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Title: Forever isn't as long as you'd think.
Author: Leah
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: A/J.
Disclaimer: I don't own any Pop-culturally recognizable characters. I'm not making a profit on this story, I'm just playing with them and will return them in more or less the same condition that I borrowed them in.
Warnings: Character death, a bit of angst, humor and fluff.

A.N.: Sorry It's taking so long to get anything written, I've been super busy with getting things ready for my trip, work, and babysitting. I only managed to write this because it took the doctor foreForever isn't as long as you'd to get to me in the waiting room. If it wasn't 1 am i'd just type up the whole thing, but I have to be up at 6 am to do laundry so that I can pack after I get home from work since I'm leaving thursday. If I have time after I finish cleaning my house I'll post the rest tomorrow, if not I'll try to have this one finished and a chapter each for no one needs to know and blind love finished by the time I get back.

Once I had the rarest rose
That ever deigned to bloom
Cruel winter chilled the bud
And stole my flower too soon
Oh loneliness
Oh hopelessness
To search the ends of time
For there is in all the world
No greater love than mine
---- Love song for a vampire
Annie Lennox

"Please." Ares pleaded. "Let me make you at least immortal. I don't want to lose you."

Joxer just smiled and shook his head.

"God's have so much time, they don't understand that sometimes Death can be a reward." Joxer said as he brushed a kiss across Ares's cheek.

He sighed at the look in his eyes and pointed out the window.

"If all my friends die before I do, I will let you make me whatever you want, Immortal or God."

Ares lowered his head in defeat. He would never have Joxer as his consort. He was just too well loved, and was constantly aking new friends.

Sure Ares could go out and have them all wiped out in a war or plaugue or whatever, but Joxer would know and he'd hate Ares forever. Ares couldn't stand the thought of those loveing warm eyes turning a cold and hateful gaze on him.

The years passed and Joxer grew old. Ares watched as day by day his strength failed him, then his eyesight, then his heart. He woke with Joxer curled up next to him, smiling but cold and unbreathing.

For years people told the story of a warrior so mighty that Ares himself presided over his funeral pyre, though the name was lost after only a century.

Ares petitioned his uncle Hades to be allowed to visit Joxer butwas denied.

"Why?" Ares demanded, tears making angry tracks down his face.

"I don't have him. The Fates do." Hades said, turning away from the heartbreak so plain on his nephew's face.

Ares had begged and pleaded with the fates to give Joxer back to him, but all they would say was "We are, but you must find him."

So Ares searched, for centuries he searched, looking for the one person who would complete him, listening for even a hint of a long forgotten name.

Ares was walking through the U-Dub campus when he heard the first mention of his lover in over a millenia.

"...Joxer the Mighty." Said a short girl with straight, short, brown hair and a tie-dye sundress that dragged the ground behind her.

"No way! said the foot and a quarter taller boy walking next to her. "Was he really as good as they said?"

"He took out three armies in one swing! It was amazing. I only wish I could be as good as Joxer." The girl sighed and pouted as she twirled a pencil between her fingers.

"You, Girl!" Ares said attracting their attention.

THe girl looked over at him, eyes narrowing. She [ulled herself to her full height and somehow managed to not only appear taller than her 5'4" but to also stare down her nose at him, though ares was close to a foot taller than her.

"Young man, that is not how you address a lady." She said glaring at him over her glasses, accent changing from Washington bland to Texas twang.

Somehow this made Ares feel all of two hundred again, being scolded by aunt Hestia for sneaking extra cookies before supper.

"Yes Ma'am." He said meekly.

The girl grinned at him and went back to her usual slouch.

"So what can I do for you, hun?" She asked, accent firmly back in the pacific northwest.

"What can you tell me about this Joxer the Mighty? I keep hearing his name around but I can't get a clear answer about him." Ares said, fibbing just a bit.

The girl looked at her friend and rolled her eyes, then turned back to Ares.

"Not much of a Gamer, are you? Joxer is one of the Triplets of Doom. The creators of WAR." She explained.

Ares just looked confused.

"WAR?" He asked.

The girl huffed a heavy sigh and muttered something uncomplimentry about luddites and needing some coffee.


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