AresJoxerCupidStrife - Joint Effort Fiction

QsMistress: =)

TlNell56: hows it going

QsMistress: sokay, tired tho, took a tylenol pm earlier and it's
still in my system

TlNell56: im tired too, did alot of running around today and now im
feeling it, will need to take a pain pill tonight

QsMistress: aw *hugs*

TlNell56: thanks *hugs back atya*

QsMistress: =)

TlNell56: hey, now you did the story "men on stories" does this mean
that bob's back

QsMistress: uh yes and no, i write when i'm inspired but i cant force
it or i write drivel

TlNell56: what usely inspires you

QsMistress: dunno really, i usually get inspired to write like it's
an obsession and then other times i dont wanna do jack

TlNell56: it's alot like when i read a story, i start to read it and
nothing it doesn't do anything and i stop the next day i could read
it and it be a great story

QsMistress: exactly, sometimes you have to be in a creative mood

QsMistress: i love writing but sometimes i'm just too tired or too
busy with other things that i lose my inspiration for a while and
suddenly it'd hit me hard

TlNell56: yea somedays i get a good ideal for a story and i tell
myself ok todays the day i going to write a story and i start to
write it and the ideal just goes away and i just cant get the feel of
the story to come out

QsMistress: yup writer's block sucks the big one

TlNell56: im reading a web site that has nothing but tickles storys
by alot of different authurs

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: that would be a good story ares finding joxer ticklish
spots or even better cupid finding strife's ticklish spots making him
giggles, i just love strifes giggles

QsMistress: strife is cool but he's got issues lol

TlNell56: oh oh oh cupid tickling strife giggling till he get the
hiccups. can you see it everytime he hiccips something happen

QsMistress: lol!

TlNell56: the gods and mortal wouldn't know what was going on.

QsMistress: shit, i can just see it, Strife hiccups and candles light
up, he does it again and ares' hair starts dancing lol

TlNell56: hiccup, zeus becomes naked at a meeting, fish rains down on

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: dite's spells backfire on her

QsMistress: he hiccups and joxer's clothing becomes sheer and see
through loll

TlNell56: eris weapons turn to flowers during a war

QsMistress: horses become penguins

TlNell56: Jerkules clothes changes in to dresses

QsMistress: iolaus becomes a red head

TlNell56: men becomes preg while women dont

QsMistress: gods could u imagine lol

TlNell56: Zena becomes a flower child and gabby starts to act like a
man scraching and spitting

TlNell56: oh man that would be so funny

QsMistress: ares feels something on his tongue and looks in the
mirror and notices a tongue ring, much to jox's delight lol

QsMistress: Hera becomes June Cleaver and starts wearing pearls and
saying stuff like Now, now, Beaver lol

TlNell56: joxer wants it all the time and ares has a headache and
wants to be left alone

QsMistress: gods

QsMistress: cupid turns into a leprechan

TlNell56: zeus, what can we do to him

TlNell56: cupid with the irish accent

QsMistress: give him a bushy tail and big buck teeth and he goes
around saying duh alot

TlNell56: and falls in love with a thorny bush, try to make love to

QsMistress: ouch

TlNell56: lol

QsMistress: apollo becomes afraid of flowers and trees

TlNell56: hades want to open a hole to the dark world to let lite in
because its to dark thats why everyone down there is unhappy

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: lol

QsMistress: eris wears yellow dresses and skips around singing about
the sun and moon and purple horseshoes

TlNell56: xena going around say make love not war and gabby wants a
beer and a recliner chair

QsMistress: lol

QsMistress: cupid keeps doing the irish jig while slinging back beer

TlNell56: hera patting joxer on the head and say *now, now dear he'l
be fine in the morning it's just his time of the month*

QsMistress: all the male gods and mortals actually getting a monthly

TlNell56: hey if they can get preg they should get that too

TlNell56: OH zeus telling hera it's all her fault that he's fat and
cant see his um *feet*

QsMistress: lol!

TlNell56: eris thinking that her *baby boy* needs a father, start
courting all the male gods to find her baby a daddy

QsMistress: lol

QsMistress: aphrodite thinks she's ugly so she goes around in baggy
clothes and no make up gah! oh the horror!

TlNell56: jerkules thinks he's aprodite and starts wearing her
clothes and makeup and trys to do love spells

QsMistress: lol

QsMistress: iolaus thinks he's a dog and starts sniffing everyone's
butt and crotch, learning that gods really can smell of sex lol

TlNell56: iolaus having to have a flea bath

QsMistress: bliss starts trying to bite everyone on the knee or butt

TlNell56: hep thinks that bliss is a pretty butterfly and trys to
catch him

QsMistress: jox corners ares and forces his way onto...into him, ares
runs off crying, just remember they dont remember what happened after
this is all said and done lol

TlNell56: meanwhile jett and jace are looking a everyone thinking the
world has gone nuts and that they're in the twilite zone

QsMistress: wouldnt it affect everyone but strife and maybe gaia

TlNell56: maybe they were visting gaia

TlNell56: the three J's are the son of strife

QsMistress: gaia senses a disturbance in the force and investigates

QsMistress: well jox got affected

TlNell56: so they can vist gaia, and no one believe jett and jace
when they tell them what they were doing

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: but jox was on olypmis ok i dont know how to spell it

QsMistress: oo oo ares is half covered in clothing running away from
jox who already did him and did him good, dite is envious cause no
one wants to do her cause she's ugly, bliss keeps bitting people's
butts, cupid won't stop sounding like Lucky Charms on crack, Hades
still thinks it's too dull in Tartarus, Hera is yelling after ares
and Jox saying 'Boys will be Boys', Zeus wont stop trying to hump the
thistle bushes, and Strife comes out of his room still hiccuping
wondering what the hell happen. lol

TlNell56: :-D oh man im about to piss my pants that's just to funny

QsMistress: nice visuals huh

TlNell56: an zeus trying to figure out how he got thistle thorns
stuck in penis

QsMistress: yup

TlNell56: great visuals, i could just see it

QsMistress: and ares wondering why his clothes are ripped, his ass
hurts like he had a fist shoved up there, jox wondering why he
suddenly feels frisky, ares finding out he's preggers and someone
telling him it was joxer as he runs after jox to smack him one

TlNell56: cupid trying to figure out why he's dress like the guy on
the box of lucky charms cereal

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: eris see's herself in a dress and screams her temple down

QsMistress: dite looking at herself only to scream in horror before
changing and demanding someone tell her what happen, no one knows so
doesnt say and she threatens them with no more orgies and people
start making shit up

QsMistress: lol

QsMistress: apollo wondering why he's killing innocent flowers and
trees with a sword

TlNell56: the freaky four demanding to know which god did this to them

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: each god is accusing each other

QsMistress: bliss wondering why his mouth tastes funny

TlNell56: and why there is a butterfly net around him

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: hep keeps dreaming about a very large butterfly bitting him
on his but

QsMistress: heph wondering why he's got bliss captured in a net for
and why he has a room full of winged beings in there, not including
cupid would quickly changes clothes and tries hard to get rid of the
funny accent he cant seem to lose

QsMistress: lol!

TlNell56: lol

QsMistress: hera looking down at herself and wondering why she looks
like an old 50's vacuum cleaner commercial complete with pearls and
why she has this sudden obsession with someone or someting called

TlNell56: boy is strife getting a rush out of this

TlNell56: oh a male god going up to eris telling that they're getting
married in three days so her baby boy can have a daddy

QsMistress: eris zapping him one before saying you aint my baby's

TlNell56: oh i can see strife rolling on the floor laughing his head
off with that mischief crazy laugh of his

QsMistress: jox doing his damnedest to get away from ares who before
this didnt know he exsisted but is now preggers with his kid, dite
running after ares telling him to leave her stud muffin alone, hera
running after the three of them asking about what they wanna call the
baby, zeus sitting awkwardly on a chair picking thistles out of his
wilted penis, heph reassuring a crying bliss that they were actually
playing a game, apollo grungingly replanting new flowers and trees to
replace the ones he hacked to pieces, cupid banging his head against
the wall to see if it'll help with his speech

QsMistress: yeah me too lol

TlNell56: and strife peg with cupids baby but cant figure out why the
baby talks with an irish accent

QsMistress: lol!

QsMistress: jox keeps running til he trips over strife's prone and
giggling body sending him splatting onto his face, ares and the
others following after winding up in a dog pile ontop of jox who
wishes he was dead, hades scratching his head and looking around
wondering where all the damn sunshine was coming from, bliss getting
this sudden urge for rump roast, gabby cant fight the habit of
scratching her crotch and spitting every five minutes, xena getting
pissed cause every other word is make love not war, iolaus wondering
why he's got a wet trail running down his leg and this sudden urge to
sniff herc's crotch

TlNell56: jett and jace thinks they're better off spending more time
with gaia than with the others god, because the way the gods are
actting someone must have spike the ambrosa

QsMistress: gaia whisks the three of them to the halls of time to see
what happened and all three wind up all the floor laughing their
asses off at everything that went down

TlNell56: and everytime someone has the hiccups or says the word
hiccups they wind up on the floor laughting

TlNell56: their ass's off

TlNell56: oh man this needs to posted to the list, see what happens
when your tired and on pain pills

QsMistress: zeus finally finished getting the thistles out of his
penis and is now appologizing profusely to it, ares suddenly jumps up
in pain as the baby inside him grows from a dot to a 9 lb baby in
seconds, jox squeals in terror and runs for his life again before
ares has the opportunity to grab him, hera claps her hands and making
ares squat says you pitch and i'll catch, dite faints from seeing
where the baby is coming out from, cause no baby that big should be
able to fit out of a whole that small, bliss runs to his dad to try
and stop him from becoming even more blonde, cupid sighs in relief
when he actually talks like himself again but now he has this
fascination for green and gold buckles

QsMistress: u want me to post this aol chat to the list?

TlNell56: post it where you want to, it's just so funny

QsMistress: you're turn

TlNell56: jerkules wondering what he's doing wearing dites dresses
and makeup and why he's hold some bottle with potions in them and why
a lot of couple are mad at him and they all have pink or lime green

QsMistress: xena gets mad at gabby's spitting cause she slipped on a
big puddle of it and iolaus keeps getting hit on by big smelly guys
who thought his sniffing them was a come on, ares butt is sore and
wont be participating in orgies for awhile, hera cooing at the baby
who unfortunately came out with jox's nose, jox peeking out from
around a column trying to see his kid but afraid of ares blasting him
into next week, strife giggling so hard he goes into labor too, cupid
who now has a big sword design on his forehead from smacking it into
the wall hears strife's pain and runs over only to trip over dite who
still on the floor, making him fly across the room and land on zeus
while zeus was trying to get his penis to work again, gabby wondering
if she caught crabs from xena or iolaus or hercules or iphicles since
she can't seem to break the habit of scratching at herself

QsMistress: ?

TlNell56: thinking

QsMistress: just make something funny up

TlNell56: the gods got together and decided that the next time strife
got the hiccups they were going to put him in a bubble till it over
with, because none of them want to go thru that again

QsMistress: the end?

QsMistress: lol

TlNell56: anything else can you think of

QsMistress: nope

QsMistress: i'll post it unless you want to lol

TlNell56: me either

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