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Rating - NC17
Fandom - Xena / Hercules
Pairing - Ares/Joxer
Warnings - slash, mpreg
Summary - sequal to The Concept(ion) of Peace - Joxer has been made the God of Justice and Fairness and is now married to Ares God of War and it was confirmed at the end of the previous story that Ares is carrying the God of Peace.
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The Coming of Peace – month 1

Joxer and Ares lay full length on their bed in the house of war kissing.

They had only been married a few weeks, with Joxer being a god roughly the same length of time and now to top it all Ace and Pol had just confirmed they were going to have a baby – and Ares was the one pregnant!

Joxer giggled into the kiss and hugged Ares tighter.

“I’m pleased you find this amusing” Ares said breaking the contact and looking at his spouse.

Joxer’s smile widened and his hand slid down Ares back to cup his ass. “Not amusing, Joyful” he stated and his expression suddenly changed from one of glee to one of concern “You are still pleased aren’t you? I mean I know you were when you thought it was me carrying, but now we know it’s you, you might not be so…………..”

His babble was cut short by a hard kiss.

“Yes Joxer I’m still happy we are having a baby” Ares stated firmly once the kiss was over. “Ace and Pol said that you could do anything you would normally have done and so I’m sure it’s the same for me. I’ll just have to be careful when I get bigger.” Ares hoped that his voice was firm enough to mask the fact that a little voice in the back of his mind was not quite so sure.

Joxer gave him a quizzical look but chose not to say anything. Instead he went back to exploring the inside of Ares mouth with his tongue. When he was sure he had every inch mapped out he moved on to the rest of Ares face, kissing his eyelids and nose and forehead, before moving down.

His lips ghosted over cheeks and chin and throat, tongue flickering over the adams apple, before moving onwards.

Joxer was expecting every kiss to be the last before Ares stopped being so compliant and took charge again. When it didn’t happen by the time Joxer’s slow exploration had reached Ares nipples he looked up to see Ares watching him carefully through hooded eyes.

“Anything wrong?” enquired Joxer, only half teasing. The other half was slightly concerned that Ares had not yet reacted to the slow tease.

“Yes” ground out Ares “You stopped”

Joxer grinned and went back to his task. When he finally reached Ares toes, having kissed licked and nibbled every inch of skin on the way down, he eased Ares onto his stomach and proceeded to move his way back up again.

By now Ares was sweating with the effort of keeping still and Joxer relished in the slight salty tang he could now taste on Ares skin. But by the time the journey had got as far as the powerful muscular ass even Joxer had decided enough was enough and he attacked the little hidden rosetta with abandon.

Ares howled as a long lean tongue circled his entrance before plunging inside.

The unexpected sound from what had been up until, now an extremely quiet Ares made Joxer pause in surprise “Ares?” he asked wanting reassurance that his husband was OK.

“I’m fine” said Ares his voice sheepish, which only made Joxer even more concerned. He turned Ares onto his back and was amazed to see Ares stomach and the sheets on their bed damp with fluid.

“You came?” said Joxer in shock. Ares control was almost legendary even in the godly realms and Ares face fell even further.

“I wasn’t ready” he snapped “I was enjoying what you were doing not particularly concentrating as you weren’t even touching my cock and I was just on the edge without warning.”

Joxer leant forward and kissed him softly “That’s OK” he said, “better than Ok even. It makes me feel so special knowing that I can make you loose control like that occasionally, even if it is only very rarely” – Joxer thought it best NOT to mention to Ares that women when pregnant often find their skin becoming more sensitive, or even their hormones making them more horney than usual, or off sex altogether. He just didn’t think Ares ego would take that particular revelation right now.

Ares only looked half convinced and his voice sounded slightly upset when he spoke “But what about you? I know you aren’t done.” Ares started to lay back and spread his legs but Joxer stopped the movement.

“Just because you came before me doesn’t mean I have to top you” he said firmly. “If we do that it’s because it’s the way we both want to do things. I mean would you ever think that just because I had come before you that I would be obliged to let you fuck me” Joxer stressed the last two words making them sound obscene and Ares visibly flinched.

“No of course not!” he ground out

“Well then” said Joxer “why on Olympus would you think that you had to because I managed to be good enough in bed to bring you over the edge. I mean imagine how I would feel if I had spent all that time trying to drive you wild only to find that nothing had worked and you were still perfectly cool calm and collected. It wouldn’t say much for my technique now would it.”

Joxer looked and sounded so hurt at the thought that Ares actually felt like a cad for making such a big thing out of it. After all it was rare that Joxer did manage to get him to loose it like that.

Ares opened his mouth to apologise, but unable to find the right words he closed it again. Somehow ‘I’m sorry’ didn’t seem quite right. Instead Ares pulled his husband close to his side and set about trying to convey how sorry he was by kissing Joxer senseless. He had always been much better with actions than words after all.

When Ares strong hand wrapped itself around his cock Joxer’s brain all but melted and his body went into overdrive. This wasn’t the time for control. This was the time to let Ares see that he could make Joxer loose it ever bit as efficiently as Joxer could send him into orbit.

With that last coherent thought Joxer turned his body over to Ares’ ministrations. The firm grip sending his senses reeling and when the rough calluses scrapped against the sensitive ridge on the underside of his cockhead Joxer exploded.

The first thing he saw when his vision cleared was a very smug looking Ares leaning over him.

Joxer smiled and cuddled into his husband’s side. It had been a very chaotic few hours and Joxer knew from experience that there was likely to be more upsets like this before their child was born. He had spent far too many battles with the woman and children, (usually at Xena’s insistence), to not know more than most warriors about the number and severity of emotional, hormone driven upsets he and Ares were likely to have to deal with before their child finally arrived.

Peace’s actual arrival might be eight months away, but Joxer suspected that the coming of peace might not be entirely peaceful.

So for now Joxer decided that the current feeling of closeness and peace that enveloped him and Ares, was much to precious a gift to waste, and still wrapped around one another they drifted off into Morpheous’ realm.


The Coming of Peace – Month 2

Joxer lay in his and Ares bed in the house of War watching Ares pace up and down.

Normally the sight of a naked Ares moving around their room would be a very beautiful, not to mention arousing, sight to Joxer. Right this minute however it was becoming slightly irritating.

“Ares” said Joxer trying very hard to keep the annoyance out of his voice “If it’s going to upset you this much make them wait until the official announcement. Then every and Goddess on Olympus will be around you. Even Herc and Gabby would be far to smart to say anything then” – *They should be too smart to say anything anyway* he added silently, but unfortunately wasn’t really prepared to bet on that one.

Ares shook his head still pacing “No I want them to know first, well at least my daughter and half brother anyway” Ares shook himself and flashed on his usual leathers hands clenched into fists.

“Do you want me to come with you?” asked Joxer in a tone that clearly said this question had been asked before, but Ares shook his head.

“I want them to be honest in their reactions” he said “Besides they can’t hurt me and I have to be able to do some things on my own, until …. Well you know ……. I physically can’t.”

Joxer schooled his face into an expression that hid the fact that he was a bit hurt that Ares was insisting that he tell his daughter he was pregnant without him there. He understood the reasoning behind it but still felt a bit left out. He was the other father after all and it would have been nice to make the announcement with the two of them standing side by side.

“Right then” said Ares mentally searching for his daughter and her companions on earth “They are just breaking camp outside of Athens. If I go now I’ll catch them before they start.” He made as if to flash out and then stopped and looked at Joxer.

Joxer jumped out of bed and kissed him soundly “See you tonight” he said with forced cheeriness. They hadn’t really spent too long apart since finding out about Ares was expecting, but they knew they had to get back to their normal duties as much as they could, before their normal routine became impossible.

Ares again made to flash out but again stopped the process. “You could always follow things mentally and flash down as soon as I’ve told them if you like” he suggested

Joxer grinned. He would keep track of what was going on alright and woe betide any of them who so much as thought the wrong thing.

With a last kiss Ares flashed away and Joxer dressed with a wave of a hand, before sitting on the bed mentally watching his husband on earth far below.


Ares materialised just a few feet from the camp. He did not intend to appear too close and risk startling Argo. He was fairly sure a kick in the stomach wouldn’t hurt the baby, but better safe than sorry. He shuddered at the thought - it was definitely one sentiment he never thought he would have as God of War.

He smirked as Gabrielle was the first to notice him and dived straight for her staff. Xena was on her feet sword drawn less than a second later and Hercules and Iolaus appeared almost at the same time.

He smirked – it was good to know his appearance still had that reaction!

He sauntered towards the four friends as if he didn’t have a care in the world, stopping just outside of each. “What a way to greet family” he remarked

“You’re not family” spat Gabrielle.

Ares smiled coldly “Not to you I’m not” he agreed “However I came to see my daughter and half brother and as you seem to insist on fucking one of them I suppose you should at least not be killed on sight.” He then deliberately turned away from her dismissively, facing more towards Xena and Hercules.

His smile widened as he didn’t need to have eyes in the back of his head to know Gabrielle was seething.

“No doubt you will hear shortly anyway but Zeus is intending to make an announcement in a few weeks time. However under the circumstances I thought it only right that you four got to know first. My darling daughter is going to have a bay brother. I believe the oracle has already foretold his arrival.” Ares chose not to elaborate, but could tell the exact second when Gabrielle had worked through the clues.

“What!” she exploded “Not only do you trap Joxer up on Olympus and con him into becoming your husband but you now manipulate him into getting pregnant. He’s a man for crying out load. Not that a God of Peace isn’t fantastic news but Good Grief only you would be sick enough to expect Joxer to carry your baby. It’s unnatural.” She stepped towards Ares staff raised – and promptly fell flat on her face.

“Oops Sorry” said Joxer slowly becoming visable “I haven’t quite got the hang of transporting and didn’t realise you couldn’t see me”

He held out his hand to help Gabrielle up from where she had fallen over his invisible foot, but she chose to ignore it and get up on her own.

Joxer went towards Ares and kissed him lightly in greeting.

“I know you wanted to let the family know before the general announcement but you really shouldn’t be transporting so much on your own in your condition you know” he said to Ares.

He hugged Ares from behind and slowly let them fade out instead of flashing quickly. Just to ensure that the image that remained in the minds of the four mortal was of Joxer hugging Ares and slowly running his hand over Ares still flat stomach – Just in case any of them hadn’t quite worked it out.

Back in the camp four shocked faces started at the spot where the two Gods had previously stood as their minds tried to process the implications of what Joxer had just said.

Ares and joxer arrived back n their bedroom Ares barely managing to hold in his laughter. “Jox that was amazing” he laughed “I have seen professional actors that didn’t have comic timing like that”

Joxer grinned hugging Ares tight before letting him go. “I wouldn’t have let her hit you” he said holding up his hand to stop Ares saying what he knew was coming “And I know there is no way her puny staff could hurt either you or the baby. Lets just call it a principle shall we”

Ares smirked in agreement “You can have any principles you want lover” he said “as long as it results in Gabby landing face down in the mud.”

“Be nice she’s practically your daughter in law” said Joxer firmly and Ares growled, but was in too good a mood to keep up any kind of anger.

“I know. It made the look on her face even better didn’t it?” he smirked – then his face fell – “Oh Zeus. She’s going to be Auntie Gabby” he moaned in mock horror.

Joxer smiled, but it was slightly troubled Ares words had made him relive the looks on the faces of his former (and his supposed still current) friends and one in particular stood out. A look that spoke of anguish as much as shock. A look that reminded the gentle God of Justice of a great unfairness.


The Coming of Peace – month 3

Ares was standing in front of a mirror in the House of War looking this way and that at his reflection. *I’ll be really glad that black is slimming in a few months time* he thought grimly. Still he did cut a striking figure in his dress robes.

Joxer was longing in a chair watching his husband with faint amusement.

“I love you in dress robes. Do you know that?” he said fondly. “You look all powerful and terrifying and yet I know that underneath those…..”

“Is a God who’s going to look like he has a cushion shoved up his tunic any month now” finished Ares sarcastically.

Joxer rose and crossed over to hug him “No someone who no matter how upset, or angry, or passionate he got would never hurt me” said Joxer “And considering you are God of War, not many people can say that.”

“I bet there is a few more that do after today” said Ares. He really wasn’t looking forward to the official announcement. There were very few mortals that did know he was pregnant at this point, even fewer who knew he was carrying the God of Peace. After today they would all know.

Several flashes in quick succession heralded the arrival of several other Gods and Goddesses.

“Oh Ares you do look dashing “ gushed Aphrodite as she scurried over to kiss his cheek. Ares just raised his eyebrows.

Strife and Cupid came forward and hugged him too.

“No one’s going to think any less of you for being pregnant Dad” reassured Cupid, his father’s uncertainty written clearly on his face.

Eris Goddess of Discords snorted “Any man you even thinks that pregnancy and childbirth are easy should be made to go through it” she said with a grin “Do you suppose Hera would go for that??”

Strife giggled “I doubt it” he said “She’d think it were a logistical nightmare to do it though, but if anyone says anything I might be able to make them think that was happening….. I mean I know there are some other things that can gi ya a swollen belly that, not to mention lots of things that would make someone throw up. If someone happened to get them both together……..” Strife broke into fits of giggles as Eris looked at him as if she was actually considering it as a plan.

Hephaestus just shook his head. This had the potential to be a very long day.

“Well lets get this over with” said Ares grabbing Joxer in a hug and flashing them both to Zeus’ main temple on earth, not even waiting to see if the other Gods followed.

When everyone had arrived Zeus joined them. He nodded to the other Gods and Goddesses and turned to where his wife Hera already stood.

Taking her hand he stepped forward and addressed the crowd.

Ares knew his father was speaking, and he knew that he was telling the crowd of the imminent birth, but he could hear nothing. He was too hot and getting hotter. Two faces appeared in the crowd seemingly bigger than those around them. Faces Ares recognised.

Months before a group of warriors had kidnapped Joxer believing he was the one carrying the God of Peace. They had tortured him, intending to kill the unborn God, and would have raped him had Ares, Strife and Cupid not turned up in time. Ares and Strife had terrified the life out of most of the gang, those they had left alive anyway. Now two of them were stood not feet away and were about to hear the news that their God, The God of War, was actually the one pregnant.

Joxer stepped closer to his husband seeing Ares turn pale, and a hand unconsciously wrap around his stomach. He hoped his husband didn’t pass out. It was not a good thing to do in front of the mortals, especially when at least some of them would take the news of Ares pregnancy to mean Ares had gone soft.

He followed Ares eyes to where he was staring transfixed at a specific spot in the crowd.

“What’s up?” hissed Strife spotting that things were not 100% in the Ares / Joxer camp. Joxer nodded towards where Ares was looking. Strife’s lips curled in a sneer “Oh I see, be back in a minute” he said and discreetly flashed out.

Cupid leaned in concerned “Where’s Strife gone Zeus’ll have his guts for garters if he fools around at one of his big announcements.”

“I don’t know” answered Joxer keeping a supporting hand in the small of Ares back without letting the crowd see. “He saw that something had caught Ares attention and flashed away”

Cupid looked over, and then looked harder. “Joxer do you remember the men that kidnapped you?” Cupid whispered

Joxer shook his head “Not really” he said “I didn’t see them all and was more concentrating on you Strife and Ares when you turned up.” A shudder ran through his body at the memory and the implications of what Cupid was saying if they were here and now knew Ares was pregnant.

Suddenly the two men that were the topic of the Gods conversation sprinted out of the hall and Strife reappeared on podium beside the others.

“Well that’s two of his formah followers that will not be thinking any the less o’ Unc for being preggas” said Strife quietly but cheerily and Joxer threw a look of immense gratitude over his shoulder. “I just let them know that one word about the baby or Unc to anyone, in anything but a glowingly positive light, would result in me ensuring that they went through a birth in reverse.”

Dite giggled and Eris looked smug. They had both given birth and knew that that would be incredibly painful. Even if it was a little implausible for even a God to be able to do to someone.

“Could you actually do that?” whispered Joxer in shock. While he may have been secretly pleased that Strife was defending Ares so fiercely the side of him that was justice could not help feeling that that kind of pain may be a little too excessive for simply saying something nasty.

“Probably not” answered Strife “But they dinna know that” he grinned mischievously and turned back to watch the last of the announcement.


AS soon as the ceremony was over and the mortals had gone Pol and Ace ran to Ares.

“We saw something was going on” said Pol materialising a chair and urging Ares into it “But we were on the other side of everyone and didn’t want to draw the mortals attention to that fact anything might be wrong by changing positions”

“It’s just too dam hot in here” snarled Ares uncomfortable at the fuss, but he allowed Ace to examine him anyway. Joxer looked worried. It wasn’t actually that hot in the shaded temple.

“It’s Ok just the dress robes and the stress and excitement” said Ace “All you need is rest” He thought it best to refrain from telling Ares that he had almost fainted.

Hera appeared in front of the little group and cast an appraising eye over the situation. As the Goddess of childbirth she too had a good idea of what had just happened, although she had not quite worked out the actual reason behind Ares suddenly feeling ill.

“Yes I am certain he will be fine” she said regally “Sadly such things are quite common in pregnancy. It’s one of the reasons some men believe that women become weaker through pregnancy and the stupid few even try to blame the child for that fact the mother needs more care during this time. It is most unjust I’m sure you will agree”

She was speaking rhetorically and did not really expect an answer, but a face with a look of pure anguish on it swam in Joxer’s mind prompting him to speak “Yes” he said firmly helping Ares to his feet “Blaming the child for something that it has no control over is most unjust. Nearly as unjust as blaming a child for the wrongs done by it’s parents in fact” and he immediately flashed him and Ares back to their bedroom in the house of War.

Ares threw up the moment he materialised and Joxer barely managed to conjure a bowl in time to save the marble floor.

Oh the next few months looked as if they were going to be fun.


The Coming of Peace – month 4

Joxer was sitting in the room he and Ares used for a study in the House of War going through petitions. Very often these things were a complete waste of time and for the most part he had started to take the other God’s advice and leave the majority of them to the priests. However he still felt as though he should at least look through the most promising of them.

He sighed and put the scrolls down. Most people would never believe just how boring this was most of the time.

The excitement of the official announcement had all but faded and thankfully Ares had had very little trouble even from his own warriors about being pregnant. – Possibly due to the rumour of what Strife was thinking of doing to anyone who was too vocal about any objections they had.

Joxer’s mind wandered to Ares as it often did and he lay back in his chair as he let his mind recall when he had seen Ares that morning. He groaned as he felt himself start to respond to the memory. Maybe remembering an hour or so of hot sex with a very handsome husband while you were meant to be working wasn’t the best idea.

Joxer smiled as looked out of the window and saw that it was now afternoon. Ares wouldn’t be back for a few hours and he was not expecting to be disturbed. Maybe he could take some time for himself and think about how he was going to greet Ares when he arrived back home.

His smiled widened at the thought. Ares had been not quite himself for the last month or so, just hormones Joxer was sure, but still, it had been a while since Ares had given in to the more powerful War side of his nature, especially around Joxer.

A delicious shudder passed through Joxer’s body at the thought. For the last few weeks Ares had seemed almost reluctant to allow his full passion loose. Oh they had made love but always slow, soft and gentle, which wasn’t really Ares true style, and Ares had usually managed to manipulate it so that he had been the one taken rather than Joxer. Joxer shook his head, he hoped Ares didn’t have some daft idea that being pregnant meant that he should not top.

Well if he did Joxer was just going to have to show him different. Certainly Joxer had no concerns or reluctance about being fucked by Ares, pregnant or not. Joxer laughed out load and clapped a hand over his mouth as a concerned priest stuck his head around the door. Joxer waved him away still giggling. Apparently Ares mode of speech was starting to rub off on him – even if it was only in his thoughts.

That though sent him out of his chair and out of the study. He called one of the priests over and advised them he was heading back to his private chambers and was not to be disturbed.

Joxer almost ran to his bedroom and began setting out the room, he began lighting candles and turning the light low, then decided against it. This wasn’t meant to be a romantic seduction this was meant to be a message to Ares to just rip his clothes off and screw him into the mattress.

Joxer concentrated and the bed changed to become decadent and rich, not that it wasn’t most of the time but still. Red silk covered the bed and carved posts soured upwards from each corner. Chains hung from each post, with manacles on the end. OK so they were the ones that Ares had had Hephaestus make, and would open on Joxer’s command, but hopefully if Ares appeared and saw Joxer naked and chained to the bed he would still get the message.

Joxer’s grin widened at the thought and continued his preparations. Thin red gossamer covered the window so that the room was bathed in a red huge and as a final touch the walls shimmered and the marble was replaced by highly polished metal reflecting the room back on itself several times.

Finally satisfied with the room Joxer turned his attention to the bathing room. If he was sweet smelling and soft skinned Ares could not possibly resist……….

A thunder clap announced Ares arrival and Joxer turned a bit disappointed that he had not managed to quite finish his plans, but before he could even say hello Ares was crushed against him.

Joxer opened his mouth to speak and found Ares lips covering his, his tongue already pushing its way inside. Joxer whimpered into the kiss and just about melted into Ares arms.

The sound of tearing material invaded Joxer’s consciousness and he realised Ares had simply torn the clothes from his body.

Joxer felt Ares propel him backwards and he all but fell onto the bed. He gasped as the impact made it apparent that at some point in the previous moments Ares had used willpower to coat the inside of his passage with oil.

*Well* thought Joxer happily as he pushed himself further up the bed *At least Ares is under no illusions about which way I want things to go*

Joxer’s eyes widened at the vision before him. Ares towered over the bed still in full battle armour as he stood over him looking down. He had barely enough time to take it in before Ares swooped pinning him to the bed, melting the leather armour away in the same motion.

Joxer reared up beneath Ares, well as much as he could, trying to get maximum contact. *This isn’t lovemaking I’m being conquered. OH YES!* was Joxer’s last conscious though as Ares hand found his entrance roughly stretching him before slamming home.

It was all Joxer could do to try and keep up as Ares hammered into him, hitting his prostrate more often than not, but in a uneven pattern that didn’t allow Joxer to know when the next burst of pleasure was coming. He knew that the rough first thrust had torn him slightly but the wave on wave of lust sweeping over him made that not even a consideration.

Someone was screaming and hot liquid splashed onto his stomach and it took several seconds before Joxer could process the fact that it had been him screaming as he came.

He felt Ares pull out and collapse beside him and fluid dribbled out of his hole. Joxer shivered in delight. It had been too long since Ares had played rough like that – and while sweet kissed and caresses and hours of foreplay were all very well but sometimes it was nice just to let rip and …………

Joxer was pulled from his musings by a sound that tore at his heart.

“Nonononnono” Ares sobbed almost throwing himself from the bed.

Joxer tried desperately to make his mind function - What the hell had upset his husband this badly.

Joxer sat up carefully as his well used ass was slightly sore and Ares sobs increased as he saw how gingerly Joxer was moving and he slid down the far wall into a huddle on the floor, hugging his knees, his face buried in his arms.

Joxer got up slowly walked to Ares and crouched beside him. “Ares baby what’s up?” he said laying a hand on his husband’s arm.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” sobbed Ares “If you want a divorce…””

Ares didn’t get the sentence finished before Joxer interrupted “WHAT!” he all but yelled “What the hell! Ares why on Olympus would I want a divorce?”

Ares looked up from where his face had been pressed into his arms and sobbed “I raped you”

“What?” Joxer said in shock and moved to sit beside him, wincing as his ass hit the marble floor. Ares sobs even loader, but he let Joxer put an arm around him. “Ares there is a huge difference between what we’ve just done and rape. Look around you Ares. I set the room up like this. Does it honestly look like I didn’t have sex on my mind.”

Ares looked around the room taking everything in. “It doesn’t mean you wanted it to happen the way it did though” whispered Ares

Joxer put a hand under Ares chin and kissed him. Hard. “True. If everything had gone completely to plan you would have not come home early and I would have been bathed, already lubed and chained to the bed with a butt plug up my ass.” Joxer grinned before continuing “And then you would have *fucked* me into the bed” he made the phrase sound as crude as possible.

Ares looked shocked as it was rare for Joxer to speak that way. Joxer stood, forcing himself not to show the discomfort he was still feeling and held out a hand to Ares. “Now I think we need to move to the infinitely more comfortable bed and my husband needs to tell my why he thought that even though I never said no, stop or said or did anything else to indicate I was not completely happy with everything that was happening he though I was less than very very willing”

Ares allowed himself to be pulled upright and led to the bed, but he stood back when Joxer crawled onto it. “Even if you had I’m not sure I would have stopped” he whispered “I’ve been trying to be more gentle. I mean I’m pregnant and I thought I should at least try to keep the war side in check. I’m going to be no good looking after a child full of anger and blood lust, so I was trying to ignore it and….”

“And something happened to bring it all out in a rush” finished Joxer “Ar your passion and lust is one of the advantages of being married to you. I love that power and fierceness. I’ve always been seen as a clumsy lanky unattractive man and the fact that you desire me so much that he can’t wait to strip me off and screw me silly makes me feel so special. That someone as beautiful as you would want me like that is mind blowing. Now what or who brought this on?”

“I overheard some of the warriors say that they would have never taken me as a bottom and they wondered if I always played the woman’s role,” Ares gulped as Joxer moved towards him pulling him onto a sitting position on the bed. “And one of them laughed and said well there’s no way anyone would think I took the mans role now and well…. I began to think how long it had been since we had done it that way and I couldn’t wait………………. I needed to know…” he trailed off and Joxer hugged him close.

“You needed to know if I thought like that” said Joxer knowingly “No Ar I don’t I’ve been missing this side of what we do. I love you – and that includes the war side – and the fact that you’re male.” He kissed Ares softly and whispered in his ear “I mean if I wanted to do all the screwing rather than be screwed I would have married a woman. – Or asked that you become a eunuch”

Ares growled and flipped Joxer onto his back and Joxer giggled, delighted that the playful growl was back.

They spent the next several minutes kissing passionately and rubbing harshly against one another both delighting in the fact that the other was male and that it was a hard cock rubbing against their own length, that the chest pressing back into theirs had flat hard nipples instead of soft breasts and that the limbs had hard muscle instead of soft skin.

It did not take too long before joyous cries were echoing off the marble and more come coated them both.

Ares’ eyelids drooped and Joxer tore himself reluctantly from his husband’s arms kissing him softly. “You rest” he whispered knowing that in pregnant woman at least an afternoon nap was often healthy.

Joxer dressed with a thought and looked longingly at the sleeping Ares reflected in the walls again and again. Next time he did this he would have to remember to watch the reflections too, so he could watch Ares body from every angle. For now however he had some justice to dispense and he knew just the God to help him with it.

With a smile Joxer flashed over to the House of Love.


The Coming of Peace - Month 5

Joxer sat in the bathing pool the water as hot as he could take it. He had even added some of the soothing oil that Aphrodite had sent them. It had actually been meant to help Ares when his back started to ache, but Joxer didn’t think Ares would mind.

He groaned softly as the hot water and oil soothed his aching muscles.

“Jox?” came a soft voice and Joxer shushed the voice. Ares was sleeping in the bedroom down the hall and he didn’t want him to wake.

Strife tiptoed into the bathing room and crouched down beside the pools edge. “Na don’t get up. I came to let you know that following our little transformation on the stupid warrior who thought being pregnant automatically turned you into a woman no one has so much as breathed the wrong way about Unc or the baby. Even when he’s not there.” Strife grinned. After Joxer had come to see him a few weeks ago to tell him what one of Ares soldiers had said Strife had decided that he clearly did not have any appreciation for what exactly it did take to become a woman. So he’d turned him into one for a week, at least on the surface. Changing physical appearance was one thing changing internal workings was something different. That had had the effect of ensuring that the vast majority of soldiers now had a whole new perspective on things.

“Thanks” said Joxer “I think he’s just about over that particular upset by now but it always helps to know that anyone will think twice before saying anything else.” Joxer’s voice was weary.

“Ya OK Jox?” asked Strife. “I know Unc has started getin tired in the middle of the day and needing to nap, but I didn’t figure it was catchin.”

Joxer smiled “No Strife Ares’ hormones are just a bit up and down at the moment it’s tiring. Ace says it’s perfectly normal and will pass in a few weeks.”

“Oh he’s got to the ultra horny stage has he?” said Strife with a giggle. He giggled harder at Joxer’s shocked look “Hey I was around when Dite was preggas with Demios and Phobios ya know. And Psyche with Bliss, but I didna ave so much to do with her. But Dite had poor Unc so worn out he could barely fight. He got a major rep for toughness then though. One of the horses on the battlefield kicked him in the balls and he never even flintched. Personally I think he was just so numb in that area he simply couldn’t feel it”

“Don’t say anything to him Strife” pleaded Joxer “He needs this and I’m not going to deny him anything. I’ll manage. Even if I do get numb balls eventually I can still give him what he needs. Ace and Dite have both said it’s normal, well as he’s War it’s an exaggerated normal, but nothing for me to worry about. I just have to keep keeping him happy until this phase passes. I can do this for him Strife”

“Never said ya couldn’t” said Strife the teasing tone had left his voice as he realised just why Joxer looked as though he hadn’t slept for a week. “But I bet I could help.” Joxer leapt up so suddenly water sloshed over the floor wetting Strife’s feet.

Strife held up his hands and shook his head to stop Joxer from yelling out the “WHAT!” he knew was coming.

“Not personally Jox. I wouldn’t cheat on Cupie and I know Ar would rather do without than cheat on you. I mean that time the four of us were in the garden was all very nice as a one off, but I think a trip to the halls of time may actually turn up just what you are looking for – even if ya don’t know it yet.”

With that Strife flashed out leaving a confused and by now slightly embarrassed naked Joxer standing in the bathing pool.

Joxer got out, got dried and dressed, before tiptoeing quietly into the bedroom.

He watched Ares sleep peacefully for a moment, before tiptoeing out of the bedroom to go into the living area. Ares couldn’t usually stay sleeping when Joxer was awake. The instincts honed through years on a battlefield didn’t really lend itself to being able to ignore the sense that you were being watched.

Joxer reached the couch and eased himself gingerly into it. Truth be told things were probably worse than Strife’s humour had hinted. Joxer ached all over. His cock felt as though it would never get hard again. His ass felt as though it would never be even close to being as tight as before and both wrists felt as though they were sprained. He didn’t even want to think about how his jaw felt.

He hadn’t realised he had dozed off until he found himself being shaken awake by Strife, carrying a bag of some sort.

“Behold the futah” he said handing the bag to Joxer. Joxer looked sceptical, but took the pro-offered gift.

His scepticism quickly gave way to disbelief as he pulled out item after item. The butt plugs were obvious. Strife had even given them one as an unofficial wedding present when Cupid wasn’t looking. The other things however………….

Strife was looking pleased with himself and managed to look even more gleeful when he saw Joxer’s confusion.

“Trust me Jox” he said “There is nothing in there Cupie and I haven’t tried and tested personally, well not those specific things but exact replicas.”

“I don’t think I’d want to just leave Ares with these” said Joxer holding up what appeared to be a replica cock that trembled of its own accord when you moved a switch in it’s base. “I mean it’s very thoughtful Strife but it’s not just the orgasm he seems to need it’s the emotional closeness too.”

“I wasn’t advocating you locking Unc in the bedroom with these and telling him to go fuck himself” said Strife sounding a bit hurt “Even I’m not that insensitive. Ya meant to play with them together. Look” he picked up what looked like a leather ring. “Wrap that round Unc’s cock and balls and it’ll stop him coming so quick, or at all if it’s tight enough - don’t recommend that though – pregnancy hormones and denied orgasm don’t seem like good things to mix if ya ask me, but if you make him wait a little bit passed where he would normally it should be that much stronger and may stop him getting horny again so quickly.”

Joxer raised his eyebrows, but Strife just continued.

“What looks like a replica cock is obvious, It’ll save yours from getting rubbed raw and you manage to get the tip pressed in the right place before you switch it on – well lets just say if it is like father like son you’ll be scraping Unc off the ceiling” he paused and picked up what looked like mini clamps “These are for nipples” he grinned “Just put them on and they’ll give Unc the feeling of ya playing with them while leaving ya hands free to do other stuff. There’s even a chain in here somewhere to fasten between them so ya can give them a tug now and again if ya feeling evil” He leered at Jox and wiggled his eyebrows before picking up a string of beads “Guess where these go” he grinned wickedly “lube them up slide them in and pull them out again. Either really fast or torturously slow dependin’ on how nice he’s been to you.”

Strife put the beads down and took Joxer’s hand pressing three fingers together before sliding yet another incomplete ring around them, leaving what looked like twine trailing over to Strfie’s hand “Now” said Strife “Imagine ya fingers is Uncs cock and……” he pressed a switch and the ring began to vibrate rapidly.

Joxer jumped a mile and Strife sniggered “So think they’ll do the trick. At least some o the time?”

Joxer blushed and Strife grinned “If ya find they start to loose power give em a mini lightening bolt to the switch” he suggested “Mortals in the futah keep buying new things called batteries but hey we gods can just recharge em.”

He stood up to leave and Joxer hugged him “Thanks Strife” he said sincerely “You just may have saved my sanity”

Strife grinned evilly and kissed him full on the lips “Just remember no God is an Island and no toy necessarily has to be played with just on it’s own” and with that he flashed out leaving Joxer staring at the space where Strife had stood moments beforehand gobsmacked. He would have never thought of using several of them together, but the possibilities of what he could now do to ensure Ares was satisfied without making him collapse with exhaustion were over whelming.

He clutched the bag Strife had given him to his chest and smiled. Who would have thought that Strife of all people would have shown him a way of ensuring that what he had been seeing as something that he was going to have to endure for a few weeks was actually something to look forward to. Especially when Ace and even to some extent Dite had only been able to smile in sympathy.

But then again to be fair it was often those you dismissed as not much help that often proved to be the saviour of the day.


The Coming of Peace - Month 6

Ares stood on a hilltop surveying the battle below.

His outline against the sky was somewhat scary, especially as he still insisted on wearing his traditional black leather, although admittedly a lot looser round the stomach now his pregnancy was becoming obvious.

Discord and Strife were in the middle of the fighting as usual. It was a bit frustrating essentially being banished to the sidelines, but he knew that it was for the best. A stray arrow etc could not actually kill the child he carried but he was not taking any unnecessary risks either.

He felt a presence come up behind him and he span instinctively.

“Oh It’s you dear brother” he said “I though you may show up. The fighting’s that way” he pointed to the bottom of the hill.

“I can see that” said Hercules “But it’s soldiers fighting soldiers. No innocent villagers or anything involved. I may not like it but if one group of idiots wants to beat the crap out of another group of idiots who am I to say they can’t. Just as long as it doesn’t spill over towards the village over there.” He pointed to a spot several miles further down the valley.

Ares snorted “They’re actually fighting over who has the right to raid it” he said with a shrug. At Hercules’ black look he added “What neither of the idiot warlords has figured is that by the time they have finished fighting each other they’ll be too depleted and have too may injured to raid anywhere. Now if one of them had been Xena, she would have told the other warlord she would not stand in his way as he raided the village. Then when he had done the fighting and taken the casualties she would have just got her nicely rested soldiers to attack the battle weary other army and take the loot with the minimum of losses”

Hercules glared at him. Ares turned back to the battle below.

“And here I thought carrying peace would actually make you dislike war” said Hercules curtly. What was it about Ares that always brought the worst out in him.

Ares put a hand over his belly. “I may be married to justice and carrying peace.” He said “But my heart is still war, and my son needs to know that without one there cannot be the other”

Hercules looked as though he was going to answer but didn’t say anything. Instead turning towards the battle below. “It’s just all so senseless” he said before turning back down the way he had come where Iolaus was waiting leaving Ares wondering if he necessarily just meant the battle.

Ares shrugged it was getting late anyway and he was starting to tire. He flashed into his tent on the battlefield and was shortly joined by Strife and Discord.

“Shouldn’t you be back on Olympus?” asked Strife knowing that his uncle was supposed to take a nap in the afternoon.

Ares quirked his eyebrow “You planning to tell Ace or Pol on me?” he enquired “I’ll just tell them I needed the energy boost from being on the battle field they’ll believe that.”

Discord raised her eyebrows “Would Joxer?” she enquired innocently.

Ares glared at her and with a snarl that Discord was sure was ‘bloody women’ he vanished.

He appeared in his room on Olympus, pleased that Joxer wasn’t there to see how agitated he was.

He stripped and got into bed, certain he was too wound up to sleep. He twisted and the covers brushed over his nipples. They hardened instantly. Dam his body. One minute it was so sensitive that any touch made him horny. The next tender and sore so that no matter how gentle Joxer was it still hurt. The minute after that you could do anything to him, use anything on him and it was never enough.

He felt himself harden as he remembered Joxer trying to tire him a couple of weeks ago during what was become an increasingly rare occurrence of Ares being horny and at the same time not too tired to do something about it. Joxer had sucked him off first using that beautiful mouth to bring such pleasure, then he’d fucked him long and slow, using a cock ring to try and ensure Ares couldn’t come too soon. Ares grinned at the memory. The orgasm when Joxer had finally allowed him to come was intense, one of the hardest and most powerful he had ever felt, causing him to thrash and scream and his back to bow straight off the mattress.

Naturally this had sent Joxer into a panic thinking Ares had done himself some harm and he swore never to make Ares wear one again. Ares smiled. He may not fight Joxer on this while he was still pregnant, but Ares was determined that once the baby was here the experience was going to be repeated.

He shifted trying to get comfortable as the baby’s weight pressed onto his spine and his cock rubbed against the sheets. He hissed. Damb this wasn’t funny. He reached up to pinch his own nipples hard trying to stop the throbbing and tingling he felt, only to find it had the opposite effect. He should have known, even the nipple clamps when they had tried them had only served to make thing worse. The fact that Joxer had also put a vibrating fake cock up his ass and was riding him at the same time too probably hadn’t helped but there was no way Ares was going to tell Joxer that.

Finally Joxer had put the cock ring on himself and fucked Ares to orgasm three times before he finally removed the leather strap and allowed himself to come.

Ares winced a little Joxer’s cock had been almost purple and his orgasm had clearly been just as much pain as pleasure .

They had had a long talk after that about how much Joxer was allowed to do to try and satisfy Ares. They had disagreed on most of it, but Ares increasing tiredness had made the whole debate mostly a mute point anyway. No matter how horny he was one orgasm was enough to just about put him into a coma.

The silk sheet slid over his body and his nipples felt like they could cut glass, and he was sure he could use his cock to hammer nails. He half wished Joxer was here it felt wrong and selfish somehow for him to take care of this himself when Zeus only knew how long it would be before he felt horny again. He rolled over to lie on his other side and the brush of silk across his nipples, cock and balls was enough. Come sprayed over the sheets and before he even had time to feel guilty or even worry about the mess or think to clean himself up he was asleep.

A gentle loving mind caress ghosted over Ares body cleaning the remains of come from his skin and the bed he slept in.

Joxer crossed the room and placed a tender kiss on his husband’s forehead. Sometimes Ares could be so dense. Joxer knew that there were times when Ares needed the release but the effort of taking care of a partner was just too much for the pregnant and currently easily fatigued God. Just as he knew that if he had been present Ares would have forced himself to stay awake and take care of Joxer too.

That’s why Joxer considered it only fair to Ares that he stay reading, or at least pretending to read, scrolls and petitions sometimes, even when he knew there was much more pleasurable activities on offer.


Month 7

A low moan echoed around the main hall of the House of War, just as Strife flashed in to give his report to Ares about the current skirmishes going on in Greece. His uncle may be now just about tied to Olympus due to being heavily pregnant but he still liked being kept in the loop.

Strife briefly considered flashing out again. Interrupting the even-tetchier-than-usual God of War when he didn’t want to be interrupted was practically suicidal. However Strife quickly realised that it was the wrong sort of moan.

When he rounded a pillar he saw Ares resting on a low couch his head thrown back. Joxer was sitting at his feet rubbing sweet smelling ointment into them.

Strife Waved and Joxer grinned back, motioning for the God of Mischief to come closer.

“A just came to let Unc know how the battle on the hills over Athens was doin” he said and Ares raised his head.

Joxer grinned at the sudden display of alertness and was pleased something had at least given Ares minimal energy. He continued to massage the foot and ankle he currently held only half listening to Strife’s report.

Joxer turned his head slightly to place a kiss on the inside of Ares knee as he finished with the foot he was holding and placed it back into its black leather slipper, exchanging it for the other one. He dropped his head and smiled to himself as he felt Ares cock twitch at the back of his neck. Yep tired or not Ares still couldn’t help but react to any signs of submission, it was just the way his husband was.

Joxer picked up more of the ointment and applied generous amounts to the foot he had just picked up. He shuddered slightly and as marvelled at just how soft Ares skin was becoming, not of course that he would ever let Ares know that. The ointment he was using was one Aphrodite had given them that was supposed to be rubbed into Ares stomach to prevent stretch marks, but Joxer had liked the smell and feel of Ares skin so much after using it that he regularly used it on other part of Ares body, which probably explained why the God of War’s skin now felt like silk to the touch, although Ace and Pol had also advised Ares it could be hormones.

Joxer grinned convinced that hormones were only part of the cause.

He finished massaging the second foot and once again kissed the inside of the knee before placing it back into its slipper.

He looked up and grinned as he saw Strife’s eyes widen slightly as he noticed the kiss, and he stuttered slightly. Oh yes Strife was War’s second in command alright and displays that hinted at submission could get to him too.

Strife finished the report in double quick time and flashed out.

Ares roared with laughter hugging Joxer to him. “Sometimes for being the God of Justice, you can have a real evil streak” he said. “You know dam fine that Strife would get horny at the sight of you at my feet acting like a slave.”

“And now he’ll go find Cupid and in an hour or so they will both be very glad of Strife’s perception of what he saw” said Joxer in a wise voice his eyes twinkling, as he sank back to his knees in front of Ares, this time facing his husband.

Ares laughed again, at the truth in what Joxer had said, but the laugh was choked off as Joxer ran a light teasing finger across his groin. “And what about you?” he asked in a soft voice “How does the sight of me kneeling or sitting on the floor at your feet effect you?”

Ares cock stood to attention almost instantly.

Joxer began playing with the leather ties on Ares pants, ever so slowly undoing them. Ares gulped “You know you don’t have to…… OH by the GODS Jox” whatever else Ares was planning to say was cut off as Joxer finally freed his cock and swallowed it to the root.

Joxer backed off and swooped down again and again. Before the pregnancy he had loved to tease Ares making it slow and drawn out, but now Ares just got too frustrated and ended up pushing himself too hard as he strove for release. So Joxer now simply tried to ensure Ares got to where he needed to be when he needed to get there. There would be plenty of time for slow teasing and drawn out lovemaking after the baby was born.

Ares was boneless almost as soon as he came and Joxer hugged him close as he flashed them into their bedroom.

He undressed Ares with a thought and settled him into bed, before quietly going into the bathing room to take care of himself. He flashed his clothes away and slid into the warm water, shuddering as it caressed his hard flesh. Pregnant or not Ares still had this effect on him, and the feel and taste of Ares in his mouth never failed to turn him on. He let his head roll back as his hand found his own aching length. He hissed as his fist closed round the sensitive skin and he began to jerk himself off with long slow strokes, as he imagined Ares watching him, lust glowing in those dark eyes.

A sob from the doorway shattered the fantasy in an instant and Joxer turned to see Ares standing in the doorway, just like his imagination, but instead of lust in those dark eyes there was pure pain. Before Joxer could react Ares flashed away.

Joxer scrambled to his feet fighting for the mental concentration to flash himself dry and dressed. He managed and desperately tried to locate Ares.

He sighed in relief when he realised that he hadn’t actually gone far, but was only in the garden. Joxer flashed to within feet of him.

Joxer’s heart tore and any lingering arousal faded when he saw tears on Ares face glittering in the moonlight, as the God of War stood stiff and proud with only a silk robe wrapped round his frame.

“Ares?. Baby?” whispered Joxer almost afraid of breaking the illusion of calm.

“You could have just told me you know” said Ares stiffly “That you don’t want to be with me when I’m like this. I would have understood.”

“Huh?” said Joxer his mind scrambling to make sense of what Ares was saying “Told you what Ares? That I jerk off occasionally when you’re not available and I’m missing you. You’ve always known that. Just as I know you do when you’re trapped on a battlefield and can’t get away”

“But I was available” said Ares his voice catching “I was right there in the bedroom and still you preferred your own hand to me. Not that I can really blame you when I look like this.” He gestured to his bulging stomach and Joxer’s eyes lit up in understanding.

“Ares you were asleep” Joxer said softly as he cautiously approached the upset God of War “You’ve been having a hard time sleeping with the baby and everything. Do you really think I’m so selfish as to wake you up when you do finally get to sleep every time I get horny. By the rest of the Gods Ares you’d never get to sleep again! I help you out of the bathing pool and see your power and grace, even pregnant, and get turned on. I rub your back and feel your skin and hear you moan and sigh as the aches and pains ease and get turned on. I rub your feet and feel your thigh muscles pressing into my shoulder and get turned on.”

Joxer saw the doubt in Ares eyes as he reached him and decided that if words were not enough he would have to show him instead.

He pulled Ares into his arms slightly roughly pressing his lips to his mouth in a savage kiss. He stepped back almost tearing the robe from Ares body and let his eyes roam over the naked man in front of him.

He admired the power and curve of the calf muscle and the smooth skin to the backs of Ares knees. He shivered slightly as his memory supplied what the skin tasted and smelt like. His gaze travelled upwards taking in the rippling thigh muscles that spoke of raw power, to the half hard cock in its nest of dark curls over the slightly curved stomach that Joxer knew from performing many a tummy rub was so beautifully soft.

By the time Joxer’s sight has taken in the bulging forearms, defined pecs and peaking nipples he was just about panting.

His gaze met Ares’ and he let all the lust and love and desire he felt for the man standing before him to pour out into that gaze.

Ares eyes widened as the realisation hit home. Even like this Joxer wanted him, and judging by the fact that his cock was once again hard and leaking, he wanted him badly.

It was Ares turn to pull Joxer into his Arms. Bending Joxer backwards as he took his mouth almost brutally, thrusting his tongue deep inside moist welcoming cavern of his husband’s mouth, willing Joxer’s clothes away in the same instance.

Joxer screamed into the kiss as a hand grasped his cock a bit too hard, and his hips bucked, but Ares strength kept him pinned where Ares had put him. Joxer whimpered as he lost the ability to breath, as the hand started pumping him slightly too fast, slightly too roughly. He tried to claw back some control, but quickly realised he wasn’t going to win.

A sucking bite to the tender skin where his neck and his shoulder blade met and it was all over.

Joxer collapsed to the grass panting, aftershocks coursing through his body.

He looked up to see the God of War standing over him outlined in the moonlight. He trembled at the sight, the love bite on his neck throbbing.

Ares grinned as he just looked at the sight of Joxer lying on his back exposed to his sight. Ares hand reached around the curve of his stomach and he slowly began to touch himself. With slow deliberate strokes Ares pleasured himself as he watched Joxer lying at his feet in the grass. Joxer made no attempt to get up but instead looked up at Ares through his lashes and mouthed ‘I love you’. Ares came with a roar.

Joxer didn’t move as Ares come spurted onto his face and body lying there letting Ares cover him, letting Ares see he had marked him, in more ways than one.

As Ares orgasm receded the doubt started to re-emerge, but Joxer was on his feet Arms around his husband within seconds of it showing in Ares eyes.

“Thank you” he whispered as he pressed a kiss to Ares cheek and he flashed them both clean and back into bed.

Ares was asleep before his head hit the pillow and Joxer quickly followed with a very contented smile on his lips.


Month 8

It was almost noon and Ares was sleeping restlessly in his and Joxer’s bed in the House of War. Joxer lifted his eyes from the petition he was reading to look at his husband as his tossing and turning disturbed him. Not that he minded of course.

Ares was now 8 months pregnant and although even a few weeks ago Ares stomach had only been slightly curved the baby must have had a growth spurt as Ares was now very obviously heavily with child and he was finding it almost impossible to get comfortable.

Tired eyes met his and Joxer was beside the bedside in a flash.

“I’m sorry” he said “I didn’t mean to wake you.” Sometimes Ares ability to always know when he was being watched was a curse, even if it was a most desirable asset on a battlefield.

“You didn’t” said Ares shortly “I don’t actually think I was asleep.”

Joxer opened his mouth as if to say something and then bit his lip.

“Spit it out” said Ares “You should know you don’t have to worry about saying anything to me”

Joxer smiled and kissed his forehead, before handing him a scroll.

Ares eyes darkened as he read and he crushed the parchment in his hand as soon as he had finished.

“What are you waiting for” he said his voice pure viciousness “If I was even a couple of months less pregnant I’d be going with you”

“I’ll get a priest to sit with you” said Joxer but Ares shook his head

“I don’t need to be babied Joxer.” He said a bit tartly “I’m pregnant not dying”

Joxer raised his eyebrows “Oh so all the back rubs and feet rubs and fetching food and drink and so on have been for my benefit?”

Ares grinned and said “No definitely mine. But trust me when I say that I don’t get the same…. Pleasure…. Out of having one of the priests at my beck and call as I do knowing that one word is all it would take to have my beautiful husband run naked out of the bathing room to conjure me a glass of water.”

Joxer growled in mock annoyance “I knew all this talk of how tiring it was trying to make your own food and drink while heavily pregnant was a crock” he said “I’ll be back in an hour” with that he kissed Ares once more and vanished.


In a small town square a rather fat magistrate was putting the finishing touches to the gallows. A handsome young farmer stood bound and gagged, a noose around his neck, his eyes angry and defiant.

“I’m sure I don’t need to remind this village of the charges here” he intoned in a self important manner, his eyes sweeping the crowds and resting momentarily on a window in the courthouse where a young woman was struggling against a guard who had his had firmly over her mouth.

His eyes lit up and his smirk broadened before he added “So we’ll just get on with it”. He stepped to one side and the hooded executioner pulled the lever to release the trapdoor. The prisoner dropped, and the rope snapped clean in two tumbling the man to the ground.

“What the…….” Spluttered the magistrate. “Get another rope immediately and this time make sure it’s not rotten you imbeciles.”

Two guards rushed to do as the magistrate bid and soon the unfortunate prisoner was once again standing on the trapdoor of the gallows, a fresh noose around his neck.

Once more the executioner threw the switch, except this time nothing happened and the trapdoor stayed firmly shut.

Curses flew from the magistrates mouth, as he pushed the young man to one side and tried to force the door to open. He glanced towards the courthouse and saw that the young woman that had been previously struggling was now looking at him with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Enraged the magistrate began jumping up and down on the trapdoor, which obligingly opened and dropped the magistrate straight into a pile of dog mess that had been deposited only moments before hand. The mangy looking dog that had left the gift scurried off into a back alley as the magistrate swung at it.

Now even more angry the magistrate hauled himself to his feet swearing and ordering the dogs would now be banned from the town. He marched up the steps of the gallows and simply tried to bodily push the condemned man through the now open trapdoor.

However before he could the whole gallows slowly collapsed into a pile of fire wood.

Completely incensed by now and sensing that the entire town was secretly laughing at him the magistrate grabbed the prisoner and threw him bodily face down across a barrel and snatched a sword out of one of the guard’s scabbards. He thrust the hilt at the executioner and screamed at him to finish the job.

The executioner raised his sword……………


Xena, Gabrielle, Iolaus and Hercules sprinted into the town square schacrum, staffs and fist at the ready.

Only to be greeted by the sight of an executioner with a sword raised high over his head, and apparently a complete inability to lower it, no matter how hard he strived.

Xena and Iolaus skidded to a halt grabbing onto their slightly slower companions, knowing something was not quite right.

Before Hercules and Gabrielle could even protests a figure shimmered into view.

Joxer stood with his hand around the executioner’s wrist. His eyes blazing and his face like thunder. Without saying a word he picked the unfortunate man bodily off the ground and threw him the length of the square.

Joxer span on his heel and turned to where the magistrate was trying to hold himself upright, despite trembling like a leaf.

“May I ask why you have seen fit to interfere in the workings of justice?” the magistrate asked and immediately wished he hadn’t as Joxer pulled himself up to his full hight. As a mortal he had always been tall, but his clumsiness had made most people not notice. Now he towered above the magistrate, radiating power, and even Gabrielle and Hercules were taken aback.

“Justice” said Joxer his voice like ice “I see no justice here.” The magistrate began to slowly back away, but Joxer followed him “I am Joxer, God of Justice and Fairness.” He stated his voice echoing around the square “That means that you as magistrate are mine, as is your executioner. In fact any who see fit to hold themselves in office that is supposed to uphold the law is mine. However I see no justice in hanging a man because his lover refuses your advances.”

“My Lord” stuttered the magistrate “This man had committed……” he gestured towards the still bound prisoner, but got no further, as Joxer cut him off.

“Do not insult me by trying to repeat those trumped up charges to me. Do you think I wouldn’t know? I only wish I had known earlier the lies you have seen fit to spread in the name of justice, my name! I can understand how a man as loathsome as you would find it hard to get laid, but threatening to arrest, find guilty and execute the loved ones of anyone who refused your sick advances defies belief.”

In the crowd behind Joxer several pretty young women and even one or two handsome young men, began to cry quietly. The magistrate turned and ran, followed by most of his guards. Half the crowd set off in pursuit.

Joxer turned and gestured and the ropes fell from the young farmer who had very recently been condemned to death. He came and knelt and Joxer’s feet, but Joxer pulled him upright. He turned him to face the crowd and nodded towards the courthouse, where the young woman previously held there came running out, straight into her lovers arms.

“This town needs a new chief justice” Joxer said his apparently quiet voice carrying to every corner of the town. “I believe we need look no further. Just remember one thing - if you are going to execute someone and it fails 3 times it may well be me trying to tell you something.”

The remaining townspeople began clapping in approval and Joxer slowly vanished from sight as the townsfolk surged forward to appoint their new magistrate.

Joxer reappeared beside Iolaus. “I think that should take care of everything” he said.

Iolaus turned and hugged him and Joxer smiled and hugged him back, more than a little please at Gabrielle’s shocked gasp of ‘You can’t hug a God.’

“They’re going to kill him you know” said Hercules, nodding to where the mob was closing in on the former magistrate.

“No they won’t” said Joxer “He does deserve to die. He murdered at least twenty people under the guise of an execution but none of those people deserves to be made a killer.” As the friends looked on the excursion proved to be too much for the very overweight man and he dropped to the ground clutching his chest.

“How did you know?” said Gabrielle her tone accusatory “and why didn’t you stop him the first time”

Joxer sighed and turned to her “Contrary to popular belief God’s do not know what is happening in every corner of Greece every single second. We can find out what is happening anywhere but we need to concentrate, so if I’m concentrating on what is happening in Athens, I miss what is happening everywhere else. Besides which I wasn’t even a God when he started this. I found out when the girl that was being held in the courthouse got a petition to me. I looked deeper into it and he’s been the magistrate here for years, pulling this stunt with various townsfolk almost as long.”

Joxer looked across to where the girl in question was standing wrapped in the arms of the town’s new magistrate. “He’ll make a good judge” he mused please with his choice.

“Yes” said Hercules unexpectedly “I think so too”

Joxer smiled at him and nodded to the others before starting to fade.

“How’s Ares?” the sudden question brought Joxer up short and he reversed his fade. Hercules looked embarrassed by the out of the blue question and Joxer felt himself warming to the demigod.

“Would you like to visit?” asked Joxer his face lighting up and before anyone could answer they all reappeared in the main hall of the House of War.

Joxer went to get Ares, but before he even reached the bedroom door Ares opened it and scowled when he saw Gabrielle and Hercules.

“Ares…” Joxer began to explain his sudden impulse to bring them to Olympus, but Xena and Iolaus stepped forward and began offering their congratulations and enquiring about Ares health and before anyone knew what was happening Ares was seated in his (now very well padded) throne apparently perfectly happy to discuss the pregnancy and the world in general with at least Iolaus and Xena. Eventually he even appeared to soften ever so slightly towards Hercules, although Gabrielle was a problem.

Joxer smiled as he quietly slipped into their bedroom. There were times when a heavily pregnant spouse needed their husband at their side and times when they needed to appear to not need him at all. The trick a loving spouse had to perfect was to know the difference.


Month 9

Ares lay propped up in bed glowering at his husband.

Joxer for his part was exceptionally calm for someone who had the God of War glaring at him.

“Now you know the baby is due any day now” said Joxer in a voice that said that he had already said this bit several times “You need to rest. Ace and Pol are coming over to see you shortly and make sure everything is ready for you to give birth and then if you feel up to it we will go out in the garden and maybe see if Strife and Cupid want to visit for a while. I could even pop down and get Xena and Herc of you like.”

Ares’ glower became even fiercer, Xena also meant Gabrielle, although if Herc came so might Iolaus.

“OK Joxer” he said begrudgingly “We can have a few people over for an hour or so this afternoon, but do I have to have Ace and Pol come and prod me. They’ve done that already and I don’t like it.”

Joxer smiled in sympathy and went over to press a kiss to his husband’s forehead. Watching Pol give Ares an internal examination hadn’t really been fun for him either. He briefly considered not being there, but dismissed the thought quickly. He thought that every time hating to see his currently vulnerable husband be manhandled even by the careful healers. However Joxer also knew Ares hated it even more and if Joxer wasn’t there to hold his hand through it Ace and Pol may never actually be able ti finish the examination, which Joxer was sure was necessary for his husband’s wellbeing. Never mind that Ares usually shed a few tears as soon as it was over and the others had left and Joxer couldn’t think of anything worse than him not being there for Ares when he started to cry.

Before Joxer could think any further Ace and Pol arrived.

Ace smiled in what he hoped was an understanding manner as Ares growled, and the usually argument between his uncle Ares and his father began.

“Are you sure this is absolutely necessary?”

“Quite sure Ares we need to know that your body is making the changes it needs to, to get ready to give birth”

“You don’t even bloody well know how that’s going to happen. You don’t know if this baby is coming out of my ass, or my belly button, or even if I’m supposed to vomit it up so how in Hades are you supposed to know what changes my body is supposed to be making.”

“Well any changes I feel will enable me to tell that won’t it and the better prepared I am for what exactly is going to happen the better the actual birth will be for you.”

“I’m know this is all just a great excuse to feel me up Apollo, so don’t deny it. Does it give you a power buzz knowing that you have managed to humiliate me be getting me to allow you to shove your fingers up my ass, in front of my husband for the gods sake.”

“Trust me Ares you are not my type. No offence to Joxer but would anyone in their right mind want to grope you when I can pretty much have my pick of the muses or even my adoring worshippers any day I like.”

At this point Ace and Joxer did exactly the same as they had always done when the same argument reached the same place - stepped I to avoid the argument getting even more heated.

Joxer stepped over to Ares and took his hands in his and said softly “I’m sorry baby. I know you hate this but please. I know how scared I was when I thought it was me pregnant, not knowing exactly how everything was going to work. I’m even more scared now I know it’s you who has to go through it, so please just let Pol do this, just to set my mind at rest so I know nothing is going wrong.”

Ares melted, as he always did at Joxer’s soft words and gentle eyes, and nodded briefly.

At the same time Ace had pulled Pol to one side saying “You know it’s nothing personal Dad. Ares just hates feeling so helpless he likes everything planned with military precision and this is something he can’t control like that. It’s exactly the same thing that makes pregnant women prefer female midwifes rather than male healers, letting another man touch them there feels a bit to close to cheating on their husbands. I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s what they feel.”

Pol nodded to too noticeably calmer than he had been.

Joxer and Ace exchanged knowing glances and Pol approached the bed much more slowly.

“You know Ares I promise I’ll keep it absolutely clinical and Joxer would never let me away with anything else. If he thought for a moment I was abusing my position as a healer both he and Ace would turn my hair green or something. Or if you prefer Ace could….”

“No. It’s OK” interrupted Ares graciously “You are the more experienced healer and I would to be as sure as I can be that everything will be fine.”

The argument now settled Joxer helped Ares to lift his robe and roll over.

Pol mentally added oil to his fingertips and quickly felt around Ares passage. He motioned for Joxer to help Ares roll back onto his back as he willed the oil away and then gentle pressed against the other Gods stomach.

He nodded for Ace to copy his actions and the two Gods looked at each other nodding in agreement.

As soon as they had removed their hands Joxer helped Ares cover up as the two healer gods conferred.

“Well I think we agree” said Pol as soon as he had finished talking to Ace“The good news is that we are now fairly sure the baby is coming through your belly button. The elasticity of the skin on your stomach around it is becoming much more pronounced. Hopefully this will make for a much easier birth than any of the other options. Everything seems to be going to pan so I don’t think we’ll need to repeat this until you are actually in labour.” With that Pol flashed out.

Ace smiled and added “As soon as you guys feel that anything is different yell” and he followed his father.

No sooner had they left than tears sprang into Ares eyes and Joxer pulled him close.

“I hate that” sobbed Ares “No one but you should touch there it was just yours and now I’ve had to let Pol of all people…..” his words trailed off into sobs and Joxer rocked him gently.

“Hey I don’t see it that way.” Protested Joxer just as he had every time this had been necessary “I’m just glad he knows what he’s looking for and lets face it I get to do much more pleasant things with that area than he ever will. I’m sorry but digging around in there to test for a change in elasticity doesn’t sound any where near as much fun as looking for a certain special spot only I’ve ever managed to find”

Ares giggled though the tears and seemed to brighten.

Joxer smiled at the change in demeanour. It never took Ares long to get over the upset. He knew it was just hormones making Ares this touchy but it was still slightly un-nerving to see the God of War so distraught over a medical examination.

“Besides I also remember we were having a few people around this afternoon.” Said Joxer “Now why don’t you dress and I’ll get everything ready”

He winked as his husband grinned and a long table with food and wine suddenly appeared in the garden.

Happy that Ares was now fine Joxer flashed out and a few moments later and he was in though House of Love inviting Strife, Cupid, and Bliss over to the House of War. A few moments after that and he was on earth inviting Xena and Iolaus, along with Herc and Gabby of course.

Every one arrived in the garden at about the same time to see Ares sitting resplendent in black on a comfortable chair under a large tree.

“You will excuse me for not getting up won’t you” he said with the faintest hint of sarcasm to his voice.

All the guests nodded and murmured their assent, although no-one actually expected a heavily pregnant anyone to heave themselves out of a chair to great family.

Less than half an hour later the mood was much more relaxed, even Gabrielle, but that may have had something to do with the amount of wine Strife had persuaded her to drink.

Joxer smiled as Ares laughter echoed around the garden as Bliss tried to show everyone how well he was flying now only for Gabrielle to lean so far back to watch him as he flew overhead she fell over.

Without warning Ares laugh changed into a groan and he doubled up as far as his protruding belly would allow.

Joxer was at his side in an instant.

“What’s wrong?” he asked his voice bordering on panic.

“How would I know” hissed Ares obviously in pain. I’ve been getting cramp since this morning. I thought it was the way I’d slept, but it’s getting worse.”

“You’ve been in pain since this morning and you only mention it now!” said Joxer incredulously “We even had Ace and Pol over not two hours ago and you didn’t even mention it to them.”

“I didn’t think it was anything” snapped Ares “I’m still not sure it is”

Joxer went to flash him back inside but Ares stopped him “There it’s gone. Happy. It will have just been all the upset and the way I was lying and ….. OH” Ares looked in horror as water pooled around his feet.

“Looks like his waters have broken” remarked Hercules “It was that sudden one of the times Deianira gave birth too.”

Cupid grabbed hold of Bliss and said “Jox I think I’d better take Bliss home. Strife’s gone for Ace and Pol” and with that he too vanished.

Joxer helped Ares into the bedroom completely forgetting that while Strife and Cupid could flash in and out at will his other guests were currently stuck on Olympus until one of the Gods actually remembered they needed help to get back to earth.



Ares was lying in a bed at the house of intellect while Asclepius and Apollo moved round him.

No sooner had Strife flashed into their temple to tell them that Ares had gone into labour than they had transported directly over to the house of war and brought the pregnant god back to their own temple.

“I see you’ve been planning this” said Ares dryly as he looked around the room where fresh towels and various instruments were laid out.

“Well it isn’t like we didn’t know this was coming you know” said Pol just as dryly.

Ares growled and Joxer patted his hand comfortingly. “Come on now” he said “They do this all the time and so would have a good idea what they would need, they’ve probably had this room ready for a week or so.” Joxer had transported himself as soon as his husband had been taken by the healers, so he could be with him.

“Joxer” said Ace coming closer “Is the nursery all ready in the house of war? If everything goes smoothly it may well have someone in it by tonight.”

Joxer’s eyes widened and he looked a panicked trying to remember.

“Pop back and check if you need to” suggested Ace “It will only take a couple of minutes and I’m sure Ares will understand”

Joxer looked at Ares, who nodded and kissed his hand and without even remembering to say goodbye to the two healers he vanished.

Ace looked straight at Ares and said “Now Joxer is going to be gone for a few minutes have you thought about whether you want him in with you as you give birth?”

Ares glared at him. Of course he wanted Joxer there, right beside him as he………… His memories of how the births of Cupid, Demios and Phobios had been sprang up in his mind and he saw himself writhing in pain, maybe even screaming, panting and sweaty. He remembered hearing Aphrodite cursing him telling him she hated him and he was never getting near her again. Tears sprang into his eyes. He had been the god of war the blood the pain hadn’t really been a shock to him and while he had loved Dite it hadn’t been even close to how he felt for Joxer. There was no way he wanted Joxer to see him like that, to have him go through that. He imagined Joxer’s face as he heard Ares throw the same words and threats at him that Dite had done and tears started to roll down his cheeks. Dam it when was he going to stop being so soft!

“It’s OK Ares” said Pol surprisingly gently “It’s perfectly normal for you to be like this when your hormones are all over the place. Why don’t you just think about it and if you decide you want Joxer to leave just let us know”

“But then he’ll think I don’t want him” said Ares upset

Ace exchanged a look with his father. It was a bit disconcerting having the god of war all upset and even crying over something that was actually so small.

“Trust me” said Ace “Joxer will understand. Why don’t you let me be the bad one and decide when he needs to go. If you really want him to stay a bit longer just tell me ‘No he stays’ and I’ll let him. That way he won’t feel as if it’s you that wants him gone”

Ares nodded and then doubled up groaning.

Pol game over and felt his stomach “I actually think you’ve been in labour for some hours already” he said “It shouldn’t be more than another couple of hours”

Ares groaned louder.


Back at the house of war Joxer was standing in the doorway of a room off his and Ares bedchamber, frantically looking from side to side. He and Ares had had fun one morning a few weeks ago lying in bed and thinking the room into shape picking colours and patterns. The doorway opened directly into their bedroom for now, but they could soon change that when their son got bigger.

For now the nursery looked perfect with a cradle and furniture and even a few soft toys he had been given by some of the other gods. Yes everything looked perfect for the baby to come into, and if he and Ares found anything was missing they could always think it up……… hang on why had Ace sent him here to check if he and Ares could do that?

He shook his head and flashed back to the house of intellect.

He decided to materialise in the outer main room and then knock on the door rather than just appearing in the birthing room and risk startling anyone.

When he appeared he was shocked to see Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus all standing there.

“What are you doing here?” he asked “Not that I’m not glad to see you but…”

He was interrupted by a snarky Gabrielle “We are here because some idiot brought us up to Olympus to visit his husband and then forgot we couldn’t just flash back down to earth at will like he can, and buggered off leaving us stranded so we had to hike half way across Olympus to find him so he can take us home” she snapped

“Oh I’m sorry” said Joxer “I …un … I got a little distracted” he glanced longingly at the door to the birthing room he really wanted to get back to Ares “I can take you back down now if you want. I’ll have to make two trips but…”

“No” said Hercules “You go and be with Ares. We’ll wait”

Joxer hurried to the door and knocked smiling slightly as he heard Hercules speak to Gabrielle “Look I know what Joxer’s going through I was the same when Deianira was giving birth all worried and distracted and unable to think of anything else. Leave him be we can always ask Cupid and Strife to take us home later.”

Ace and Pol let him and opened the door to let him in.

“Just a few minutes Joxer” said Ace “When the hard part comes it may be best …. “

“If I left” finished Joxer “Xena and Gaby used to always leave me with the women and children remember.”

Ace smiled please Joxer would understand that it wasn’t a case of Ares not wanting him there.

The next minutes passed quickly with Ares growing more frustrated as the pain swept over him in irregular bursts and him trying not to show how much discomfort he was actually in.

Eventually though Ace gently suggested Joxer go and wait with the others and Ares did not protest.

Joxer went and waited in the main room, surprised that Strife and Cupid and Aphrodite had also now arrived.

They all stood in silence staring at the door until it opened and the faint cries of a child could be heard.

“Joxer come on in” said Ace and Joxer hurried forward.

Lying on the bed was a tired looked Ares holding a small bundle wrapped in a white blanket.

Joxer hurried over and kissed Ares forehead. “He’s beautiful” whispered Joxer “Just like you” He climbed on the bed beside him and the two new parents snuggled close their baby securely held between them both.

Joxer looked up and smiled as he saw his old friends hovering around the door he motioned them forward and for once even Gabrielle seamed speechless.

“You’re very lucky” whispered Hercules as if afraid that talking to loudly would break the spell “You have no idea how much joy children can bring. Despite all the pain of childbirth they are always worth it.”

Iolaus put a hand on Hercules’ arm as he realised the pain his friend must be going through remembering his own dead children.

“You know if you found another woman…” he began but Hercules shook his head “I left you once for Deianira and while I loved my family it hurt a lot not having you so until I can have them with you I guess I’m doing without.”

Zeus and Hera flashed in at that moment and everyone stepped back, Xena and Iolaus strategically putting themselves between Hera and Hercules.

Hera ignored them and laid her hand gently on the child

“Have you decided on a name?” she asked

Ares and Joxer looked at each other. They had discussed this a few times and there was one name that they had both decided they liked “Eirini” they answered together and Hera nodded.

Zeus beamed as he moved over to them passing his hand over the child in blessing. “I’ll let you two recover for a few days and we’ll have the official ceremony in a week” he said. His dislike of it being his son rather than the former mortal being the one who had got pregnant and all that implied was forgotten in the excitement of a new grandchild.

The king and queen of the gods stood as if to flash back out but for a moment Hera paused and then turned to Hercules.

“I know you have little reason to care for me” she said slightly coldly “but I now accept that you are not to blame for who your father happens to be. Believe me when I say that any children you have with Iolaus will not come to the same end as your others.”

Hercules curled his lip but found he could not answer such a remark as nastily as he really wanted to “Thank you” he said “but I think we’ll find that difficult”

“But not impossible” said Hera with a barely there nod “you are demi god after all”

“You mean you would make it so I could ….” He trailed off staring at Ares holding the new arrival.

“No” said Hera “I mean I already have.” She exchanged a look with Joxer and they both remembered a conversation some months before. She made to flash out but added “You may want Ace or Pol to examine you before Cupid and Strife transport you home” and she vanished.

Gasps went around the room and Hercules looked down at his washboard stomach and fainted.

Pandemonium broke out with everyone talking at once, and then without warning calm descended over the group. Everyone exchanged glances and then looked over towards the bed.

“Is that why Hera and Hercules managed not to kill each other?” asked Strife but no one answered him

Across on the bed Eirini opened his eyes and looked deep into the two sets of eyes of the men holding him, blinked twice and then closed his eyes once more in sleep.


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