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Title: Never Never Land
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer,
Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate
Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few
surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods
are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has
yet to be discovered.

Alexander Lavelle Harris, Xander to most, born and raised on the
lovely mouth of hell had seen many things but this one took the cake.
He was chained to a pipe that run along the ceiling in what looked
like a cross between his basement and a castle's dungeon. There was
little light in his new home short of some glowing green and what
seemed to be a dying light bulb somewhere behind him. Turning his head
he was surprised to see another person shackled up.

Wearing what looked to be a green glowing rosary. He hung lifelessly
in his chains the harsh breathing showing he was somewhat conscious.
In front of this person a yard or so away was another shackled figure,
the only disturbing thing was not only were his arms shackled so were
his wings right over the dropping head in a position he was sure was
uncomfortable. The man, with short blond hair and sported a set of
fluffy white angel wings and by the limp way his body hung was still

Hearing a groan Xander turned his head and saw yet another member of
the merry band. No wings or glowing jewelry he was simply hanging
there like Xander, except that he had yet to regain consciousness.
Xander looked forward and to his right and could see yet another
person shackled up this one wearing what looked like a trash can lid
on his chest. Also still unconscious it seemed Xander and the one
suffering from his neckwear were the only ones conscious and it didn't
seem like the other brunette would be lasting much longer.

Xander only had moments to wonder why there was no one shacked in
front of him when he heard a slam as a door a distance away slammed
open and then the thumping of feet down the stairs. Quickly dropping
his head to his chest, he watched as booted feet approached him the
hem of what was clearly a black robe swishing by. They paused before
Xander and the Scooby feared the game was up when a body thumped to
the floor in front of him.

He tried not to make any obvious movement as the brown haired teen was
hoisted up and shackled in front of him just out of any kind of reach
even if he could move his arms. He caught glimpses of the form that
was holding him hostage if he could call it that as the creature or
person was fully covered in the black hooded robe looking the part of
demented monk.

Their face was completely hidden in the shadows and you could not tell
if they were male or female. He realized he could not if asked
distinguish any form features. He couldn't even begin to assume if
they were tall or short as he hand been pretending to be unconscious
and the most he had seen had been when they bent over to lift the new
member of the shackle club. Their captor made their way out of the
room and Xander wondered if they were still in Sunnydale or in a hell
dimension or LA.

He tried to remember what had happened prior to his arrival. He had
gotten out of work early, and decided to go to the video store and
rent something for him and the bleached fanged wonder. He had settled
on the Blade Trilogy sure if Spike's commentary was anything like it
had been during from Dusk `til Dawn he would be laughing his way
through the movies.

Watching vampire movies with a vampire was an experience to say the
least. Spike found the various and glaringly wrong Hollywood
depictions the best comedy humans had to offer. Then he had gone to
the drugstore to restock on supplies, lube, condoms for mess control
and little else though getting one on Spike was an effort. With a last
stop at the butcher's for Spike and a plan to order pizza he had
headed home.

Xander tried hard to remember arriving home. He could remember leaving
the butcher shop, getting into his car then nothing. He couldn't
remember arriving home or the drive. It was just gone. Xander tried
not to panic, he had gotten off work early, so Spike may have not
noticed his disappearance yet but Xander hand faith in his undead
lover, He would come looking for him.

With that thought in mind Xander tugged experimentally at his shackles
they seemed strong as did the piping they were thrown over. Looking
about the dim room he saw nothing of use. The room was bare short of
them and the piping system. The door was out of his line of sight and
he knew it was at the top of a flight of stairs from what he had heard
of his captor.

A groan in front of him alerted that their last addition was awake.
Startled realized that the newest arrival was facing him. Looking
again he saw that the guy seemed a lot younger than him and he broke
the strained tension in pure Xander fashion.

"Come here often?" Xander deadpanned and the boy started looking up at
Xander confusion clear on his features as he tugged unsuccessfully at
his chains.


"We've been kidnapped, I'm guessing this is your first time, here's
the thing, you live on the hellmouth, demons and all the big bad
nasties real. See even that guy over there with the wings. No big,
it's the ones with the fangs and extra arms you have to worry about."

"Warren?!" The boy exclaimed looking at the winged figure who had yet
to wake.

"Friend of yours?" Xander asked wondering how normal this boy thought
his town was if he was friends with a guy with wings.

"No, Warren's kinda skinny, and he wouldn't wear whatever the hell
that is? A skirt? At least not unless Dazzler talked him into it. Did
you say hellmouth? Like on Buffy?"

"On Buffy? How do you know Buffy?"

"Know Buffy?" The boys eyes narrowed and he eyed Xander with
suspicion. "What's your name?"

"Xander, Xander Harris you?" Xander asked wondering about the
expression on the boys face.

"Xander Harris? Right, so your best friend is Willow Rosenberg super

"How did you know that?" Xander asked now the one who was suspicious.

"You aren't real! I watch you every week on TV. Buffy the Vampire
Slayer, it's a TV SHOW."

"I am not a TV show! That's just insane. How do I know you are not
some demon sent to mess with my mind? How do I even know you're human?
Who are you then Mr. Smarty Pants."

"My name is Peter Parker!" Xander blinked then burst out into laughter.

"Spiderman, sure and that guy over there he's Superman," Xander paused
glanced at the green necklace that was still glowing glanced back at
Peter. They both glanced at the glowing green necklace, the bright
blue t-shirt and red jacket.

"But…" Peter started slightly flabbergasted.

"So which one are you?" Xander asked his curiosity and Sunnydale
mentality already accepting the fact that he was being held hostage
with comic book heroes.

"Which one? Which one what?"

"Which Spiderman? Like from which books? Or are you from the Cartoons?
Or the Movies?"

"How would I know? They did make a movie about me, it sucked. Well I
never saw it!"

"Oh! Wait how old are you?"


"Hmm um how long ago did you get bitten?"

"Couple years."

"Oh I know! You work for the Bugle right?"


"As what?"

"Web tech mostly."

"You my friend are Ultimate Spiderman. A Spiderman for the new
millennium. They sorta based the movies on you and the original stuff
from the sixties."

"How many different comic books do I have?"

"Well the newest one is Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman, then there's,
Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, The Sensational Spiderman, The
Spectacular Spiderman, Peter Parker: Spiderman, Marvel Knights
Spiderman, Spiderman Unlimited, and I'm such a geek."

"Wow, so I guess people really like me."

"Let's not get started on the video games, action figures, clothes,
sneakers and underwear. I was very upset when I learned my Spiderman
sneakers would not let me stick to walls. Dude you are the coolest
Superhero, only one that's even close is Batman and that's just a
whole creep factor he has going on."

"Yeah Batman is cool, so I have a question for you, We know who we
are, and who he is, who are the rest of those guys? Like the guy with
the wings…crap I know him…he says about the man to his right and
Xander's left.

"Who is he?"

"Ever watch Xena?"

"Not really, Willow and Buffy were really into it but slaying and
patrolling and stuff made it hard to catch."

"That guy over there that's Joxer, the um Mighty."

"Wait I think I know who you mean, doesn't he sing some song? I
remember Buffy saying once, if Willow was Gabriel then I was SO Joxer
and then they just kept giggling. For like TWO WEEKS."

"Yep that would be the one, So that leaves the guy with the wings and

"Yeah, I wonder who he is…he seems normal enough. I mean why kidnap
heroes, the zeppo, and bob over there."

"Dude, you are so a hero. You are like my favorite person on the show.
Well you and Spike. You saved the world just by talking!"

Xander blushed slightly at that. "Yeah well…it was Will if I couldn't
do it she might as well have destroyed the world."

"And you fight vampires and demons and everything even though you are
perfectly normal. You are so like Batman or something."

"Minus the billions, the cool gadgets and the batmobile. So you have
the proportional strength of a spider can't you break those?"

"See here's the thing; my powers have been on the fritz lately. They
just come and go, right now…"

"Let me guess go?"

"Yeah hey, looks like Bob there is waking up."

Opening his eyes, he groaned as he started to feel his muscles. The
steady stream of noise he had been hearing had tapered off and he was
just now realizing that it had been speech. Shaking his head to clear
the fog he took a look at his surroundings and saw two faces staring
at him and a few more forms that seemed to still be unconscious in the
semi darkness.

"Hey, so you've been kidnapped and sucked into some Alternate
Universe of some kind,"


"I tend to babble when faced with death, what does the name Spiderman
mean to you?"

"Like a bad remake of the fly?"

"Superman?" Peter decided to ask seeing as both he and Xander
recognized the superhero.


"We think that's him," Xander said tilting his head in the direction
of the brunette with the glowing green necklace.

"We have to get that off him!"

"Uh, hi chains," Xander said rattling them for emphasis. "So unless,
you are Mr. Fantastic we aren't going anywhere."

"Mr. What?"

"Fantastic? You know Fantastic Four."


"Hmm, who are you then?"

"Who are you?" He asked suspiciously.

"Oh we have a paranoid one," Xander said sighing. "We're all chained
in the same basement buddy, I am Alexander Harris but you can call me
Xander formerly of Sunnydale California."

"Peter Parker, New York City."

"I'm from Gotham City."

"Oh, name?"

"Dick, Dick Grayson."

"The Flying Graysons. Dick Grayson? Adopted by Bruce Wayne, one half
of the dynamic duo Dick Grayson?"

"Dynamic Duo?"

"He's gonna make me say it isn't he?" Xander asked turning to Peter.


"Holy haberdashery, Batman!" Peter snorted as Dick stared.

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It was a cheap Adam West Batman plug. Well Robin really. Anyway, you
are Robin, you are still Robin right not feeling any calls of the
night a need to spread your wing?"

"What?" Dick asked completely unable to follow Xander.

"Don't mind him. Xander, what could this mean, we have Robin,
Superman, Spiderman, Joxer the Mighty, wing boy and you."

"Still think they meant to grab someone else, Like Buffy, at least she
has real power, she is the slayer and all. Even Willow or Tara."

"I don't know what a slayer is but clearly this is a male's only
event. Who are Spiderman and Joxer the mighty?"

"I'm Spiderman." At Dick's blank and disbelieving stare Xander elaborated.

"Superhuman strength, web shooters, spider sense, it's all very
spidery," Xander elaborated. "Red and blue spandex."

Dick raised an eyebrow. "And what? Red, Yellow, and green are all the
rage? Dude you are like so the target. It's like look at me, attack me
when you have the stealthy guy in grey and black."

"How do you…"

"In my world you and Spidy over there are both comics, Joxer is a TV
show and I just don't see how I fit in. I am perfectly normal."

"So am I," Dick pointed out.

"Did you actually just say that?" Xander asked disbelieving.

"Oh don't listen to Xander. He's a hero…we all are…" Peter said
looking around again.

"Why would someone capture heroes? Stupid question, why would someone
capture six heroes from different realities."

"Zeus what hit me."

"Hey he's awake." Xander stated as Joxer rattled his chains.

"Ares when I said I was willing to try new things…Ar?"

"Um hi," Xander began. "So wake up in chains often?"

Before a response could be given the final member of their group
stirred. He attempted to free himself from his chains.

"Strife, I'm not laughing, Strife get your leather clad butt in here
or you're not getting any for the next three centuries."



"Cupid?!" Xander and Peter exclaimed in unison.

Title: Never Never Land 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer,
Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate
Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few
surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods
are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has
yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author's Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

Willow stared at the vampire at her side and frowned. Spike was pacing
agitated and if it wasn't for his chip and the fact that she was sure,
he wouldn't hurt her for Xander's sake if nothing else she may have
been worried.

Spike had dragged her into the basement of the magic shop claiming he
needed something to clear a nest of roach like demons from his crypt
ant that it was a two person spell and now she was a hearing this.

"Of course that's Xander…" She began finally interrupting the tirade
Spike had been on for the past few minutes.

"Red, that out there is an imitation."

"How are you so sure?"

"He smells off."

"Off how?"

"Remember when Buffy came back? And she wasn't quite right? She was
smelling like daisy's in comparison,"

"But he acts the same, looks the same, even eats the same."

"He's wrong Red, last night…he tied me up."

"Spike, I know you guys love each other, but I really don't want the
details," Willow said scrunching up her face,

"No, I didn't think he had the kink in him but who was I to turn down
a good shag. But he just tied me up and went to sleep. Like I was the
Big Bad shackled up in his basement."

"Xander wouldn't do that."

"My point exactly Red. All I want you to do is cast a true face. If he
is Xander nothing will happen and it is not a spell that can backfire."

"How do you even know about that spell?"

"Unlike tall dark and broody, I did more in my years then kill and
mope. I've read some," Spike said pulling a satchel from inside his
duster. "It's the good stuff, picked in the moonlight."

Willow peered into the satchel and gasped, there was the plant sacred
to her goddess, And to top it off, tonight was the Ebony Moon. The
night of the Goddess' appearance, she smiled at Spike, It would barely
take a sliver of this for the spell and she could keep the rest.

"I'll do it now, research should take a bit longer."

"Right, Red as I have the volume with the little nasty right here,"
Spike said patting the book that was in the other side of his duster.

Spike sat and watched as Willow prepared the spell casually
correcting her few minor mistakes. One of which, which would have cast
the spell on the whole town which would be a dangerous with so many
demons with human faces and lives running around. But no where near
the level of danger that she usually caused with her mistakes.

Smiling she began the spell. She had just finished feeling the surge
of power when shouts could be heard from upstairs. Spike took the
stairs two at a time and entered the room. Giles looked the same, Dawn
looked the same short of the fact that she looked she had swallowed a
few dozen light bulbs. Buffy, reminded him somewhat of the She Hulk
without the green skin but was other wise the same. Xander had his
back to Spike so he did not know what caused the uproar until the
thing turned.

Xander had no face, No features…he was a regular Faceless Man. Spike
was the first to spring into action; he hit the fake hard and fast.
The vampire quickly subdued the fake but did not try and kill it.

He quickly tied it to a chair as Giles was the first to come out of
his stupor. "Spike what on earth are you doing, that is the man you
claim to love that you just knocked unconscious and just bound and

Spike looked at the watcher stunned he could be so dimwitted. "Then
how did I hit him?" Spike asked and to prove his point swung wide to
the watcher who easily dogged the move as it set off Spike's chip.

Giles glanced at the vampire who was still holding his head panting
and pulled off his glasses and wiped them clean. "Oh dear."

"Some bloody watcher,"

"Spike, how did you know?"

"Spike," the whimpering voice drew his attention much quicker then the

"Lil' bit?"

"Where's Xander?" Spike was across the magic shop hugging Dawn
tightly. "I mean if that's not him…what if some demon got to him?"

"Then we will just have to get him back now won't we?"

"Red," Spike began not even glancing up at the witch, "Locate spell.
Me and the Slayer are going to go hit a few things."

`Spike I don't think you are the one to be giving orders," Giles began.

"And if I had left it to you lot, you would still think that's bloody
Xander, Be useful and interrogate the bugger, I'm sure the vengeance
demon can help you if you can't bring yourself to be ripper."


When Spike and Buffy returned they were walking and arguing as they
entered the magic shop. Dawn was on them in seconds.

"Did you find anything?"

"Nothing, I even spoke to a Rarrg Demon."

"Spoke? You rammed his head into a wall," Buffy said.

"What do you know about a Rarrg demon?"

"He looked like a giant care bear."

"Until he peels off his skin and starts to attack you with his
poisonous spindles. They only speak one language."

"Did you learn anything?" Giles asked entering from the side room
wiping his glasses.

"Worse than bloody . Dru Rarrg Demons are. The roads are bleeding, the
paths are broken, the goddess is playing, mother will hunt, the god is
weeping. Even Dru made more sense,"

"What?" Buffy asked confused.

"Weren't you paying attention? They are seer demons, you hit them they
see. What did the fake say?"

"He is a perfect pawn. He knows he isn't Xander but he knows little
else. From what I can gather he was taught to be Xander from someone
who did not know of your relationship."

"Even the bloody Poof knows. Red?"

"He's either shielded on not on this plane," Willow stated as she
mixed items with a pestle.

"Bloody wonderful!" Spike snarled punching a pillar. Spike was about
to enter the back room and beat the puppet bloody as Giles liked to
call it when arms wrapped around him.

Glancing back he returned Dawn's hug. "We'll find him. The moon's not
going to be out forever Red."

Willow nodded as she added another sliver of the plant. Then began the
prayer with a blessing to her goddess.

"Hail Mother Hecate
Queen of the Cross roads
Mother of us all
Guardian of the Power
In the light of the Ebony Moon
I invoke thee
I Call on you to strengthen my work this night
Maiden Mother Crone
We are All your own"

Smoke began to rise from the small cauldron and fill the magic shop.
Getting thicker and fuller as the seconds past.

"Red I don't recall a smoke show being part of the spell."

"I know! I don't understand I triple checked the spell and the
ingredient. Its just supposed to give a boost to all the magic I
perform during the ebony moon. Calling the Goddess to myself.

"That you did precious," A voice stated as the smoke seemed to center
on the cauldron. "Well come now pick your tongues off the floor. You
called I came what's the big surprise?"


"In the flesh."

"But what are you doing here."

"Dear you are one of my most powerful worshippers you called I came.
Short of some sisters in San Francisco, But that is a whole other ball
of fun. Now let's see what we can do to help hmm?"

"Look no offense but we haven't had much help from Gods. We'd be
better off without them," Buffy stated.

Hecate frowned and looked at Buffy, feeling a horrible sense of Déjà
vu. "You remind me of someone."

"Who?" Dawn asked before ducking back behind Spike.

"Hercules," Hecate said and it was clear by the tone of her voice it
was not a good comparison. "Now then," she said turning to Willow and
taking a seat. Tell Aunt Hecate all about it. Be a dear and fetch some
tea," she said to Giles.

"Right," Giles said and was halfway there before he even realized that
he was obeying the orders of a woman who claimed to be the Greek
Goddess Hecate.

Willow for her part had taken a route similar to that of Xander and
was busy telling the facts of what happened to her goddess as Buffy
paced angrily and Spike assessed the situation all the while keeping
Dawn behind him remembering the last goddess' interest in the girl.

"Now stop that you little Bacchus. I won't hurt the little one. I do
not need a key, when I can open all the doors. Let me see this little
fake," Hecate said holding out a hand to Spike. "Be a dear."

The vampire helped her up, shaking his head as he helped her to stand.
"Such a polite boy." Spike arched a scarred brow and she patted his
cheek. Opening the door she looked at the tied form and frowned.

"Oh dear."

"What?" Spike asked. Hecate shook her head and walked back out into
the main room. Gathering her maroon skirts she took a seat on top of
the table. Extending her power she broke into three forms. One with
chin length black hair and rosy cheeks, the image that they had been
seeing of an older woman with wavy black hair and lastly what could
only be described as a distinguished senior. Her black hair was
streaked with gray and her features partially lined.

"What's going on?" Dawn whispered to Giles.

"Mother's hunting."

Title: Never Never Land 3/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer,
Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate
Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few
surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods
are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has
yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author's Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

Lex looked up as Clark entered into his study. "Hello Clark."

"Lex I want to know what you were up to at Summerholt." Lex stared at
Clark for a long moment and frowned. Reaching into his desk drawer he
had his handgun in his hand before he looked back at the farm boy,

"You want to know what?" Lex asked slowly releasing the safety as he
spoke. "Did you acquire some new jewelry while you were gone?"

"Don't avoid the subject Lex. I want the truth, if you are even
capable of that."

Lex sighed as he stood. A week ago this scene would have frustrated
him to no end. But now it simply angered him. Tired of the charade he
leveled the gun at Clark's chest. When the boy back a step hands
raised eyes wide with fear Lex's expression hardened.

"Who are you?" Lex snarled.

"Lex, I'm Clark."

"Are you," Lex pulled the triggered and the bullet hit `Clark;' in the
shoulder, What began to gush from the wounds wouldn't be considered
blood by anyone with eyes. "What the hell?" Lex exclaimed as the
creature began to melt, his thoughts of a shape shifter gone now.

Before Lex could explore the puddle that was staining his floor he was
awash in a shimmer of light and standing in what looked like a shop of
some kind surrounded by a group of people that looked strangely familiar.

Before he could truly get his bearings he was disarmed by a bleached
blond amazing cheek bones. That instantly had him thinking of Clark
and what that thing in his office had been.

"There will be more arrivals so no, you will not be getting any
answers just yet Alexander," the oldest form of Hecate stated as she
resumed her scanning of dimensions through her crossroads.

The darkness shrouded the streets but the noise easily made its way
out of the alley though all it did for anyone who dared to be out in
that part of town at that time of night was tell them which street to

Batman was watching from above the alleyway confused. Robin was acting
as if these men were a real challenge. Reaching the only conclusion he
could he entered the fray just in time to see one of the criminals
punch Robin in the nose the crack resounding through the alleyway as
the boy wonder stumbled backwards.

Batman made short work of the thugs and rounded them up hanging them
from the fire escape and sending a call to the police to round them up
before rounding on Robin who had something in his hand he was
attempting to shove into his mouth,

Batman quickly grabbed it and didn't see what he had expected. Where
he had expected drugs of some kind he instead found a live frog
squirming in his gloved grip.

"What is this?" Batman snarled as Robin gasped attempting to get the
frog. "Who are you?" He suddenly growled slamming Robin into the wall.
"Where's Robin?" Batman growled again wondering how long this switch
had been in place. This had been the first night in close to almost
two weeks they had seen each other as either Bruce Wanye and Dick
Grayson or as Batman and Robin.

Even as he questioned Robin the frog held safely in his hand he could
feel something off about the body beneath him as it seemed to lose its
consistency. Batman was stunned as the Robin double apparently
dissolved in his hands. Quickly capping off a sample he barely glanced
at the strung up thieves as he made his way out of the alley and
disappearing in a flash further instilling his reputation as something

Appearing in the magic shop, he took in his surroundings in seconds
sidestepped Spike and was face to face with a very startled Lex.

"Luthor! Where's Robin? I know this is your doing!"

Lex not intimidated by the least but the character standing before him
smirked. "I've noticed this habit of everyone blaming me. It's rather
unnecessary. And what exactly are you supposed to be?" He asked taking
in Batman's getup.

"He's bloody Batman, dark and broody much too like the Poof for my
tastes. I prefer the Joker."

"The Joker is creepy now Catwoman is cool," Dawn stated, "Though Robin
is just hot."

"Lex Luthor and Batman? Why are we getting guys from comic books? How
is that going to help us find Xander?" Dawn asked.

"Pet, trust me, don't question gods, makes them a bit testy," Spike
said casually.

"Sage advise, keep it in mind," Hecate said as two more flashes
appeared in the room and two leather clad forms looked around. One
covered head to toe in leather and metal, his pale fingers moving
wildly across his outfit. As the other tan and built took a quick
survey of the room.

At this point Dawn looked as if she would explode from excitement at
Spike's side. Even Buffy and Willow were grinning as the new arrivals.

"We seem to have a problem," Giles said emerging from the back room
where he had been seeing if he could get anything out of the Xander
double. "That false Xander has just melted."

"Meltled?" Spike snarled pushing Giles out of the way and slamming his
fist into the wall of the Magic Box when all he saw was some slimly
residue and the bindings he had used to tie the thing up.

"Hecate," Ares growled at the godess.

"Oh Ares hush, you and Strife just sit still I have a few more roads
to check then we can have a nice lovely talk."

"Ares? Bloody god of war?"

"What's it to you little bacchus?" Strife asked.

"And who the bleeding hell are you?"

"Demos? Phobos?" Giles guessed.

"Those losers?" Strife snarled insulted.

"Well, it is clear you are not Eris. And those are the only gods ever
mentioned in the company of Ares regularly."

"Duh Giles, he's Strife," Buffy cut in.

"Strife? God of strife? But that is part of Eris…."

"No, no, Strife, Discord's his mom, he's the god of Mischief. Could
you do it?" Dawn added trying to get a better view from behind Spike
who had placed her there the second Ares had been identified.

"Do what?" He asked appearing at the girl's side. Dawn blushed even
as Spike again placed himself bodily between the two. Mumbling from
the duster Strife smirked.

"I can't hear ya' always got this guy bellowing in my ear made me a
little deaf."

Dawn giggled as Ares growled forming a small fireball tossing it at
his nephew just as someone appeared in the path, Not one to take well
to being attacked he responded as was his way. Two fists into Ares'
chest startling the war god. He looked down at the shorter man and
frowned. It wasn't until Ares grabbed his wrists and took a few steps
back that they saw the claws that had been imbedded in the war god's

"That almost hurt," Ares said snarling lobbing the new arrival through
a wall. A roar was his only response as his attacker came flying
forwards, a large gash on his forehead healing even as he attempted to
slice a few new choice holes in Ares when he stopped in midair.

Glancing back he saw a redhead with a hand up muttering words as
Hecate pulled herself back into one form.

"Now then," she said forming a large round table and having everyone
take a seat. Ares and Wolverine glaring daggers at each other. "You
all have something in common. All of you had a creature similar to the
one that once sat in that room replace someone in your life. You are
also the most equipped to help find the lost party wherever they are."

"Now who did you lose Ares?"


"The Mighty?" Willow and Buffy asked but at Ares' glare fell silent.





"Colossus?" Dawn asked,

"No, he's not a mutant. You wouldn't know him," Logan stated eyeing
the girl who reminded him of Kitty.

"Peter? I know this, marvel…wait Peter Parker? Spiderman?"

"How do you know that?"

"Same way I know he's Bruce Wayne," Dawn said pointing to Batman.
"Xander lends me his comics."

"Bruce?" Lex asked startled. "Bruce Wayne? Why are you in that idiotic
get up? Last I heard from you, you were heading for the Far East, that
was six months ago, I haven't gotten a measly postcard since."

"Why would I correspond with you?"

"Why would you…" Lex looked at him vaguely insulted before his
expression frosted.

"Boys, boys, before this goes any farther. You should know, Bruce
dear, the Lex Luthor you know is not sitting before you. The man you
know as Lex Luthor would be Lionel Luthor to this Lex."

"What does my father have to do with this?" Lex asked weary.

"You are from parallel realities in the one this Bruce is from you
made your money after burning your parents alive in a tenement fire
and claiming the insurance money."

"But …"

"I know in your universe your father is the one that did that. Now who
did you lose Bruce?"


"Lex Dear?"


"Kent? Superman? And you care?" Dawn chimed in.

Lex looked at the teen startled. "Superman? Why wouldn't I care? Clark
and I are best friends."

"Now you are a little more than that dear," Hecate said and Lex looked
a little bashful as he glanced down.

"I believe you. The Lex Luthor I know would want Clark Kent dead and
couldn't even begin to fake that expression."

"Oh thank you bat boy, it does my heart well to know that you believe me."

"Hecate why are we here?"

"Always so impatient Ares, as I stated before you all lost someone
very important to you. Lovers I might add and they were all replaced
by the same thing. That is how I found you all. Alone you would never
be able to find your loves. Together that is a different story; you
all will need to work together."

Dawn raised her hand. "At least someone has some manners. Yes dear?"

"But why are they all fake? I mean Batman and Lex Luthor? Ares and
Strife, they are from a tv show? Wolverine? He's an X-man, I know
demons, and gods and stuff are real but mutants? Superheros?
Supervillians?" Glancing at Lex she adjusted. "Well almost

"There is a simple answer to that. As you know there are an infinite
number of universes."

"Yeah like the mulitiverse in DC. Infinite Crisis and all that," Dawn
said with a face.

"Not quite, many universes exist, that does not mean you exist in them
all or that your existence is the same. For example you are real here;
there is a universe where you are all actors. There is another where
you never came into existence and there is yet another where
everything is as it is here short of the relationship between Spike
and Xander."

"Artist can create universes or tap into one's that are already there.
Tolkien is a creator, as are Stan Lee, J.J. Abrams and Neil Gamien,
to list a few you would recognize. So is the lady in red, a complete
unknown who hides all her writing under her bed, and won't even sign
it with her own name. Other's tap into universes that are already
there creating off shoots of the universe or giving the inhabitants
vivid and odd dreams."

"Infinite possibility," Giles said amazed.

"Let us not even begin on life altering decisions, just believe Newton
was so right it is amazing that a mortal could even begin to
comprehend it."

"Hecate," Ares snarled.

"Joxer is still a mortal isn't he?" Hecate asked softly.

"Of course he's mortal. What else would he be?"

"Most often the god of peace. Some feel you need to calm."

"I am calm." Strife snorted and Ares glared at him.

"And then he's there are times when he's the god of Mayhem."

"Now that makes more sense," Strife said thinking of Joxer and his
constant power buzz from the would be warrior.

"But where are they?" Buffy asks. "I mean if you can bring their
boyfriends here why not just bring them?"

"Because whoever took them is a god in their own right. It makes
finding the trail more difficult. There are many roads to search. So
until something happens…"

"Like what?" Lex asked already impatient.

"They capture another, or the ones already captured do something that
vibrates along the crossroads. Wherever they are they do not belong
but if they are not interacting with the universe they are in."

"They are not there," Bruce and Lex said in unison. Glancing at the
other billionaire he frowned.

"Can you please do something about the cape and cowl? It's hard to
take you seriously."

"I am not here to make your life easier Luthor, I am here to find Dick."

Logan stood and began pacing a cigar appearing in his mouth as he felt
around for a lighter. A pale hand extended to him and he snatched
Spike's lighter. A growl was the closest Spike got to thanks,

Spike who had been silently watching all this, never one to draw
attention to himself when trying to assess a situation had to smirk.
Batman and the bloody Wolverine Xander would love this, Frowning at
the reason this was happening he looked towards the self proclaimed
goddess and watched as her three forms reappeared, A haze of blue
light appeared as he assumed she resumed the search.

Eyeing the one member of the new merry band he was interested in he
looked at Strife. "Mischief eh?"

The young god arched a brow, then let forth a cackle that had Giles
spill his tea down the front of his shirt and Buffy reach for the
nearest weapon, It was Dawn's squeal that calmed everyone down.

"You did it! Do it again."

Strife laughed at her enthusiasm though it was a more normal laugh and
winked at the young girl feeling her penchant for mischief with glee.
But the blond now there was some mayhem potential once he got his
Cupid back.

"So um, what do we do now?" Buffy asked as Willow nodded.

"I suppose we wait. See what we can learn from each other's
experiences with these false plants and see what we can learn," Giles

"I agree," was heard from Bruce, Lex, and Ares. Spike, Strife and
Logan all wishing they could get to the part where they hit something.

"Hey slayer, you still store that box of the poof's clothes here?"

"Why Spike? Finally gonna change your shirt?" Buffy snapped.

"No, I bloody well don't want to look at Batman all night, and he
seems just as tall and wide as the broody knight."

Batman shook his head removing the cape, cowl and gauntlets,
completely ignoring Lex's smirk. "I have a sample of the clone and a
frog that they were trying to ingest, from my observations it seems it
was necessary to maintain the form once they had been injured."

"Let me see the sample, I can take it to the lab on campus and have it
analyzed," Willow said holding out her hand. "The frog too, I can see
if it is a unique species."

Willow gasped as she was handed a small box, "Oh it's still alive,"
She said startled as she slipped the small box into her bag. Pulling a
small empty jar from the display she gathered some of the once Xander
goo from the other room.

She also gathered some herbs to do some magical testing of her own.
They needed to find out as much as they could about this bad guy and
why they had taken her Xander.

"Will, I'll come with you," Buffy said, sure she would be of little
use to the four men already sharing information and she was not about
to let another one of her friends out of her sight.

"Do be careful. We don't know what that creature wants."

"They'll be fine watcher."

"Spike…" Giles began

"Haven't you noticed that it's a boys only club? And I hope the slayer
can handle any regular night baddies, or should she just die again so
we can get another replacement?" Spike snapped.

"I'll come," Wolverine growled. "I want to kill something," he snarled.

Buffy and Willow exchanged a look and decided the blue jeans wife
beater and plaid were normal enough.

"Just don't go all grr on any humans," Buffy warned.

Title: Never Never Land 4/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer,
Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate
Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few
surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods
are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has
yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author's Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

"Bows and arrows love and mush?" Xander exclaimed. "Aren't you
supposed to be a baby?"

"Bliss steals my arrows one time…" Cupid mutters.


"My son god of joy and happiness, Obvious spawn of Mischief himself,
with all the trouble he gets into, Who are you mortal?"

"Xander Harris. Now since you are a god and all can you get us out of

"If you think…"

"Cupid, can you call Strife? I can't call Ares, but I am just a
mortal," Joxer interjected trying to calm the god and learn more about
their situation from someone he trusted.

The blond paused and frowned. "Its like he's not there."

"Look as fun as all this getting to know each other is we need to
figure out a plan to get out of here. Before whoever took us comes
back," Dick states even as he attempts to work out of his chains.

"Yeah they were creepy,"

"You saw them?"

"Not much to see, All hooded I don't know if it was a guy a girl or
something else," Xander stated.

"Something else?" Dick questioned.

"Demon, slime monster you know something else. It doesn't help that
this place is so dark. What I wouldn't do for a wand and some Lumos

When a ball of glowing light appeared over Xander's head the boy
gasped. "Holy crap. That that Potter."

"What did you just do?" Peter asked.

"Ever heard of Harry Potter?"


"Yeah well see there's he who must not be name…long story short he's a
wizard. That was one of the fake spells in the books," Xander states.

"What other ones do you know?" Dick asks.

"Well wingardium leviosa makes things float. But what use would that be?"

"Uh Xander?" Peter calls tilting his head towards Superman.

"Oh! Oh.. wingardium leviosa," clearing his throat when nothing
happened he spoke again. "Wengardium Leviosa," Shuddering slightly the
rosary shook and lifted neatly off of Clark's neck and headed over to
the boy who eyed it before turning his head and having it fly into the

"What does that do?" Cupid asked as the boy let out a moan.

"Just wait for it," Xander said with a grin as Clark blearily opened
his eyes. Pulling down without realizing it the chains broke in his

"Regular Herc isn't he?" Cupid stated startling the boy.

"Uh…" Clark said beginning a lie until he got a good look at Cupid.

"For those of you just joining our show, We have a god, a caped
crusader, a not so caped crusader, yours truly and that guy, so be a
great old superhero and snap some chains k?"

"Superhero?" Clark asked even as he began to free Cupid, wings first.

"Wait aren't you Superman?"

"What? Who's that?" Clark asked surprised that he was using his powers
so openly; But then again one guy had wings and the other had an orb
of light floating over his head. Finishing releasing Cupid he stared
as the god spread his wings relieving them from the awkward position
before heading straight to Joxer and trying to break the chains
frowning when he could not, nor could he summon a power ball to blast
the chains away. Instead he waited for Clark to finished freeing
Peter and move on to Xander and the rest of the group as Xander
continued to speak.

"That's you, you know Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter by day,
Superman defender of the great city of Metropolis," Xander said as he
rubbed his wrists.

"Reporter? I'm just an intern at the Daily Planet."

"How old are you?" Dick asked.

"Nineteen," Clark states.

"Nineteen? You're never Nineteen in the comics. That is so totally
Superboy territory."

"Comics? I don't understand what you mean."

"You know what a comic book is right?" Xander asks and Clark nods.

"Lex has the entire warrior angel set."

"Lex? Lex Luthor?" Xander asks drawing Peter and Dick's attention
while Joxer and Cupid have their own conversation.

"Yeah, I tease him about it all the time," Clark states with a fond

"You tease Lex Luthor? Nemesis, mortal enemy, to Superman and all
around sociopath?" Peter asked shocked.

Clark's expression darkened as he looked on the other two boys. "Lex
is great, I wish people would stop assuming he's his father. And who
is this Superman person, I mean what kind of name…"

"Ok, as fascinating as this is we need to get out of here before they
come back," Dick stated as the four of them glanced at the other pair.


"Are you sure?"

"I can't call him, I can't sense him. I can't even sense the passion
you have for dad and I can Always sense that. I though it was the
chains but it may be this place or whoever took us. Joxer I'm a mortal
with wings."

"I can't get in touch with Ares either."

"It may be that this place is shielded, but my powers are gone for now."

"So we need to get outside," Joxer said just to have it echo from the
other group.

"Can you expand that light?" Dick asked Xander.

"Uh…Lumos er Lumos?" Xander attempted and was surprised when a second
ball of light appeared. Followed quickly by a third and both began
zooming around the boy as the first ball remained perched above his head.

"Well when they brought in Spidey they came down stairs over…" Xander
stopped as one of the balls of light flew in that direction and
illumined the clear lack of stairs and helped to show something of the
sheer vastness of the area.

"Looks like we were just the first," Dick remarked grimly as he took
in more chains waiting to be filled.

"Or the last," Xander whispered.

Dick looked over at Xander and wondered about the loud fool he seemed
to play. And his belief that he had no reason to be with the group.
Even with his magical abilities, as sparse as they were could be of
great use.

"Uh stare much?" Xander snapped at Dick.

Without realizing it the group had formed a circle, all facing each
other as they tried to figure out what to do now. Xander watched as
the light faded as it traveled further and tried to recall the spell
to bring things to you.

"Accio!' The light came zooming back and Xander grinned. These spells
were so much easier than Willows. And he had never been so glad that
he ignored his friends read the books and enjoyed them immensely. He
had even caught Spike reading The Half-Blood Prince and muttering to
himself about that bleeding idiot Potter.

"You wouldn't have one to make a door now would you?" Dick asked wryly
already knowing the answer.

"You think I would be doing this? What we need is a portkey or some
Floo powder."

"A what and some who powder?" Peter asked lost.

"Just some modes of transportation from the books, Let me think, there
has to be something." Xander said frowning as he tried to think of
some other spell.

"Well?" Dick asked impatiently.

"Keep nagging and I'll remember the unforgivable curses, boy blunder,"
Xander snapped.

"Uh, fighting is not really going to get us out of here."

"Joxer's right," Cupid chimed in.

"Well, hey uh…Clark? This is so strange, where I'm from you're older
than me. But, can you just look through the walls and see a way out?"
Dick asked and Clark stared. "We've hung out, I didn't know you were
Clark Kent, I just knew Superman."


"Lois Lane, I believe cornered the market on that name." Dick answered.

"Remind me to kill her when I get home," Clark muttered looking around
as he muttered Superman over and over again.

"Whatever you do don't tell him about the outfit," Xander said in a
stage whisper.

"The bright red underwear," Peter said with a snicker. "Who thinks
underwear on the outside of your clothes is cool?"

"Uh Peter…picture Robin for a sec…"

"Oh…riiiiggghttt. Hey are those your legs or tights? You can't really
tell in the comics."

"My legs," Dick said pink at the ears.

"Do you understand what they are talking about?" Joxer asked Cupid.

"I have no idea. I hope they are not mad," Cupid replied eyeing them

"Its okay you get a grown up costume," Xander added as he patted Dick
on the shoulder.

"There!" Clark pointed his vision normalizing. "It looks like a path
that leads up to some woods."

"Could you tell if its day or night?" Xander asked coming to a
conclusion he hoped was wrong.

"Night maybe."

"Oh that's just great, the forbidden forest at night, why not just set
up Shelob and Aragog for a dinner date and serve us up as the main

"The giant spider? From Lord of the Rings?" Clark asked.

"Yeah and the giant spider and all its giant spider kids from Harry
Potter. If that kind of magic works here we might be there. If we can
get to Hogwarts we can get Dumbledore to help us I guess. Otherwise
pray we meet a centaur before the spiders," Xander added not noticing
how everyone was hanging on his every word. "Well what are you waiting
for? They don't call you the man of steel for nothing."

Clark blushed and Dick couldn't take his eyes off this younger happier
version of Superman. One that grinned when talking about Lex Luthor
and spoke as if they had a strong tie that wasn't about destroying
each other. He watched as Clark walked over to the wall X-Rayed it
yet again before punching it three times and having a decent sized
hole appear.

Suddenly moving faster and faster until he was simply a blur a human
sized hole appeared in the wall as Clark slowed to speeds that were
able to be followed by the naked eye.

"That is just so cool," Peter said in awe and Xander just nodded as
Clark brushed his jacket off.

"Maybe I should go first since I can't really be hurt?" Clark asked.

"Yeah except by the Kryptonite we already know they have and your
other weakness magic. Dude I could kick your ass, if I remembered any
of the spells from that darn duel."

"Hey! Come back!" Peter suddenly exclaimed stopping Joxer and Cupid in
their tracks.

"I will not sit here and wait to be eaten or whatever else this
creature wants. You can stay and argue and discuss capes," Cupid
snapped and the others frowned though they all started to move towards
the makeshift exit.

With that they ended up with Cupid and Joxer in the lead, Clark
following next with Xander, Peter, and Dick bringing up the rear.
They moved along the tunnel that curved upwards and opened out into
a cave.

Once inside the cave they all turned to Xander the only source of
light in this strange place. Realizing this Xander repeated Lumos
twice more, creating a ball of light for Dick and Clark to share, for
himself and Peter and one for Cupid and Joxer.

Moving in a line of groups of two they made their way out of the cave.
Xander scanned every direction trying to look over the trees.

"Clark you have the flying thing down right?"

"Flying?" Clark squeaked, "I float sometimes in my sleep. I don't
really like heights."

"But…but…that's just…" Dick stammered.

"Ok…So Cupid, can you still fly?" Xander asked Cupid.

"Yes. Why?"

"Can you go up and see if you can see any castle's so we know which
way to go?"

"I will go look."

"So no heights huh?" Peter asked with a grin.

"I'm working on it. Besides Lex is way too stubborn, he keeps making
me stand on the penthouse balcony when he hates heights just as much
as I do. Its stupid."

"How did you two become friends?" Dick asked.

"Well I saved his life. And yeah the billionaire and the farm boy have
a lot in common."

"I bet as much as the billionaire and the circus boy, but we make it
work. Has Lex ever mentioned Bruce?"

"Bruce Wayne? Yeah, they were really good friends in boarding school,
odd ones out, he's on some kind of journey to find himself. He's like
in Asia; Lex is having a fit because he hasn't sent him so much as a
post card since his letter telling him he was going to Asia for a while."

"If that's the tour I think it is he'll be gone close to a decade,"
Dick said stunned to learn that there was about a decade separating
their realities. Superman wouldn't make his appearance for years yet,
short of mysterious savings from some shadowy hero. He wouldn't even
try to understand how Lex Luthor went to boarding school with Bruce Wayne.

Cupid came back down then and shook his head. "I looked in all
directions there are no palaces to be found. There is a road in that
direction. I think it may be safer than staying in these woods so
close to the place we were captured."

"Makes sense to me, Cupid," Joxer said with an easy smile. The others
all followed the pair's lead to the road. They walked for nearly an
hour before reaching the road that Cupid had spied from afar.

Xander approached a sign in the road read it and frowned. "Okay guys,
I am officially wigging now."

"What is it?" Peter asked.

"Read the sign."

Xander took a step back and Peter looked at the sign that had arrows
pointing in all directions including up and down. Reading the down
arrow he blinked and read a few more. Clark and Dick joined in and
they all looked at the sign until Cupid pushed them aside to see what
the big deal was.

"What is this? Twilight? Dream? Rangnarok? Enchanted Forest?
Armageddon? Infinite Crisis? Destiny's Garden? Menzoberranzan? What
are these places?"

"I don't know about some of those places but most of them are the end
of the world or more dangerous then I want to get up close and
personal with. I'm not sure what Destiny's Garden is but it sounds
like the safest place. Dream can go either way."

"I would think dreams would be safer, I mean if it's a dream it can't
hurt you right?"

"If there's one thing I've learned living on the hell mouth is that
kind of thinking will get you killed or eaten, or eaten and killed,"
Xander said. "We were probably safer in the woods."

At that point a howling began in the direction they came from and
Xander groaned. "I can't believe I just said that, Now we run!"
Xander said running in the direction of Destiny's garden as he was
facing it at the time.

Title: Never Never Land 5/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author's Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

Logan shifted around the Chemistry lab impatiently as Willow performed some tests on the two substances. Writing notes into a little pad she had pulled out of her bag. Watching the red head Logan smiled the lab coat she had placed on reminding him of Jean.

Willow glanced up and smiled slightly at the mutant and gasped as she looked through the microscope.

"What is it Wills?" Buffy asked from her perch at the other end of the lab table.

"It's held together by a combination of Frog DNA and a sample of whoever they are copying. But it's not a perfect formula. Even with the magic traces it degrades normally within three weeks. The Frog shares the same DNA pattern and eating it can help it stabilize the body when it needs to heal. I also think it may help slow the degrading process to keep the creature alive up to six months," Willow added after doing some quick calculations.

"You said there was part magic?" Logan intoned trying to understand the smell that had told him whoever that was it wasn't Peter. It had been completely unnatural.

"Yes but it doesn't seem involved in keeping the pieces together. It was there for something else" Willow said with a frown,

Buffy started as her cell phone rang and she realized it was a text message. "Dawn says come back."

Packing up carefully Willow was ready to go in moments. They made it back to the magic shop surprising incident free, But Willow got the feeling that whatever vampires felt when they saw Buffy was increased about ten times. She could have sworn she saw glowing yellow eyes and before she could even decide on a spell they had retreated rapidly. She would have to ask Spike about it when they got back.

Entering the magic shop all plans of questions went out the window. Standing in the middle of the shop was the strangest person she had seen since this all began. Looking him over she thought he looked familiar but couldn't place him.

"Who's the monk?" Buffy asked of the man dressed in brown robes complete with a hood. He held a large bound book that was shackled to his wrist.

"I am Destiny of the Endless."

"Oh!" Willow said suddenly remembering coming across mentions of them in relation to the Kindly Ones.

"Those you seek have invaded my garden. Which is to be expected all roads lead to my garden. They are leaving even as we speak."

"Then why the bloody hell are you here mate?"

"The pages are unraveling, the book is coming apart. If this is not stopped at the source there will be no book."

"There are plenty of bleeding books."

"This is the book. All is in here. The result is not in here, roads are fading. When the book fades Destiny ends. My…" Destiny frowned and the others watched as he looked up some just then noticing his blind eyes. "Family calls, destroy the source or it will all unravel."

Destiny vanished and Buffy gaped at the spot.
"What in Hades was that?" Strife asked.

"It sure as hell wasn't bleeding Bastian with his bloody Never-ending Story."

"If only, that was bad news very bad news my dear," Hecate said. "It means finding the boys its step one."


Xander slowed to a stop when the giant statues began to loom before him. He was in the middle of the road and there were giant statues lining either side of it. Most of them were disturbing in some way or another.

One with its hands covering his face, one with his back to all the other statues and one that was fat and naked and bothered Xander just by looking at it, shaking himself he looked at the others glad that the howling was in the distance and it didn't seem to be gaining.

"Can we just back right out of here?" Xander whispered and the ground began to shake. Most of the others came to a screeching halt when the tremors started keeping them from running into Xander's back. When one of the statues one of a young girl began to turn towards Xander and seem to be smiling he backed up in fear.

"The road?" Clark asked with a wary look.

"Its looking better and better," Xander replied and they all backed out of the garden more quickly when the statue seemed to step towards them.

It seemed seconds before they were back on the road and the statues could not even be seen in the distance. Xander was about to ask Clark if he had sped them away but all the others were keeping up pace with them as well.

They stopped to regroup all wondering where they could go. Their decision was taken away when glowing eyes appeared all around them and snarling could be herd.

The group was quickly backed into a circle around each other and Dick looked towards Xander you wouldn't happen to have a spell for this one would you?"

"Shh, I'm trying to think of a happy memory," Xander grinned suddenly trying to ignore the tingle in his groin at the memory.

"Expecto Patronus!" There was a blinding flash of light and before Xander stood a very solid but silver pack of Hyenas. Not even bothering to be disturbed by the fact, his protection was a pack of hyenas he watched as they created a first line of defense around the group.

Hecate's eyes opened wide as she sensed the pure surge of chaos on the crossroads and vanished in a glow of purple. The hyenas were snarling as something ran through the mist that seemed to have appeared on either side of the road towards them before they were all engulfed in a purple light and appeared in the Magic Box.

"Blinking at the sudden artificial light Xander broke out into a grin when he heard Spike's voice.

"Get these bleeding dogs off me!" He exclaimed and Xander was amazed to see his patronuses…patroni…pa…hyenas licking the vampire. Though they were losing their consistency, he could already see through three of the six.

"They'll fade in a bit Spike," Xander said and was stunned to see how quickly he was enveloped into the vampire's arms. Hyenas yipping happily at their feet.

Around the room similar reunions were taking place, though some were more raunchy then others. Especially Strife, who seemed to believe to make sure Cupid was real he had to get a hand on every part of him, including in his kilt.

"Strife…oh…really…we…." Cupid gave up any pretense of speaking and rational thought as he let the mischief god have his way.

"Strife!" Hecate's sharp tone actually had him stop for a moment and Clark spoke up.

"Hey who are you?" He asked looking at the spot where they had just arrived and a brunette with black robes was standing looking clearly out of place starring at everyone with calculating grey eyes.

"Snape?" Xander guessed.

"Snape? What is a Snape?"

"I guess not, you must have been running from those things in the woods too. What's your name?" Xander asked.


"Ok, where are you from?"


"Where is that?" Xander asked as the name tugged at the corners of his memory.

"Middle Earth?" Erestor asked now the one confused as he pushed his hair back away from his face and revealed the point to his ears.

"He's an elf!" Dawn exclaimed moving away from Buffy and Willow. "Do you know Legolas?"

"Legolas?" Erestor repeated catching the last word.

"Pet, what language are you speaking?"

"English, what else Spike?"

"Pet I speak 42 human and demon languages that wasn't one of them."

"It was elvish," Dawn said with a sigh sliding up to Erestor.

"I don't know what you are talking about Spike."

"Xander," Willow asked looking at the boy who was attached to Spike's side.

"Yeah, Wills?"

"Why is there a glowing ball of light over your head?"

"Oh its still there? I thought it would be gone by now. Two words, Harry Potter."

"Children! Children!" Hecate shouted irritated with thunder claps for emphasis and it was then Xander and some others realized she had been trying to get their attention for quite some time.

"One Xander my dear were you planning on telling me?" Hecate asked.

"Telling you what?" He asked confused and all the gods turned to stare at Xander in shock. No mortal should be able to understand what she just said.

"Oh dear. Seems there us much more going on then I originally anticipated even with the visit from Destiny. Xander my dear are you drawn to the strange and fantastic?"

"Uh hell mouth? Vampire boyfriend?"

"Do you seem to survive things you should not? Drawn to strange magics?"

"Uh Hell Mouth? Slayer? Witch? Werewolves? Mummy Girl? Hyenas? Harry Potter? Superman over there? Should I go on?"

"Xander, you are a Chaos being, or chaos incarnate. Either way you have unlimited untapped power. You could destroy the universe with a thought."

Xander swallowed.

Title: Never Never Land 6/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author's Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

Buffy snorted. "I think you're confused. Xander doesn't have any kind of power. He gets the snacks."

"All hail donut king," Xander muttered a tad bit annoyed at the slayer and felt some satisfaction when his last hyena a little more then silver wisps jumped at the Slayer though it simply swirled past her, or Xander thought until he saw the little pinpricks of blood on the arm she had raised to defend herself.

"Xan was that what I think it was?" Spike asked.

"Only if you read Harry Potter," he said with a wink.

" A Patronus?" Dawn exclaimed.

'Or six," Xander said shrugging as he looked over at Peter to see who he was reunited with. And was happy to see the boy with a grin as wide as his own.

"Stop that," Logan snapped and Peter's grin widened.

"Spike who are all these other guys?" Xander asked.

"Oh you will love this one pet, the bald one is old evil and dastardly himself, Lex Luthor," Xander stared as the man continued to whisper to Clark his hand resting gently on his arm.


"Not done pet, that one there is…"

"Batman? That is just too cool. Hey Pete, who's the guy?"

"This…is uh…Logan…"

"Logan? As in don't get me near a metal detector, slice and dice aka wolverine?" Xander asked and Peter simply nodded. "Cool."

"Xander," Giles interrupted, "if you are not too busy, could you translate for our straggler here?" He asked indicating Erestor.

"Sure though I don't get why everyone can't understand him it sounds like English to me."

"Well its not, if you could just ask him what happened."

"So, apparently I am the only one that can understand you. How did you end up in the big creepy forest?"

Arching a brow, Erestor looked at the boy. "I was walking towards the woods to meet my love, I was going to convince him to come to the valley, I've told him dozens of times, elves are elves, but I digress. Some figure attempted to attack me, I suppose they expected me to be docile. But even as we battled the setting changed, and I was in the strange woods. Seeing my blows were having no effect I ran hoping that I would return back to where I should be but instead I ran into your group."

"Thanks. He said…"

"I know what he said, I can understand him now," Giles said eyeing Xander with a strange expression on his face.

"Who is this lover?" Giles asked sipping his tea.

"Glorfindel?" Dawn asked.

"Glor…" Erestor looked ready to gag. "We're like brothers, valar, Glorfindel." He shuddered and shook his head. "His name is Drizzt."

"Drizzt? I don't remember that one from the movies."

"Your lover is Drizzt? Owner of Icing Death and Twinkle? Dark Elf with a heart Drizzt?" Willow asked. "I always figured him and Cattie Brie would…"

Erestor snorted, "I suppose if he liked women that could be a possibility."

"I don't remember any dark elves in Lord of the Rings…what's a Dark Elf anyway?"

"I'll lend you the comic later," Xander called to Dawn, and sensing the glare from Willow he added. "But the books are better."

Xander moved towards the pairs Spike shadowing the boy wondering what he was planning on doing.

Xander stopped glanced at Spike who was directly behind him and grinned. "Clark could you come here a second?"

"Okay," Clark said as he parted from Lex's side.

"See there's this chip in Spike's head can you see it?" Xander asked as he focused on a power that would be perfect for this task grinning when his foot sank into the floor before he pulled it out.

"Yeah, its right here," Clark said pointing to a point in the back of Spike's head,

"In deep?" Xander asked.

"No it looks like its right under the skull."

"Pet, what are you thinking?"

"Shh Spike," Xander said reaching into Spike's head with his now intangible hand, feeling the chip and making it intangible as well before pulling out. "Just call me Shadowcat," Xander said with a grin as his hand and the now removed chip became solid again.

He held out the chip to Spike and the vampire glared. "Warn me! Bloody stuck a hand in!" He exclaimed whapping Xander on the arm than standing stunned when he didn't have his usual seizure staring at the chip in Xander's hand.

He stared at it a moment longer before crushing it between his fingers and not so casually going to listen to what the 'gods' were discussing in such hushed tones while looking at his Xander.

"I have a question," Lex said having watched the scene. "You have unlimited power yes?" Xander shrugged. "And I'm assuming what you just did is a skill you witnessed from someone or something else."

"Yeah, Shadowcat, an Xmen at least until she moves and gets the dragon, what is up with that?" Xander said glancing at Logan who looked at Xander then back at Peter and shook his head.

Lex continued unperturbed. "So why did you not use Clark's ability and this Shadowcat's persons in tandem."

"Huh, didn't think of it. I wasn't even sure this would work what if I just hit Spike?" Xander said. "I was just following the Potter trend."

"I see."

"Xander! Did you just…you can't just take out Spike's chip!" Buffy exclaimed finally catching on. "Put it back!"

"Uh no."

"He's going to kill people." Buffy said pulling out her ever ready stake, Both Spike and Xander rolled their eyes.

"Children!": Hecate said with a clap as she broke the huddle with the gods. Nearby a disgruntled Spike wondered why no matter how close he got their voices were just out his range, which shouldn't be possible as he could hear the bat and birdboy taking stock of the situation as they thought they were forgotten in the corner.

"Since they are targeting something so particular, we now know where to look but finding you is not enough to stop this. We have to find their home dimension. This will prove difficult, even with an agent of chaos at our side. Even if we can find the right dimension. It will be their home, their rules; which is the only time your unique gifts come in handy until you are properly trained."

"Hey I took out Spike's chip."

"Yes, that was due to the sheer chaos surrounding the event. Your escape sent the crossroads into chaos; you drew the attention of Delirium. Delirium of all things, Even as you did it were you not concerned about if it was right?"
"Yeah, but…"

"Chaos still drives your powers, and that can make them very unpredictable. Destroying the world with a thought would be the least of your problems. You need to control it."

"Control chaos? Isn't that…"

"Alexander, Alexander is either an agent or chaos incarnate. Either way, his powers can not make things rational. If you asked…I prefer Alexander but for the sake of confusion I will continue to use your shortenings. If you ask Xander to neaten this room something will be wrong when he is done. Something that will cause more trouble than leaving it a mess."

"So is Spike in Danger?" Xander asked worried now that he had taken out the chip.

"Hopefully enough chaos surrounded the event that it will be fine. Your own indecision, William's own worry, and Buffy's irrationality are much more messy than if the chip had remained."

"I don't understand, is this power evil then?"

"It does not consider consequences and has a mischievous streak a mile wide. You may be compelled to do things…."noticing she was losing most of the room including Xander she sighed. "For now continue what you have been doing, use powers that do not exist in the world you are currently in as an extra precaution."

"So I shouldn't imagine myself with the…":

"XANDER!" Willow, Buffy, and Dawn exclaimed surprised. "Hellmouth," they reprimanded and the boy had the decency to blush.

"I'll just stick to comic books," he muttered. "And Harry Potter."

"Now that that little thing is out of the way, We need to get to work to see what we know about these creatures already, besides they seem to have a problem with people who don't want to bed women."

"They're republicans aren't they?" Dawn muttered.

"Dawnie, that would mean the President was smart enough to do this," Willow said with a small smile.

"Not republicans then."


"Is Tara safe?" Willow suddenly asked. "I mean she's visiting family…not that creepy family. Good family, we checked."

"For now, men seem to be the main focus of this or these creatures. I think its best to keep her away so they do not think to focus on her."

Willow nodded. "Excuse me Goddess," Giles began finally pulling away from Erestor who had been filling in some blanks on Tolkien's work for him even as he kept half an ear on what was going on.

"What are we going to do with all these displaced people? If we send them back don't we run the risk of this happening again?"

"Who said I was sending them back? We may need an army and this is a great place to start."

It was Giles' turn to blink.

Title: Never Never Land 7/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author's Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

Carrying another body down the stairs they had reached the chains before they realized what was wrong. Dropping the limp body on the floor they looked about the room and saw the hole.

At a speed no human could match they followed the trail out into the woods, then onto the Path. Sensing the direction they speedily made their way only to be barred by the statues of the Endless; all which had left their path waiting, The statue of Destruction shifted then bowed in the direction of the creature, who staggered back onto the path.

Remembering their latest capture they ran back to the prison only to find it empty. Whirling in rage the hood fell back as the creature howled though no one was there to see the face save one who looked on with a sigh t the swirling re hair, and vanished from the spot. Looking at the blond who was hidden in a tree, they were returned to their true world with a wave their double replaced in the tree.

Appearing in the magic box Xander jumped "That's that's them," a dagger and a fireball were hurtling towards the stranger before they had a chance to move. Yet both were lost harmlessly in the cloak.

Pushing the cloak back nearly everyone gasped. Xander and Spike verbalized what they saw. "He looks like you!" They said simultaneously and both looked at the other,

Buffy though had an axe at the creature's throat. "I don't know what kind of trick this is Faith, but you aren't getting away with it."

Sighing the creature focused and his face and body shimmered.


"Jerkcules?" Strife added now that the creature looked like the hero instead of Cupid.

Looking at the axe the figure pulled the hood back on before speaking. "I have no true form, though I find it interesting you saw Faith and maybe the rest will understand when I explain,"

"What are you?" Buffy said standing down after the glare from Giles.

Compelled to answer everyone because of the eyes on him and the choice he made, "I am friend, lover, first, last, your hero, your victim, your enemy, your secret desire, I am passion, love, lust, I am god, mortal, invincible, monster, animal, I twist the roads, I bend the straight and narrow,

"I open the eyes, to Watson and Holmes, make it so there is only one way Frodo and Sam can go, make it clear to see the sexual tension of any arch enemy."

"Shut it, you're a muse we got it, why ain't ya a chick?" Strife asked not the least bit interested in how much longer the poem would be going. The muses could go on forever to just say the sky was blue. They were almost as bad as Gabby when it came to being verbose.

"You must be speaking of my mother and aunts."

"You're mom's Erato ain't she?" Strife asked already having an idea about his domain.


"Then you're a Greek god, what's this no true form nonsense?" Ares snapped.

"My sister and I were born differently, Because of the nature of our inspiration; we can not exist in any one world in one form."

"What do you inspire? Some kind of porn?" Spike asked not one to have slouched on his Greek mythology ignoring the blushing witches.

"We inspire the re-imagining of universes. We create the true multiverse. The greater the branches the harder it is to destroy. I do not know why 'she' has decided to remake all branches in her image."

"So we have to stop a crazy god?" Xander said wearily. "Didn't we do this already? I distinctly remember god killing and dimension saving."

"Well you know Xander, Apocalypse R' Us, If I could not die this time that would be of the good," Buffy added.

"You children killed a god and dare joke about it?" Ares snarled. "How did weaklings like you even stand a chance against a god?"

"Want to find out?" Buffy snapped as a dagger appeared in her hand.

"Dagger Xander? What about Mr. Pointy? And why is it bloody?"

"Don't know Buff, was just thinking god killer, was expecting something bigger too," Xander said with a shrug.


"Both of you stay back," Ares said nearly dragging Strife behind him. "You've proved your point," the god grumbled, his eyes never going off the hind's blood dagger.

"But I'm guessing that little knife packs a lot of punch," Xander said noting the reactions of the gods. "Ok Buff, you can put the knife down, they will behave. Now, what's this about killing a god?"

"I didn't say anything about killing her, and besides to kill her I would have to do what she is doing now. Alter the multiverse in my image. We just need to stop her and find out what changed her mind."

"Wait so she's killing you?" Dawn asked her eyes wide.

"Not yet, she is moving closer and closer to my first universe. None of her changes have taken root yet. Looking at you all, she doesn't know where my root universe is. But she is searching in some of my strongest places. And seeing as I just returned O'Neil to his home dimension she is getting closer.

"So what is it that you expect of us dear?" Hecate asked.

"Do what you are doing, stop her, I'm just letting you know you can't kill her."

"So who thinks the deadboy look alike isn't useful?" Xander asked with a raised hand as Willow and Buffy joined him. "So finding this girl thing, let me guess you can't help with that either?"

"I can but then she will know I'm looking,"

"And then she'll do something all crazy, Can't we just send the superheroes to deal with it?" Xander said gesturing to where Clark, Lex, Logan, Peter Dick and Bruce were standing and all of them avoiding the argument between the gods, scoobies, and muse. All except Batman shimmered and appeared in their respective costumes.

"Oops?" Xander replied.

"What the hell is this?" Lex asked looking at his outfit as Clark laughed. "And I wouldn't laugh if I were you Clark."

"What?" Clark asked finally looking down at himself and gasping. Wrapping the cape around himself he blushed bright red. "I look so gay."

"You? I'm in purple and green armor. Lime green Clark."

"Lex look," Clark said spreading his arms slightly and showing Lex the bright red underwear and yellow belt.

"I saw. You're keeping it," Lex said with a leer. "The curl on the other hand can go."

"No groping Superman, my poor childhood," Xander said with a hand over his face.

"Control yourself, Xander," Giles reprimanded. "We need to get to the bottom of this."

"Yeah yeah, the consulting of books and the talking and finding of prophecies. Can't we just skip that part and get on with the world saving?"

A white light flashed through the magic box as the sun reappeared. Blinking Giles looked around where the spell cast by Willow, Dawn and Hecate was still pulsing with three separate lights. Erestor looked at the two mortal girls who were asleep besides the small blond that had put fear into gods of some kind. He looked over at the mortal Giles who wiped his glasses and assumed that he was the only one aware of the time shift moments before the hours that had past flooded his memory.

Title: Never Never Land 8/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Spike/Xander, Clark/Lex, Dick/Bruce, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, etc…
Fandoms: Multi Centered in Buffyverse w/ support from Ultimate Spiderman, DC, Smallville, Xena/Hercules, Ultimate X-Men and a few surprises along the way,
Summary: Xander wakes in a strange place where superhero's and gods are real, and they all have been captured. For what and by whom has yet to be discovered.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author's Note: For the crossover challenge that can be found here

A/N: Sorry about the super hiatus…at first I could blame school but now it's August. Mostly the story spiraled out of control and I've been working on a plan to reign it in. The story will be spiraling down a couple different and hopefully be easier to follow than a dozen or so characters interacting at once. It will also be getting darker.

* Mental communication*


Xander blinked looking around. He remembered what he had said but he also had memories of the time that flash forwarded. Breaking up into teams, that had broken up all couples for their supposed safety, a spell that would send them where they were needed and where it was possible that she could be as well, and casting the spell with the help of Willow and Dawn's blood that should anything go wrong they would instantly be drawn back to the magic shop. The right magic shop in the right universe they hoped.

Hecate had been kind enough to warn them of the chance that there might be an infinite number of groups, in infinite universes doing just as they were.

Xander looked at his own team and grinned. He had Batman, Super…er teen, and a god. Said god was grinning at him and he started to wonder if this was a good idea.

"So the question is where are we?" Strife asked.

"Looks like LA," Xander replied looking around. Pulling the vial of the left over clone out of his pocket it started to glow and pointed to where a man was stepping out of a car.

Xander watched trying to decipher what was going on when another person came out of nowhere, the vile focusing on the bright redhead before they pulled a knife.

Clark was a blur of speed stopping the attempted murder, and tossing the woman to the side.

"Who is that guy?" Xander muttered staying a distance away as he shook Clark's hand and spoke rapidly to the teen, gesturing with a grin to his outfit where Clark blushed. When Clark returned to the trio he smiled as Xander repeated his question.

"Oh he's a writer, and a director, he's on his way to see a casting call for his new TV show."
"Oh, I wonder why that muse thing would want him."

"Duh human, this must be where something, originated. What was the show called mini herc?" Strife asked Clark.

He grinned again looking at Xander. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

"Wait so if she killed him I wouldn't exist?" Xander asked.

"There would be fewer of you; maybe even just the one, you already exist in his mind at least. From what I understand, there are many versions of you, and this show would most likely immortalize you and your friends. I suppose your escape made this muse rethink her plans," Batman pointed out. "There is a universe somewhere where her plan succeeded, one where it was never attempted."

"I get it really, infinite possibility. Geez," Xander moaned.

"Can I get normal clothes back?" Clark asked. "He thought I was going to a party, and that it was pretty funny I was dressed like this and I saved him."

"Yeah," Xander sighed, "what's to stop her from popping back in when we leave? There should be a way to keep this world safe from psycho muse girl."

Xander had barely finished speaking when there was a flash of light around him and what looked like a set of small stone dragons appeared. He looked at it and as one the five dragons flew off and landed a small distance away destroying what was left of the creature.

"That works; you think it's this easy for everyone else?" Xander asked with a shrug.

"Let's hope not or we will be chasing doubles and copies forever," Batman growled. "We need to find the source of this."

Looking at the carnage that surrounded him Spike made an easy decision. Attacking the creatures that looked closer to demons though the creatures on both sides were making his skin crawl.

Ares, and the wolverine were instantly fighting with him and he glanced at Spiderman noticing he was watching a scene in the distance in shock. Spike turned his head and watched as what could only be an old one, attacked a pair of humans destroying one's sword while killing him.

He watched as the last survivor tugged at his own sword giving up and drawing the shattered remains slicing the demon's hand off a ring flying free. The image tugged at Spike's memory when the creature he had been ripping to pieces with half his attention fell to pieces.

The battle seemed won then and none but the few humans around them had even noticed the appearance of the four men.

"This is bloody marvelous, we're in the middle of a bleeding battle and expected to find one chit that can look like anyone?"

"Do you know what battle this is?" Peter asked in awe.

"Battle's a battle, I'd say an ancient one, since that had to be an old one."
"I don't know what an old one is but, I think we just saw the end of the last alliance."

"Last alliance?" Ares asked surveying everything with the eyes of war.

"Last alliance between elves and men?" Peter stated.

Spike cursed now realizing why the scenes he had only ever imagined looked so familiar. "So that's the bleeding one ring?" Spike said gesturing shaking his head when he realized the human, no Isildir was gone.

"One ring?" Logan questioned as a man appeared before them. He had a slight smile on his face, tanned skin, brown hair and a neat beard.

"Greetings, warriors, we know why you are here. The creature has already passed, it did not attempt to interfere with the events of the alliance."

"Who the bleeding hell are you?"

"You may call me Tulklas. This creature has not stirred the course. You must depart, it must all happen little one," he said addressing Peter directly. "Your wish would change the great song, and that is what the creature wants."

"What does she look like?" Logan asked.

"She looked like my Nellas, but there were traces of red in her hair. And her dance was wrong."

"Right," Spike said slowly.

"We will watch over our world, to keep the song. Others need you," The Valar said and vanished.

"What was that?"

"A god," Ares explained.

"A valar," Peter piped in.

"So he was kicking us out?" Spike said.

"Yes, but this core universe is safe," Ares pointed out. "They do not want us to interfere with their history."

"That was a waste," Spike sighed as they faded from the battle scene unseen by any of the elves or men.

Smiling in his chains he laughed as he felt himself forgotten for a foolish ring and even more foolish lesser of his. She was doing her job well, distracting with her own petty thoughts and wishes. Not even seeing the true damage she was causing.

She had been found sooner than he had hoped but in time he would be forgotten. The true threat left behind.


Cupid and Joxer looked at each other and grinned they were home. They could recognize the landscape the very feel of the air. Before they could enjoy it more they heard an earth shattering wail that staggered both men. Neither noticing when Lex and Dick helped to support each.

With a deep sense of foreboding Cupid quickly made them all invisible and staggered in the direction of the pain.

Together he and Joxer arrived as Ares did over the fallen body of Strife. They both remembered the horrible day and there Joxer was, standing over the already dead god ready to defend him anyway.

"It's not him," Lex whispered to the shaking god. It wasn't until the fireball formed that Cupid realized who Lex actually meant. This was not the way it had happened.

Ares had stared at Joxer who refused to back down, willing to die for Strife not understanding about the hind's blood thinking the god just needed a moment to compose himself.

Ares had taken them both back to Olympus, and that had started a chain of events that had helped to avert the twilight of all things and give his father love.

He tackled the false Ares even as the real war god appeared his grief evident in the fact that he did not register his son, or doppelganger. Eyes only for his nephew, he watched the mortal standing to defend him and in a flash all three vanished.

Joxer smiled softly knowing Strife would be back and what that moment meant for his life. He turned to Cupid and gasped, the god was making a bloody mess of the false war god tears still streaming down his face. It had taken Strife's death to force him to act on his feelings. But right now he was only showing the side that was half war.

The trio of mortals watched and waited until the being masking as Cupid's father melted, and the god let loose a sob. Standing he let loose a scream tempted to enter the temple and kill the bitch that had dared take his Strife away from him.

He was shocked when he saw his mother appear. "Cupie, sweetie calm down. This is the past for you. You know it all turns out okay and that she gets what's coming for her. Don't change it, it will make things worse."


"Shh, honey you have to leave now, that bitch is playing with love on my turf, not gonna happen. Open your eyes Cupid. Open your eyes!"

The god blinked and fell backwards, looking around he was stunned to find himself and everyone else still in the magic box.

"Xander I'm getting an uber wiggins right now," Buffy stated.

"You're not the only one," he said watching as Cupid searched out the room and nearly tackled Strife his relief evident.

"Did that really happen or not?" Peter asked.

"I believe that was an example of how dangerous Xander's powers can be," Giles said.

"I did that?" Xander asked nervously.

"Cupe?" Strife asked when he realized the god was no longer whispering endearments into his ears. Strife's eyes widened as he heard the words Cupid was muttering in his stupor and he quickly had them appearing on a parchment he materialized stopping when the loop began again.

"Dad here, I'm talking Cupe for a bit. I think he needs it," Strife said not even noticing what he had just called Ares who was stunned before his face burst out into a grin.

"Sure Erin."

The name stopped mischief short before he dragged Cupid in the other room, a small smile on his lips. Ares felt the burst of power and the blankness that had descended on the room and was sure he knew what Strife was doing to break Cupid's strange stupor.

The war god read the parchment and frowned. "You mortals claim you are used to prophecies, what do you make of this one.

"The destroyer of to be
The Lost one
The Key
The First of the Last
The last Called
The Fool
The Betrayed
The one son
In darkness the price paid for what they have done
The forgotten freed
Paradise Lost
First of many
Last of none
To remake all worlds in their dark image
Balance broken
They weaken ties
Through secret love lies
The chase is on
Without heroes the time to come
The breaker must remake the chain
The bonds broken
They must be chosen again
In the dark forest where the shadows lie
The fool is captured
The monster a lie
Love enraptured
A muse will never die
Let the dead one
See the lie
Let the love of one
Taste the truth
As always fear the youth
The strong one
The secret one
The hidden
The shatterer to be"

The scoobies all turned as one to Giles who shook his head. "I have never heard of such a prophecy. It give little direction, of what we are facing or why. But it seems to mention Dawn and that worries me. But at least one part I sadly have no confusion about," Giles said casting a glare at Willow.

"What do you mean?"

"I believe this is all tied to you returning Buffy to the living."

"What? How? That was a while ago."

"Did you think the repercussions would be instantaneous you stupid girl?" Giles snarled. The attitude that he had had on initially returning to find what they had done returning his anger building.

"Giles!" Buffy snapped. "They dug me up, they brought me back. Yes they didn't know where I was, but they weren't trying to hurt me. They were there when I came back, and at first it was the same. It still felt like heaven, I was still happy. It was just a little different. It hurt the first time I had to go back into the dark, and leave my happy place, going back to the slaying wasn't what I wanted.

"But I never wanted it. I had my family so I dealt. Willow magicked up the lottery so I could take care of Dawnie and slay and not worry because I wasn't mom I couldn't ever be. It wasn't perfect, its not heaven, but its as close as I'm gonna get on a hellmouth. And I know where I'm going when I'm done. And it's a good feeling. It's nice to know that they are all okay there, Kendra, mom, knowing I'll be back there someday.

"But I'm here, and I'm not mad at Willow, so you can't be, she brought me back from heaven buddie. And she did it right too. I miss it but its fading, like a nice dream that leaves a happy. You would think you wanted me to stay dead."

"That she did, now if she had left the Slayer in her grave and the she had to dig her way out, and the first thing she had to do was fight, and get to her house from Shady Pines. Then you and red would have an issue," Spike snapped as a teary Willow hugged Buffy and her defending vampire.

"Of course not Buffy," Giles said looking away.

"Alright good, so maybe the prophecy is about me being brought back, oh well, we'll deal. We smash prophecies remember. We'll have Xander on it."

"I break one tiny death prophecy…"

"And alter the course of the slayers, dear lord its you," Giles said already writing notes on the prophecy.


"The destroyer of to be. You destroyed that first prophecy with Buffy and the Master."

"But she still died Giles," Xander said softly.

"No, long before that, you learned her secret, you are the reason we are like this," Giles gestured to the magic box. "Willow, Oz, dear lord even Cordelia. You started it by finding a stake. Buffy would be a very different woman right now if she even survived the master without you."

"Are you sure you are looking at that the right way?" Lex asked having listened to the history of the group.

Peter approached Spike. "How did you know that?"

"Know what kid?" Spike asked.

"On the TV show back where I am. Willow didn't dig Buffy up; she crawled out of her grave and thought she was in hell. Things were on fire, she didn't understand it."

"Didn't happen that way here mate. Me and Red and the Whelp dug her up, I wrapped her up real good and we took her home. If it didn't work I was the only one who would have ever seen her. Red made cookies, a bubble bath, her favorite music everything. Thought the chit was in hell, she made all the good to fix it."

"Wow, I think I like this version better," Peter said as Lex looked over the prophecy with different eyes than the scoobies could ever have surprised as Batman joined him.

"Clark, can you make a few copies of this?" Lex asked and the boy nodded grabbing a legal pad and quickly scribbled out a dozen copies.

"Lex I don't think this is right," Clark said pausing.

"What do you mean?" Giles asked.

"It looks out of order, like the first line is really the middle or something. When I wrote it down it seemed off," Clark admitted.

"Where do you believe the beginning is?" Giles asked.

"Somewhere around the forest part, or that could be the end."

"We could ask the god."

"He'll be a while," Ares said softly. "What did you see?" Ares asked looking around the room wondering who had shared Cupid's vision.

"The other one dying," Dick explained.

"Other one?" Ares asked.

"The one he went in with," Dick explained never having caught the other god's name.


Strife shut the door behind him and looked at Cupid. The god was still distant and muttering the strange lines again.

"They weaken ties, Through secret love lies, The chase is on"

With a flash of power he silenced the room and transformed it into a duplicate of their temple home bedroom.

"Cupe, look at me," Strife whispered his hands caressing the god's face. Kissing his lover to get a reaction. Cupid seemed to wake with Strife's lips on his own, pulling the leather clad god close against his body.

"Cupe?" Strife gasped as the love god took the kissing his way down Strife's chest making leather vanish as he went along. His teeth capturing a nipple ring causing the younger god to shudder and moan arching against his husband.

Cupid's hands slid along his pale skin even as his mouth found the other this one adorned with a barbell. Strife gasped suddenly finding breathing difficult glad that he didn't really need to do it, as he was guided to the bed. He was only half aware of the fact that he was laying down, Cupid pressed down on top of him.

He pulled Cupid's head down to his own kissing him for all he was worth, lifting off the bed when Cupid tried to pull away.

The love god laughed prying his husband's pale arms off him with a dangerous smile. Strife arched a brow at the god who released his hands as he slid down Strife's body feathers drifting down Strife's exposed skin, grinning as the god shivered he bit gently on his thigh.

Kissing the site better before moving on to his knees. Strife groaned but before he could complain, Cupid placed a feather light kiss to his erection before taking it in hand. Strife could feel Cupid hovering over him but he had yet to do anything.

Lifting his head he looked down at the love god who winked and swallowed him down whole. Strife's head fell back and arched into Cupid's waiting mouth.


"Dad?!" Strife exclaimed aloud.

"What?" Cupid snapped popping back up.

"Nothing, keep going," he said quickly pushing the gods head down though the god did not budge.

*Strife now!*

*keep your leather's on*


"Fine dad," the god muttered out loud wondering if Strife had noticed what he called Ares.

Strife sighed sitting up and Cupid shoved him back down swallowing him again and humming causing the god to scream as he came. The after shocks were still spreading through Strife and in his pleasure filled haze he didn't realize the change of scenery.

"Is he okay?" Willow asked looking at the fully clothed panting and flushed god.

"Looks like he just got a good shag," Spike pointed out causing Willow to blush.

Strife cracked an eye open and took in the change of scenery. "I wish, we were interrupted."

"We don't have a month for you to get it out of your system," Ares snapped. "Cupid is this the right order?"

"Order of what?" Cupid asked as Clark handed him a copy of the prophecy. "I know this, why is it in the middle?"

"Middle?" Strife asked looking at the sheet and recognizing the words Cupid had been babbling.

Let the dead one
See the lie
Let the love one
Taste the truth
As always fear the youth
The strong one
The secret one
The hidden
The shatterer to be
The destroyer of to be
The Lost one
The Key
The First of the Last
The last Called
The Fool
The Betrayed
The one son
In darkness the price paid for what they have done
The forgotten freed
Paradise Lost
First of many
Last of none
To remake all worlds in their dark image
Balance broken
They weaken ties
Through secret love lies
The chase is on
Without heroes the time to come
The breaker must remake the chain
The bonds broken
They must be chosen again
In the dark forest where the shadows lie
The fool is captured
The monster a lie
Love enraptured
A muse will never die

"That's the order," Cupid finished.

"Oh! Oh! Spike!" Willow exclaimed.

"Yes red?"
"You saw the lie! The not Xander, Xander."

"Might be right red. But remember these things are loopier than a drunk Karnash demon. You shouldn't trust them. Xan already figured that out years ago,"

"So we should just ignore it then?" Clark asked.

"That's almost as dumb as following it, we make sense of it then we decide," Spike said not noticing his accent dropped into more cultured tones for a moment.

"This sounds like research, me and the research not so good. I'm gonna go kill things."


"What Slayer slays. Scared duty and all that."


"Come on Xander I'll be bored," Buffy whined. Not noticing the grin from Willow or the smirk from Giles. If Dawn hadn't fallen asleep in her seat she would have been laughing outright.

"Buffy look outside."

"What its still Sunnydale, we didn't switch realities, at least I don't think."

"Notice anything in the sky?"

"What its not cloudy, you think its gonna rain? It looks sunny…oh…"

"Yep, not much to slay unless you are going sewer diving."

"Just call me research girl," Buffy muttered taking a seat and grabbing the nearest tome. Grinning at Clark when he handed her a copy of the prophecy.

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