AresJoxerCupidStrife - Leah

Title: Justify my love
Pairing: onesided Joxer/Ares. Cupid/Strife. Joxer/ Allthegods
Warnings: Not a happy story, Dub-con sort of,
A.n.: none

Aphrodite likes to watch me pleasure myself, but deny me my release.

Cupid and Strife are considerate lovers, making sure I enjoy it as much as they do but I always know it's time to leave when the kissing starts.

Discord is surprisingly vanilla. She says she sees enough violence in her day to day job, why can't she appreciate a little tenderness in her lovers?

Hera protects me from Zeus for which I'm greatful, and never asks for anything except help in her garden.

Unsurprisingly, Athena likes to humiliate me in any way she can.

Apollo has mirrors in his bedroom so he can watch the two (or three or five or nine or eleven, depending on how many muses joined) of us.

Artemis challanges me to feats of strength then "punishes" me when I fail.

And so many more... all except one of the gods has taken something from me, used me in some way.

And yet he's the one I'd most gladly give myself to.

Morpheus is, perhaps, the most cruel, taunting me with dreams of the one I love. Dreams in which I am not a whore, but cherished and loved above all others.

He thinks he's giving me a gift, that his way of thanking me will make me happy. And they do, until I wake up to this cold world where I only have value because I know how to give people exactly what they want.

I wonder how Ares can remain so steadfastly oblivious to what's going on around him when He sees me leaving his sister's bedroom in the morning or attempting to cover a hickey as I stumble from Strife's room later in the day.

But maybe he simply doesn't care?

I can't allow myself to think like that, to believe that the man I have come to know over hurried meals between battles (for him) and bed hopping(for me) could be so casually cruel as to be kind to me while laughing over the way I've no claim on my own body, my own thoughts, my own dreams.

He could hurt me so easily, has done so countless times without knowing why...

But perhaps Athena is right.

After all, even camp followers have a place in war. Why should I, of all people, be ashamed of my place? I serve my god as well as any warlord and with much more devotion.

Now everytime one of the gods takes me to bed I thank Ares for allowing me to serve him.

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