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Title: Olympus: Titans Return
Parings: None at the moment but A/J C/S and others later.
Rating: G will go up later
Warnsing: AU, Later slash. Maybe some OOC not sure yet.
Feedback: Yes please!
A/n: Ok this is my first shot at a fic for the xena/hercules verse so be gentle when revewing. This takes place before `the twilight' just so everyone's clear on that.
Disclaimer: Anyone from the show's `xena: Warrior Princess' or Hercules: The Lengendary Journey's' Are not mine. And to make things perfectly clear I have created the not mine dace to show that none of them are mine. :Does Not Mine Dance:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hermes ran into Zeus's office. "Lord Zeus, you need to go to the fates. There's been a prediction you need to hear. Zeus looked up and sighed as he pused aside his paperwork. "Never time to get anything done around here." Hermes had to bite his lip to keep from saying `Except conquests' but watched the king of the gods flash out to the caves of the fates.

Zeus flased into the temple. "Alright I'm here, What's the matter now?" For everyone knew that when the fates summoned people, particularly major gods, something was wrong.

For a moment they just continued with their work then as one they stopped and looked up at him and began to speak.

The sun is setting on the ways of old and beginings are coming with ways anew Things will change no matter what is said no matter what you say or do

For not all of the old ones were locked away some were merely hidden through the halls of time they ran and now are awaking, though unbidden

But what shall these old ones choose? Will they choose love or hate? Will they allow the gods of now to continue or force you to your predacessors cold fate?

That is up to fate dear king Although it is also up to you You must decide your course of action your days of preperation are few.

Get ready to see the lost ones of old for they are almost awake hope they don't seek revenge for your whole pathaneon's sake.

Zeus stared at the fates with a look of mouting horror. The old ones, but the only ones older then the gods were, The titans. "Your telling me that titans walk the earth now?" he askedincreduously, "Where are they?"

Part 2

Zeus paced around the meeting room. Damn them all to tarterus where WERE they? He had speciffically said that this was an improtant matter! Gritting his teeth he tried to stay calm. He was the king of the gods and he was not going to fall apart. He suddenly felt five other power signitures come close and fought to compose himself. They would get through this.

She sat up looking around. Ok, she was in the woods. But how did she get there? Looking around she saw she was alone. Suddenly a pang of pain in her arm made her look down. A long cut from just below her shoulder to just above her elebow. #I should really clean that# she thought vaguly as she stumbled to her feet. Ok she had to stay calm and think.

Even though she couldn't remember who she was.

Zeus's office was stone silent after he had relayed the information that the fates had given him.

"How can this be?" demeter finally broke the silence by asking the question that they all wanted to know, the fact her voice was faint not-withstanding.

"Well if we go by what the fates said then a few of the titans escaped into the hallways of tme somehow." Zeus answerd his calm demenor not betraying how much this unerved him.

"Should we tell the others?" Hestia asked.

"No...I don't think we should" Hades voice was slow and deliberate as though he had really digested what was happening fully before speaking. "We are the senior gods. We are responisble. I don't think we should tell them....unless there is no other choice."

More silence as the others thought on the god of the dead's words. Even demeter who had never forgiven him for taking her daughter had to see the sense in what he said although she'd never admit it.

"I think hades is right." Hera spoke softly "We should try to find theses titans reborn before doing any thing else."

Zeus nodded "And we all know the fastest way."

They all nodded though they're expressions showed their distaste but they got in a circle and put their hands in fingertips touching and spoke as one:

We are the six children of cronos in our veins run his blood we are the defeaters of the titans and keeps of sky, life, death and flood

we call on our blood now to find those that are lost wheather they be near or far surround by heat,water or frost.

We offer our engeries as trackers to find the ones we seek as these words are spoken let barrier's be broken and let them find reborn tiatan of the greek.

A light shimmered in their circle for a moment then flew out the window and dissaperd. The six deity's seemed to slump from the loss of engery but recoverd after a moment.

"Well." Zeus said "All we can do now is wait."


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