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part 2

Title: Prophecy of Redemption
Author: Leah
Rating: R for future chapters
Pairing: A/J
Disclaimer: I don't own any Pop-culturally recognizable characters. I'm not making a profit on this story, I'm just playing with them and will return them in more or less the same condition that I borrowed them in.

Warnings: a bit of angst, a bit of fluff, anything else will be marked as it gets written.

Notes: I do have chapters of the other three stories written, however I left my notebook at my dad's house and wont be getting it back until at least tuesday. so hopefully I'll be able to put up a chapter to each next week.

"When War's greatest warrior earns the peace of redemption War shall take a virgin consort and bring Peace to Olympus The houses of Love, War and Death shall be aligned through marriage All that is hidden shall be known The betrayed Queen shall relinquish her throne And the forsworn will be struck down"

And with a muted flash the Moirae disappeared form the bedside of the newborn War.

They'd been in love for millenia, but had never shared more than a handful of chaste kisses and discrete handholding. They were terrified they wouldn't be able to hold back and all would be lost.

Joxer knew of Ares' protection, knew of the spell Ares had placed on him and strengthened everytime they were in proximity to each other. It was why he harrassed Xena so often.

The Spell protected Joxer from the sexual advances of anyone. Women thought of him as a brother or a son, men didn't think of him as anything in particular and rapists would suddenly lose interest if they got closer than ten feet.He wasn't sure about Gods but none had ever showed any particular interest in him either so he figured it had worked for them too.

People (re: Xena, Crabby, Iolaus and Dorkules) thought he had plenty of experiance with sex because of the reaction of Meg's girls whenever they saw him or heard he was around, but really, that was just because he was the only one they knew who would give them proper massages without making sexual advances on them. He treated them, as Meg had once commented, like "real ladies, instead of gutter trash". Joxer just shrugged and said all women deserved to be a princess, some women were just unlucky enough to be born a lot lower on the social scale. That had led to a night with just him and the girls, getting more than a little tipsy and the girls making up their own lyrics, most of which were far more vulggar and hilarious than any he'd thought up himself.

At the end of the night he'd been given a hug and a kiss on either the cheek or the forehead and sent back to his friends. His legendary prowess had spread through rumors passed on by those who saw him leave that night. It was well known that a man had "bought" the entire place for the night, and him leaving with a huge smile on his lipstick covered face, tipsy and singing filthy lyrics to his own theme song seemed to confirm in the mid of the general populace exactly what had happened that night.

The other gods had tried to say he had been unfaithful to Ares, but Ares had laughed at them and said he would have known if that had happened and showed the truth of his words in the mirrors of the halls of time.

Joxer wanted so badly to just go home, home to olympus, home to Ares. But he couldn't, not until Xena found her redemption for her true crime. It was almost painful to see Ares, but it was worse when they were apart. The Hope in his eyes faded a little more each time Joxer saw him. He understood why. He too sometimes thought the day of their joining would never come.

Which is why Joxer was so suprised when the fates appeared to him three days after his last visit from Ares.

"Five days hence the prophecy of redemption shall come into play. Xena will have to save the man she hates most in all the world to find redemption." said Clotho.

Joxer stared at them in shock, not used to them speaking plainly.

"What?" Said Atropos,"Even we're tired of Ares moping around Olympus like he had nothing left."

"Be well Joxer." Lachesis said, pressing a motherly kiss to his forehead.

Joxer smiled and waved as they disappeared.

When the day arriced Joxer waited with bated breath for the moment. the day passed so slowly with no hint as to who it may be that Joxer started to lose hope. Then, all at once as Helios put the away his chariot, the moment was upon them.

They were walking along the road when they came upon someone being mugged. for the first time in the entire time he'd been traveling with the women he saw Xena turn away from a person in need. And Joxer knew it was time.

"Xena! We have to help him." Joxer said grabbing her arm and tugging.

She jerked her arm away.

"He deservess it." She spat.

"So you only help people who have never done wrong? That is no way to earn redemption." He said then turned and ran towards the fight, throwing himself into the fray with surprising skill.

He had almost resigned himself to being alone for eternity when he heard Xena's war shriek.

When the last of the brigands were either dead or unconcious Xena turned to the man they had saved.

"Hello Father."


Up on Olympus a shock wave of energy went through the Gods and Goddesses.

Locked away memories were unlocked, secrets and agendas were revealed and chaos reigned.

Even Discord was negatively affected by all the discordant energy swirling around her. As she was hit by wave after wave of energy all she could do was dig her nails into the table and scream.

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