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My first ever Strife / Cupid PWP! Also the shortest story I have ever written and the first for this list so three firsts! Unbetaed and hot of the screen as of five minutes ago straight to you!

Title: Promises
Author: Xandria
Series: No? Just smut. A PWP
Note: Christine just asked me if I had written any Strife/ Cupid stories and I hadn't. Then Strife spoke up.
Rating: NC17+ Cupid/Strife
Disclaimer: Not mine, both are the gods of the Greek variety. Renaissance Pics would own a bit of the background. If you sue you'll get either a broken clarinet or a twenty five year old car. The cost of fixing one is the valuer of the other.

Lying on the bed at Cupe's temple Strife screamed as his nipple was bitten, hard.

Forgetting the chains he tried to grab his lover and cursed when he couldnt. Cupid chuckled and moved out of Strife's reach.

"Cupe...please..." The God of Love smiled evilly looking like his father as he did so. He moved his mouth down and was about to engulf Strife's erection when he looked up at his frozen lover.

"What will you give me if I do?" He blew on it and Strife jerked, arching up and moaning.

"What? Anything. Ya know that!" Cupid smiled again and opened his mouth, swallowing Strife whole.

The God of Mischief shouted and came, Cupid swallowing it all. Looking up at his lover he absently licked his lips as he began to crawl up his body, kissing and biting certain areas on the way. Soon Strife was moaning again and Cupid paused, sitting back and looking at Strife with a thoughtful look.

"I want control of the tv remote tommorrow night."


"Reports of my sanity have been greatly exagerated"

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