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Title: A Different Color
Author: Carrie
Fandom: Xena/Herc
Pairing: C/S
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
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Notes: Thanks, Christine, for beta'ing this for me and convincing me it doesn't suck terribly. =)
Summary: Strife has a fascination with black wings, just like me.


"Strife, how in Tartarus did I let you talk me into this?" Cupid asked as he flashed his clothes off and stepped under the gentle waterfall, letting the water run over his wings as he flexed them.

"Oh, it wasn't too hard." Strife sat back on the ground beside the stream the waterfall created.

"Couldn't we just magic them how you want them instead?" Cupid whined.

"Nope. This way is *way* more fun."

"Ok, I'm ready," Cupid said as he stepped out from under the water.

Watching the shining droplets on Cupid's body, Strife licked his lips and eyed Cupid's body. "Ya sure are, Cupe."

Cupid playfully smacked the back of Strife's head. "How long is this gonna take? Wet feathers suck."

"Not too long," Strife said as he knelt down to grab a jar from his pack and opened it. "Come down here."

Cupid sat down on the grass in front of Strife and made himself comfortable. Strife grinned as he took two fingers and dipped them into the jar bringing a scoop of the purple goo out with his fingers. Cupid turned his head to look at Strife. "I thought you needed gloves for that? Your hands'll be purple for weeks!"

"Nah, I got a spell from 'Dite ta make it wash off." Strife said as he applied the goo to the Love God's wings, starting at the base and working it over and under, through and through the feathers.

"You sure this isn't gonna stay this color?" Cupid said eyeing the purple goo suspiciously.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

Strife gathered up another scoop of the purple goo and lathered it through Cupid's feathers. Finally, getting to the tips of his wings and checking it over to make sure that he covered every one of them and not missing any spots, Strife got up.

"Now, we wait." Strife stretched his legs and sat back down under a tree and leaned against it.

Cupid sighed and moved over beside Strife, trying to keep his wet, goo-covered wings from touching anything.

~Half an hour Later~

"Alright!" Strife clapped his hands, startling Cupid. "Time ta finish this up."

"Finally, that seemed like a century, Strife!"

"Yeah, I know. But it'll be worth it."

Strife flashed off his clothes and Cupid stared at him.

"What?" Strife asked. "I gotta help wash it out. I know ya can't reach every crease in those wings of yours."

"Oh, right." Cupid said flashing off his own clothes and walked back to the waterfall.

Strife followed him in and positioned Cupid so that the water would flow in a good angle over and onto his wings. He proceeded to wash the excess goo off of his cousin's wings. Letting his eyes wander down to Cupid's tight ass and letting his fingers learn all the creases under and over the Love God's wings.

Working his way down from the base of Cupid's left wing, over the top of it and down each side. When the water from it ran clear, and not tinged purple, he moved to the other. The constant running of water over it had rinsed most of the goo off of it already.

But not quite. Strife continued to take his time and slowly go over each feather to clean it of the goo. When the water ran clear from this wing he stood back to admire his work. Cupid feeling the loss of the Mischief God's hands on his wings, turned his head.

"Done?" He asked.

"Yep. Jus' need ta dry off now." Strife said and he stepped out from under the water. And just now noticing his erection. //Damn. I knew this would be hot, but shit, I wasn't even thinkin' about it.//

Deciding it wasn't a good plan to get embarassed, he acted like it was normal and started stroking himself a bit. Cupid followed him out from under the water admiring his body. Sure, Strife was pale and skinny, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a good build and muscle on him. He continued to follow him over to the grass where they had been sitting earlier.

Strife turned, still stroking himself, and Cupid couldn't help letting his eyes watch his cousin's hand move up and down the length of his cock.

"Ahem." Strife interrupted Cupid's voyeurism and gestured to the ground for Cupid to sit.

Cupid blushed and sat down. Strife sat down behind him and shuffled up as close as he could without being whacked in the face by wet, but now *black*, wings.

Strife started to run his hands through them, straightening them and finding a few loose feathers to save for later to play with. His wings drying rather quickly and the hands brushing through his feathers aroused him. Cupid flexed his big, freshly colored wings.

Strife sat back for a minute to check over the feathers. They all were straight and in perfect place. Ok, so now what? Strife began to massage in between the base of Cupid's wings. Cupid moaned and continued to flex them.

Strife pushed Cupid's wings apart and scooted his body up closer to Cupid's back. He continued to rub the sensitive skin and arouse the Love God. This time, instead of pushing himself closer, he pulled Cupid back towards him some more so that his cock was pressed against the small of the other god's back.

"Mmm, feels good." Cupid moaned out at the same time Strife said pretty much the same thing, agreeing with him none the less.

Strife leaned his head on his cousin's shoulder and grinned before licking up the side of Cupid's neck and back down to bite gently and suck a small bruise into being on the skin of his shoulder.

Cupid, his hands being occupied by holding himself up, was about to shift his weight to free a hand to - . Strife, as he continued to tongue Cupid's neck, extended an arm around the Love God and ran it down his chest and down to his hard cock.

Strife wrapped his fingers around the base of Cupid's cock and stroked up and back down. Taking his thumb to brush it across the head a few times before continuing to jerk him off.

Pulling Cupid to lean back against him, Strife had his other arm around the blonde God and ran it down his thigh and down between his legs to cup Cupid's balls in his hand and lightly massage them. Cupid moaned and wiggled a bit, which brushed his back against Strife's own hard cock that was demanding attention.

Suddenly, Strife stopped stroking Cupid's cock and took his hand's away. "Strife...?" Cupid queried.

"Shh." Strife said as he encouraged Cupid by small pushes against his body in the direction he wanted it to go.

Finding himself on his hands and knees with Strife behind him stroking his own cock, Cupid smiled. He materialized a vial of oil floating in the air for Strife. Strife grabbed it and opened it and dumped some out onto his fingers. He leaned down and spread Cupid's ass cheeks and ran his tongue from Cupid's balls, down the crease and up to his tailbone, making Cupid shiver.

He raised his head and sat back on his knees while he placed a finger at the entrance to Cupid's body. Cupid looked over his shoulder expectantly at the dark haired God. Strife took this as encouragement and slowly pushed his finger in, breeching Cupid's body.

Cupid moaned and pushed back against Strife's finger. Pushing it in and out a few times, Strife added another. Then a third. When he was satisfied that he wouldn't stretch Cupid too far and hurt him, he poured the rest of the oil from the vial onto his hands.

He stood up on his knees and stroked his cock and moved it to Cupid's asshole. He put the head of his cock up to it and gently pushed in. Slowly sinking the rest of his cock into Cupid, they both moaned out in pleasure.

Strife pulled back and pushed his cock into the pliant ass of the Love God in front of him. He watched Cupid's wings flex and flutter as he fucked him.

He reached a hand around to grasp Cupid's cock once more and stroke him hard as he pounded into his ass. Feeling Cupid's ass begin to clench tighter around his cock as he shoved it in and out, he stroked him harder. Cupid cried out as he came and spurted his cum over Strife's hand and the grass below them.

The tight pulsing heat of Cupid's ass around his cock was enough to get Strife off, he came deep in Cupid's ass as he watched the black wings flap side to side as the pleasure washed over them.

Strife reluctantly pulled himself from Cupid and guided the Love God to a clean patch of grass, materializing a blanket under them, Cupid laid down on his stomach on it. Strife, on his side beside the blonde God, idly stroked the black, shiny, clean feathers.

Cupid sighed contently and turned his head to look at Strife.

"I really dig tha black, Cupe." Strife grinned and leaned down to claim Cupid's lips in a passionate kiss.

The End

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