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Rating - NC17
Fandom - Xena / Hercules
Pairing - Ares/Joxer and Cupid/Strife
Warnings - Slash (does that count) oral sex
Summery - sequel to 'Never Bet Against Love'
Feedback - yes please it keeps the muse happy

The Concept(ion) of Peace

Joxer was dreaming.

It wasn’t hard ground under him, or even a lumpy tavern mattress it was silk sheets over soft down.

A warm wet mouth was around his cock, sucking and licking but Joxer could not quite make out who.

He strained in the dream and decided it was Ares. The beautiful powerful God of War was taking his cock down his throat, working the shaft better than any of Meg’s girls ever had, much better.

Joxer sighed it was a good thing Ares didn’t really bother taking notice of mortal’s dream unless they were a top war lord or he would be beaten to a pulp for dreaming this.

Joxer began to stir as his orgasm approached. Wait a minute what he had thought was a wet dream wasn’t - someone really was sucking him off.

Stuck in the half light of dreaming and wakefulness Joxer struggled to make sense of what he was feeling. Who’s mouth was that good and which bed was that soft.

His sleepy mind began supplying answers and Joxer finally processed the happenings of the last few weeks. He was now God of Justice and Fairness and married to the God of War and so the person giving the blow job …………………………. mightactuallybeAres!

Joxer came awake with a cry.

He looked down and met dark eyes almost black with lust looking back at him from their current place at his waist.

Ares grinned at his husband’s surprise and turned back to his appointed task.

A wicked tongue lashed over every sensitive spot he had, appearing to the befuddled Joxer to be flicking over the slit, probing at the sensitive ridge under the head and playing with the vein on the underside all at the same time.

Ares used his beard to tickle Joxer’s balls and he tried to arch into the wonderful moist cavern surrounding him but hands gripped his hips keeping him pinned to the bed unable to move. Using every technique known to man or god Ares played Joxer’s body like a musical instrument.

Joxer giggled as the last remnants of his sleepy mind informed him that Ares shouldn’t be doing something so submissive as sucking cock. - What Ares was doing could in no way be seen as submissive.

Ares growled at the giggle and the sensation around his throbbing shaft caused Joxer to start babbling, pleading for relief as Ares prevented him from moving to escape the exquisite torture.

Ares growled again playfully and swooped down taking Joxer all the way down his throat, before pulling back, not allowing Joxer to set the pace or do anything other than lie and pant as Ares did what he wanted with his body.

When Ares was ready he all but forcefully sucked Joxer’s release from him and swallowed every drop. Joxer marvelled at the look of triumph on his husband’s face as he rose to his knees over him - only Ares God of War could turn giving head into an act of dominance.

Joxer lay boneless as Ares knelt between his spread legs and hauled his ass up his thighs, his shoulders still lying on the bed.

Joxer watched in fascination as Ares materialised a jug of oil and slowly and deliberately coated two fingers. He had learnt early on that Joxer appreciated the eroticism of not so subtle suggestion and so he often prepared Joxer the mortal way rather than just oiling his insides with a thought.

Ares grinned as he saw Joxer’s cock twitch back to life.

Joxer whimpered. Ares oiled fingers hadn’t touched him yet, but the knowledge of where they were being prepared to go and the memory of what they felt like once there was enough to spark Joxer’s arousal once more.

He whimpered again as he felt himself harden once more. He would have never got hard again this fast as a mortal, but it would still take him a while to come after such a powerful orgasm.

One look at Ares eyes told Joxer that Ares knew it too and that as Ares was not intending to come before he had for a second time it was going to be a long hard fuck.

He arched as Ares began to stretch the tight ring of muscle, liberally coating the skin with oil as he did so. His body stretched as though the little rosebud was trying to reach Ares cock on its own and Ares laughed at his husband’s desperation.

As soon as Joxer was taking three fingers with ease Ares thrust forward.

Joxer howled fisting the sheets at the assault to his insides as Ares rammed straight into his prostate.

Ares leant over to kiss him softly reassuring himself that he hadn’t been too rough and then he straightened to begin pounding Joxer’s ass in earnest.

Joxer couldn’t tell if it was five minutes or fifty before he finally came again. Ares had managed to make him loose all sense of – well anything except that large cock thrusting in and out of his ass.

Ares quickly following him over the edge and he lay trembling with aftershocks as Ares pulled him in close, holding him tight to his chest until he had calmed enough to speak.

“What a way to wake up” Joxer sighed “Not that waking up to find you just sleeping quietly by my side isn’t wonderful too. It is, sometimes it’s nice to wake before you and just be able to watch you sleep and admire. But you always wake up too soon, why is that?”

Ares grinned at the gabble, kissing Joxer’s hair “Too many years on a battlefield” he answered “I can always tell when someone’s watching me, my instincts will always wake me up.”

“So your instincts still think I’m dangerous?” asked Joxer slightly hurt.

Ares grin turned lusty and he hauled Joxer up so he could kiss his lips. No my instincts don’t think you’re a danger or I’d simply never be able to sleep beside you at all. It’s just that my instincts can think of better things for you to be doing when you’re lying awake in our bed than just watching me sleep.”

Joxer grinned back and playfully kissed Ares nose “So your instincts think I should be doing what exactly? Waking you the same way you have just woken me perhaps?”

Now there’s a thought” growled Ares “Or possibly they think that with a naked wide awake Joxer in my bed I should have better things to do than sleep.”

“Such as?” Joxer asked with a teasing air. He squeaked as Ares flipped him onto his back with Ares on top pinning him to the mattress.

“I would have thought that was obvious even to you” said Ares as he began tickling him all over with his beard.

Joxer gasped and squirmed and pleaded for mercy as arousal and laughter vied to be the dominant emotion.

Laughing, Ares finally ceased and sat back on his heels. “So are you ready to get up and face the day?” he asked as Joxer gasped for air trying to get himself under control.

Joxer nodded, willing his half hard cock back to softness. While having a much faster recovery rate than humans may sound great, it also meant that getting out of bed was difficult. Especially when you were sharing that bed with a naked, beautiful, aroused God of your dreams. Who was standing beside your bed looking for all the world as if he too was more than ready for another round……………………….. sod it Joxer decided and grabbed for Ares hand pulling him back to lie beside him.

It was another hour before the newly weds managed to get up and dressed.

Ares flashed out to visit one of the minor battles he had brewing, while Joxer settled into a chair in their joint study to read through some of the petitions that had been sent to him in his capacity as God of Justice and Fairness.

Joxer smiled. The room they were currently using as a study had actually been the room he had used as Strife’s bedroom while he was little.

Ares had told him the first time he had woken in Ares bed, that there was no spare bedroom and to be fair that had been almost true as he had converted the other into an office. However Joxer now knew that it would have taken no more than some serious concentration on Ares part to return it to a bedroom.

He shook his head and forced himself to continue reading the scroll in front of him. If he started to think about that he would never get anything done. That and the reasons for Ares ensuring that the only place he could sleep when he first arrived on Olympus was in Ares bed, in Ares arms………………. Joxer groaned now he was going to end up sitting in the office the entire morning with a hard on and his husband was miles away on some battlefield. Where was the Justice and Fairness in that!


Rating - NC17
Fandom - Xena and hercules
Pairing - Joxer/Ares and Cupid/Strife
Summary - Sequel to "Never Bet Against love"
Disclaimer - I own nothign and am doing this for entertainment only.
Feedback - yes please

The Concept(ion) of Peace

Chapter 2

Joxer was finally coming to the end of a long list of petitions.

He sighed wearily - sometimes people didn’t have a clue. They expected godly interference in every tiny aspect of their lives. Asking for justice because a runaway horse had broken their cart. What did they expect him to do? Jail the horse? And one highly intelligent mortal asking to be made prettier because he was the god of ‘fairness’”

He stood up just as a shower of sparks announced the arrival of his son-in-law. Joxer grinned at that thought. Cupid was a few hundred years older than him.

“Hey Cupid” said Joxer “I’ve just finished. I had no idea how tiring all this was before I came up here”

Cupid grinned “That’s why we have priests” he said “Even being able to play with time doesn’t allow us to do everything. Glance through them, pick out the most important, you know those that you have to do yourself and leave the rest to them. Trust me half of these petitions don’t even warrant the time it takes to read them”

“Where’s Strife?” Joxer asked. He and Cupid had got married only days after Joxer and Ares and had, to date, never spent a day apart.

Cupid shrugged “We decided we really needed to get back into a regular routine. We both still have jobs to do after all”

Joxer nodded, he knew how hard he was finding not being able to just stay with Ares, now that the honeymoon was over.

“It’ll be all the better when he gets back.” Joxer said as if trying to convince himself as well as Cupid.

At that moment the messenger of the Gods arrived.

“Oh Hi Hermes” said Joxer “Anything we can do for you?”

“Lord Zeus has asked me to invite everyone to a meeting tonight. Apparently the oracle at Delphi has made an announcement that may signify a new God. Zeus has called the muses to see what they know and he wishes to have everyone present so he can discuss any implications. As you can imagine he is not best pleased at this being in the human domain before anyone has seen fit to tell him of any possible births.”

Joxer said “Oh but there aren’t many goddesses who could , you know, be pregnant. At least I think not and surely they would have known before the oracle. I can’t imagine anyone withholding that, least of all from Pol and Ace. Are they sure that’s what the oracle meant, cause she’s a nice girl and all, but I don’t think she’s all that bright.”

Cupid and Hermes exchanged a look “No Joxer” said Cupid “No one is sure of anything and as goddesses can tell they’re pregnant from the moment of conception it’s unlikely they just wouldn’t know. Zeus just wants everyone aware of what has been said in case we get worshipers going off and acting on it. Mortals can get dam unpredictable if they get the wrong end of the stick and panic.”

Hermes nodded “Now I just need to tell Lord Ares and Strife and……………..”

“Oh that’s all right” said Joxer quickly cutting him off “I can pop down and see Ares and I can tell him.”

“Are you sure?” asked Hermes. He did still have several other gods to see, but did not want to appear as though he was shirking his duties.

“I’m sure” said Joxer and grinned “I’ll tell Strife while I’m there too.”

Hermes agreed and vanished.

Cupid turned and flung him arms around Joxer “Oh no you don’t WE’LL tell Strife and Ares. Ok so you can tell Ares and I’ll tell Strife.”

“You don’t have to” said Joxer “And I really could do with more practice at transporting……..” Cupid didn’t let him finish before he flashed them to earth directly inside Ares tent.

“Practice on Olympus or appearing on a deserted hill” said Cupid “Appearing in the middle of a battlefield is likely to get your head lobbed off if you make a mistake and appear in the wrong spot.”

“Well it’s not like it could kill me is it” said Joxer in a teasing tone and Cupid glared

“I’ll tell Ace and Pol you said that” he threatened “Have you any idea how much work would be involved in having to fix a decapitation”

Joxer grinned “So are we going to wait for them here, or go and look for them?” he asked

But Cupid suddenly put his fingers to his lips to indicate he should stay silent and pulled him into a shadowy corner of the tent.

Joxer listened carefully and he could just about make out Ares voice above the general melee of an army camp.

“Does that idiot think I have nothing better to do than listen to his completely unworkable plan” he growled “All that that is going to achieve is get a lot of decent soldiers killed for no strategic advantage whatsoever”

Strife giggled “So as long as there’s a strategic advantage in it you’re Ok with it then?”

Ares growled again “Everyone looses in war Strife. It just so happens that one side looses more than the other. Lets face it the general who tries to ensure no one gets killed just gets his whole army slaughtered. You loose one soldier for a small gain – well fine – but if you’re going to sacrifice 100 you’d better be sure that you gain 100 times as much at least.”

Strife sighed dramatically “Are you sure it’s just that idiot war lord that’s making you grouchy and not the fact you’ve apparently managed to get a small tree trunk stuck in the crotch of your pants when you got dressed this morning?” he asked almost innocently.

Ares’ growl became almost frightening as he propelled Strife through the door of the tent.

“Well it looks as though we’ve both made the same mistake doesn’t it” he hissed as he surveyed Strife “What a shame it looks like we might have to stay here tonight as well, or may be longer”

Strife began to look panicked “No way I mean ……..just no ………….. it’s one thing staying out days at a time when there’s no one to go back to but I can’t stay like this knowing Cupid’s waiting for me on Olympus. You can’t make me.”

“No he can’t, cause that wouldn’t be fair” said Joxer as he and Cupid stepped into Ares and Strife’s line of sight. “Would it now?” and with that Joxer tackled Ares to the ground.

Joxer attacked Ares mouth as he pinned him underneath him. Clothes melted away by willpower and Ares found a naked Joxer sitting astride him with his very erect cock trapped in between their bodies.

Ares growled and began thrusting upwards as Joxer fought to retain his seat.

“Patience Love” he whispered against Ares lips as he raised his hips oiling himself with a thought.

Ares sensed the oil and quickly stretched him, before guiding him over his cock.

Joxer sank down and immediately began riding him in earnest. This wasn’t soft tender lovemaking, but hard frantic fucking and Ares found that while Joxer usually preferred slow and gentle he could do fast and furious when the situation called for it.

Ares orgasm hit hard and fast sending his body into spasms, as Joxer jerked on top of him as his own climax sprayed across Ares stomach.

Ares seized Joxer’s mouth in a brutal kiss as soon as his body would obey him again and Joxer found that by the end of the kiss they were both dressed once more.

“Now not that I mind a surprise fuck” said Ares crushing Joxer to him “But I can’t imagine you visiting a battlefield for a quickie.”

“No” Joxer smiled and snuggled in closer “I actually came to tell you that Zeus has called us all for a meeting this evening about something the oracle said, but what can I say - hearing you talk to Strife about tree trunks caught in your leathers I just got so concerned I had to check.”

“What? In front of Cupid and Strife?” said Ares teasing and Joxer looked around mortified.

“Relax. They flashed out a while ago” said Ares smirking to himself as he realised that Joxer would probably interoperate that as them flashing out a lot sooner than they actually did. - Never mind he was sure Strife would see fit to correct that little assumption later.

Joxer giggled and kissed him softly “Probably back to their bedroom in Cupid’s temple” he said “Cause Cupid would need to check Strife, as your complaint seemed to be contagious.”

“Didn’t it though” remarked Ares dryly as he ran his hand over Joxer’s now leather covered groin, just before he flashed them both back to the halls of war.


Rating - NC17
Fandom - Xena/Hercules
Pairing - Ares/Joxer and Cupid/Strife
Warniings - mpreg
Summary - sequel to 'Never Bet Aainst Love'
Feedback - yes please it keeps the muse happy

The Concept(ion) of Peace

Part 3

That evening Ares and Joxer flashed into the main hall of Zeus’ temple to find most of the other gods and goddesses already there.

They spotted Strife and Cupid and walked over to say hello.

Strife grinned and hugged Joxer close whispering in is ear. “Thanks for the display earlier. No one else has evah been allowed as much control as that even for a few minutes and Ares let ya ride him to completion. I nevah thought I would get to see it and it made Cupid even hotter than usual.”

Joxer went pale, he had assumed that they had flashed straight out but now he knew they had actually watched the whole thing.

He looked at Ares in horror and saw he was smirking. “What” Ares asked “I know most people don’t think I’m the most stable of gods, but if I’d let on you would have stopped and I’m not that insane”

Joxer thumped him and Ares pulled him into a long hug, only releasing him when Zeus and Hera flashed into the room.

“Now” Zeus’ voice boomed around the hall. “I believe that you all know why you are here.”

He looked around and was pleased to see most of those assembled were nodding. “A certain someone……………… known as Gabrielle” he almost hissed and Joxer and Ares exchanged looks, it had to be her didn’t it.

“Has decided to ask the oracle at Delphi about the chances of us getting a God of Peace” Zeus continued “The oracle has replied with and I quote ‘Peace shall come when justice supersedes war.’ Seeing that we now have a God of Justice several of the mortals have decided that this must mean that the God of Justice is to become superior to the God of War.” He glared towards Ares and Joxer.

“No Way” said Joxer “I mean a God of Peace will be all very nice, but there’s no way I’m classing myself as more important than Ares, and I would never, NEVER, let anyone else try to do that either.”

Ares put his arm around his upset husband. “I know that love and so does everyone else” Ares looked around the room as if daring someone to try and challenge that statement.

Most of the other Gods nodded. Even if they didn’t know Joxer that well, the idea of a former mortal becoming more important than the heir to the throne of the gods was just too silly to contemplate.

Zeus cleared his throat “Yes I am sure we all know that that interpretation is unlikely, but I think we need a different interpretation before the mortals decide to start burning temples. I have asked the muses to try and see if there is anything clearer in the threads.” He motioned to where the muses sat.

One rose and addressed the gathered Gods. “All I can tell you is that a godly child is already on the way. It is weak, not even through it’s first moth of gestation, and has been hiding behind the fact that one of the parents has only been a god for roughly the same length of time, which is why we missed it until now. It is a joining of the threads of the house of justice and war.”

Pandamonium broke out. Joxer looked at Ares in shock. “But………bu………….. but” he said

Ares looked from one muse to the other as though they had all grown a second head. “You do realise that Joxer is a man right?” he asked as Pol approached.

“Well you know” said Ace joining his father “It has been conjecture for a while that Gods could you know, have children. I mean prime examples are Athena and Aphrodite.”

“Yes” growled Ares, “but they were both formed deliberately by father. I don’t think there has ever been an incident of a spontaneous 9 month pregnancy for a God”

“Not yet there hasn’t” said Pol cheerfully, “but in the house of intellect we have speculated on whether it was possible. We did think that a strong desire for a child may be enough to enable a God to concieve, we just had no evidence as no one had ever done it, and as there were no unexpected pregnancies in Gods, no real need to try and make anything to stop them.”

“Well there’s clearly a need now” snapped Ares looking like thunder.

Joxer looked as if he was about to cry and slowly slipped away into a back room to flash back to the house of war.

Ares didn’t notice, he grabbed Pol by the tunic “If anything bad happens to Joxer through being pregnant, and I mean so much as morning sickness. You are going to learn first hand the meaning of physician heal thyself” he snarled. Pol for his part remained reasonably calm as Cupid pulled at his father’s arm to try and get him to drop Apollo.

“Children” Hera’s voice echoed off the marble. “Do you really think this helps. A godly child is on the way and I suggest that under the circumstances it may be better for Apollo and Ace to get back to their duties and see what they can come up with. I am sure the potion us Goddesses take will not be quite so effective on Gods and while as the grandmother / great grandmother I would find four young Godlings all born around the same time delightful. I believe that at least 2 families may find having both parents pregnant at the same time somewhat of a strain. Not to mention that if a certain newly formed God is to get through the next nine months, not to mention birth 2 healers need to work out some solutions to any potential problems and so……………………” she trailed off.

Everyone got the hint and Ares dropped Pol and looked around for Joxer. Not seeing him he flashed out to see if he had returned home.

He found the main hall empty and went looking for Joxer. He found him sitting on the grass under a tree in the garden.

Joxer looked up at Ares approach and was horrified to see that he had been crying. “I’m sorry I didn’t know” said Joxer “I don’t think anyone did. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It was an accident. I mean I wished idly a few times that I could give you children. You love Cupid and Demios and Phobios I know you do and I just thought it would be nice if I could give you a child too and……………………”

Ares didn’t even let him finish, but sat beside him and pulled him into a hug. “I know. It was a shock to me too. I remember what Aphrodite went through and everyone knew how that was going to work. You’re the first God to do this and no one has any idea what a growing baby would do to your innards, or how it’s to be born or anything, and it scares the crap out of me that I can’t even rely on Pol to fix things if something goes wrong, cause he’s as in the dark as me for once.”

Joxer snuggled in closer to Ares and said in a small voice “So you’re not angry then?”

Ares kissed the top of his head “No Joxer, terrified maybe, and I’d be grateful if you didn’t spread that around. BUT no I’m so pleased that I’m to have a child with you. I had even though that maybe I’d been selfish wanting to marry you as I thought I had put an end to any dream you had of being a father. I had thought of telling you that if you wanted to make one of your priestesses pregnant I’d be OK with it, only it wouldn’t really.”

Joxer looked up at him and grinned weakly “Me neither” he said “If my choice was you and no children, or someone else, even as a mistress and have children. I’d still pick you.”

Ares smiled and leaned back against the tree bringing Joxer down to rest on his chest. “Same here. I was just looking at some way to give you both, because you’d make the most wonderful father.”

Joxer sighed happily “Just as well given the circumstances” he said running his hand over his still flat stomach.

Together the two Gods sat in the garden watching the sun set over the wall, in quiet contemplation of just how lucky they were, and just how much their lives were likely to change over the coming months.

The next morning Joxer woke to find Ares watching him closely.

He smiled back, running his eyes up and down the God of War’s beautifully sculpted body and grinned when Ares growled slightly.

“You might as well have all the fun you can looking now” Joxer said wistfully “I doubt it will be as pleasant a sight in 7 or 8 months.”

Ares grinned and kissed him “Oh I wouldn’t worry about that” he said “I don’t think you’d even b able to tell from behind…………” Joxer thumped him and Ares laughed pulling him close. “Now I have to drop back to the battle I left so unexpectedly yesterday…….. unless you’d rather I didn’t I mean if you want me to stay here with you I could leave it to Eris and Strife.”

Joxer shook his head. “No Ares. Thanks for the offer, but I think I may become needy enough as things progress without you coddling me this early. I have a few petitions to go through and then I might drop in and see Ace for a few minutes and see if they’ve come up with anything new.” He looked at Ares through his eyelashes hoping Ares didn’t pick up on the fact he was still a little concerned about all of this.

Ares noticed but decided that it was pointless saying anything. He dropped a kiss on Joxer’s nose and simply said “Oh very well – if you’re sure.”

Joxer nodded and Ares stood up.

Joxer gulped. Normally Ares rose and dressed almost in the same gesture, now he seemed to pause right at the foot of the bed, just where the early morning light could glide across his body.

Are smiled lightly and materialised his normal leathers, but instead of materialising them already on his body he materialised them into his hands and proceeded to slide the tight leather pants up his thighs as a mortal would.

Joxer was panting by the time the pants were fastened and a slight trickle of drool ran from the corner of his mouth as he watched Ares pull on the leather tunic and slowly fasten the lace.

Ares turned back to Joxer well aware of the effect his little display had had. “I might drop back at about noon for lunch.” He said in as casual a manner as he could muster and then he flashed out.

Joxer took a few gulps of air before attempting to rise himself. He was a bit disappointed that Ares hadn’t stayed to finish what he had started, but then again he had not made love to him last night either.

Joxer sighed. Ares very rarely said he was worried. OK he had yesterday after they had just found out, but then nothing. It was lucky Joxer had learnt how to read people so well. Ares had not made love to him as he was worried in case it might affect the baby. He expected Joxer to ask Ace when he was over there this morning and meet Ares back here for lunch so Ares could either screw him into the mattress or get used to the idea of giving his right hand a lot of exercise over the next 9 months.

Joxer shook his head he was sure it would be OK and had tried to tell Ares that last night, after all women could still have sex right through the pregnancy, as long as they were careful and didn’t put pressure on the baby. But Ares was right he wasn’t a woman and no one was 100% sure – so asking Ace was the only option.

Joxer waved his hand and dressed and then materialised himself a breakfast of fruit and milk.

After he had eaten he decided the petitions could wait until later and he set off to walk across Olympus. He still wasn’t 100% on transporting and he didn’t want to risk anything in his current condition.

He was one of the first to arrive at Apollo’s temple but he found that Ace and Apollo were already up to their necks in theories.

“Oh Hi Joxer” said Ace as he approached. “Anything in particular caused this visit or just………” Ace trailed off and Joxer smiled and looked down towards his stomach

“Oh Just……………….” He said mimicking Ace’s words.

Ace laughed “Well come in and sit down” he said “we were just discussing where exactly we think the baby might be and how everything’s going to go etc.”

Joxer looked slightly pale. Maybe he wasn’t ready for this conversation.

Seeing his look Apollo hastily added “Oh we’re quite certain everything will be fine. We think what will happen, or maybe already has, is that you’ll get a small offshoot from your bowel into the abdominal cavity which will act as a womb of sorts so the baby will still get everything it needs from you and will have room to grow. It will just expand your stomach like a normal female pregnancy and you’ll probably give birth in a similar fashion too.” Pol stopped when he saw Joxer go green. “Or it could just come through your belly button” he added quickly.

“But you don’t really know” said Joxer weakly

Ace and Pol shook their heads “Hey don’t worry” Ace said standing up and leading Joxer to a seat beside him and his father. “Either way we are going to help you through this whole thing. It’s highly unlikely that it will progress much different to a goddess’s.”

Joxer smiled and nodded not entirely reassured “Is there anything I should be doing, or er not doing?” he asked

Ace raised his eyebrows “such as?”

Joxer coughed “Well transporting for example. I was getting quite good but I still find it a slight strain and food is there any food I should avoid or …………………… well exercise……………or………………….”

Ace smiled “Joxer” he said “You can do anything you used to just don’t overdo it. Eat healthy and try to avoid raw meat, fish, eggs that kind of thing, but hey you’re a God now so nothing is likely to be harmful. And as for ‘exercise’ do whatever you would normally do. If you find it uncomfortable or painful stop. Trust me your body will tell you that you’re doing too much, or too energetically long before things are rough enough to harm the baby.”

Joxer blushed and Aollo glared at him “You know Joxer, your embarrassment at asking about things may be the worst thing you could do. We’re healers if something concerns you - ask”

Apollo got up and walked to his office and Joxer looked as if he was about to cry. Ace put an arm around him and said “Hey dad may be a bit blunt, but he’s right embarrassment has no place between healer and patient.”

“I just want this baby so much” whispered Joxer “A baby - mine and Ares and I’d do anything to make sure it got here safe…………… or give anything up……………….. but I love Ares too and we’ve only been married a few weeks and ………..” Joxer trailed off unsure how to put how he was feeling into words.

Ace hugged him “The worst thing you could do at this stage is worry and stress” he said gently “If you like you could come back in another 2 weeks and we could see if the baby was big enough for father and I to detect it’s power signature. Then we could show you it’s life force and maybe that would reassure you.”

Joxer looked at Ace and hugged him back “Are you sure we can’t do it now?” he asked

Ace laughed, but shook his head “It needs to be at least a month old before I could see it” he said “2 weeks Joxer, that’s all and in the meantime …………………” he trailed off making his point quite clearly without words.

Joxer stood up and wished Ace good day, before yelling his goodbye to Apollo, who just raised his hand in response, and he left the healers temple.

Joxer all but ran back to the house of war. He couldn’t wait to tell Ares and he would have to make sure Ares was with him when he went back to see Apollo, as he was certain that Ares would want to see the unborn baby’s power signature as much as he did.

In the meantime however he had a room to prepared and a welcome to plan. A welcome that would ensure Ares would be in no doubt that everything was OK in their world and sex was definitely back on the menu.

Part 5

At the end of the day Ares flashed into his bedroom at the House of War and stopped dead in shock.

He was sure he had just transported and not thought his clothes off at the same time, but here he was as naked as the day he was born. He looked up to see Joxer leaning against a wall and looking him up and down in an almost predatory fashion.

“I don’t know if it’s me being pregnant but you look even sexier than normal” he remarked and I may just have to make it a rule that you always appear dressed just like that when I’m in the room.”

Ares grinned realising that Joxer had caught him materialising and thought his clothes off before he had fully reformed. That took some skill. Joxer was getting good.

“No objections from here, but I have no idea what the other gods will say the next time I appear to pick you up when you have been visiting someone” he said tilting his head on one side and trying to look thoughtful.

Joxer pouted “I meant when I was the only one in the room” he said flatly and Ares grinned walking towards him “As well you knew” he added.

Ares laughed and pulled him in for a kiss “I did that” he said “Now please tell me that there is a point to me appearing in such a manner.”

Joxer grinned and ran a finger down his chest. “Maybe I just wanted to admire the view” he said Ares growled and Joxer squeaked as his own clothes disappeared.”

“Personally I prefer that view” said Ares sitting down on the bed and pulling a now naked Joxer into his lap.

“Oh no” said Joxer “The view I have is definitely the best”

“We could debate this for hours” said Ares as his hand slid slowly down Joxer’s spine to cup his ass.

“We could” agreed Joxer “and I think we may need to set aside some time to discus this topic as fully as such a serious issue needs to be discussed don’t you? I mean we can’t go off and do other things we might get distracted so I think I………..”

Joxer went as if to stand up from Ares lap. Ares growled and cut off his speech with a long lingering kiss “Enough discussion” his whispered against his lips and he set about doing his best to rearrange Joxer’s thought process to such an extend that Joxer would forget his own name, never mind this conversation.

Joxer was breathless and panting by the time Ares let him go. His skin flushed and his lips swollen from the kiss.

“I still think……………….” Joxer began so Ares kissed him again.

“Now” whispered Ares when he finally let Joxer go “The only words I want to hear from you before I am finished with you are what Ace said”

Joxer breathed deeply a few times trying to get his body back under control “OK Ace said I can do anything I used to just don’t overdo it. I need to eat healthy and try to avoid things like raw meat, fish and eggs. And as for other things I can do whatever we would normally do, but I’m to stop if I find it uncomfortable or painful and he said that my body would tell me if I was doing too much, long before things were rough enough to harm the baby.”

Joxer looked at Ares a teasing glint in his eye “So the question is what would I normally do if I found myself naked and sitting on the lap of my equally naked husband.”

Ares growled and picked him up bodily before depositing him on the bed.

“Ares “ Joxer yelled as Ares just let him drop onto the soft mattress and proceeded to tickly him all over with his beard concentrating on his nipples and groin.

Joxer was caught in between two warring emotions - the desire to laugh and squirm away from the maddening tickle and the desire to moan and writhe up to press harder into the arousing caress.

Sex won out and Joxer arched up against Ares desperately trying to increase the pressure on his aching cock.

Ares growled in triumph and Joxer thought idly how funny it was that a sound that had most hardened warriors wetting themselves had the ability to make him impossibly hard and leaking pre-cum.

His head thrashed on the pillow as he felt Ares oil up his insides and when he felt the head of Ares cock gently push against the entrance to his body he reared up impaled himself on Ares in one move. Just the feeling of being breached was enough to send Joxer tumbling into orgasm and he splattered both their chest with cum.

Ares groaned as he felt Joxer’s muscles ripple around him and he thrust no more than half a dozen times before he came too.

When his vision cleared he found Joxer smiling contentedly brushing the sweaty hair from his brow.

“Someone was in a hurry” teased Ares as he flopped on the bed beside Joxer gathering him in his arms “I couldn’t keep up”

Joxer snuggled closer to Ares and smiled “I liked it” he confessed “Normally when we come together I can’t get to watch you. I’m too busy having my own to take notice of what you look like when you cum”

Ares snorted “I pull funny faces Joxer the same as everyone else”

“No you don’t” said Joxer “You look powerful as though you’re conquering me. A bit like you do when you snarl only not as aggressive.”

Ares laughed “Well that would be classed as funny Joxer a non aggressive snarl.” He chuckled “You just look cute when you cum. Your nose crinkles and your mouth drops open in an O – as if you’re actually surprised”

Joxer giggled “I can live with cute” he said preparing to drift off to sleep.

“Oh Ares” he said his voice soft and sleepy “Are you going to be on that same battlefield tomorrow”

“Most of the week I think” Ares whispered back “But it’s not so nasty that I have to stay there overnight more a series of long running squirmishes. Why?”

“Oh no reason” breathed Joxer “just planning a surprise” Joxer’s breathing evened out as Ares smiled and closed his eyes to join his mate in sleep.

He may have spent may years concerned with strategy and plans and subterfuge and here he was totally entrapped by someone who did not display any of those qualities, but was instead open and honest. That had to be the biggest surprise of all.

Part 6

The next few mornings saw Ares on tender hooks waiting for the surprise that Joxer had let slip he was planning. However when nothing happened for several days he began to relax.

It was more than a week later when Ares woke and kissed Joxer lightly on the forehead before leaving his sleeping husband tucked up in bed and heading back to the battlefield as he had every morning for the last 10 days.

Joxer rolled over onto his side and smiled sleepily - another half an hour hugging Ares’ pillow so that he could still smell Ares unique smell and feel the lingering warmth would be just perfect.

Half an hour later he got himself up and headed for the bathing room. He washed and began oiling himself carefully before sliding a butt plug into his own hole. He hissed at the stretch. It was so much easier when Ares did this for him – not that Ares usually inserted a butt plug……………………….. Joxer grinned even though he was alone.

He finished getting prepared and dressed with a thought.

Now to have some breakfast and go surprise Ares.

An hour later Joxer was ready to go.

He transported into the woods at the back of the battlefield, just in case and then gingerly walked through the array of tents looking for Ares’.

He spotted it and hurried over. Suddenly he felt a sharp blow to the back of the head and he staggered. God or not he could feel blood running down the back of his neck. Chains were looped around his arms before he could catch his breath and a nasty snarling face came within inches of his.

“Look at what we have ‘ere” the man sneered “The bloody queer that’s enchanted Ares. The very fucking idea that Ares would sire Peace well I never.”

“Look” said Joxer struggling against the chains trying to figure out why despite his best efforts they still held him. “That was just what the seer at Delphi said and we have no idea really right. She is not quite all there if you get my drift. Why don’t you just let me go and I’ll not tell Ares we had this conversation.”

“Oh I’ll tell him myself don’t you worry” sneered the soldier and Joxer heard others join in the laughter “Cause when he’s back to his senses and realises that we were the ones that saved him from whatever the hell you’ve enchanted him with, but have stopped Peace from being born to boot. He’ll give us anything we want.”

Joxer began to panic desperately trying to either snap the chains with brute strength or flash them away. They were threatening his baby no way was anyone going to hurt it.

The men laughed cruelly “I wouldn’t bother struggling if I were you That Hephaestus’ metal” one said “That tart of a Goddess of the Mind gave us them to use on that piece of misery Strife. Told us where we could take him and not be found too She fucked us all as a down payment for doing him over good for fucking Cupid. You killed her before we got to him though, so I guess it doesn’t matter whether or not we actually do Strife. But then again………… it might be worth finding out what kind of an ass it takes to turn the God of Passion’s head.”

The men roared with laughter and Joxer struggled all the harder, yelling for Ares as one of the men grabbed his cock and twisted. “Right after we see what’s sent Ares over the edge”

Joxer screamed as they clubbed him over the head.

Ares heard a mental scream and knew it was coming from the woods behind the camp sight.

Strife heard it too and the two gods flashed away.

However when they got there, there was no sign of Joxer. Ares looked around frantically. He knew he had been here and Ares had arrived only seconds after the cry.

Strife stared at something on the ground and Ares looked at what had caught his eye.

Blood Ares bent over and stood straight back up his face like thunder. Blood Joxer’s blood. But where was he?

Ares scanned the area but unable to detect anything.

Almost beside himself with rage Ares sent a mental call to Olympus.

Several of the other gods answered, some in person some not. However it was Gaia that was most useful. Informing Ares quietly that in that area there was a collection of caves with unique mineral deposits that meant that even gods could not scan them. They would have to be searched manually.

Ares almost bowled the other gods out of the way as he headed for the nearest one, Cupid and Strife following close behind.

Joxer woke up with the most terrible headache he was hanging from the ceiling of a cave by his wrists.

He struggled once more, but when he realised it was hopeless he let the tears fall.

Laughter rang out and a blow came from nowhere straight into his unprotected stomach.

“No please” sobbed Joxer unable to even lower his hands to protect that area of his body, but the laughter just grew louder.

Blow after blow landed fists, sword hilts, planks of wood all concentrated around his abdomen.

The pain was overwhelming and after a while it was all Joxer could do to simply hang there. He had run out of pleas. Not that they had done anything but fuel the cruelty anyway, but it was all he had had. The tears had run out too.

He gasped as his shirt was ripped from him and a leather belt slapped across his back hard enough to make him swing in the chains. After a few blows the belt was passed to a second man, who moved around the front and spent the next few minutes whipping his nipples, after that came another to twist and pinch the tender nubs and several of the men started jerking off, turned on by seeing him in so much pain.

They were goading each other into even greater acts of cruelty. Some of them even brave enough to knee him in the groin, or twist and pull at his balls. Calls for someone to chain him on his knees so they could fuck his mouth went round the cave and Joxer wished himself dead. Only he knew he was immortal so whatever they did to him he would have to live with a very long time.

‘Unless you found some hinds blood’ a voice whispered in the back of his mind, but Joxer pushed it away clinging onto sanity with one thought - ARES

Eventually one of them had got brave enough to rip away his pants. That was when they had discovered the plug. It was ripped unceremoniously out of his body and a cheer went up as a small trail of blood followed it.

“Looks like we can have more fun than we thought lads” a voice laughed “He’s all lubed up and ready to go just for us - how thoughtful.”

Joxer felt someone move behind him and heard the sound of clothes being lowered.

The voice behind him laughed “Hey I always said you could fuck justice I just never thought I would actually do it myself” He reared back intending to bury himself in Joxer with one painfully hard thrust.

Joxer braced himself for the thrust even though logic told him there would be less damage if he relaxed. But his body was simply refusing to run on logic and it was going to instinctively do whatever it could to try and ensure only Ares even got to do this to him.

He opened his eyes when the tearing pain he was expecting didn’t come and a dull thud sounded behind him instead. To his right the soldiers who had been torturing him only seconds before hand were now deathly pale and almost climbing over each other in their haste to reach the exit.

Only standing in the exit was a pale thin young man dressed in black leather and looking as if he had just stepped out of their worst nightmare.

He twisted as much as the chains would allow and saw the headless body of his would be rapist being kicked unceremoniously into a corner. The head thrown after it.

A sword swung into the hook in the ceiling cleaving it in two and Joxer collapsed into Ares waiting arms manacles still around his wrists.

Part 7

Joxer looked up into the eyes of the God of War. The rage visible in those depths were in direct contrast to the tenderness with which he was being held.

Ares kissed him softly “I’m sorry I can’t remove the manacles yet. I’ll need Hephaestus to do that but I’ll take you up there as soon as I finish down here.” His voice sounded bizarre to Joxer’s ears as if Ares was barely hanging on to his sanity.

“Let me take him Dad” Cupid’s voice sounded strained and Ares gently handed him to his son.

Joxer wanted to cry out to beg Ares not to let go of him. He knew he was safe wrapped in the strong arms and he was warm and comfortable surrounded by the softness of feathers, as Cupid wrapped his wings around him, but it still couldn’t compare to being held by Ares.

Cupid moved back to rest against a rock, Joxer cradled in his lap and his head on his shoulder.

Joxer opened his eyes and saw the men who had earlier been fearless in their cruelty now frozen in horror, not even daring to run for the exit when Strife moved away from it to come and sit beside Cupid.

“OK, now don’t be shy.” Said Ares his voice dripping sarcasm “Who exactly had the brilliant idea of kidnapping and torturing my husband and trying to kill my unborn child.” At this moment in time Ares was clinging very resolutely to the hope that they hadn’t managed.

The frightened men exchanged glances. It would be so easy right now to blame the only person Ares could not now punish as he was currently already headless.

Ares rolled his eyes and grabbed at the nearest man. Normally God’s did not like forcibly looking in the minds of their followers, but in this instance Ares was going to make an exception.

He staggered back as the images assailed his mind. The gang of men discussing his marriage around a camp fire. One voice loader than the others insisting that Ares had gone soft that he was no longer fit to be God of War because he had married Justice. The idea of using the chains that Psyche had given them for Strife to capture Joxer and the glories that Ares would bestow on them once he was out from under the influence of Joxer’s ‘spell’ had clearly been the idea of the gang leader”

Ares threw the man he held away like the piece of garbage Ares now considered him to be not even bothering to watch him sail across the cave, strike his head against the stone and collapse in an unconscious heap.

Ares lunged at the man whose voice had been prevalent in the camp fire talk and picked him up by the throat.

“So you think that I’ve gone soft do you?” asked Ares his voice sounding more like an animal’s growl than human speech.

“Lord Ares I have followed you since childhood” croaked out the man desperately trying to get Ares to accept that he was better off the way he was before he had married. “No one has been more loyal than I ever since your marriage you have been less focussed on War. You are loosing your power to him. The God I worshipped was strong fierce and would not have ever got married. Open your eyes Lord Ares, if even the Aphrodite couldn’t persuade you into marriage when she was in your bed and baring your children, how could he without some kind of spell. A mortal MAN, who has nothing you could possibly want has persuaded you to make him a GOD!”

Ares dropped the man and he took it as some kind of good omen that Ares was listening to him and continued. “He was a useless warrior everyone knew it, even relying on Xena, a woman, to protect him most of the time. No strength, no co-ordination, nothing that could possibly make a God as powerful as yourself think that he could be useful as anything except a few hours amusement at most. He isn’t even that good looking. You had the pick of the most beautiful and talented women - and men if you so wished - throughout the whole of Greece for your bed and you could have had the Goddess Aphrodite as your wife and yet you have turned your back on it all for him and have even been trapped into allowing him to produce a God of Peace. Think about it my Lord the God of Peace can not possibly be of your line. He must have cheated on you already. Let me get rid of the parasite that is currently leaching out your strength and power for his own ends and you will see clearly once again. Just remember that it was I your loyal servant who broke the spell.”

Cupid coughed loudly as a reminder to everyone in the cave that he was also Ares son, and the same logic could be applied to the idea of the God of War fathering the God of Romantic Love.

Ares face contorted with rage as he read the man’s mind during the speech. He really did think Ares was going to reward him with riches and power for torturing Joxer! He raised his hand to blast the greedy, overly ambitious – not to mention stupid - warrior to smithereens, delighted to see the man cringing from the gesture. “So” said Ares his voice silky smooth. “I have gone soft have I? Not the same God of War I was am I not? You must be right the old God of War could have taken someone like you apart without any Godly powers at all. So let’s prove I’m still me shall we?” with that Ares span and pointed to where Joxer was still huddled in Cupid’s arms. Pulse after pulse of godly energy sped from Ares to Joxer healing the shallow wounds and pouring strength into his husband. Finally he turned back to the shocked warrior.

“There you go then. The only thing I have left is immortality, you can still send me to Hades, but he will just send me back to Olympus. However that may take some time. You want to see if you are good enough to take down the God of War, or if you really are just the snivelling little rat I suspect you are.”

The soldier drew his sword and licked his suddenly dry lips as he saw Ares pull the Sword of War from its scabbard. A normal blade would be cleaved in two from the first blow.

Ares laughed at the expression of fear he could see in the man’s eyes and the sound had the human spectators trembling as they silently looked on, none of them brave enough to move and risk Ares noticing them.

Ares threw the sword to Strife who caught in neatly and he turned back to the man in front of him and said “There you go. That’s your kind of fight isn’t it? Your sword against an unarmed man.”

The soldier smirked “He knew he was good and Ares now had no power and no sword. This would be just like taking on any other unarmed man.

Unfortunately for the soldier what he had failed to grasp was the fact that this was an unarmed man with over a thousand years of experience on the battlefield, and a man who was an expert in all manner of combat. The result of his first charge however was to remind him of this previously overlooked fact.

He charged straight at Ares intending to gut him with the first blow. Ares neatly stepped to one side and let the man’s momentum carry him past. As his body drew level with Ares’ Ares clenched his hands together and brought the double fist crashing into the back of his neck sending him face first into a large rock.

The man span back around spitting blood and teeth and Ares watched him calmly. He charged again this time bringing the sword up as if to decapitate his opponent. Ares ducked under the blade and delivered a vicious elbow to the man’s kidney’s as he passed. He howled in pain and barely kept a hold of his sword, but Ares made no move to take it.

The significance of this was not lost on the spectators. Ares was showing quite clearly that he though so little of his fighting skills that he did not consider it worth his effort to try and disarm him. The utter contempt this showed was not lost on the gang leader and he began to see the error of his thinking.

He backed off circling Ares slowly trying to put more thought into his next move. Ares just looked bored. The man swung at his chest and then suddenly changed direction swinging the blade at Ares legs trying to hamstring him, hoping to catch Ares off guard. Ares jumped over the swinging blade and delivered a snap kick to the man’s knee, dislocating it.

Across the cave Joxer twisted in Cupid’s lap his superficial injuries had mostly healed from the boost of Power Ares had given him but he still needed to see Apollo and Ace, if nothing else to reassure him what had been done to him had not hurt the baby, although he suspected it had. He wasn’t even 100% sure that unborn Godly children were actually immortal. That might only happen after birth.

Ares heard Joxer move and decided he had delayed taking him back to Olympus long enough.

He ran straight at his opponent and at the last minute somersaulted over his head. Before the soldier could even turn around Ares had snapped his neck from behind letting the body fall to the floor.

Ares eye’s glittered coldly as he stepped over the body towards the other men who were busy cowering in a corner “Next” he ground out and as a man they ran for the entrance – and slammed straight into an invisible barrier across the exit.

“Oops, Sorry. Forgot I put that there” said Strife in a tome that clearly said he was as about as sorry as leaving the barrier up had been an accident. He gestured and the air shimmered, before it had even stopped the soldiers were fighting to get through, climbing over each other in their haste to leave.

Strife went to the edge of the cave and watched them fall over themselves in their panic. He was quickly joined by Ares and Cupid, who was still carrying Joxer.

“Look at that” said Strife in amazement, “They have found every fire ant hill, bees nest, patch of stinging nettles and concealed rocks that there is on the way down.” He turned and looked at the others his expression innocent before he added “even the ones I didn’t put there.”

Ares smiled grimly and reached out and stroked Joxer’s cheek.

“You know I love to stay and gloat as much as the next man, but I really want to get Joxer back so Ace and Pol can check him over.” Ares said and seeing how I just gave Joxer all my power one of you will have to drive.

Strife grinned and caught them all in a four way hug before transporting them all back to Olympus.

Part 8

The four Gods landed in the bedchamber of the house of War. Ares yelling for Ace and Apollo before he had even fully materialised.

Now that the fighting was over the though of what his beloved husband had gone though was enough to turn Ares stomach. He swallowed hard and fought the urge to be sick. Violence of this nature was oh so different when it was against someone you loved.

Apollo and Ace appeared in a flash and Ares gently laid Joxer out on the bed.

Cupid and Strife drew Ares to one side to give the two healing Gods room to work.

Apollo and Ace looked at each other several times during the examination, exchanging curious glances and eventually Ares walked over and said “Unless you tell me what in Hades is wrong I intend doing some serious damage.”

More glances were exchanged and eventually Ace said. “I think we’ve managed to heal everything, but I can’t feel any other Godly energy but Joxer’s.”

Joxer curled into a ball and began sobbing in earnest. Ares was beside him in an instant picking him up and cradling him in his arms, desperately trying to ease the grief he could feel pouring off the distraught man.

Ace looked horrified when he realised what the others had taken that to mean and rushed to Joxer’s side. “No Joxer I didn’t mean that you’d lost the baby. I think the Fates must have got it wrong. There is no sign of you ever having been pregnant in the first place, yes there was blood but only from around the entrance. The blood wasn’t from higher up where it would have come from if it had been a miscarriage”

Joxer raised his head from Ares chest “So I haven’t lost Peace?” he asked and Apollo joined his son and shook his head “It looks like you were never carrying a child …………….” He trailed off as there was a sudden shout of laughter from behind them.

They all turned sharply, incredulous that anyone could find something funny in the current situation, but Strife was holding onto an equally shocked looking Cupid laughing for all he was worth.

Ares growled, and started to move as if to go towards him but Joxer clung onto his husband tight. Before anything further could happen Aphrodite flashed in quickly followed by Zeus and Hera.

“Oh Joxie look what they have done to you.” Dite cried and rushed forward to hug him.

Joxer looked at Ares. He understood why Dite was there, she had always had a soft spot for the former mortal - but Zeus and Hera?

“It’s in case Peace has gone, Hera would want to be here as the Goddess of marriage and childbirth, and as the news is already in the mortal domain, Zeus needs to be sure of the facts so he came make any necessary pronouncements.” Ares whispered softly trying to reassure his husband for the reason so many people had suddenly appeared in their bedchamber, but Joxer just buried his face back in Ares shoulder.

Strife for his part was still giggling in the corner and Zeus shot him a fierce look.

Ace repeated his and his father’s findings and Zeus frowned. “So the Fates and the oracle are all wrong?” he asked “I have to say I really need a word with those girls. Failing to keep me in the loop is bad enough but this…………….” He threw up his hands and made as if to flash out but Strife’s manic laughter made him pause.

“Has Strife lost it completely now?” he asked coldly “Or is there a point to his hilarity? Other than the fact that this could well make me appear less than completely in charge in the eyes of the mortals that is?”

Strife nodded and managed to get himself under control – if only just. “What did the Fates say exactly?” he asked

When everyone looked blank he began to giggle again and quoted “Peace shall come when justice supersedes war”

The rest of the Gods continued to look blank and Strife elaborated “Joxer is Justice – right? And Ares is War right?” the other Gods nodded

“nd what’s another word for supersedes?” he snorted holding back the laughter with a supreme effort of will alone.

When no one supplied the answer Strife broke into fits of laughter once more “is above – or tops” he finally gasped out.

Glances were exchanges as everyone tried to follow Strife’s logic, which at times wasn’t very logical.

“Peace shall come when Joxer tops Ares” howled Strife “It’s unc, not Joxer that’s preggers”

Zeus snorted “You have lost it now Strife. Even if he has chosen to marry a male my son and heir would never allow anyone to take him let alone a former mortal.”

Hera glared at her husband “And as I have told you before husband, marriage should be an equal partnership”

Zeus gave her a pitying look as if she was slightly delusional and turned to look at Ares seeking confirmation he was right.

Ares for his part met his father’s gaze and with his eyes still locked with Zeus’ he bent to gently kiss the top of Joxer’s head.

If ever a look said more than words that look did and Zeus gulped.

That look was clearly daring Zeus to openly ask what he had been intending to and the words died in his throat. He already knew if he asked he would not like the answer. That look clearly said ‘yes I’ve let him take me and loved it – and what’s more I intend to do so again probably often’ Another image blossomed in Zeus’ mind an image of a mortal Joxer running past him up the steps of the house of war, when even other Gods were scared of facing Ares’s anger and pain. An image of Ares kneeling on the floor of his temple while a human Joxer held and comforted him reinforced the realisation currently making its way through Zeus’ brain.

Ares hadn’t just let a former mortal fuck him, he’d actually let Joxer take him before he ever became a God.

Eyes wide with horror and disgust Zeus flashed out. With a face like thunder Hera followed.

Apollo looked at Ares in shock an unasked question written clearly on his features.

Ares nodded and said “I think you’d better check me too”

Pol and Ace stepped forward and extended their power - and there clear for all in the room to see was a tiny ball of blue energy centred at Ares abdomen.

Aphrodite clapped her hands in glee and said “I must tell Hephie” she went to flash out but stopped herself and asked “I can can’t I, please let me at least tell Him” Joxer and Ares exchanged glances and at the same moment nodded

“Yes” said Joxer “We want everyone to know” – but Dite had already gone from the first nod.

Ace and Pol flashed out after giving Ares strict instructions about dropping by to see them the next day and Cupid and Strife came forward and caught Ares and Joxer in a four way hug.

Joxer grinned and pulled Ares in for a deep kiss.

As the couple stretched out along the bed their kisses getting ever more passionate the barely noticed Cupid wrap his arms round the still giggling Strife and flash them home to leave Ares and Joxer alone to celebrate in their own private way.

Peace being born out of war – WHAT A CONCEPT!

The End

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