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Title: Half a Dozen Drabbles
Author: Dane
Rating: PG to R
Fandom: HtL / X:WP
Pairing: A/J, C/S
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but don't I wish.
Summary: A few drabbles about AJCS
Status: Complete.
Series: No
Archive: AJCS, ask if you want to
Notes: I was sitting down at a local Starbucks one day and I felt the
need to write a few things. This is what came out.
Feedback: Yes


"What are you drinking?" asked Ares while giving his husband an
amused expression. With Joxer were Cupid and Strife, all of them in
varying states of drunkenness.

Joxer hicked. "Something called `Martinis'," he slurred, and then he
passed out to Ares' arms.

The War God laughed. He remembered when Bacchus gave him that the
first time. After about a hundred of those, he woke up with a
headache and in the arms of Hecate. The Horror!!!

With a flick of his power, Ares transferred them to their bedroom and
cleaned Joxer up. He knew the morning would be Tartarus for him.

* * *

All That Jazz

Ares hated to admit it but Joxer's taste in future music
greatly improved after they watched that movie with Richard Gere in
it. With Apollo's help, his consort transformed one of the rooms in
the Temple of War into a Jazz Den.

How was he to know that his home would end up as the hot spot
of Olympus because of it?

After kicking out most of the Pantheon and a few Satyrs, he
found an embarrassed New God holding a Martini glass and a pair of
pinstripe trousers. Ares frowned and spent the next few days denying
Joxer sex.

* * *

Elf Ears and Human Beards

"That Legolas guy is cute," commented Ares.

He and Joxer were watching `The Fellowship of the Ring' in
the Hall of Time.

"Why?" asked Joxer before stuffing his mouth with popcorn.

"It's the ears," answered the War God.

Later that night, Ares asked his consort a favor.

"You want me to do what?!? Why?!?"

Ares grinned. "To put on some Elf ears."

"I reiterate. Why?"

Ares chuckled. "So I can lick them while I fuck you later."

Joxer considered it before replying. "Only if you make your
beard scraggly and your hair messed up. That Aragorn guy is a hottie."

* * *

New Favorite Treat

Cupid slowly came to his senses and felt that chains bound
his limbs. There was more to this, however, since he felt that his
skin was sticky with some substance. The last thing he remembered was
that he was waiting for Strife to come back from a trip with his Dad
from the Americas, but he fell asleep.

Next thing he knew, a wet tongue slowly went up his body from
his toes and licked him up clean. Cupid was close to bursting when
Strife reached for a kiss.

"My new favorite treat. Chocolate and Cupid," whispered

* * *

The Chase

Strife knew he was in trouble the moment he saw Cupid's face.
The Mischief God disappeared and ran like Tartarus for the nearest
safe haven: The Temple of War.

He soon found out that even there he wasn't safe.

As much as he could struggle, Strife was no match for the
Love God. Cupid managed to place him on the nearest sofa and held him
down. No one came to his aid, even when helpful Joxer came in to see
what the racket was about. It was inevitable. Cupid exposed Strife's
stomach with a flick and blew a loud raspberry.

* * *

The Real Reason Why Strife and Cupid are Together

Bliss smiled as he got his Daddy's bow and arrows. He knew he
would get into trouble later, but he wanted a new Mommy, or in this
case, a new Dada for his Daddy.

He waited for many hours, in reality only 30 minutes, before
Strife showed up to yell at his Daddy. They were loud and flying
their arms in all directions. Bliss had enough so he shot the arrow
at Strife.

Bliss smiled again when Strife started to kiss his Daddy.
They left after that but he could still hear them in his Daddy's
bedroom shouting and yelling.

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