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Title: What Dreams May Come True
Author: Carrie
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Pairing: Implied C/S, A/J
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Archive: If you like it, you can have it. Just let me know.
Feedback: Sure.
Disclaimer: Not mine. =|
Notes: I'm proud of myself that I put *every* thing that Christinesaid into this. lol
Summary: Answer to Christine's Pig's Knuckles challenge.


"Why do I have this sudden craving for pig's knuckles?" Strife sat up in bedand said.

Cupid stirred from his sleep and slowly woke up to look at Strife inconfusion. "Say again?"

"Pig's knuckles. Ya know, the knuckles of pig's?" Strife replied as if itwas the most common thing in the world.

"Man, you and your damn food cravings." Cupid said and settled back downinto the bed.

"Hey, it's mischief! I can't help it." Strife grinned innocently. "Youwouldn't believe how much energy I get out of pregnant chicks!"

"Can you wait 'til tomorrow? I'd really like to get some more sleep."

"Yeah, I guess." Strife pouted but laid back down and snuggled up againstCupid.


"Cupe! Cupe!" Strife shouted out across the fish market. "C'mere! Hurry!"

Cupid sighed. Strife had been dragging him all around the mortal world frommarket to market today in search of more food's he'd like to try. Startingwith the pig's knuckles to cheesecake to something called jello. He dodgedaround a few people and ran the rest of the way to join his husband over ata small tavern Strife had found.

"Isn't this great, Cupe?" Strife asked, enthusiastically.

"It's just a tavern. So?" Cupid asked.

"But this is *the* tavern! The one with them spicy meatballs? Duh, Cupe.It's like world famous." Strife explained.

"Oh." Cupid was still clueless, he'd never heard of it before. "Alright,let's go in then."

"Damn right we're going in!" Strife said as he grabbed Cupid's wrist andpulled him through the door.


Jett, Joxer and Autolycus were sitting at a table watching some very nicebelly dancers dance around on stage in front of them while they enjoyedtheir spicy meatballs.

"You know what would go great with these?" Autolycus said.

"What?" Jett asked.

"Some of Dionysus' special wine." Auto said matter of factly, nodding hishead.

"And just how would we get some of that?" Joxer asked.

"Well, Iphicles has some at the royal palace, but that's *way* too far."Auto stopped to stroke his mustache before another idea hit him. "Apollo! Hehas some. Lots, even."

Just then, there was a flash that faded to reveal Apollo in all his goldensplendor. "Hey, Auto, how ya doin'?" He asked. "Not mad about that littlepunishment I gave ya when ya stole that lute from my temple, are ya?"

"What punishment?" Jett asked, amused. He'd never thought Auto wouldactually receive a punishment he had placed on him.

Autolycus blushed.

"Embarassed, still?" Apollo laughed.

Joxer finished his spicy meatballs and turned to the others, interrupting."Hey, 'Pol? Where's Ares? I was looking for him at his temple and hewouldn't respond." Joxer pouted.

"Oh, he's around. Haven't seen him too lately, though. Just got back from awar at the south border of Greece though; that could be why. How are you,Jox?" Apollo answered and made his own question.

Just then the door burst open with a gust of wind entered the tavern. Itblew Apollo's tunic up to reveal his lace panties. "Eek!" Apollo soundedbefore grabbing at his tunic to pull it down.

"Ahahahaha!" Was heard from the doorway from two distinct voices.

"Damn, 'Pol. I thought you said those weren't yours?" Cupid said to hisuncle, refering to the time he had caught his uncle, naked, holding saidlace panties in his hands and furiously swearing they weren't his. The LoveGod and Strife joined the rest of the group at their table in the tavern.

Apollo blushed and cleared his throat.

"I actually like them better than the leather thong, though." Strife said,admiring the, admittedly, good looking body of his uncle.

"So, anyway," Apollo said, changing the subject. "Why did you call me here?"

"Wait! Before you guys get into anything more. Apollo? Can you send me toAres' Olympian temple?" Joxer stood and asked.

"Sure thing, Jox." The Sun God snapped his fingers and Joxer disappeared ina flash of gold.

"Well?" Apollo asked the two remaining.


"Ares?" Joxer called into the room he appeared in of the temple. "Ares?Where are you?"

"Jox? Where are you, I missed you!" Ares called from... somewhere.

"Uhm, Marco?" Joxer suggested.

"Polo?" Ares answered, unsure of what he was saying, and why.

Taking a step towards where he thought his lover's voice was coming from,Joxer called again. "Marco?"

"Polo?" Ares said a little louder and also took a run down the hallwaytowards his thoughts of where Joxer was in the temple.


"Polo?" Ares said and closed his eyes, trying not to think, just concentrateon Joxer's voice.

"Marco?" Joxer decided to stay still and let Ares come to him. Ares was thebetter tracker of them so it was a good idea. He leaned back against thewall and closed his eyes.

"Polo?" Ares said, so sure he was getting closer.

"Marco?" Joxer called, suprised by the closeness he sensed in Ares' voice.

"Polo?!" Ares cried out, hopefully.

"Marco!?" Joxer jumped into the middle of the hallway and began to run inthe direction of Ares' so close voice.

"Polo!" Ares shouted as he too began to run and then, *crash, thud*.

"Ow." Joxer said, tilting to the side and rubbing his butt. "Guess openingour eyes would have been a good idea."

"Maybe." Ares said, eyeing Joxer's hand rubbing up and down on that oh sodelectable butt.

"Hehe." Joxer smirked and got on his hands and knees, crawled over to Aresand jumped on him. In a flash of red they were gone from the hallway andinto Ares' bedroom.


Jett nudged Auto with his arm to respond. "Oh. We were wondering," Autobegan. "If we could have some of Dionysus' special wine?"

"Hmm. Lemme think about it," Apollo looked away for about 3 seconds. "No."

"Oh, come on!" Jett gilded. "We'll have a blast. Get drunk, play with somegirls," He nodded towards the belly dancers, continuing their show on stage."What's bad about that?"

Apollo considered Jett's offer as he eyed the girls, winking at one who bentover slightly to give him a good glimpse at her cleavage. "Alright," Apollosaid, feeling himself... harden... onto the idea. "Let's go get it then,Auto."

"Jett, you stay here and keep the table. Strife, Cupe? You guys in?" Apolloasked.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" Strife said, shrugging his shoulders. Cupid agreed.

"Cool." Apollo laid a hand on Autolycus' shoulder. "You two come help mecarry it back." He said before flashing off to Olympus.

Strife and Cupid followed.


Cupid, Strife, Apollo and Autolycus flashed into the hall before Ares'bedroom. "'Pol, what the fuck is up with your power today?" Strife asked."Not that it isn't warranting amusement, but damn."

Cupid shrugged and opened the door. Might as well ask Dad if he wanted tojoin in the party while they were here. Not thinking about what they mightfind there, Cupid opened the door and entered the room. They stood inconfusion and amusement at the two they saw. Who would have known Joxer worea chastity belt?

"Agh! Ares are you making any progress down there?" Joxer asked frustrated.

"Damnit!" Ares threw down the random tools he was using to try and pick thelock on the belt. "It won't budge." He sat back, crossed his arms andpouted.

"Yo, Dad. Auto here could probably pick that lock in no time!" Cupid calledout to his father.

"Really? Hermes' boy? Where is he?" Ares asked hopefully, not looking up.

Apollo shoved Autolycus out from behind Strife and into the middle of theroom, making him the center of attention. "Uhm. Do you have any rosebushes?"

"Rose bushes? Now, don't let's be silly! What would you need that for?"Joxer asked from his place on the bed.

"The thorns. They can work wonders, those sharp little buggers can." Autoexplained. "Where's the garden?"

Ares pointed Auto towards the garden and he was back in a minute with abranch off them with several bloody thorns on it. "It got me!" Auto said ashe fumbled with his bloody arms to the bed.

"Could you move over a little bit, Ares?" Auto asked.

"Don't you get any silly thoughts, thief." Ares growled at the demi-god andmoved a *slight* bit out of the way.

"Wouldn't even think of thinking it!" Auto said nervously. He began to workat the lock and a minute later it snapped open. "Aha! Here's the problem,"He said holding up the object triumphantly. "There was a hair brush lodgedin the way."

"Hair brush?" Ares asked, looking down at Joxer.

"Uh... How did that get there?" Joxer blushed and said, trying not to causetoo much suspicion.

Cupid and Strife were busy discussing a new tongue piercing for Aphrodite."...But it sure would help out in the love department, Cupie," Strife nudgedCupid with his elbow and winked. "If ya know what I mean."

"Ew. Strife, that's my mom!" Cupid shuddered. "*So* not a good mentalimage."

Strife giggled and flashed out of the room, quickly followed by Cupid andApollo, who had no idea what he was doing there in the first place.


"Well?" Ares asked Joxer.

"Well, what?" Joxer asked back, still blushing.

"A hair brush?" Ares smirked.

"Hey, I had an itch!" Joxer confessed.

"I'll itch you one!" Ares said as he pounced on Joxer and proceeded to kisshim innocently as he tickled him senseless.


"Oh, yeah!" Half way through the aether, going back to the tavern, Apolloremembered why he had went along back up to Olympus in the first place. Toget some wine from his temple.

As not to disorient himself, he let himself materialize where he thought heremembered where he was going. Instead of the tavern to ask if it was justwine he was after as not to have to make as many trips as he already had,again, he appeared in Corinth. The royal palace of Corinth to be exact.

"Uhm," Iphicles said, confused. "Lord Apollo?"

"Hey, dude." Apollo turned to face the King and his mother. "Alcmene! Man, Ihaven't seen you since Herc was just a *little* bastard... er, sorry."

"Apollo, how are you?" Alcmene asked, ignoring his comment about her son,even if it was true. Might as well be polite to family, she thought.

"Same old, same old." Apollo answered. "So, how's your wine stores doing,Iph?"

"Uh, fine?" Iphicles answered, still damn well confused.

"Good, good." Apollo nodded. "Well, I'll see ya!" With that he flashed outof the room, not wanting to stay longer and make a fool out of himself anymore than he had today.


Strife appeared back in their bedroom with Cupid following closely behindhim. "Ooo, you're a quick one!"

Cupid grinned and pushed Strife over onto the bed. "Well, I won't be tooquick with this."

Strife smirked and let his hands drift down to Cupid's pants to undo thelaces there...


Back at the tavern... Apollo had managed to carry off some barrels of wineby himself and flash back to the tavern and proceeded to get pissed.

The belly dancers had passed out due to the wine being too strong for them.Leaving Autolycus, Apollo and Jett to finish it off, no sense wasting it, isthere?

"Oh, man." Auto laughed. "We're gonna have one Tartarus of a hang overtomorrow, aren't we?"

Auto grabbed up the bottle of wine from the table and tipped it to pour someinto his mug. "If that isn't a proper punishment for something this good, I don't know what is. Ican't think of anything worse than that!"

"Worse than running naked, with the exception of thigh high, red, heeledboots and matching leather choker, through my temple on Olympus with all theGod's for an audience?" Apollo spilled out, laughing.

"Hahaha! Was *that* your punishment, Auto?" Jett said, drunk off his ass,pointing and laughing at his friend.


"Whoa, that was a fucked up dream." Morpheus said as he sat up, with a coldsweat, in bed. He knew with being a Dream God he'd get some of the mostmixed up dreams of mortals and the God's combined into one, but that wasdamn freaky.

"Wait a second..." He had a thought. "Damn, this I gotta see!"

And sometimes, dreams of the God's and mortals close to them, friends orlovers, may come true. Morpheus swung his legs out of bed and ran his handsthrough his hair, brushing over an ear. "Damn, did that come out again?" Heasked aloud to himself.

He was refering to an earring that was *supposed* to stay together, that waspierced through the top of his ear. "Hmm, I'll have to get Heph to weld ittogether later. But this," He gestured at a shimmering pool, that began toform an image of Strife and Cupid lying in bed. "I wouldn't miss this showfor the world."

The End

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