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Disclaimer: Still Poor, Still don't own them and I am still waiting for that Tall, Dark and Handsome with a lot of money type of Guy :) I think I will be waiting for that a long time to come but hey while I am waiting I might as well have fun being poor as a tit mouse :)

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? No, I am a Dsylexic and so I can't beta a thing with out turning it backwords :) I drive my wonderful Beta nuts. :)

Favorite Fandom(s): Do we have the time? Magnificent Seven, KFTLC, Xena WP but only because of Ares and Joxer :), Diagnoise Murder, The Tick, Lord of The Rings, Sherlock Holmes,Andromeda,Monk,The Sentinel,The Secret Adventures of Jules Vern, In the Heat of the Night, and those are the one's I've written in. The list is longer for the one's that I haven't written in.

Favorite Pairing(s): Once again I ask Do we have the time? Okay in Magnificent Senve> Josiah/Ezra, KFTLC> Peter/Kermit, Diagnoise Murder> Steve and Jesse, The Tick> Tick and Arthur, > Lord of the Rings >Gimli and Legolas,Sherlock Holmes> John and Sherlock, > Andromeda> Tyr and Harper, Monk> Adrian and LeLand,The Sentienl > Jim and Blair, The Adventures of Jules Vern > Jules and Philes, In the Heat of The Night > Bubba and anyone, Xena WP > Ares and Joxer.

Favorite Author(s): Magnificent Seven: Sue N, Loke, Athea. Lord of the Rings: Athea. Xena WP: Hegerbabe, Brandy, Athea, Scorpio, Scribe, Corona.

Recommended Stories: Anything written by the Author's above is highly recommended to read.

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? My Muse made me do it. I was very happy just reading when my muse hit me up side the head with a story that it demanded to be written. So being a good writter I listened to my muse and wrote the stories.

Notes: N/A.

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