one was sent hurtling across the tavern to land with loud, painful thuds against the wall as they slid to the floor.

With one hand Ares flipped over the table in front of Casius and picked him up by his throat, with a seething tone of anger in his voice he said, “You piece of waste, I know what you did to Strife; say goodbye to your bitches as you’re going on a one way trip to Tartarus.”

Casius struggled pointlessly against the God of War’s grip and screamed out; no one dared come forward to help him. Most people didn’t even dare to look at him.

Ares spent days slowly taking Casius apart piece by piece, once he was done, Ares left Casius in the Hall of the Damned so that they could do the same to Casius as he had done to his Strife. It wasn’t long before he heard the pained begging and pleading from his former warlord.

Strife leant forward to kiss Cupid on the lips, “When Bliss comes back later, I will go down and talk to Unc.”

Cupid soon found himself laying flat on his back with a very eager and naked Strife on top of him kissing his way down his body.


Heph was close to tears when Cupid asked him to stand with him; it was a painful fact that as a result of his accident Hephaestus wasn’t able to father his own children. After having married Aphrodite, Ares and Dite had made a point in including Hephaestus in the upbringing of their children, with Cupid, the older twins and the new ones, Hephaestus loved the fact that they referred to him as Daddy Heph.

The joining was a joyous occasion on Olympus. There were both mortal and immortal guests at the wedding mixing with the Gods.

Bliss walked over to Cyrus and Hypatia. “Guys, come here, I’ve got to ask you something?”

Hypatia poked Bliss in the stomach, “I is not a guy, I is a girl like Aunt Zeena.” Bliss just chuckled.

“Look, you know what you both did to Aunt Sephy; do you think you could do that to Daddy Cupid for me so I can have a little sister?” Cyrus and his sister nodded.

The twins walked over to Cupid with innocent looks on their faces and held out their arms, Hypatia saying to Cupid “Nuncle Cupid, wuve you.” As Cupid reached down to hug them both they both surreptitiously placed their hands on Cupid’s stomach.

Jayce had left the main party and was standing out in the garden looking at the beautiful sunset, he didn’t hear Ganymede approaching.

“So Jayce, like the view?” the handsome god asked.

“How do you know I am Jayce?”

The god chuckled and replied, “I always remember the important things.”

Jayce smiled “You’re one of the few people who have ever called me important.” Ganymede moved closer, placing his arm around Jayce’s shoulder and pulling him in close. “I hope you don’t mind, but you are important to me.” Ganymede leant forward and gently kissed Jayce on the lips.

Cupid woke up with a nauseous feeling; he felt like he had eaten leftovers from last month’s feast. As soon as he thought of the feast he ran to the wash room and was sick.

No matter how much he concentrated his powers he couldn’t stop being sick. He was a god he shouldn’t be sick. Once the heaving had stopped he stood by the open window taking deep breaths, the only people he could remember being sick like that were his dad, Joxer, and Iyolas but they were…his eyes became as big as the full moon as realization struck him. “OH FUCK!” he cried out.

Hearing his dad cry out Bliss peered around the door, “What’s up dad? You found a grey hair?” Bliss asked cheekily.

Cupid turned to his son, “You get like Strife more and more each day.”

Bliss laughed. “Yeah, its sweet init, but what’s up?

Cupid sat down and beckoned his son over, “Do you remember when your Grandpa and Joxer were sick all the time?”

Bliss knew exactly what was wrong with his dad. “You mean when they were carrying the twins? Yeah I know. You have a bun in the oven, that’s what Daddy Strife said they are going to say in the future. I had the twins do me a favour.”

“YOU WHAT,” Cupid cried out as he stood up quickly.

“Easy pops, sudden movements won’t be good for my little sister,” Bliss replied.

Cupid looked at the smirk on his sons face, “Care to explain why.”

“Well, I wanted a little sister, I know the two of you love me, but now you have someone who is really part of each of you.”

Cupid hugged his son, “Thank you Bliss, you’re going to make a great big brother.”

That afternoon Cupid sent Bliss down to Corinth to annoy his grandfather, “Strife, you got a minute, I have something important to tell you. You better take a seat.”

Hearing those words, Strife felt his heart rip apart; he knew that eventually Cupid would have enough of him. He dropped into the seat and looked at Cupid.

“It seems our son has been scheming and decided he wants a little sister, so he had the twins do their thing. Remember the mind blowing sex we had a few nights ago, well it was so mind blowing as we managed to make a baby, you’re going to be a daddy, I am carrying our daughter.”

Cupid wrapped his arms around Strife who was dumb struck. Cupid wanted him; he hadn’t got fed up with him. Once it finally sank in that he was going to be a dad Strife’s entire world went black.

Cupid gave birth to a beautiful auburn haired little girl, Anthousa, Goddess of Impish Delight. Two days after that Persephone gave birth to a boy, Draco, God of Unnatural Creatures. As soon as she had recovered there was an almighty row on Olympus when Demeter petitioned Hephaestus to make Persephone return to Olympus, permanently.

“Lord Hephaestus, I beseech you, my daughter should be on Olympus where the child will be safe rather than down there, with those animals,” the Goddess of Nature spoke condescendedly.

Hephaestus knew of the pain that the older goddess had caused his uncle by insisting that Persephone return to Olympus every few months. In all the time that Hades had been with Persephone never once had he hurt or harmed her as they were both deeply in love with each other. He just wished that Demeter could see that.

“We shall speak to Hades and Persephone. I will not make a ruling without hearing from them first.”

Demeter began to protest until Hephaestus held up his hand as he called out to Hades and Persephone.

Not wanting to make matters worse, Hades let his wife speak, he was shocked at what she said, never before had she stood up to her mother.

When Demeter repeated her request that Hephaestus make her daughter return to Olympus permanently Persephone shouted out, “NO, I will NOT! I will not take my son away from his father for you or anyone else mother, do not make me choose between you and my family, you have never once tried to accept my willing choice to marry Hades, now we have a child together, if you want any involvement in your grandchild’s life grow up and stop throwing tantrums when you don’t get your own way. Lord Hephaestus, I beg you, please release me from being forced to leave my husband for half of the year, I will not make my child suffer needlessly.”

The room was filled with shocked gods, never had any of them ever seen or heard Persephone stand up to her mother. Hephaestus thought hard, although he loved his uncle, he would do what was best for the child. //Dite, what do you suggest?// he sent to his wife. Dite replied //Heph you know you will have the support of the rest of the twelve gods, the child needs both his parents, let Sephie choose were she lives.//

Hephaestus called out, “JOXER, God of Judgement, hear my call.”

As Joxer appeared Hephaestus led him to one side and explained what he was planning to do, Joxer’s Godhood would not allow him to make an unjust ruling so the Pantheon would have to be content.

Hephaestus went back to his throne. “It is my decree that from this day, the Goddess Persephone shall be free to choose were she lives and raises her child, she shall not be forced by any God, Goddess or minion to reside anywhere other than where her heart calls. Joxer, God of Judgement, do you disagree with this ruling?”

Joxer had a serious expression on his face. “As God of Judgement, my word is final, I support the ruling of Hephaestus King of the Gods, so shall it be.”

Persephone turned to her mother, “Please mother, do not abandon your Grandson.”

Demeter knew that there was no way that she could make Persephone leave that abomination if she wanted to remain a Goddess, however she would not loose her daughter or grandchild.

Hades turned to his wife “Sephie, go with you mother and spend time with her, it is me she hates, there is nothing stopping you and our son visiting her as long as I am not there.”

Persephone kissed her husband and went to her mother’s temple. Hades walked up to Hephaestus and hugged him “Thank you so much, the only reason that vile decree was made was because Zeus wanted to hurt me.”


“Ganymede no matter how long we have been together my favourite time of the day is watching the sunset with you,” Jayce told his lover. Ganymede pulled his lover back so Jayce’s back was pressed against his chest.

After centuries of abuse, Ganymede always thought he would spend the rest of his life alone until he met the brother of Joxer. Jayce too had suffered at the hands of others, not once in the time they had been together had Jayce pushed for anything; he was happy and content to go as slowly as Ganymede had wanted.

Down in Corinth Heron woke up in Bliss’s arms, as he moved he felt his muscles strain from the passionate exercise he had had the night before. The previous night Corinth had been celebrating the sixteenth birthdays of Heron, Cyrus and Hypatia.

“NO! There is no way in Tartarus you are wearing that young lady!” Ares shouted as Hypatia came in to the room wearing a replica of her big sister Xena’s favourite outfit. Heron, Cyrus, Anthousa and Bliss stood with Hypatia as she faced down the unhappy God of War.

“You get back to the temple and change NOW.” The argument that ensued proved beyond a doubt Hypatia was the daughter of Ares, with the same temper. Not happy that his sister had gotten upset, Cyrus had pulled Bliss to one side. “Bliss, have you got one of those wilting arrows you told me about? Dad is so going to get it for being an ass.”

Bliss got one of his secret stash of Wilting Arrows; they were strong enough to work on a god. Thanks to his father’s weapons training Cyrus was a crack shot with a bow, hitting his target every time.

Ares felt the sensation of being hit with an arrow; he scanned the room for the culprit to see his youngest son with a look of pure anger on his face. Cyrus stomped over to his fathers, “Don’t expect to get any anytime soon; the arrow will last quite a while, it stops ya getting it up, no one and I mean no one upsets my sister.”

Cyrus flashed out before a fuming Ares could respond. Once Cyrus had disappeared Heron grabbed hold of Bliss’s hand and dragged him out of the room down the corridor.

Anthousa turned to her fathers, “I hope you both took notes, because that will happen to you if you try and do what Granpa Res just did.” Cupid and Strife looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces.

“Bliss, we have known each other all our lives, first as friends and now, I hope, more.” Heron leant forward until his lips were pressed against Bliss’s. Bliss’s eyes shot open in shock and he started pushing Heron back. “H, we can’t. This is wrong. I am too old for you; you can find someone better.”

Heron grabbed Bliss’s arms and pinned them to his side. “That’s crap Bliss, I’m an adult and you’re only a few years older than I am. You’re telling me you haven’t been sneaking a peek when we swim in the nude? Its simple, I love you, you love me; so can we skip to the good stuff.”

Heron pushed forward passionately kissing Bliss, slowly working his tongue in to Bliss’s mouth; once he felt the resistance stop he let go of the arms, running one hand up the toned abdomen, the other slowly worked it’s way down the front of Bliss’s leather trousers which seemed to have shrunk two sizes. Just as Heron reached in grasping the hard length, Hephaestus walked round the corner looking for the birthday boy; he wasn’t expecting to see what he found. He was dumfounded as he walked back into the main hall to a worried looking Dite.

//Hephie, what’s wrong?// Aphrodite sent to her husband.

Hephaestus looked at his wife, //I don’t think we will be seeing Bliss or Heron for a while.//

Aphrodite tilted her head to the side with a confused expression at the look on her husband’s face as she heard his voice in her mind once more, //Dite, it would seem that Bliss is Heron’s present. Heron is in the process of removing the wrapping.//

Aphrodite squealed and clapped her hands drawing the attention of everyone in the room. “Sorry everyone, Hephie just got me excited about something.”

Cupid noticed the absence of his son. He grabbed Strife and made their way around the room looking for their son. By now the two young gods had made their way into one of the empty bedrooms. Heron had opened the front of Bliss’s trousers exposing his engorged member, as he dropped to his knees kissing the weeping head, tasting the pre-cum; he reached round rubbing the base of Bliss’s wings driving him wild. Bliss thrust forward sinking his hard cock into the waiting mouth.

The last place Cupid and Strife had looked was in the private bedrooms, as they turned the corner they saw their son rocking forward and backwards. Not wanting to disturb them Cupid dragged Strife back into the hall.

Strife found his way over to Ipecles and Iyolas laughing. “Hey guys, guess what I just saw? Guess who we just saw doing it in the corridor?”

“Ares and Joxer?” Ipecles replied, laughing.

Cupid sniggered as Strife replied, “No Heron and Bliss.” The mouthful of wine Ipecles had in his mouth ended up all over Cupid who cried out, “Eeeeeewwwwwww Unc that’s so fucking gross.”

Iyolas patted his lover’s back to try and help his coughing. Iyolas chuckled, “Well it’s hardly surprising is it; you couldn’t get a piece of parchment between them since Heron was born.”

Ipecles just nodded; whilst he had no problem with his son falling for Bliss it was still a shock. Heron had taken part in a fair few pranks over the years with the other three, but he had never once disobeyed his fathers. Ipecles couldn’t have hoped for a better son, Heron cared deeply for his family and for Corinth. It would just take a little while to get used to the fact that his little boy was growing up.

On the other side of the hall Mentu had brought his son over to introduce to Ares and Joxer, as Mentu arrived Hypatia stomped over and stood next to Joxer, glaring at her other father.

Mentu reached his old friend “Ares my friend, this is my son and heir Bomani, the God of Strategy. Son, this is my childhood friend Ares, Greek God of War and his husband Joxer, God of Vengeance and Judgement.”

Bomani bowed his head respectfully, “It is an honour to meet you, and you grace me with your hospitality.” As Bomani looked up Hypatia caught his eye, as they looked at each other they blushed slightly, this hadn’t gone unnoticed by Ares, who had the ‘This boy had better not be interested in my little girl’ look in his eye.

Without the other gods knowing Joxer sent to his lover // Ares you have already gotten into an argument with our daughter on her birthday; you make any more of a scene and you can sleep on the floor….in the hallway.//

Joxer loved Ares dearly, but Ares could be so stubborn when it came to their daughter, if Ares had his way she would be locked up safe in their temple on Olympus and never see the light of day.

Joxer turned to his daughter. “Hypatia, why don’t you take young Bomani to meet your brother and Draco, I am sure Anthousa is around somewhere too. Heron and Bliss are busy at the moment though.”

Hypatia laughed for the first time since her argument with her father. Hypatia knew full well how Heron felt about Bliss.

Hypatia soon found her brother talking to Draco with Anthousa standing with them; she just wished her brother would get a clue. She knew her brother and Draco liked each other as more than just friends, she would have to talk to Anthousa and sort something out for the two dense boys.

Ipecles leant towards Iyolas and whispered in his ear, “Come with me.” Ipecles led Iyolas out of the hall discreetly to the room Heron was using. Iyolas looked at his husband who winked then shouted “HERON, PUT IT AWAY FOR NOW. YOU HAVE GUESTS.”

Iyolas was laughing hysterically having heard the panic inside the room as Ipecles walked off, pleased with himself.

Bliss leant down and kissed his new lover awake. He began to think back to what Heron had said the night before about their feelings. Bliss realised the truth in what Heron had said; they had grown up together and had loved each other, all be it in a different way, all their lives.

It was reassuring for Bliss to know that both his and Heron’s fathers were ok with the relationship; Bliss had been hiding his feelings because he thought they would object.

Bliss and Heron spent the day in Corinth with the Twins and Draco listening to the three of them making comments about Heron going for older men.

When they found out about Bliss and Heron, Hypatia and Anthousa squealed in delight looking at a nervous Cyrus, they were already hatching their plot.


Dahok looked up as the intruder appeared, “Olympian, I don’t like to be kept waiting, are your troops ready? It must be the night of the Full Moon when we attack, we have one month to prepare”

The Olympian bowed to Dahok, “Yes Lord Dahok, my troops will be ready, we will crush the other Olympians.”

Dahok looked at the traitorous Olympian in front of him, “Indeed, you shall have the crown of Olympus as long as you serve me, do not forget that.”

The Olympian flashed out to prepare their army. Soon the Olympians would be dead and all of Greece will tremble at the name of Dahok. They shall swim in a sea of the blood of the Olympians.


Strife turned to Bliss, “Hey Bliss, I know it’s a stupid question, but do you want to spend the night down in Corinth tonight, it’s the anniversary of our joining.”

Bliss blushed at the meaning of his dad’s comment. “Sure, last thing I need to hear is the two of you shouting at the top of your lungs begging for more, more, MORE….” Bliss laughed at the embarrassed look on his dad's face, it never ceased to make him happy when he managed to make the God of Mischief embarrassed.

Bliss went to meet the twins and Heron. No doubt Draco would be there as well. Once the six young gods had all met up, Bliss, Cyrus and Heron concealed their wings; whenever the young gods went into down town Corinth the three winged boys would disguise themselves so that they wouldn’t have to worry about their fathers finding out what they were doing. The thought of Ipecles, Ares and Cupid on the warpath because their children were drinking in a tavern wasn’t something that they really wanted to deal with. What the young gods didn’t know was that the Tavern Keeper did infact recognise who Heron was; it didn’t take much for him to work out who the rest were. The only person he had told was his wife. She advised him to keep an eye on them but to otherwise leave them alone.

Cyrus was not happy; Hypatia had told them all to leave her on her own in the tavern. She had found a young man she liked the look of. Cyrus knew his sister was only doing it because of the argument she had had with their dad. He knew that after the years of training Xena had given Hypatia, and the fact his sister was a goddess, that she could look after herself.

The four boys led Anthousa away; they had found a wrestling ring and took turns. Cyrus had taken after Ares in his build; he was close to being the same size as his father. Not wanting to be outdone Heron had worked hard not to be left behind in the muscles department. Heron and Cyrus would spend hours wrestling. Bliss, Hypatia, Anthousa and Draco would take bets on the winner

By late afternoon Cyrus and Heron had worked their way through all the challengers. Cyrus suddenly stood up as his eyes defocused; something was wrong with Hypatia.

Cyrus dropped the illusion so everyone could see his wings as he flashed out, the other gods doing the same as they followed Cyrus.

They found him cradling his sister, who was crying; from the look on his face there was no doubt he was the son of the God of War.

Cyrus turned to Anthousa. “Stay with Hypatia whilst I go back to the tavern.”

Anthousa rushed over to her crying friend. Cyrus stood up and was about to flash out when Draco put his hand on Cyrus’s shoulder, “We are going with you.”

Cyrus looked up and nodded his head in agreement. Those with wings cast a charm to hide them as they walked back.

The four angry males walked to the tavern; by the time they arrived it was nearly empty except a group of rowdy drunks in the corner. Cyrus shouted out “Where is that bastard Vlasis?”

Vlasis sat with some of his thugs laughing about the tavern wench he had just been with; hearing what Vlasis was saying about his sister just made Cyrus even angrier.

Vlasis glared at the young boy who dared to call him bastard, “What do you want boy? Who do you think you are anyway? I should teach you some manners.”

Standing his ground Cyrus replied “You have upset someone I care very dearly about, she is now in tears.”

Vlasis just laughed, “Who are you her keeper?”

Cyrus stepped closer. “No I am Cyrus, Son of Ares.”

The group of drunks burst out laughing. “Like we are going to believe that; you must work the streets like that harlot, she was begging for more.”

The tavern keeper rushed over and dropped to his knees in front of Heron. “Please Highness, do not punish us, I did not know what he did until it young Hypatia ran out of the tavern.”

Before Heron could reply Vlasis reached out and knocked him over. Cyrus formed a large fireball in his hand and threw it at the table next to the drunks exploding it into splinters. There was a clap of thunder as the three gods dropped the charm hiding their wings. The rest of the drunks dropped to their knees and began to grovel.

“I am Cyrus, son of Ares, God of War and Joxer, God of Vengeance and Judgement. This is Heron, son of King Ipecles and Iyolas, God of Truth: this is Bliss son of Strife, God of Mischief and Cupid, God of Love; and this is Draco, son of Hades King of the Underworld and his Queen, Persephone. That woman was my sister and daughter to Ares, God of War.” Cyrus grabbed him by the throat as the colour dropped from his face.

Heron picked up the tavern keeper, “Do not worry my friend, we know, but do not mention this to anyone.”

The four gods took hold of the group of drunks and flashed down to Tartarus. Cyrus was still holding Vlasis around the neck with his left hand. “You seem to like thinking with your cock, let’s see how well you do without it.” Cyrus reached down grasping Vlasis between the legs in a vice-like grip and ripped his genitals off in a bloody mess. He dropped the mess to the ground and then proceeded to wipe his hand off on Vlasis’s tunic. Behind him Cyrus could hear his three friends exacting their own punishment on the drunks who had done nothing to stop their comrade.

Once the gods had finished with them Draco spoke to them all “I have a perfect place for you all; right in the middle of the Hall of the Damned, they have been without women for a very long time and even the damned need relief once in a while.”

Hypatia had finally stopped crying and listened to the calming words of her friend; she was so glad she had another girl to talk to. It hadn’t taken long for the conversation to get around to Draco and Cyrus.

Once everyone had returned to Olympus for the afternoon Cyrus was somewhat subdued as he wandered away from the rest towards Hephaestus and Aphrodite’s temple. He decided that there was no one better to help him than the Goddess of Love, he was still mad at his father for what he had said at the party.

Hephaestus saw his nephew come in and called out; “It’s good to see you, we were about to sit down for something to eat, please join us.”

Cyrus smiled slightly. “Sure Daddy Heph,” he replied as he hugged Hephaestus gently.

Conversation was light over the meal, but Aphrodite could tell something was up with Cyrus. After the meal she led Cyrus out to the garden when Jayce and Ganymede appeared to talk to Hephaestus.

“Sweetheart, what is it? Ares isn’t being an ass again is he?” Aphrodite asked gently.

Cyrus snorted. “No more so than normal…….Aunt Dite, I have feelings for someone I shouldn’t.”

Aphrodite wrapped her arm around Cyrus’s shoulder; this was not the time for frivolity. “Cyrus, love is love, now I know for a fact that the love you have is genuine as I can feel it; so I know you haven’t been messing around with anymore arrows. I had a real head ache trying to sort out your escapades.” Cyrus chuckled at the funny memory.

Aphrodite continued “Now, I know Draco feels the same way…..Don’t look so shocked. I am the Goddess of Love, I know these things. He is old enough to make up his mind and make his own choices. Talk to him; we all had enough trouble when Cupid and Strife forgot how to do that many years ago. I will have a word with Joxer; we’ll keep Ares out of your hair, now go and talk to Draco.”

Cyrus hugged Aphrodite, “Thanks, I knew I could rely on you.” Cyrus ran out happily to begin the hunt for Draco.

Once Cyrus reached the others he walked over to a nervous looking Draco, “Drake, do you mind going for a walk?” The others noticed but, since they didn’t want to ruin what was about to happen, pretended that they hadn’t seen anything.

“Draco, there is something really important I have to tell you…….. Now we have grown up together and have always been there for each other; now I understand if you don’t feel the same, if you don’t I won’t hate you, but I love you and I don’t mean as a friend.”

Draco had a beaming smile across his face, “I feel the same Cyrus, but I didn’t want to risk our friendship if you didn’t feel the same.”

As soon as Cyrus and Draco returned the girls ran over kissing them both on the cheeks.

That evening as Draco returned home his father saw the look on his face. “Draco, what have you been up to now,” Hades asked his son with a chuckle.

Draco looked at the floor nervously; he hoped his father would support him.

“Well Dad…” That word never ceased to have an effect on Hades; he never thought he would ever hear someone call him that. “Its like this, you know Cyrus and I are friends…”

Hades smiled and interrupted his son, “I take it you both know how you feel about each other now……Don’t look so shocked you mother and I knew it was only a matter of time, I owe her now.”

Draco looked at his father in shock, “You were betting on me?”

Hades nodded and hugged his son, “Don’t worry, we are not going to stop loving you, now let’s go before your mother thinks we are both up to no good.”

Draco walked towards the family dining room with his father.


“CUPE, how long have I got to wait out here for, we’re wasting time,” Strife shouted through the door of his bedroom.

Inside Cupid was making the last touches to his surprise; a large red bow tied around his erect cock as he lay back on the large bed, calling out “Come in.”

Strife pushed the doors open impatiently, stopping dead in his tracks at the sight of the chiselled, muscled, naked body on the bed with a large red bow around his favourite bit. In a flash Strife was naked leaping on his lover and embracing him passionately.

Cupid enjoyed the varied sex life with Strife; it never seemed to surprise him at how imaginative Strife was.

Strife manoeuvred around so that he was sitting with his back against the headboard with his legs spread wide; Cupid stood up on the bed, walked up, and then sat, slowly impaling himself. Strife moaned as his hard cock vanished into the tight confines of his husband.

Strife exhaled sharply, “Fuck Cupe, after all this time you’re still as tight as a virgin .…. lean back wanna try something.”

Strife reached around the back of his lover and began to massage the sensitive spot at the base of Cupid’s wings driving him wild has he began to thrust himself harder and harder on Strife’s engorged member. Strife demonstrated his flexibility as he leant forward kissing the seeping head of his husband’s member tasting the sweet nectar that he found there. He slowly opened his mouth as he swallowed the engorged length until the light brown pubes were tickling his nose.

Cupid rocked back and forward with his eyes closed at the new sensations. Strife was massaging harder and faster at the special spot at the base of his wings; it wasn’t long before Cupid erupted with torrent after torrent into the waiting mouth, Strife swallowing every last drop.

Once they finished Cupid and Strife lay on their backs in a sweating heap, “Strife, that has to be the best yet.”

Strife smiled, a soft genuine smile, and said, “You say that every time…”


The atmosphere in the Temple of War was still tense after the argument between Ares and Hypatia. After an edgy breakfast they were surprised to see Mentu appear with his young son, Bomani.

Mentu walked to Ares and grasped his arm in a warrior’s grip, “Greetings my friend, I have a request for you and King Hephaestus. Perhaps my son could visit with his friends whilst I am here.”

Cyrus saw the look on his sister’s face. “Sure, sounds a great idea, Heron and Bliss will be pleased to see you.”

Once the three younger gods had left Mentu continued, “My friend, one day my son will replace me, as far as his own people and Egypt are concerned he will make an excellent god, however he knows little of the other peoples of this world, I would like to ask if he could stay with you as you once stayed with my father when we were young.”

Ares smiled at his friend, “I see no reason not to my friend. Let us talk with my brother.”

Ares and Joxer led Mentu across to Hephaestus’s temple, who happily agreed.

The more time Bomani spent with his new friends the more he was becoming attracted to the beautiful young goddess, Hypatia.

Cyrus walked up to the olive skinned young god. “So Bo, I take it from the looks you fancy my sister.”

Bomani nearly fell off of his seat in shock; he knew the reputation of his friend and the other young gods.

“Mmm,,,, errrmm…..” Bomani mumbled out. Taking pity on his friend Cyrus put his arm around his shoulder, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, if I did Hypatia would probably pluck me. I don’t even want to think what Anthousa would do to me. Hypatia is still a bit upset over the argument with Dad, but I know she likes you as well, want me to have a word?”

The following week Hypatia and Anthousa were busy getting ready in the Halls of War; they were going to meet the guys and Bomani was going to show them the Nile.

Anthousa and Hypatia left her bedroom, Hypatia turned to Joxer, “Dad, Bomani has invited the six of us to see the Nile.”

Before Joxer could say anything Ares stood up, “NO, you will not be going.”

Joxer just held his head in his hand.

Hypatia stood tall and faced her father. “Yes I am. I am a grown adult. I am sick of your over-protectiveness; you don’t give a damn that Cyrus is going. I don’t need to be smothered. I am no blushing virgin. I need a father who trusts me; you are just a bully like you said Zeus was to you, I have had enough,”

Hypatia flashed out. Anthousa soon followed. Hearing the words of his daughter had caused Ares more pain than he had ever known; to have been compared with Zeus hurt him deeply. Had he been treating his beloved daughter like that? All he wanted to do was protect her.

Hypatia and Anthousa appeared in Heron’s room down in Corinth and told Bliss, Heron, Cyrus, Draco and Bomani what had happened. Cyrus hugged his sister, he was going to kill his father; that is if there was anything left after Daddy Joxer had finished. Draco took them down to their hiding place in the Asphodel Palace whilst Bliss and Heron finished getting ready. Heron wanted to speak to his father before he left.

Joxer was beyond rage by now. “Ares, I love you dearly, but you are risking your entire family. You better go and sort thing outs with Hypatia NOW before you lose her and possibly our son.”

Ares flashed out, he was struggling to hold back the tears in his eyes. He appeared in the family dining room in Corinth to see Bliss and Heron chatting to Ipecles and Iyolas. As soon as the young gods saw who had arrived they stood up to leave.

Ares looked at Heron, “Heron, can you tell me were Hypatia is…I need to talk to her.”

Iyolas had never seen his son with such anger in his eyes as he replied “No Lord Ares, I can’t, fathers I will see you soon, but I would prefer better company.” Bliss and Heron flashed out and Ares collapsed on the floor sobbing.

Cupid ran over and wrapped his father in a tight embrace. Cupid had never seen his father like this, he cried out for help. “JOXER, DADDY HEPH, QUICK IT’S DAD.”

There were flashes around the room as the gods appeared. Hephaestus hobbled over to his brother, he looked at his brother-in-law, //Joxer, let me talk to him. I don’t want you to be put in a position were you have to take sides, give me a little while to talk to him.//

Joxer knew Hephaestus was right. //Thanks Heph, I will go with Ipecles to give you some space.//

Hephaestus took his brother in his arms, “Brother, what have you done now?” Ares retold the tale of his argument at the party and what had just happened.

After Ares had finished Hephaestus replied, “Brother, Brother, Brother, I know you care deeply for your children, but have you ever tried telling them that; Hypatia is a formidable woman, she has been taught by you and Xena and she is a goddess. Xena was doing far more than Hypatia is asking to do at her age and she wasn’t even a Goddess, plus she has a really protective brother as well as the other guys, I take it you don’t know what happened to the guy Hypatia hinted at earlier?”

Ares looked at his brother through tear filled eyes and shook his head.

“Well from what I have heard, after your argument at the party they all went down to Corinth and, now no temper tantrum when I tell you, Hypatia met a guy. It was a mixture of rebelling against you but also to experiment, he said something to upset her, when Cyrus found out he turned him into a eunuch with his bare hands. Then the others got to him; Draco sent him to spend eternity in the Hall of the Damned. Cyrus takes after you brother, but Hypatia wants a father who is going to trust her judgement and let her make her own mistakes.”

Ares looked at his brother, “That’s what Hypatia said, do you think I can get my family back?”

Hephaestus smiled at his brother. “As long as you swallow some pride and get your head out of your ass, now how about I get Joxer and you two go and find your daughter? JOXER.”

By now Ares had stopped crying, Joxer kissed him gently, “Come on you, let’s go and find the twins.”

Hephaestus happy with his advice announced, “I think you will find them in Asphodel.”

Ares and Joxer appeared to be faced with a fuming Cyrus with a flaming fireball in his hand, followed by Bliss, Heron and Draco.

Ares saw the welcoming committee, “Don’t worry guys, you can throw all the fireballs you want when I have finished.” Hypatia came to the doorway hearing her dad’s voice; he had never sounded so broken. The tear stains on his face were a complete shock. She had never known her dad to cry.

Ares saw his daughter, “Hypatia, please forgive me I am so sorry.” Hypatia ran into her dad’s arms and he broke down again crying on her shoulder.

“I am so sorry darling, you’re my youngest daughter, I wanted to protect you, I know I was wrong, but please don’t leave...”

By now Hypatia was also crying, Joxer walked over to his son. “Cyrus, I know I don’t have to thank you for protecting your sister, but thank you; now let’s hope your father gets his head out of his ass. Now Bomani, it seems we need to have a little talk.”

Cyrus hugged his dad and looked at his friend, “Don’t look so nervous, Dad Jox is a lot calmer than Dad.”

By now everyone had left Ares and Hypatia alone to talk, “Dad, nothing is going to make me leave, despite you being a stubborn jerk and having your head up your ass sometimes, I still love you for it, but I just need you to trust me; you haven’t brought up a fool.”

Ares kissed his daughter on the forehead, “I know darling, I do trust you, I will try my best, if I start to do it again please tell me, the last thing I want to do is turn out like my father. I love my family so much.”

“I know dad, but I have to grow up, I am not a little girl any more,” Hypatia replied.

Not letting go of his beloved daughter, Ares said, “I know sweetheart, so what is this thing with you and Bomani then?” By now Ares had a mischievous look on his face at the embarrassed look from his daughter.

“Don’t worry Dad; he won’t even kiss me as he doesn’t have your permission to date me. It’s a whole Egyptian thing, its real annoying.”

Ares laughed, “Well how about we go and see him so I can give him my permission. Hopefully your dad has calmed Cyrus down by now.”

As Ares and Hypatia entered the room there was a sigh of relief at the sight of them holding hands. Ares spoke to the crowd, “How about a holiday to Egypt? Don’t worry, you younger ones can go and do your thing, Joxer and I can go and see Mentu. It has been centuries since I have been in Egypt, and Bomani, I understand you wanted to ask me something?”

Bomani approached the Greek God of War nervously, but Hypatia was worth it; he knelt on the floor. “Lord Ares,” he began before Ares interrupted him.

“Bomani, if you are going to be dating my daughter, I expect you to just call me Ares.”

Bomani was dumb struck. After kissing her father Hypatia grabbed Bomani in a hug and kissed him.

Cyrus walked over to his fathers and stood between them, putting an arm around their shoulders, “Dad, for an old guy you’re not half bad. I take it I don’t need the Wilting Arrow.”

Heron and Bliss burst out laughing at the horrified expression on Joxer’s face.

Being back in Egypt brought back fond memories for Ares, he hugged his childhood friend warmly, “At last you have come back Ares, come, let us see father, the last time we were together in his palace we almost brought the ceiling down.” Ares burst out laughing, “Indeed we did my friend. Do you think he would suspect us if we did it again…….”

Mentu led his friends into the main audience hall of Ra’s temple. As soon as Ra saw Ares he left his throne, “Heavens save us, the menace has returned.”

Ra grasped Ares by the arm in a warrior’s grip. Ra turned to one of the servants, “Have the main dining room prepared for our honoured guests.” The young servant bowed and replied, “Yes Majesty.”

To the shock of everyone Ra dismissed the entire hall taking his guests to his private rooms. He led Ares and Joxer out to the large balcony overlooking Egypt. Ares turned to Mentu, “I think we are cramping the younger ones.” Mentu and Ra looked at the younger gods. It didn’t go unnoticed that Bomani and Hypatia were holdings hands. Ra turned to his grandson, “Bomani, why don’t you take your friends along the Nile and show them our great country.”

Not being known by any of the mortals around them meant that, providing they were dressed in local clothes, Ares and Joxer could travel around the city unhindered. They acted as friends, being discreet with their displays of affection.

After several hours walking towards the Great Pyramids they found a secluded area behind some sand dunes. Whilst he was watching the sunset Ares didn’t notice Joxer walk behind him and cried out as Joxer pulled him to the ground.

As soon as Ares was on his back be found himself under a Joxer who looked at him with passion glazed eyes. The joy of wearing Egyptian clothes was that you didn’t have to bother removing tight leather trousers. Joxer dived down and under the bottom of the long gown devouring his lover as he probed him expertly with his index finger hitting the spot each time.

Ares was gripping his fists in the sand as Joxer added a second and third finger. Before Ares could erupt Joxer took the hard cock out of his mouth as he lifted Ares’s hard muscled legs on his shoulders. Joxer positioned his leaking cock at the sensitive opening and sheathed himself in one powerful push making Ares cry out, “Ahhhh fuck Joxer.” Ares cried out as he banged his head backwards making a dent in the soft sand.

Joxer leant forward and kissed the panting God of War, “You get to fuck me later.”

After their rampant, passion filled sex Joxer and Ares returned to the royal palace. The only problem with making love in the sand was that the sand got in some very uncomfortable places. Ares sat down trying to get comfortable as he seemed to feel every bit of sand.

Bliss sat next to him with a Strife trademark smirk, “What’s up Gramps, you just find out that sand gets everywhere.”

Ares’s chin dropped as he looked at Bliss and a blushing Heron. Joxer couldn’t help but laugh.

Mentu entered the room and sat on the large cushioned chair next to Ares, “My friend, did I see things when I saw your daughter and my son holding hands earlier?”

Ares chuckled, “No, he asked me for permission to court her. If I said no she, along with those other four terrors would have made my life a living Tarterous, the last time I upset her brother hit me with a wilting arrow that lasted over a week. Don’t worry, your son is safe; the others really like him, I would say things are going to get very interesting here, if Ra thought it was bad with just the pair of us, just think what it is like with seven.”

Mentu looked seriously at his friend, “Not that I am rushing things, but you do know what will happen if it becomes serious. They are both heirs to their respective thrones.”

“I have given it some thought….Don’t worry about it…I’m sure everything will work out alright in the end. Cyrus would have said something about it otherwise.”


Once the table was cleared after their sumptuous meal all eyes turned to Joxer who groaned deeply, “Oooooooohhhhhhhhh.” Cyrus laughed at the look on Ares’s face, he really didn’t want to know the details but it was a fair guess what was going on. “Dads do you mind; we don’t want a floor show.”

Ra and Mentu erupted in laughter as Ares spat out the sweet wine he was drinking.

Joxer shifted in his seat as he felt the slick oil at his sensitive opening that Ares had materialised.

Ares stood up, “Lord Ra, if you would please excuse Joxer and I, we have had a tiring day, we will retire for the night.”

Ra laughed, “I am sure you did have a tiring day from what I heard the servants talking about, apparently you put on quite a show behind the sand dunes.”

Joxer hadn’t heard the comment but Ares was mortified at having been caught and hearing it spoken of in front of everyone.

Hypatia and Cyrus were beside themselves in deep laughter at the look on their father’s face; it didn’t take long before the entire room was laughing as Ares stomped out of the room dragging Joxer behind him.

As soon as they were in their room Ares threw Joxer on the bed. “Now it’s my turn Joxer.”

With a wave of his hand Joxer was laying naked on the bed as Ares slowly undressed. Ares kissed his way up Joxer’s slender legs, deliberately avoiding the pulsing hardness next to his face as he gently rubbed his beard along the length sending shivers across Joxer’s body.

After reducing Joxer to begging, Ares finally showed mercy by slowly licking the sweet pre-cum before he took the entire length down his throat; he was so glad he was a god. As he was suckling on the erect hardness, Ares began to stretch his lover, preparing him for the intrusion.

Joxer couldn’t cope any more. “ARES, if you don’t do something soon you’re going to sleep on the floor.”

With Joxer’s cock still in his mouth Ares chuckled, sending vibrations along the sensitive length.

In the other room Cyrus held Draco in his arms. “Drake, you sure about this? I won’t lie; it will hurt.”

Draco gently sucked Cyrus’s bottom lip. “Stop treating me like a gentle virgin, we have been together for long enough, this is what I want and I know you do as well.”

Cyrus rolled over so his lover was lying on his back, “Drake, I soooo want you, if you want to stop tell me, don’t do this just to make me happy.”

Cyrus found the sensitive nipples on his lover as he slowly grasped the hard cock in his hand and began to move it along the hardness.

Cyrus used his mouth to map the toned body beneath him, “Fuck Cyrus, how come you have such a gifted mouth?”

Cyrus stopped his exploration to look up, “Keep the Fuck Cyrus thought till later, you will get your turn, but my best friend is the God of Joy and it seems arousal, he was a gifted teacher, now stop disturbing me.”

To make his point Cyrus devoured Draco’s hard cock in one go. Draco’s head shot back as his eyes rolled back. “Cyrus…….I’m close….”

Hearing the warning Cyrus increased the suction and increased the number of fingers he was using to stretch his lover. He found the spot he was looking for and began to massage it as he sucked harder and harder giving Draco the most powerful orgasm of his life.

While Draco tried to get the ability to talk back Cyrus gently kissed him with his mouth still full of cum, sharing it with his lover. “Drake, how do you want to do this?” Cyrus asked gently; he was petrified of hurting his lover.

Draco wrapped his arms around Cyrus back rubbing the sensitive spot between his shoulders where his wings started. Cyrus shuddered and responded by sucking on the spot where Draco’s neck met his body. Draco gasped and said, “I want to look at you, take me like this.”

Cyrus pulled back as he positioned himself, slowly pushing forward until just the head had breached the tight opening, he could see by the look on Draco’s face that he was in pain so he waited for his lover to get used to the invasion, leaning forward Cyrus began to whisper reassurances into Draco’s ear.

“Cyrus, move slowly”, Draco whispered. Cyrus complied and angled his pushing to hit Draco’s special spot.

“Cyrus, more, harder…..harder,” Draco cried out, not wanting to disappoint his lover Cyrus did just as he was told.

After a passionate evening making love Draco was laying on top of his lover in a sweaty heap, “Ya know Draco, for a blushing virgin that was the best sex ever.”

“If you ever refer to me as that again you won’t get any ever again. I know where Bliss keeps those wilting arrows.”


The guard rushed in panicking. “MAJESTY, MAJESTY,” he cried out.

Ipecles jumped up to see what the commotion was, “Majesty, our outpost on the Northern Border has been attacked, and one of the soldiers from the outpost is with the healers, with Lord Jett who has been hurt.”

Ipecles and Iyolas ran towards the healer’s quarters. They both breathed a sigh of relief to see that Jett wasn’t hurt too badly. They didn’t even want to think what Joxer would have done. Ipecles took a deep breath and shouted “CUPID, STRIFE.”

There were two flashes as the gods appeared, “What’s up unc….. What the fuck happened to Jett?” Strife cried out.

Hearing the commotion Heron appeared in the apothecary to see his adopted uncle and rushed over grabbing his hand, “Uncle Jett” he cried out, Heron loved Jett as much as he loved Uncle Ares, throughout Herons childhood Jett would get him and the other young godlings to play hide and seek jumping out on unexpected courtiers, they all still remembered the screech they managed to get out of the big bad god of war.

Ipecles turned to the two gods, “I have to lead the troops to the outpost to hunt the attackers, Ares has taken the others to visit his friend Mentu, and I need Heron back to take my place in Corinth whilst I go.”

Seeing that this was no time for jokes Strife replied, “Leave it to me Unc, I’ll get them, you know Ares is going to be majorly pissed when he gets his hands on whoever you haven’t killed.”

Strife appeared in the dining room in Mentu’s palace, “Unc quick, someone’s attacked Corinth.”

Bomani turned to his father, “Please father, let me go, I must stand with our friends.” Mentu looked at his son with pride, “Go with my blessings my son, do as Ares tells you.”

Ipecles convened a War Council of his senior advisors with Ares sitting at the table.

As soon as Joxer heard his brother had been injured he had rushed off to the healers.

Ipecles stood up, “I will lead that troops to hunt these vermin down, Heron, I need you to stay in Corinth.”

Heron stood up angrily, “Like Tarterous I will, I should be by your side leading our troops.”

Ipecles started to take a deep breath before starting his tirade. The advisors rushed out to leave their King and his son alone.

“Dad, I am not a little godling anymore. I am your son and Prince of Corinth, my place is at the front.”

Bliss butted in, “As is mine, Corinth has become a home to me. The river Styx will freeze before I allow Corinth to fall, plus I am a General. I am sure Aunt Xena would help to look after the defences of Corinth.” Bliss looked at Heron for support, as Heron spoke to his dad, “If you want to know what happens when people get over protective ask Uncle Ares.”

The young gods snickered at the look on Ares’s face. Cyrus turned to his father, “Dad can you get Aunt Xena, I am sure she will help.”

Ares flashed out to find his daughter at her cottage outside Corinth.

Although Autolocus had married Xena and was the father of Ares’s granddaughter and grandson, he was still nervous around the God of War. Xena thought that was cute and proved it after every visit…..

Xena walked up to her father and kissed him on the cheek as each of her children wrapped their arms around the War God’s legs, “Ganpa.”

Ares ruffled their hair earning him a bout of giggles. “Xena, I am afraid this isn’t a social call; there is an army who have attacked the Northern Outpost, Ipecles is going to lead an army on the hunt, he would like you to lead the defence of Corinth, I also want you all safe within the walls, there will be nothing left in Greece if the little ones get hurt.”

There was no doubt in the minds of Xena and Auto that if indeed the little ones were hurt Ares would tear Greece apart.

Heron stood with his fathers, “I know you are both worried, but my place is with the both of you and you know its true, I wouldn’t be able to cope not knowing if you were ok, but you really don’t want to know what will happen if I don’t go with you.”

When Ares appeared with Xena and her family Heron was still hugging his fathers.

Iyolas got one of the guards to take Auto and the children to one of the guest rooms.

Once Xena had been filled in on what had happened Hypatia spoke up, “Aunt Xena, Bomani and I will stay and help you.” Hypatia knew her dad would be petrified of her going; she also knew that her dad wouldn’t be able to concentrate with her on the battle field and decided she would help defend the city. She could see the relief in her father’s eyes; she gently squeezed his hand. Her Godhood was telling her that the troops would need something to fight for and to come back to.

Once the plans were finalised Ipecles sent one of the guards to the main tower to ring the great bell; across the city every able bodied male grabbed their swords and armour and ran towards the palace. Riders were sent out to all the nearby villages to tell them to make their way into the safety of the city walls.

Cyrus, Heron and Bliss dressed themselves in the dazzlingly bright armour the people of Corinth had given them at their recent birthday; along with the swords made for them by Hephaestus.

Ipecles led the three young gods out to the balcony to speak to the crowd. “People of Corinth, there has been an attack on our Northern border. Your patron and I will lead an army to face these vermin, in our absence, my sister Xena will see to the defence of Corinth and the protection of its Citizens.”

Ipecles stood to one side as the three young Gods walked forward, looking every inch a warrior, Bliss announced to the crowd, “People of Corinth, when I was younger you made me a General of Corinth, as long as I draw breath I shall defend Corinth.”

The crowed erupted into cheers, Heron held up his hands to silence the crowd, “Corinth is my home and shall always be so, as well as being a Prince of Corinth, today my father shall lead an army to protect our friends, family and homes, I shall be by his side.” Cheers could be heard throughout the city.

The city gates were opened as Ipecles and Iyolas rode out of the city, overhead Bliss, Cyrus and Heron were flying.

It would take three days to reach the outpost, all Ipecles could think about was who could have done this. Corinth was at peace with most of the neighbouring kingdoms; there were a few who were frosty, but surely things hadn’t gotten bad enough that they would attack the outpost with no provocation.

They stopped just before sunset to set up camp. As Ipecles stopped the convoy his son swooped down, Ipecles couldn’t help but feel immense pride as his son landed next to him.

Once the camp was set up, Ipecles and Heron walked through the camp to speak to the warriors, that simple act only fueled the passion of the warriors to protect Corinth and their king.

Ipecles had lost count of the number of soldiers Heron knew by name; one day Heron would make a great king.

On the final walk back to the royal tent Ipecles turned to his son, “Heron, the walls of the tents are not as thick as the palace, so can you and Bliss try not to make too much noise tonight.” Ipecles was smirking at the look on his son’s face.

“DAD….. I sooooo don’t wanna talk about my sex life with you, besides the whole palace knows you’re the screamer.”

Heron erupted in laughter as the shade of crimson his father went. After settling down Heron looked at his father, they could both see worry in each other’s eyes.

Up on Olympus Ares was explaining to Hephaestus about the attack, there should not have been an attack on Corinth. He would never have arranged for one. The smirk on Athena’s face hadn’t gone unnoticed.

//Hephie// Aphrodite sent to her husband, //If that bitch has any part of this and those darlings are injured I will take her apart with my bare hands.//

//Don’t worry dear, there will be a long que, but I promise Athens won’t be left standing.// Hephaestus replied to his wife.

Ares returned to the Halls of War, “STRIFE” he called out. As soon as Strife appeared Ares explained, “Strife, I think that bitch Athena is up to something. I want you to have a look around Athens, but don’t get caught. Just so that you know Bliss has gone with Ipecles, he refused to stay in Corinth. The pair of you have brought up a great son Strife.”

The thought of Bliss getting hurt devastated Strife, “Unc he is pretty cool, if anything happens to him and that bitch is involved, I will make her regret being born, so much so that I will make you look like a novice.” Strife flashed out. Ares knew without a doubt Strife would live up to that threat.

For the past two nights there was very little sleep to be had in the camp. When the Corinthian Army finally met the invading army there was complete shock to see that it was the Athenian Army. The only way they could have got this far into Corinth is with the help of a god so that they wouldn’t be detected.

Ipecles looked at the amassed army facing him; it looked as if the Athenian Army outnumbered the Corinthians three to one. There would be many lives shed; however Corinth must be protected.

Ipecles led his army across the field towards the columns of Athenian troops. Overhead Heron, Bliss and Cyrus swooped down with swords in hand. Occasionally one of them would pull out a bow and join the archers; only they would shoot from the air. The grass was soon soaked in blood. Ipecles had been caught by an arrow in his arm, however he kept fighting on and on; he could not expect his soldiers to fight if he left the field.

By late afternoon Ipecles was becoming worried; the Athenian troops seemed to be growing in number no matter how many were killed. A God had to be helping them.

Back in Corinth Hypatia was looking at the battle in a scrying mirror; she too had noticed the Athenian army. “Hypatia,” Bomani called, “A God is helping them, Dad will help, if your father agrees I can ask my father to send help.” Hypatia leant forward quickly and kissed Bomani, “Great idea…….DAD.”

Ares appeared in a flash with an anxious look on his face, “What is it Hypatia, what’s wrong?”

Wanting to break the tense atmosphere, Hypatia turned to her father, “Don’t worry dad, I haven’t broken a nail.” She had an innocent smile on her face whilst Ares raised his eye brow.

“Dad, the Athenian Army is staying the same size, no matter how many are killed, if we don’t do something they will win, Bomani has said he will go and ask his dad for help, what do you think?”

Ares was impressed with the quick thinking of his daughter, “We have to ask Hephaestus, no foreign army can set foot in Greece without his agreement. I will also sort out that bitch Athena.”

Ares appeared in the main hall on Olympus; Athena was noticeably absent. The attack on Corinth had worried many of the gods on Olympus. Corinth was the first city of Greece, if someone was attacking them the other city states would be next, as Ares appeared the hall fell quiet.

“Brother” Ares called. “It is Athens that has attacked, but they are being aided by a God, no matter how many are killed their numbers remain the same, Bomani has said that he will ask Mentu for aid, do you grant this?”

It was no small thing Ares was asking, however Egypt was an Ally of Greece, “Ares, send Bomani.” Hephaestus replied.

Ares vanished to pass on the news.

Hypatia was going to go to Egypt as well to pass on an official request.

Bomani and Hypatia appeared in the main hall of Ra’s temple as the King of the Gods was holding court. They rushed forward and dropped to their knees. Ra could tell there was something wrong as did Mentu who rushed over to his son.

Bomani spoke up, “Lord Ra, Father, The Goddess Athena has conspired to destroy Corinth, and the battle will soon be lost.”

Ra placed his hand on his grandson’s shoulder, “My child, as much as I would like to help, we can not send an army into Greece.”

Hypatia looked up, “Excuse me Lord Ra, I have come with a message from King Hephaestus, with a formal request for your aid to defend Greece from the traitorous god, my father asks for your help.”

Ra clapped his hands summoning his priest, “You raise the alarm, I want the army ready to go through the portal by the time the sand has dropped, go quickly.”

He turned to his son, the God of War, “Son, lead the army, crush those who would harm our friends and allies, if you need to call upon your brother Anubis and he shall send his army.”

On the battlefield Bliss and Heron were fighting hand to hand next to each other; they were both covered in the blood of fallen warriors.

They suddenly started to feel a breeze sweep across the battlefield, the Athenian Army soon began to shield their eyes as they were enveloped in sand forcing them back. Ipecles told his trumpeters to signal his troops to pull back, next to him Hypatia and Bomani appeared, “Uncle, Dad said we could ask Lord Ra for help, Bomani’s dad has brought an army to help defend Corinth.”

Ipecles grasped Bomani’s arm in a warrior’s grip, “Thank you, we shall celebrate if we live through this battle.”

Hypatia was not going to let anything happen, “Uncle, we will win. Now we have to get back to Corinth to help Xena.”


Dahok was incandescent with rage at the arrival of the Egyptian Army. How dare they interfere in his plan, the bastard Olympian was useless, he should have known better than to expect her to do anything useful. Under the combined might of the Corinthian and Egyptian Armies the Athenian troops were being decimated; it was now time for Dahok to bring his demon warriors, closing his eyes and concentrating, he summoned his minions to the battle.

Mentu and Iyolas could see the waves of demons sweeping down towards the battle. Knowing it was time, Mentu called his brother, “Anubis, hear me.”

With a gush of wind the jackal-headed god Anubis appeared, “My brother, how goes the battle?”

Mentu replied, “We were winning, until demons descended upon our armies. We need your armies, but be sure that only demons and those of Athens are killed.”

“Oh, good…The boys were getting restless…This sort of thing is right up their alley,” Anubis replied.

Heron appeared next to his father, “Lord Anubis, any who surrender must be spared, those who fight and raise arms against you show no mercy.”

With a nod of his head Anubis acknowledged the young God. Ipecles was surprised at the vehemence of his son’s words. He knew his son loved Corinth, but never knew what his son would do for their home; if Ipecles could have helped it, he never had wanted to find out.

Between the two opposing armies a black layer of sand appeared on the ground. The Corinthians watched as piles of the strange black sand began to form into piles that began to grow taller than a man. The piles then took on the form of thin bodies with the heads of jackals. With a mighty roar the strange creatures ran towards the Athenian and Demon Army followed by the Corinthian armies.

The Anubis Warriors cut their way through the enemy army saving only those who dropped their weapons begging for mercy.

Dahok was furious at the new intrusions. Heron noticed the strange figure standing behind the Athenian army; extending his wings Heron took off and flew towards the figure, followed by Bliss. “You two children think you can kill me? I am Dahok, the destroyer of the Olympians.”

Bliss and Heron rushed forward fighting Dahok; they were both prepared to die if it meant the battle would be won and Corinth, as well as their loved ones, would be safe.

Seeing what was happening with Bliss and Heron, Hypatia cried out worriedly, “Dads quick, Bliss and Heron are fighting Dahok.”

The room erupted in thunder as god after god appeared. Cupid and Strife could barely contain their rage.

Ares led the gods to the battle field killing any Athenian who opposed them.

With a mighty swing Dahok’s poisoned sword cut into Bliss’s side. Seeing his lover injured Heron cried out, “NOOOOOOOOO.” He lunged forward pushing his sword deep through the heart of the evil god. As he pushed forward he didn’t see Dahok bring his sword up pushing it deep into the young god as he died. The sound of the gods crying out was deafening, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Heron.”

Ace and Apollo appeared slowly taking the sword out of Heron; his life was fast seeping away from the poison. Bliss was writhing on the ground in agony.

Anubis called out, “KA, God of Life Force hear my call.” The Egyptian God of Healing appeared helping Apollo and Ace. Ka began to work on Bliss leaving Apollo and Asclepius to work on Heron.

There were tears streaking down the faces of the gods surrounding Heron.

By now the surviving Corinthian Soldiers began to circle around their fallen prince, dropping to their knees sending silent prayers for his safety; the prayers sending power and energy to the young Prince.

Ka had removed the poison from Bliss’s wound, but was unable to heal the wound completely. Only time could heal the wound because of the damage the poison had done. Bliss pushed past the gods around Heron with Ka’s help. He gently put Heron’s head in his lap; holding his lover tears poured down his face falling on Heron.

In a flash Hades appeared; Ipecles looked up and in a swift movement he drew his sword as did the surrounding guards; even if it meant certain death they would stop the Lord of the Underworld from taking their Prince.

Aphrodite was beyond rage. Athena would pay for what she had done, in an uncharacteristic flash Dite disappeared. She appeared in Athena’s temple on the Acropolis in Athens, “You bitch, I will tear you a part.” Athena just laughed, “What are you going to do Blondie, are you the best they had to send after me?” she said with a sneer.

Aphrodite formed a mighty fireball sending it across the hall hitting Athena squarely in the chest, before she could retaliate Dite sent fireball after fireball at the fallen goddess. Aphrodite walked over to the bleeding goddess, grasping her around the throat, “NO ONE HARMS MY FAMILY!!”

Joxer and Ares were hunting for Aphrodite; they arrived at the Acropolis just as Aphrodite thrust her hand into Athena’s chest ripping her heart out. “As Queen of the Gods I send you to everlasting torment in Tartarus.” Aphrodite held out her hand with the beating heart enveloping it in flames incinerating it beyond all Divine intervention.

With a wave of her hand Dite cleared the blood away, “What are you to waiting for, the guys need us.” Joxer just looked at Ares as they returned to the battle field. He sent to Ares, //Remind me never to really piss Dite off.//

Hades looked around; if it wasn’t one of his beloved nephews he would tear these mortals apart for daring to threaten him. “Do not worry King Ipecles; I am here to stop young Heron from reaching the Underworld. Now we have no time to waste, as long as Heron’s soul does not reach the shores of the Underworld he will not have to stay, however his body is dying; to survive a willing mortal must take his place in the Underworld.”

There were shouts from the soldiers, “MAJESTY PLEASE,” as the soldiers began to rush forward to volunteer.

Akakios looked at Jett, “Akakios, please …….no……” Akakios leant forward kissing his lover and protector. Jett couldn’t hold back the tears anymore; he was going to be alone again.

Akakios walked forward, “Majesty, you saved my family's life, now I shall save yours. Lord Hades, I willingly take the place of Prince Heron.”

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Jett called out. Joxer wrapped his arms around his sobbing brother.

Hades laid the warrior next to the dying Prince; he placed his hand over the heart of the warrior and God as he concentrated transferring the life force. Heron’s head fell back, Ipecles was being held back by Ares, who knew that Hades would have to concentrate.

Heron’s eyes shot open and cried out, “Aaaaaarrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.” Bliss wrapped him in a tight hug with Ipecles and Iyolas. Heron gasped out, “Guys, I don’t like being dead, but I can’t breath.” Bliss kissed his lover, “You bastard, you do that again and I will pluck every last feather.”

Jett pushed past, lifting his dead lover into his arms and holding him close as the tears continued to stream down his face.

Ipecles stood up, and shouted at the soldiers, “HEAR ME, Akakios shall be a sacred Hero of Corinth. Prepare to take him back to Corinth where he shall lie in state.”

Joxer held his brother and whispered “Don’t worry, things will be ok, trust me.” Ipecles turned to Iyolas and Heron, “Iyolas, can you take us back to Corinth?” Before Iyolas could reply Heron Interrupted, “Dad, No, I want to lead the troops back, I bled with them, let me do this.” Iyolas grasped his son’s shoulder, “We all will travel back with the troops. Ares…..Can you let Xena know.”

Ares nodded leaving his lover to comfort Jett. Ares appeared in the main hall of the Corinthian Palace. Calling the Royal Council Ares explained what had happened on the battlefield.

Alexius announced, “We shall prepare a Hero’s funeral for Akakios, the city will be ready to welcome our brave warriors. Excuse me but I must go to inform his family.”

The news soon spread around the city, preparations were started.

Akakios’s body was placed flat on a wooden platform being carried by four warriors. The sight of Heron, Bliss, Cyrus and Jett carrying the body of Akakios only served to inflame the devotion for the young gods.

There was no cheering by the time the army reached the gates. The body of the fallen hero was at the front of the column. As the body was led along the main street, the crowd dropped to their knees and bowed their heads.

A large bier was placed in the great hall of the palace; the citizens began to que to pay their respects.

Jett had shut himself in his room; he wouldn’t come out for anyone. Joxer was growing increasingly worried about his brother. He had never seen him like this and he worried about what he might do.

Several days had passed when Hades appeared on Olympus in the main hall; Olympus was still reeling from the shock of Athena’s betrayal.

Hades walked up to Hephaestus, “Nephew, as you know I have a rule that those that enter my domain can not return, however……on this one occasion if you were to pull rank shall we say…,” Hades said as he winked at his nephew.

Hephaestus raised his hand to silence the hall. “I, King Hephaestus command you to return the soul of Akakios of Corinth to life.”

Hades turned to Gaia, “Grandmother, would you care to come with me?”

Gaia approached her nephew, “Gladly my dear.”

The two Gods appeared in Hades’s private rooms. Gaia approached the young man, “My dear, you have saved someone very dear to me, now return to your love.” Gaia placed her hand over his heart as the young man was enveloped in a bright light.

There was a knock on Jett’s door; all that was heard was a crash as he threw a wine jug against he door. Akakios slowly opened the door, “Hey Gorgeous” he called out. A tear covered face looked up; Jett had never allowed his emotions to have control him as his grief did.

Jett slowly looked up in confusion was the figure in front of him real or his mind playing tricks on him again. The figure approached him and gently rubbed his thumb against the tear streaked cheek. “I am real Jett. I am sorry for leaving you. I am here to take care of you now.”

Jett wrapped his arms around his lover kissing him quickly. All thoughts of making Jett rest vanished from Akakios’s mind.

Despite the victory there was a sombre mood across the city; there were still ques of people waiting at the great doors to the palace to pay their respects to the fallen hero. The guards were being changed at the bier and they had turned to pay their respects when….. “THE BODY HAS GONE!!” The soldier cried, turning to one of the others, “Quick, go tell the King!”

The guard ran off, reaching the royal apartments “MAJESTY!!!….MAJESTY!!!”

Ipecles grabbed the door pulling it open sharply, the guard bowed his head, “Majesty, the body of Akakios has disappeared.”

Ipecles’s rage began to grow, just then he saw the door to Jett’s room open with the missing soldier appearing looking completely dishevelled. Seeing the now resurrected warrior was too much for the young soldier who fainted; dropping to the floor.

Akakios was soon joined by Jett looking very happy with himself. Ipecles turned to the warrior, “What happened?” he asked

“Majesty, Lord Hades said that as thanks for my sacrificing my life for Lord Heron, he would allow me to be resurrected.”

By now Iyolas walked to the voices with a sleepy expression on his face, once he could open his eyes properly he cried out, “WOW, welcome back Akakios.” Iyolas wrapped his arms around his friend.

Word had soon spread of the disappearance, the hatred of the Athenians was still rife in Corinth; feelings were still raw, so the disappearance of the body of their hero was fuelling that hatred.

Alexius rushed towards the royal apartments, he too was shocked to see the return of the young warrior. “Majesty, we must tell the people, they are blaming Athens again, if we don’t stop them they will turn into a mob.”

“HEPHAESTOUS” Iyolas called out. The King of the Gods arrived, “Ahh I see you have seen young Akakios, what can I do for you all.”

Ipecles told Hephaestus what was happening in Corinth, Hephaestus turned towards the balcony, “Shall we go then?”

The crowd looked up as the doors to the royal balcony opened. Ipecles came out followed by Iyolas and Hephaestus. Hephaestus held up his hands to silence the crowd, his voice ringing out through the main square, “People of Corinth, fear not, as thanks for the sacrifice that Akakios of Corinth made to save a member of my family, he has been allowed to return to you, I present to you Akakios of Corinth.” Hephaestus held out his arm indicating to Akakios to step forward.

Nervously Akakios walked forward to the front of the gallery to the cheering of the crowd.

Once the crowed was satisfied Ipecles led everyone back inside to breakfast, they were joined by Ares and his family as was normal, the only exception was Heron who was still in his room with Bliss; after nearly loosing each other they both needed to connect to each other again. Ipecles really didn’t want to think about what they were doing, they would come out when they were ready and their family would be waiting.

That evening Hephaestus and Ares were walking in the Royal Gardens, apprehensively Hephaestus turned to his brother, “Ares, it is time, when Greece was saved from Dahok, you should take your rightful place as King of the Gods.”

Whilst Hephaestus liked being the King of the Gods, he would never betray his beloved brother. Ares turned so he was looking his brother directly in they eyes with his hands resting on his brothers shoulders, “Heph, I fucked up big with that whole thing with Hypatia, I have a lousy temper and open my mouth before my brain kicks on……….You laugh and I will introduce you to something Strife learnt from the future called a Wedgie….., you showed me what a great King and great brother you are, if you refuse I will set the terrors on you….I swear if I wasn’t a God they would have turned me grey by now.”

Hephaestus struggled to hold back his tears, but one managed to roll down his cheek. “Ares……only if your sure……despite you having your head up your ass sometimes you are a great brother, great father and a great friend.”

They walked over to the water falls slowly to take in the sunset from Ganymede.


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