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Title: Nicosia
Part: 1/?
Author: Angel Ser-Desa
Rating: For this part, i'm gonna go with PG.
Fandom: Xena/Hercules
Pairing: Hera/Zeus, Sarn/Sharla, Eran/Savera, and I think that's it for this chapter.
Disclaimer: The Greek Gods own themselves. They're Gods after all. Xena: Warrior Princess belongs to Renaissance, Universal, Oxygen (They're showing it on TV). My characters are my own.
Warning: Somewhat AU. Ares abuse from Zeus. Hey, that rhymes.
Summary: Ares is sent as a fosterling to the Nicosian Pantheon for training from their War God. While there, he learns things that change him, for life.
Status: Work In Progress.
Series: Part One of Three Of the Nicosia Trilogy
Archive: Joxer Luvs Ares, AresJoxerCupidStrife, anyone else want it, go ahead. Just please let me know!
Notes: In real life, Nicosia is a small island off the coast of either Turkey or Italy. For this fic, i'm making it into a country like Greece. Also, this is somewhat AU, but not enough to make it stupid. Otherwise, enjoy.

~Part One~

Sarn, Nicosian King of the Gods, and God of Lust, looks down at the five year old Greek God of War, Ares, with eyes empty of emotion. The Greek King of Gods, Zeus, has apparently been up to his old tricks, by the bruises that Sarn sees on Ares' arms and back.

"You want to what?" asks Sarn conjuring a glass of wine, while his deep blue eyes seem to pierce their souls. Taking a sip, Sarn looks down at Zeus like he's nothing more than the dirt on the bottom of his boots.

"I want him trained by Eran." says Zeus coldly. "I don't have time to teach him, and I don't want him to blow up Olympus because he can't handle the Sword of War."

"So because you're too lazy to teach your own son, you want Eran to take on the duty. It'll take at least 500 years to teach him." says Sarn coldly.

"It's either that or I kill him now." says Zeus simply. Sarn glares at Zeus, causing Ares to whimper softly and take a step backwards. Zeus snarls at Ares and goes to backhand him when he's stopped, by a golden Hinds.

"You have a Hinds?" asks Zeus shocked.

"A gift from Eros." says Sarn. "As you know, he is one of our founders."

"Everyone knows that." sneers Zeus. The Hinds glares at Zeus before walking away, her hoofs clopping softly on the marble floor. Ares looks shocked.

"Now, back to the matter at hand. If you want Ares fostered by Eran, then you ask him yourself." says Sarn as he mentally summons Eran. A burst of black light and Eran appears. Zeus looks shocked while Ares giggles. Eran has short spiky black hair, blue eyes, and both ears are pierced with many rings. From his earlobe to the cartilage. He also has an eyebrow pierced. Around his right arm is a tattoo of a dragon that goes all the way around his upper arm. He is dressed in black leather pants, black boots, and a black shirt that is artfully torn and held by safety pins. Around his neck is an onyx necklace surrounded by small diamonds.

"Yo Sarn, what's up?" asks Eran.

"Eran, meet Zeus and his son, Ares. Ares is to be their next God of War." says Sarn.

"Awesome. Let me guess, he wants me to train him?" wonders Eran.

"Yes." says Sarn barely hidding his smirk at the shocked expression that has yet to leave Zeus' face.

"Sure. I'll train him with Arien." says Eran. "Where's he gonna stay?"

"More than likely with Arien." says Sarn standing, his long blonde hair falling gracefully to his knees.

"Does that mean Shar's getting his room ready?" wonders Eran leaning against a pillar.

"Yes, I was." says a woman entering. She has long black hair that reaches her ankles, and dark maroon eyes. She is wearing a black dress that clings to her body until it reaches her hips, at which it flares out until it reaches the floor. Black high heeled sandals are on her feet. Around her waist is a belt of amethysts.

"All black again?" teases Eran. The woman only smiles at him before turning to face Zeus and Ares.

"Zeus, since our business is completed, you will leave." says the woman coldly. "Until it is time for Ares to return home, I do not want to see your face or feel your energy signature on Nicosia again."

"I suggest you be liberal with his beatings." growls Zeus before flashing out, leaving a very pale Ares.

"Remind me why we put up with him?" asks the woman rubbing her temples.

"Because he's the Greek King Sharla." says Eran pushing off the pillar. "Want me to take him to Cyval and Gardena?"

"I don't know." says Sharla sitting down in her throne of amethysts and garnets. "Ares?"

"Y-Y-Yes ma'am?" asks Ares stammering in fright.

"MAMA!!!" roars a young girl running in. She has black hair that reachers her waist, and what look like red-blue eyes, more blue than red. She is dressed in black leather pants, a white cotton shirt, and black mid-calf high boots. Around her neck is an amethyst and ruby necklace, marking her parentage as Sharla and Sarn's daughter.

"Now what did you do Arien?" drawls Eran. The girl glares at him.

"I didn't do nothing." retorts Arien, eyes shimmering with anger.

"Arien, what do you want?" asks Sharla.

"Mama, Reli raped one of my priestesses!" says Arien stamping a foot on the ground. "Since he's your warlord, I gotta get your permission to punish him!"

"Go ahead." says Sharla, eyes narrowed. "Just let me handle him first."

"Of course Mama." says Arien before noticing Ares. "Is he Eran's new fosterling?"

"Yes. Ares, meet Arien, our Goddess of War. We named her after you. Arien, meet Ares, Greek God of War." says Sharla.

"Cool." says Arien. "Nice ta meet ya Ares."

Ares only nods, bewildered, shocked, and confused. It's been less than a hour, and already he's recieved more kindness from the Nicosians than from his own family!

"Do you want to go visit the others or rest?" asks Sharla kindly.

"Or do you want food?" asks Sarn.

"Food please." says Ares.

"I'll take you. It's lunchtime anyway." says Arien.

"I expect you both at my temple after lunch Arien. DIRECTLY after lunch." says Eran pointedly. "Just because Ares is new here does not mean you can skip training today to show him around."

"Yes Eran." says Arien exasperated. "I'll teleport us both straight there."

"Good. Sarn. Sharla." says Eran before teleporting out in a muted flash of black light.

"That's your War God?" asks Ares before looking scared.

"Yep. That's Eran. He's always been a bit weird." says Arien. "So let's go to lunch. I think Gardena made her tuna casserole today."

"And broccoli with cheese, by the way you're carrying on." says Sharla picking up Arien.

"I like broccoli." says Arien as Sarn offers Ares his hand. Ares tentively holds it and they teleport out of the main temple.

~End of Part One~

~Part Two: Lunch!~

Reappearing in a room, Ares gasps at the amount of people at the table. There are mortals there too. Four chairs have been left empty near the head of the table, apparently for them. Eran is sitting next to an empty chair.

Arien then leads Ares to two empty chairs, one being next to Eran. Arien pushes Ares into that one and sits on his other side with Sharla and Sarn sit in the other two. Immediately food covers the table.

"So you're the fosterling?" asks a god almost snottily. He has brown hair cut short and cold green eyes. He is dressed in brown leather pants, a white tunic, and brown boots. Lying next to his chair are hunting arrows and a bow.

"Watch it Uylip." says Eran. "He's the next Greek God of War."

"Who's he?" asks Ares softly to Arien.

"That's Uylip, God of the Hunt." says Arien grabbing some tuna casserole and placing some on Ares' plate. "Just ignore him. He's in one of his stints."

"I am not." replies Uylip taking the broccoli with cheese from Sharla.

"Uh huh." says Arien teasingly. "Which is why you've decimated half of the animal population."

"I have not." retorts Uylip.

"Uylip. Shut up and eat." says a Goddess with...silver hair and golden eyes. She is dressed in a long flowing white gown with a single diamond necklace around her neck.

"That's Savera. She's Eran's wife and our Goddess of the Future. She's also one of our Fates. Her sisters are Rose and Gardenia. Rose is our Goddess of the Present while Gardenia is our Goddess of the Past. All three of them are Eros' daughters." says Arien to Ares. "You'll like Gardenia. She's nice, but never make her mad. She's worse than Mama when she's mad."

"Arien, Eran will explain about our Gods and Goddess to Ares before your training today." says Sharla to Arien. "However, if you're going to explain us, explain something that isn't confusing."

"Since when is our past confusing Mama?" wonders Arien after taking a sip of her juice.

"It's not mainly confusing, as it is long." says a Goddess with chestnut red hair and green eyes. She is dressed in an emerald green gown with an emerald necklace around her neck. "I'm Rose Ares."

"Hello." says Ares softly.

"Oh. Okay, something not confusing....oooooo, can I explain about the jewels?" asks Arien.

"Sure." says Sarn.

"Jewels?" asks Ares.

"Jewels. Each Nicosian God or Goddess has a sacred jewel. Mama's is an amethyst, Papa's is a ruby. Mine is a Garnet, kinda a mix of both jewels, or at least the color." says Arien. "A Sacred Jewel gives strength to a Nicosian God or Goddess, even if it's not their sacred jewel."

"Say that I stumbled upon an amethyst." says Rose. "While my Sacred Jewel is an Emerald, I can also get strength from an amethyst or alert Sharla if i'm in trouble and need help."

"I'm lost." whispers Ares.

"We all were at first, and I thought you said something not confusing Shar." says a male with spiky blonde hair, crystal eyes, wearing a white tunic, brown cotton pants, and sturdy brown boots.

"Jewels aren't confusing." retorts Sharla. "As you should know Rhean."

"So, Arien, what's this I hear about one of Sharla's warlords raping your Priestess?" asks Rhean switching the subject.

"EX-warlord." says Sharla. "I don't tolerate rapes. My worshippers know this."

"He was being controlled by Sheena, as you well know." says Arien to Rhean.

"Haven't you given up yet?" asks Rose to a woman sitting away from everyone else. She has blonde hair that reaches her waist, cold blue eyes, and is dressed in a black dress that fits her badly. Worn heels are on her feet, and around her neck is a fluorite.

"No." says the woman coldly.

"Sheena's the Goddess of Deception while Rhean's our God of Earth." whispers Arien to Ares as she fills a spoon with some tuna casserole. She aims it at Uylip. Ares looks at her shocked before the tuna casserole flies through the air and lands smack dab on Uylip's face. Dead silence enters the room except for the shaking of Eran, Rose, Savera, and Rhean, who are suppressing laughter. Sharla and Sarn look at Arien bemused while the other Gods and Goddesses are torn between laughing outright and glaring at Arien.

"You die." snarls Uylip lunging for Ares instead of Arien. However, Eran quickly pulls Ares into his lap and Uylip tumbles to the floor with Ares' chair.

"Watch it Uylip. He's my fosterling now." says Eran coldly, power peeking out of his eyes. "And you well know that Arien threw it."

"Shove off Eran." snarls Uylip standing.

"Enough!" snaps a woman with long silvery-purple hair and silver- purple eyes. She is dressed in a lavender dress and is barefoot. Around her neck is a diamond. "I will not have any fighting at the lunch table! Save it for afterwards!"

"Sorry Aradinia." says Uylip contrite as Eran reigns in his power.

"That's Aradinia, our Goddess of the Moon." whispers Arien to Ares. "Rumor has it she and Uylip used to be together, but broke up when Aradinia found Uylip cheating on her with a moon nymph. Only Mama knows if it's true or not."

"No gossip Arien." says Sharla. "I won't have it at the dinner table."

"Sorry Mama." says Arien before fingering her necklace.

"Ares, how do you like Nicosia so far?" asks Aradinia kindly.

"It's...different." whispers Ares softly before a huge CRASH is heard. Ares whimpers and curls into a ball at the sound as a male enters. He is dressed in a white toga, and lightning flashes through his orange hair. He has green eyes and in his left hand is a thunderbolt.

"Sharla! You keep that...that ass out of Nicosia!" snaps the male at Sharla.

"Zeus?" asks Sarn absently.

"What other Thunder God do you know?" retorts the male sitting down in mid-air. A plate floats over to him.

"He's not coming back. He just came to leave his son with Eran." says Rose.

"Oh?" asks the male looking over the table and seeing Ares curled up into a ball, on Eran's lap. "I'm guessing that's him?"

"Yep. He's Ares, the future Greek God of War." says Arien.

"I feel sorry for him, stuck with you in Eran's sessions." teases the male.

"Avenorect!" whines Arien. "I'm not that bad!"

"Yes, you are." snickers the male, Avenorect. Ares tentively looks up and sees it's not Zeus as he feared, but another Thunder God.

"Ares, meet Avenorect, our Thunder God." says Arien crossly.

"Call me Aven." says Avenorect. "It's simplier to remember."

"What did Zeus do this time?" asks Aradinia.

"He kept trying to tell me how to do my job." growls Aven. "I swear, all that whole speech consisted off was making it rain once in a while and spend the rest of the time screwing the female population of Nicosia!"

"Better not let Heather hear that." says Rose. "We all know she'll go on a rampage."

"Where is Heather anyway?" wonders Rhean.

"She's your wife." retorts Sheena sarcastically. "Shouldn't you know where she is?"

"Right now." says Sharla loudly. "Heather is busy with a marriage between King Aisoc and Princess Reah."

"Heather's our Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth." whispers Arien to Ares. "She's married to Rhean and right now I believe she's pregnant."

"Oh." says Ares as Sharla, Sarn, Savera, Uylip, Rose, Sheena, Rhean, Aradinia, and Avenorect eat, silence at the table. Arien and Ares have taken to whispering to each other while Eran just watches the table.

"You know what we're missing?" says Eran suddenly.

"What, Eran?" asks Sharla.

"A Goddess of Sincerity." says Eran. "Either that or Peace."

"Both will come in due time." says Savera. "Be patient. In exactly two hundred years, the God of Peace will be born, along with the God of Assassins and the God of Death."

"Awesome. An Assassins God...Cool!" says Arien gleefully. Suddenly Sharla disappears, causing everyone to immediately wonder what is wrong.

"Rhean?" asks Rose. Rhean closes his eyes and reopens them a couple seconds later.

"No worries. She's just beating the crap out of one of her warlords who decided to try and rape one of Heather's priestesses. Apparently her new warlords aren't understanding that she doesn't allow rape." says Rhean.

"What about Heather?" wonders Eran.

"She's pissed." says Rhean wincing. "Very much so. She was delivering a baby when she got the summons, so she quickly diverted it to Sharla, which is why she left in such as hurry."

"Ouch." says Aven. "Be ready for her."

"Always." says Rhean.

"I still don't understand why you married the bitch." growls Sheena under her breath, barely loud enough to be heard but heard all the same but Arien and Rose.

"Maybe he actually loves her, you think about that, Sheena?" snarls Arien standing, her chair falling. "I suggest you start thinking before you open your mouth."

"Are you two done?"asks Eran to Ares and Arien.

"I'm done." says Arien.

"Uh huh." says Ares.

"Then let's go." says Eran before teleporting Ares, Arien, and himself over to his temple.

"Good going Sheena." snaps Rose. "You've just brought Arien's wrath upon you. Happy now?"

One by one, Rose, Savera, Rhean, Aradinia, Aven, and Uylip disappear, leaving only Sarn and Sheena at the table.

"Be thankful she didn't ask for retribution for the slander against Heather." says Sarn before disappearing, leaving Sheena alone in her thoughts.

~End Part Two, Begin Part Three~

~Part Three: The History Of Nicosia~

Eran, Arien, and Ares reappear in Eran and Savera's temple. It's a
startling mix of black and silvery white. Two thrones are in the main
room, one made of pure black onyx and one made of pure diamonds. On
the opposite wall is a huge mirror, showing the inside of one of
Eran's temples, where his priests and priestesses are accepting
offerings of fruit, jewelry, money, and weapons from his worshippers.
The main item seems to be food, such as bread, fruit, meat. Every so
after, Ares and Arien see someone bring in a scrap of metal to form a
dagger or a couple dinars are laid on the altar.

"That's my main temple in Gäus, the largest city on Nicosia."
explains Eran sitting in his onyx throne. Arien sits down on the
marble floor as does Ares. They watch the proceedings as people, poor
and rich, lay down their offerings. Those given by the wealthy are
placed in a huge chest while those given by the poor are placed in a
huge box.

"The offerings given to me by the poor are taken all over Nicosia,
given to gods, mortals, and immortals alike. Those given to me by the
wealthy are given to the poor." explains Eran. "Not to say I don't
keep some of it."

"You gave Savera that diamond necklace from an wealthy person,
right?" asks Arien as a wealthy woman places an emerald necklace on
Eran's altar. A small burst of light later, that same necklace is in
Eran's hands.

"Yes, I did." says Eran throwing the emerald necklace into the air
and watches as it disappears. "Hope Rose appreciates that."

"She appreciates anything that is made of emeralds." mutters Arien
before the mirror goes dark and Eran turns to Ares.

"Alright Ares, time for a history lesson." says Eran conjuring two
soft chairs. Arien and Ares sit in them as Savera appears in her
throne, seething.

"If it wasn't for the fact she's needed, i'd kill her." snarls Savera
to Eran.

"Sheena?" asks Eran bemused.

"Yes Sheena!" snaps Savera. "Who else would dare slander Heather?!"

"She's the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth, right?" asks Ares

"Yes, and of Childhood." replies Eran. "Which won't be for long. Her
daughter or son will get the Godhood of Childhood when they are born.
She can't handle all three."

"She can, she just doesn't want to." points out Arien.

"You'll meet her sooner or later Ares." says Savera leaning back on
her throne. "More than likely, you'll see her at dinner."

"Alright, dear, we're about to tell Ares the history of Nicosia.
Would you like to stay or do you have something to do?" asks Eran.

"I'll stay." says Savera before her eyes glaze over, telling Arien
and Eran she's having a vision. When her eyes return to normal, she
falls, and Eran catches her.

"She's never done that. Are you alright Savera?" asks Arien, honestly

"I'm fine." says Savera. "Ares, remember one thing, no matter what."

"Yes?" asks Ares softly.

"Remember this, we of Nicosia will *always* be your allies. Do not
believe Zeus or Hera or anyone of your family or Sheena if they say
different. Nicosia will always be there for you and those you love."
says Savera. Ares nods, somehow already knowing that Savera means it.

"Okay." says Arien clapping her hands and changing the mood. "Ares,
let's start with our history."

"Exactly 6,000 years ago, Nicosia was just an island, beginning to be
populated with humans when your Titan of Love, Eros, fled here." says
Eran. "When Eros arrived, Nicosia had one Goddess, Smara. She's the
Nicosian version of Gaea."

"Your Goddess of Earth?" asks Ares, already feeling comfortable with
Eran, Savera, and Arien.

"Exactly." replies Savera. "Together, the two populated Nicosia with
more humans, and with Gaea's help, expanded the land of Nicosia to be
almost as big as Greece is."

"Smara and Eros also had one child. A son." says Arien. "His name is
Rhean. You met him at lunch. During the next thousand years, Smara
and Eros had demi-god children, whom Smara turned into full blooded
gods. They are Eran, Aliua, Uylip, Nemlos, Darius, Pulius, Gardenia,
Rose, Savera, Cyval, Sharla, and Retra."

"As you know, Eran's our God of War, Aliua's our Goddess of Love,
Uylip is our God of the Hunt, Nemlos is our God of Music, Darius is
our God of Absent Lovers, Pulius is our God of Souls, Gardenia is one
of our Fates, the Goddess of the Past. Rose is the second Fate, the
Goddess of the Present, and I am the last Fate, the Goddess of the
Future." says Savera. "Cyval is our Goddess of the Sun, Sharla is our
Queen and the Goddess of Revenge. Retra is the Queen of our
Underworld and the Goddess of Death."

"The population of Nicosia, once realizing they had Gods and
Goddesses, began worshipping us, as you saw earlier. Some Gods, like
Sheena, horde their offerings while some, like Heather, give their
offerings back to their worshippers." says Eran.

"Heather'll only accept weapons." snickers Arien. "She likes to
pretend to be mortal and beat the shit out of your warlords."

"Some of my more idiotic warlords." mutters Eran under his breath.
Ares snickers.

"Some of our Gods, like Heather, Sheena, Aradinia, Sarn, Avenorect,
and Poseida, are made Gods. They were mortal before they accepted the
ambrosia." says Arien. "Heather became a Goddess when Rhean was
trying to deliver a baby. At that time, Rhean was also the God of
Marriage and Childbirth, and let me tell you. He *hated* it. Heather
was walking through the woods searching for medicinal herbs, stumbled
upon him and the mother, and basically shoved Rhean over and
delivered the baby matter-of-factly."

"She then gave the mother some herbs to eat to relieve the pain of
the labor, cleaned the mother up with the river water that was
nearby, and then cleaned herself up. She gave the mother directions,
forgetting that Rhean was right there, and let the couple leave
before she turned to Rhean. Aluia said Rhean lost his heart to her at
that instant and began courting her. Heather never knew Rhean was a
God." says Savera smiling.

"About a month later, Rhean went to Sharla, who just became Queen at
that time, for permission to turn Heather into a Goddess and give her
his godhood of Marriage and Childbirth. Sharla wanted to meet Heather
first and did, while Heather was helping the Queen of Aloc give birth
to the Princess." snickers Eran. "Heather never knew Sharla and Rhean
were there, but she kept snapping out orders and Sharla, bemused,
obeyed. When the labor was over, Sharla leaned over Heather and
healed the Queen and the Princess of the ordeal while Heather washed
her arms and hands. When Heather realized who Sharla and Rhean were,
she was pissed to say the least."

"Pissed? Heather threw a fit right in the middle of the castle. She
kept ranting that Rhean decieved her, and the whole nine yards.
Sharla then looked at Rhean and said 'She's your wife, you deal with
her' and left in a burst of light. By those words, Sharla basically
gave her permission for Heather to become a Goddess. Rhean grabbed
Heather, teleported to his temple, and next thing anyone knew was
that Heather was a Goddess, was given the Godhoods of Childbirth,
Childhood, and Marriage, and was the wife of Rhean." snickers Arien.

"Lucky her." says Ares thinking of Hera, his mother.

"I wouldn't say so." says Savera. "Heather didn't know for nearly
three months that they were married. Sharla's the one who told her
after she taught Heather how to use her powers."

"Sheena's story isn't as glamourous. She became the Goddess of
Deception when she deceived Uylip. Sharla saw it, asked me if Sheena
could become a Goddess, and Sheena became the Goddess of Deception."
says Savera. "Sharla taught her how to use her powers, and then
Sheena was left alone, as her request."

"Aradinia used to be a moon nymph." says Arien. "Savera saw that
Aradinia was the best choice to become the Goddess of the Moon, and
told Sharla. Sharla told Aradinia, and she became the Goddess of the
Moon. Sharla taught Aradinia to use her powers."

"Sarn's story is a bit like Heather's." says Eran. "Sharla was
helping me with a war between Sarn's village and a hord of bandits.
It wasn't sanctioned by me, so Sharla and I went to stop it. She saw
Sarn about to be killed, sent the bandits backwards, causing the
whole war to stop. She then roared, loud enough for everyone in the
vicinity to hear 'This was is unsanctioned by both Eran, God of War
and I, Sharla, Goddess of Revenge! It will stop now or you will all
perish!' They fled, Sharla took Sarn to her temple, and then next
thing anyone knew was that Sarn was the King of Gods and God of Lust.
Sharla was also pregnant with Arien at that time. I believe she was
born two months after you Ares."

"How did Sarn get scarred so bad?" asks Ares intrigued. Sarn is
scarred over half his body.

"Two years before the war, Sarn's house was set on fire by accident.
Half his body was scarred from that accident, and most of the gods at
the time, specifically Uylip, wondered how Sharla could fall for
Sarn. He still hates Sarn for that but can't go against him because
Sarn is King." says Eran.

"Avenorect is a weird case." says Arien. "He got hit by lightning one
day and survived. He somehow became the God of Thunder and Lightning
from that experience. No is sure how that happened, but it might've
had something to do with the fact that Aven was picking up a golden
apple when he got hit."

"Some believe that experience fried his brain." mutters Eran. "He's
crazier than I am."

"Poseida became our Goddess of the Sea when Sharla realized we still
needed a sea God or Goddess." says Savera. "She asked Rose, Gardenia,
and myself to chose the best candidate. We chose Poseida. She loved
the Sea, was always wishing she could've been born as a sea creature,
and absolutely hated living on land. She never knew why either. Rose
told Sharla, and Sharla approached Poseida. Poseida jumped at the
chance and she became a Goddess. She doesn't regret it, and neither
does Sharla. Poseida does a great job with controlling the oceans,
rivers, and steams. She and Avenorect are planning their marriage
right now."

"And then for the next three to four thousand years, Nicosia
flourished. We've never had the trouble Olympus seems to have."
remarks Eran.

"Because Sharla gave us Godhoods that fit our unique quirks and
consulted Rose, Gardenia, and Savera about it, unlike Zeus does. Sarn
is also loyal to Sharla and doesn't screw half the female
population." says Arien.

"He'll have to. Once." says Savera. "To produce a Goddess of Peace."

"Does Sharla know?" asks Eran.

"No. Call her please." says Savera. Eran nods and a second later
Sharla appears.

"You called Savera?" asks Sharla.

"I have news." says Savera. "Nicosia needs a Goddess of Peace.
However, Sarn must father her on a mortal woman."

"Who?" asks Sharla.

"Her name is Murlia." says Savera.

"My High Priestess?" asks Arien. "Well, I guess it kinda makes since.
She's the most peaceful person on Earth, and actually has a crush on
Daddy but she doesn't want to offend you Mama, so she's trying to
find someone else to love."

"A one time deal?" asks Sharla to Savera.

"With Heather's help to have Murlia concieve, yes." says
Savera. "It'll have to take place within the next year. We need our
Goddess of Peace as soon as possible."

A burst of light and a female appears. She has waist length brown
hair pulled back into a high ponytail, and is dressed in a black
velvet skirt, a red turtleneck made of some kind of fabric, and black
high heels. She looks elegant, and has blue eyes and is wearing a
pink diamond necklace.

"Yes?" asks the female.

"Heather, we'll need your help." says Sharla conjuring a chair in mid-

"With what?" asks Heather, eyes narrowed.

"Sarn must concieve our Goddess of Peace on Arien's High Priestess,
Murlia. It must be done in the next year, and must be a one time
deal. We'll need your help to make sure Murlia concieves during that
one time." says Savera.

"Sure." says Heather before her eyes alight on Ares. "Who's he?"

"Ares, the Greek God of War and my new fosterling." replies Eran.

"Hi Ares. Nice ta meet ya. I'm Heather." says Heather. "Can this wait
until next week? I have a wedding to conduct and need all my energy
until the end of it."

"Yes, it can." says Savera. The week also gives Sharla and Sarn time
to deal with it.

"Cool. See ya all at dinner." says Heather disappearing in a muted
burst of pinkish light.

"Go tell Sarn Sharla." says Eran. "You both need to get used to this

"Don't I know it." groans Sharla. "Have fun you three." She
disappears in a burst of purplish-black light.

"I'm not going to see them for a week." says Arien knowlingly.

"Why worry about it?" asks Savera. "There's a reason I needed her to
know today. She'll birth the Gods of Peace, Assassins, Happiness and
Gays at the same time our Goddess of Peace'll be born."

"I'll have four brothers?" asks Arien shocked.

"No. Three." says Savera. "One is destined to be Peace, one is
destined to be Happiness and Gays, and the third to be Assassins."

"Cool...I can teach them!" giggles Arien. Eran glares at his wife as
Arien jumps up and down all over the room like a rabbit. Savera
giggles while Ares looks confused.

"Are they always like this?" wonders Ares to Eran.

"Yes." says Eran. "Aradinia is the only sane one among us."

"Which reminds me." says Savera. "Aradinia's soul mate is our future
God of Loyalty."

"Which is who?" asks Arien. "And when?"

"Lavign will be our God of Loyalty a year after our Goddess of Peace
is born." says Savera.

"Awesome!" says Arien.

"Enough. We've got to get Ares his own sword." says Eran standing.

"Oh yeah. Come on Ares!" says Arien grabbing Ares and running out.
Eran and Savera chuckle before Savera disappears and Eran follows
Arien to the Weapons room.

~End Part Three. Being Part Four~


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