Hidden Titan

Author Name(s): Hidden Titan

Email for Feedback: drm_kpr@yahoo.com

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Disclaimer: None of the characters from xena, hercules or anyother show I may cross them with are mine. They belong to their respective creators.

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? no

Favorite Fandom(s): Xena, hercules, yu yu hakusho,Naruto, x-files, Underworld, Lord of the rings, Lost boys, Van helsing

Favorite Pairing(s): ares/joxer, ares/joxer/apollo, cupid/strife ,hades/persephone aphordite/Hephastus(spelling?), ani/kazuma, yuksuke/koenma. Karasu/Kurama, soren/ raze, grima/eomer gabreil/Vlad

Favorite Author(s): Kate, scribe, Bluegold, Tequila Worm

Recommended Stories: The mischeif series, not alone,the house of kings, Peace, Love and Bulletproof Marshmellows, The Comandments (A MUST READ for any one who wishes to write fanfics), Cupid's Little helper series (this is HILARIOUS at points), Things Our Boys Would Never Say (Except Possibly to be Sarcastic) 15 Things Overheard at Scribe's Cottage During the Holiday Season

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? I've like greek mythology ever since I read the story of hades/persephone ahd both show can be really good.

Notes: I'm rather new to this fandom so please be gentle with feeback
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Olympus: Titans Return

Last updated: 4/9/08

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