AresJoxerCupidStrife - Leah

Title: No One Needs To Know
Author: Leah
Rating: R for future chapters
Pairing: Mainly A/J, Minor C/S, Others will be marked as they appear.
Disclaimer: I don't own any Pop-culturally recognizable characters. I'm not making a profit on this story, I'm just playing with them and will return them in more or less the same condition that I borrowed them in.
Warnings: a bit of angst, a bit of fluff, anything else will be marked as it gets written.

Summary: When Joxer calmed down enough to take in what had happened he swore he heard a bowstring twang somewhere nearby.

The first time Ares appeared after Joxer had initially befriended Xena and Gabrielle, Joxer nearly had a heart attack. When Xena blew him off as if he weren't able to squish her like a bug, Joxer wondered about the sanity of traveling with the two women. Luckily it seemed this was par for the course and Ares just left with little more than an angry glare and a blinding flash of light.

When Joxer calmed down enough to take in what had happened he swore he heard a bowstring twang somewhere nearby. The only logical explanation he could come up with for his sudden, suicidal crush on the war god was that Cupid must have missed his intended target and hit him instead. But that didn't stop him from daydreaming and hoping that Ares would show up again.

The daydreams in and of themselves were ridiculous. Somehow he didn't think Ares was likely to swoop down out of nowhere and carry him off to be his wife up on shining Olympus. After all, except for his dedication as a baby and Ares showing up the one time to harrass Xena for stopping an important skirmish, Joxer had never been in the same room as the god.

Though he wasn't sure if a camp in a clearing counted as a room or not. Ah well, him and semantics had never been on speaking terms anyways so what did it matter?

Ares could spit he was so angry. Not only had Xena stopped an important battle, one which would not only ensure that there wasn't a famine in three years but also create a fairly hefty jump in the local economic situation in a little under ten years, she also had managed to pick up another stray. He wouldn't have minded so much, but the man had been running through his mind ever since they had crossed paths.

Ares knew who he was of course. Joxer, youngest of the triplets dedicated to him by their father when they were a year old. He had marked them as special at the time, mind filled with idle plans of a trio of identical deadly warriors at his beck and call. That ended up falling by the wayside as it became clear that while two had the aptitude and two had the desire, the three would never be what he wanted.

Jayce was deadly with anything he could get his hands on, but he'd rather play dress up and entertain people, using his martial skills only when necessary.

Jett, of course, had both the talent and the will to become the deadliest man in history. He had more than earned his title of King of the Assassins. There were even rumors going around that he was not a mortal man at all, but a god.

Unfortunately, while Joxer had the will, he simply was unable to fight properly. it was only through sheer luck that he managed to make it to adulthood without chopping off any of his own body parts.

To find him trailing after Ares's daughter like a puppy and then having the nerve to not be instantly forgettable made Ares want to fry someone. He wondered if Joxer was afraid of him and was dismayed to find that not only did he actually care what the mortal thought of him, he didn't want Joxer to be afraid.

Damn it all to Hades, Ares was a god! If Joxer trembled in fear of him it was only his due! Joxer should be afraid of him and if he found out anyone had been messing with him Ares was going to make sure they trembled in fear too.


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