Author Name(s): Kylia

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Disclaimer: I don't own *Anyone* well... I could maybe claim ownership to one or two things, but not anything of importance.

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? time.

Favorite Fandom(s): I read/write in over a dozen fandoms, both currently airing, and not. Including, but not limited to XWP/HtLJ (Obviously), SGA/SG-1, The Sentinel, Andromeda, CSI (Vegas and occasionally Miami), Trek, BtVS/AtS, Mutant X, Highlander, Harry Potter, etc...

Favorite Pairing(s): For XWP/HtLJ mostly A/J, but I would probably read Joxer with almost anyone...well amyone man-like. As for other fandoms, Rodney/John (SGA) although I've been known to read Rodney will almost anyone as well. Jim/Blair, Typr/Harper, Greg/anyone, Eric/Ryan, McCoy/Spock and various others, Jesse/Brennan, Xander/anyone, Methos/Richie, Harry/Draco & Harry/Severus, etc...

Favorite Author(s):Tough to pin down...various by fandom, but for this one I'm found of Scribe, Athea, Hergerbabe, Christine, Shamenka, Multi-Mapper, Scorpio,

Recommended Stories:The War God series, by Athea... hands down, one of the absolute best A/J stories... I like Corona's 'Making Connections' for a good laugh; Also Corona's 'Messenger' series (although it doesn't start out A/J, and isn't C/S, so if you're OTP about that sort of thing you might want to skip it.) I love it though, just the right amount of darkness and joxerisms.

Though there are many others.

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? Um... I love the show (Well the first few years anyway) and I'm kind of neurotic about Ted Raimi...anyway, I had a dream... Bloodlines was born :)

Notes:I don't have as much time to write as I'd like, but Both of my series are still ongoing.

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