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Disclaimer: The stories are mine. All the rest - characters and locations you've heard of in TV shows, movies, books etc - belong to their respective owners. I am just borrowing them.

Do You Offer Your Services As A Beta? Sure, why not?

Favorite Fandom(s): The Phantom of the Opera, Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars, Harry Potter and of course the obvious - Hercules and Xena

Favorite Pairing(s): Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife (I wouldn't be here if I didn't like them), Angel/Spike, Spike/Xander, Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor

Favorite Author(s): Saber Shadow Kitten because her stories made me realize I like to read slash. Scribe because she made me laugh again after my grandfather's death.

Recommended Stories: The Dark Cavalier by Saber (it's the first piece of slash I've ever had the pleasure to read) and The Love And Mischief Series by Scribe

Why You Began Writing In This Fandom? I don't know how to answer that. One day I woke up and had this idea in my head and I thought 'Why not?'

Notes: N/A

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